JaycdxJust launched by the BBC History team along with the design and technical prowess of those amazing Preloaded folks (wasn't I just pining for something new from them?), CDX is a brand new multi-episode adventure game that uses real actors and video segments to spin a tale of mystery and intrigue around an ancient Roman sacrificial blade.

The first episode was just released on September 21st with three (3) more soon to follow. The format of the game, at least in this first episode, is very much like a point-and-click adventure in that you're presented with a brief cutscene introducing you to the story and your role within it, except it is entirely live action video. You're next dropped into a room in which you must figure out how to move the story forward.

Exceptional attention to detail and high production values set this effort apart from other Web-based point-and-click adventures, and the acting is fairly top-notch. There are even selectable dialog sequences in which the actors will play out a scene based on the choices made by the player. These choices do not appear to have any affect on the outcome, however, as the game seems to be quite linear in structure so far.

CDX is shaping up to be yet another remarkable effort from the BBC and Preloaded teams, and they have created an engaging and compelling interactive experience that is very enjoyable to play. Looking forward in earnest to the next installment.

A broadband Internet connection is highly recommended for this interactive adventure. Click.

Update: If you are located outside the UK and wish to play this fantastic piece of work, you may now access the game from Preloaded's CDX website.

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Awww wow... im lovin this

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I had a bit of trouble getting into the protected directory in Sophie Bakewell's TypePad blog. Here's the password I used:


Entering the password brought up another password entry screen, which I believe is because every image exists in the protected directory. So, I clicked OK for each time the dialog came up and eventually got into the directory. Not sure if this is a bug, but I'm guessing it is not the behavior the designers intended.

I didnt get that error, I did some googling for the answer :)

Google is where I got my answer as well. Oh well, it must be wrong, but I'm in anyways.

How do you get the suitcase? I'm totally stuck!!

First episode was great. I got kinda stuck, but I got it :) Nice find Jay

Awesome. Pity it's a bit short. I got glued on this game!!!

Look for something that you can use to reach might be staring at your face and you'd not realize it at first. Everything is sequential, so you may not get to use other things in the game unless when it is called for

I finished episode one :) And never bothered finding the pw. Great game so far :)

I was glued to this game! I like it! he he he
Pity the episode was a bit short though

Everything in the room is sequential i.e. things that you can see, may be used after an event has happened. So there would be a point where you can click on the object and that's it.

to get the suitcase? The answer is staring right infront of you

It could be me, but the game freezes after loading the "This is to certify that CDX has been classified as a Broadband experience" screen. Am I missing something?

Give it a few minutes, kingfrogger. It seemed to freeze on me at the beginning, too. But then just as I clicked on the window and moved it around to see if it had froze, it brought me to the next screen.

Anyone know when Episode 2 comes out?

If it's anything similar to the way they rolled out Death in Sakkara and The Seven Knoble Kinsmen, then a new episode will be released each week.

This one just went 'live' at 7:55pm GMT, September 21.

Are there other games out there like this? I've been through pretty much all the ones here on this site -- but for purchase, maybe?

I really enjoyed Death in Sakkara, the 7 Noble Kinsman, and the Arcane series. And this one was fantastic.

Mike, I think you'd like the Gabriel Knight more about them at your favourite game sites, like for example

can someone please be more specific about how to get the suitcase?

A Game with Genuinely Exceptional Presentation - especially the effort in creating a realistic environment

Quality use of the BBC license payers' money

I loved the radio and the computer and the use of photos.

A couple of glitches - a small one with Sophie's reponse email coming a bit too quickly (humanly impossible to respond that fast even if she was online at the time) and a major one with the briefcase code screen - clicking between the code wheels would run the briefcase falling down video again.

Also a bit short, but I'm sure this game was expensive to make...

And I have to also say, I've never seen such attention to detail to authentic presentation of things like documents in a game - the passport shown is EXACTLY what a real UK passport looks like. The medical letter was very convincing and so on.... and did I say I loved the radio?

Wan, if you haven't figured it out already, you have to do things in a certain order:

1) Check email
2) Check voicemail
3) Find address in trash
4) Call Liz
5) Check new email from El? guy whose assistant left a voicemail and wants to buy the blade and printout attachement
6) Respond to Sophie's email (and others if you want)
7) Then phone should ring and it will be Omar
8) Then you will have to find flight case and be able to use rope to get it off bookcase.

