Protesters rally outside Iranian embassy in London

Sun Jun 14, 2:43 PM

LONDON (AFP) - Around 200 people demonstrated outside the Iranian embassy in London on Sunday against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election.

"There are around about 200 people," a spokesman for London's Metropolitan Police told AFP, adding that the demonstrations had so far been peaceful and no one had been arrested.

Demonstrators chanted and waved Iranian flags, along with placards reading "Where is my vote?"

In Tehran, Ahmadinejad defended his re-election at a mass victory rally but his defeated rival demanded the result be scrapped, setting the stage for further tense confrontations after the authorities cracked down on opposition protests.

Violence erupted for the second day in Tehran as supporters of Amadinejad's closest challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi clashed with riot police after an election that has set off deep divisions in the oil-rich republic.