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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Slideshow: smiling dentist, Carole Anderson with Gordon Gee, Gordon Gee and twin sisters Roza and Mahsa Shayesteh, Dental Class stand together to form OSU, and Dental students and child pose in a clinic chair on the mobile dental coach

Welcome to The Ohio State University
College of Dentistry!

Great smiles begin here – for our clinic patients as well as for students who enjoy our friendly, supportive learning environment.

Located within one of the nation’s largest universities and one of the most comprehensive health sciences centers in the U.S., we offer cutting-edge academic, research and clinical programs, including:

  • Comprehensive dental education and continuing education programs
  • On-site dental clinics representing a full range of care, including all specialty areas
  • A leading dental outreach program caring for Ohio's underserved communities
  • A research program exploring new horizons to improve treatment techniques

Explore how The Ohio State College of Dentistry is serving today’s dental needs while developing new solutions to benefit society’s future dental health.


Dean Hosts Town Hall