"Those amazing Preloaded folks"

Come on man give us some credit, it's okay to say you work for them, are married to an employee, were paid by them, whatever it is. If the game is good enough it'll stand up.

From my perspective, Preloaded do some good stuff, but if they adopt this arrogant, self congratulatory approach they'll just hack people off.

I have to admit this is one of the games that I didn't look for a walkthrough. Can't wait to see the coming episodes

Ian - While I would have preferred to delete your comment altogether, I will say this...

I do not work for Preloaded, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I have a sincere appreciation for their work with Flash and with Web games in general and, quite frankly, they have created some of the finest interactive experiences available on the Web today.

You must be new here.

I found your comment to be rude and distasteful and I have edited it to be presentable here.

What a strange comment by Ian there...

At any rate, this is another triumph from the Preloaded gang. Everything about this game is brilliant. Even the things that you never use. The passport alone was fantastic: from it's completely authentic appearance to the brilliant way the pages turned.

The acting was pretty good, especially by Adam (laughed a lot when he got hurt). The puzzles were all good, if a bit easy.

This is easily one of the best uses of video footage in a game that I've ever seen. If this series continues on a par with this episode, it could easily make the top 20 for this year.

way too short, i think it could also use a little more interactiveness.
i looove bbc! if you all haven't tried it, the jamie kane game is great too! ;-)

I agree that Ian's comment was rude and disrespectful! I visit your site nearly every day and just love it and all the great games Jay brings to us. I rarely make comments but this one surely deserves one---SHAME ON YOU, IAN!

need help. trying to get that suitcase is proving to be a problem. got what i need, and i keep aiming for the handles... but its not grabbing. now i feel like a noob asking this... but where am i going wrong?

is there some very specific spot i need to aim for ?

any help would be appreciated :)

erii-chan -

Try aiming slightly above the handle. When tossing things up in the air, gravity acts against the motion so you have to aim for an over-shot, if that makes sense.

thanks jay. i finally got it :) took me long enough too

good game, im going to be looking out for the next ep :D

Am I the only one who thinks Adam is gorrrrrgeous? :D

Can't wait for the next episodes.

Very nice and well done game from BBC once again. Here's however, a list of few drawbacks that I found:

1) There's probably a buck on the scene where the character sits by the writing desk. Sometimes a small area on the desktop beside the notebook turns to hot spot that let you open a view where the dagger is in a computer backpack. So, I was able to find the dagger even before suitcase episode and I think that the dagger was not supposed to be found in first episode at all. So, folks who have not played the first episode yet: Beware that you may accidentally find the dagger.

2) I am a bit irritated by the fact that I am not able to play this episode again (unless I clear the cookies I suppose). You may miss quite a bit if you don't follow so called "certain order" mentioned e.g. by Qwerty. I did not read any old emails and now I can't read them because I can't replay the episode one.

3) There was something written on the bottom of email attachment once it was sticked on the wall but in close-up it was not visible. Maybe I totally missed one or more scenes.

4) I would have used a standard lamp beside the table to knock down the damn suitcase. Why was I not let to use that?

I am loving this game. The password is


I typed this word several times but didn't get anywhere, until I realised that I had capitalised the first letters of Sophie's name. *sigh*

Thanks for posting this game, Jay. I am always here to check out your site for new and exiting games. :)

Wow, I haven't played a live action game since Gabriel Knight 2. I love this kinda game! And no exhaustive dialogue. Too bad it's so short. I'd rather wait & see all 4 installments in one sitting....but I know that ain't gonna happen. I'll eat up any bone they toss me. :o)


Too bad for me, i don't live in UK so can't play this game which seems really great :(((
You should write it somewhere Jay.
Have fun playing all of you!!!

I played the first act this morning (whilst in Canada, eh) but what I presume was the final scene

involving a phone call culminating in gunshots

the video froze. Now the BBC site says it won't be offering the content outside of the UK!

What happened? Did I glitch onto it this morning? It was loads of fun to play, and I'll be really disappointed if it won't work for us Canucks.

I get the following message when I try to load the game

"The requested URL /broadband/faq.shtml was not found on this server."

