Tashkent Travel Information

An ancient city with monumental Soviet architecture, museums, historic mosques and cultural offerings such as concerts and opera, Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is an interesting city. It offers some of the best opportunities for nightlife and shopping in Central Asia, as well as amusement parks and nearby outdoor activities. Although the best historical sites of Uzbekistan are located elsewhere, Tashkent is a good base for exploring this less visited Central Asian country.

Tashkent, called Toshkent in Uzbek language, is the capital city of the Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan. Located in the East of the country, Tashkent was built along the Chirchik River already over 2.000 years ago. The city served as a trade center along the ancient Silk route, and was ruled by many empires in the past. Conquered by Russia in the 1800s, Tashkent was also part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Since the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and a devastating earthquake in 1966 destroyed much of the ancient Tashkent, there are not many historic remains left. Today, Tashkent is a modern, cosmopolitan city with large boulevards and parks.

Sights and activities in Tashkent: shopping & nightlife, museums & cultural offers

Although Tashkent no longer hosts major historical city quarters, this modern city still has several interesting sights to visit. The remaining historic sights in Tashkent include the three 15th century mausoleums, the world's oldest Qur'an in Telyashayakh Mosque and the 19th century Palace of Prince Romanov. The Soviet-built Alisher Navoi Theatre hosts the best opera and ballet in Tashkent , while other notable modern monuments in Tashkent include the Independence Square with its massive globe, the Tashkent TV Tower, the tallest building in Central Asia with fine views over the city, and a Second World War memorial. There are also many interesting museums in Tashkent to visit.
Shopping in Tashkent is nice and affordable in the several bazaars, outdoor markets and the city center designer shops. Several theatres in Tashkent offer Russian and Uzbek theatre. There are also several green parks and amusement parks in Tashkent, including the Tashkentland, Boghi Eram Recreation Park and Aqua Park, that make nice places to visit with kids. The State Music Conservatory offers a variety of concerts in Tashkent, while the nearby Ugam-Chatkal National Park northeast of Tashkent offers nice opportunities for outdoor activities such as trekking, skiing, rafting and kayaking.

Tashkent travel information and practical tips

Tashkent has a continental climate with long, hot and dry summers from June to September and short but cold winters from December to February.

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The temperatures in Tashkent can be extremely hot during July and August. Climatically, the best times to visit Tashkent are spring and autumn, that, although receiving some rainfall, are best times for outdoor activities.
A visa is needed for travelling to Uzbekistan for all visitors outside the CIS countries. Travelling to Tashkent is possible by air, rail or road. There is an international airport with flights to Tashkent from many cities in Asia and Europe, particularly from the former Soviet Union area. The city is also a regional rail hub with many international trains to Tashkent from the neighboring countries, as well as from Russia. Buses and shared minivans to Tashkent are also available from the neighboring countries.
There is a good variety of hotels in Tashkent, most of them modern and large but with only a few customers. Some local guesthouses are also available. There are plenty of affordable restaurants in Tashkent, offering a good variety of Asian cuisines. Nightlife in Tashkent is also lively, and arguably the best in Central Asia.
Public transport in Tashkent is effective and affordable, handled by a subway system, buses, trolley buses and light rail street cars. Taxis are also abundant, but you should negotiate the price before getting into one. Car rental in Tashkent is available with a local driver. Some Russian or Uzbek language skills are needed for independent travel in Tashkent. Keep your passport and other documents with you when getting around in Tashkent, as the local police frequently checks them. Be also careful when taking photographs, and stay clear of any political activities. Other than this, Tashkent is a relatively safe city, but as crime does happen here like in any other large city, take good care of your belongings and avoid walking around at night. Earthquakes and occasional terrorist attacks are yet other minor risks in the area.

Facts of Tashkent

Price level
Not suitable for family
temperatures / when to go Best months to go
April, May, June, September, October
time zone Time zone:  GMT +5
population Population:  2.1 M
capital / biggest city Biggest city:
language / languages Language(s)
Uzbek 74%, Russian 14%
literacy Literacy level:   99 %

religion / religions Religions:
Muslim 88% (mostly Sunnis)