Update: Unfortunately, the BBC has implemented restrictions that prevent anyone outside the UK from playing the game. Hopefully they will have a change of heart soon and let the rest of the world in on this amazing game.

Just finished episode three (although I took a while to get through the interogation without being killed!)

Can't wait for the final installment : )

Help I can't get through the interrogation without being killed. Is there a pattern in which you answer?

In episode 4, how do you work out the password for the housteads hall website? I don't want the answer, just a hint of where to look!

emma -

you have to tell the truth about everything except where the blade is and if your boss appriciates you

cyzaki - check liz's last email

are they no longer allowing non-UK residents to use the game again. cause I've continually tried to play this game but it won't let me.

Jay, you posted an update that it is available outside the UK now, but I still get the "Broadband FAQ" page when I try the link (oct27). Was that an old comment and have they restricted it again?

Impossible to play! "Broaband faq" stupid page with no answer.

Long time reader, first time poster.

To be fair it's this game's pure genius that has me posting for the first time.

Cyzaki, Liz said something about the dagger in an email.

I just put in about 2 hours of play (very start to ep 4 or 5, can't remember), didn't sign up to bbc so no saved progress and my wireless died. It's stuck buffering and won't recover! ARGH!

Oh well. Might go through it again at some point and I shal blinking well register too. make sure you do the same. If you like shows like spooks, you'll be glued to this, it feels about the same.



hi jay & co
any news yet on when and if this game will become available for non-UK players? pretty frustrating, like something yummie hanging in front of your nose and not being able to grab it...
maybe ill send a message to the people of the bbc myself :-)

You might want to check the announcement I made about it today here. It seems that they will be opening it up to everyone for a 7-day testing period to work out the bugs with the exclusionary system they have in place.

This game is not working in Canada now??? I tried all of your links and ended up in the same place as when it was originally released.

help! im stuck on the Housesteads Hall maze! i got into the basement but i got caught and had to start again, is there a certain way that the lights & doors go on and off??


on the fuseboxes, there are switches for the lights, cameras (I think) and doors. None of these will shut down the alarm. You have only one option left.

Isn't it possible to mirror the game somewhere.....?!

I had played this last time, it's a simple one. no joke. I remembered well about it cause this is the first game I played in this site.

Any info on the pass for Episode 4? It's probably obvious but I've come up with nothing.

Thanks in advance.

Episode 3 what´s the sequence to get free of those two guys who appeared in Adam´s house???

hear ye! hear ye! it is online for non-UK again!

Well, that certainly was a rewarding experience! Excellent find!

It seemed to have a rather abrupt end after the houstead maze. Will there perhaps be more episodes later? Or is it finished?

Well, i hate that I will never get to play this game. I was having the same problem that kingfrogger was having with the whole freezing up at the "this is to certify CDX has been classified as a Broadband experience" screen. I know someone told him to wait a few minutes and move the screen around, so I tried that for the last thirty minutes and still nothing. Oh well. Hopefully they will put some more out in the future as I have enjoyed Death in Sakkara, and the 7 Noble Kinsman immensely.

ok, im stuck. i have gotten to the maze, and gotten trapped by the alarm. how do you shut it off? please just tell me. no hints please.

does it just end after the maze? i keep dying and am getting frustrated with this game. i wish it dident make you start completly over when you get caught. and how are you supposed to get by the guard on the top floor that just stands there to catch you? they can see you with the lights off. that is unfair.

Like Cyzaki, I'm stuck on the password on Ep 4. Just a little nudge in a direction will help.

BTW: on the interrogation...

You can start out the interrogation with a lie or two (I think they give you a freebie or three there), but once it becomes apparent that they know a lot about you, that's when you have to start telling the truth on everything except the blade and if your boss appreciates you or not (missed that one initally).

What is the password for the website in chapter 4? Someone please help me.

Thomas, look in your emails for something that is very important to the guardians of the house...

The best flash game I've ever played.

I like the part when you direct Liz through Rome. I thought it was like any other point and click game but this one takes the cake.

Unfortunately I do not like the maze. I wish you could move the dot faster so that you can evade the guards.

hi can someone please tell me how to shut off alarm in maze in house?? its killing me i need to know!!!

Argh can't get through the bloody maze in Ep.4 can't be bothered anymore - anyone care to tell me what happens next or how to get through the maze?

All right! Episode 4: The Maze!

Get to the Power Supply Room.
Open the doors for the first floor.
Get to the stairs.
Cross the floor to the stairs at the top.
Go to the Power Supply Room.
Turn the Main Switch off.
Go down the stairs, into the dead-end.
Get back up.
Go to the Power Supply Room.
Wait until the power is back on, then wait until all the guards are far from the Power Supply Room.
Turn the Main Switch off.
Hurry to the upper floor, sneak past the guards to another set of stairs.
Wait once more for the guards to put the power back on and then wander off.
Sneak up to the Power Supply Room.
Turn the Main Switch off.
Get out before it is turned back on!
"Enjoy" the last scene :)

working outside of UK into the moment!!

Guess what?!

I can no longer get to the site =(

So, anyone care to tell us what happens to Liz after getting into Housesteads?

What is the gnostic website password?

Please help but not hints!!

Is there a walkthrough for all 4 episodes?? Can't find one anywhere. Please post the link. Thanks :)

Gnostic Website Password...

Check your backpack

What's written on the blade?

It's also in the Encyclopedia under Gnostic

As for me, I could really use help in the Housesteads Hall avoiding all the badies....

Arggghhhh! I get to episode 4, type in the password at the website, and then the game gets stuck loading! I've tried refreshing several times - nothing. Any suggestions?

Hey, I'm stuck cause the phone keeps dialing a 1 over and over again. Is there some special thing you have to do to call liz?

Cant get pass word for the second part of the game i tried rubicon but it didnt work what am i doing wrong

hi erm im just wondering how in the hell to use the rope with the flight case someone please help as i have only just started the game thanks


The best five hours I lost in the computer.



Okay, so I Checked the email, Checked the voicemal, Found the address in the trash, Called and gave her my address, checked the email again, printed out the paper, replied to sophie, got her reply and nothing else is happening?

What do I do now?? What am I missing?? AM I suppose to get a phone call? LOL This is a great game so far, I wish I knew what I was doing wrong! :)


i got through the interrogation (that was harrowing!)... got to Liz's email.. decrypted the picture... and I've been waiting for hours for Liz's phone call...

am i missing something?


i got through the interrogation (that was harrowing!)... got to Liz's email.. decrypted the picture... and I've been waiting for hours for Liz's phone call...

am i missing something?

completely stuck on episode 3!
finished the interrogation, deciphered the code, looked in the backpack, etc.
email keeps saying new email message but there are none in there.
what do i have to do to activate the next action?!?! help!

hey I can seem to get the number right for liz

it is

5559006618 isn't it? and even with the 1 for the dialling code it won't work!

help please!

I may be stupid, but I never stop my bike at San Clemente church, just drives by. It says: did not get there en time.. But I do.. Whats wrong?

finished the interrogation, deciphered the code, looked in the backpack, etc. and there I am... whats next? waiting for Liz'phone, but it never come. ??

I've also got that problem marga.. :( I'm just stuck still looking for something to activate the next section.. perhaps a bug?

I've emailed liz back, deciphered code, tried calling kenny and liz, emailed everyone i can email!! Im stuck :(

I am trying to use the rope to get the suitcase and it didn't work the first time just came down on my head. But i dont know how to throw it again. Someone help...

I loved this game. Great graphics and cool story. Can you guys please recommend anymore like it? Thanks.

To get the rope onto the suitcase / briefcase...

You have you move your mouse directly below the case and drag your curser a bit above the suitcase handle. It should work.

Hey guys, I'm really struggling with episode 2. I've written all the e-mails to Tony regarding churches and whatnot. Now, all I have to do is call Liz in Rome and ask her for help. However, I can't seem to be able to call her. What is her phone number in Rome? I've tried every variant of the one I have listed, including adding the 0039 to call italy, but it wont work. Is there somewhere else that I have to look for the number?

If you're stuck after the interrogation in Episode 3.. the way you get Liz to call you back is..

To DOWNLOAD the attachment in Leon's email (the way to get Leon's email is by calling Kenny)!. Liz should call you shortly after that. Hope this helps!

To ici:

You don´t need to dial the number, just push the preset button by her name

What about the churchs? I can´t figure what to look for in the books.


Hi, this is the best point & click game ever. The storyline is good, the cast acted very well even if it's a game. But I got stuck at the maze... What a shame.

I am stuck in episode 3 after the interrogation as well. I have printed out the article from Danny, leons partner, and it is on the wall. however Liz has not called and I have been sitting for a while waiting now. anyone have an idea?

I have the same problem as jae113 omg i did so much for this and it got stuck!!! noooo please anyone can help me?

how do I get the names of the churches?

Can someone please help me with episode 2.

I apparently need to contact Liz but her number is no longer in service. What do i do?

Hey people, I love this game, the idea, the design, the interaction :)
but I'm stuck at the suitcase thing, when he throws it first there is a white sign saying something like click & drag, then he drops it over his head and then you see the shelf and the hand with the end of the rope in it and the suitcase on top of the shelf. I can move the hand with the rope
and I tried to move the mouse at every spot, under, over, handle of the suitcase but I don't know how he should throw it. I can't exit this step either, if I don't find a solution, I'll have to close the game...

kind regards

can someone post a wakthrough for the maze that is easy to follow. i tried the one alreasy posted but i faild.

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but everytime I try to play this game it says I can't because I'm not in the UK. Is this something they recently put into action or are the rest of you just living in the UK?

If you do not live in the UK, you should be playing the game at the developer's website:

Great game well designed and everything until they chose to make you run like molassess in the maze.....I just wasted 4+ hours all to be ticked off on a 21st Century version of Pac-Man what the hell...not asking for much, just a fair shot at out running the guards after 4+ hours you think they could do that for you....

ok got past that scary interview, now im stuck on episode 4 and i cannot get past those guards! is there any tips on which way to go and why can the see you inside a room? please help!

i was supposed to say how come the guards can see you if ur in a room lol!

ok episode 4 -

first listen to the phone call, then go to your computer and read the newest email. click on the link and type in the password abraxas. then you will get a call from liz on the computer. after talking to her,
go out right, right, left, and left into the top right hand stair case DO NOT GO DOWN THEM, wait until a guard goes down a square room near you then break for the power room. just turn the 1st floor doors on and wait until two guards meet and go down alley way then break for the staircase to the left. if you did not turn on the lights the men should be asleep. go to the left hand staircase and go down them. you will be in a room with another power room. go to the power room and watch the guards. turn off the mains and watch to see which guard will go and turn the mains back on. then watch that guard until the dot is as far away from the power as you can then turn the power off and break for the stairs to the right. go through the room and then you will hear liz says she has found it. go back up the stairs and then wait. the alarm will sound and then you will have to turn the power off again like befor but this time when the mains are switched on again quickly turn off the doors to the first floor. then turn off the mains and run for the left staircase. go down the steps and you will see the stair case to the left without any hesitation go to those stairs. you should be back to where you started on the ground floor. there are two extra guards as you can see. make sure the guards are not looking and go to the power room and turn off the mains and make a run for it to the door at the very bottom which looks like a black bit at the bottom before the guards can move again. there you have it watch the finishing scene!

Im stuck i dont now how to pass level one i recive one archive that i print and i dont now what to do please help meeeee!!!!!!!

ok so i passlevel one and two but im stuck in level three i dont now how to pass the interrogation they always kill meee!!! help me im stuck

Cool game- enjoyed playing it even though the ending was a bit of a let down.. Kudos to the maze walkthrough-its surprizingly accurate but be prepared to fail a few times as you try to get the synchronizations right.
If u get stuck at any point of the game just look over the comments- they'll tell u everything you need to know.
Another great BBC game, just like DIS.

I am stuck on episode 2 when I have to email Anthony back about the churches, I have read the books and then tried to email him back but it takes me around in a circle and I get no wheres!! HELP!!

Hey people!

I am stuck on episode 2 when you have to call Liz but the number doesn't work. After I call Kenny, and his mom tells that he was murdered. Then I try again with Liz but it still doesn't seem to work. Help me please!!

how do you call kenny if his number is out of service?

I emailed back Maggie, I've emailed Leon, emailed Danny - but Liz hasn't called. Eeek!

Help! I keep getting stuck on the map when Liz is trying to go to the churches! I get to either one of the first 2 and then although I can hear the noise and move the arrows nothing happens! It is as if the screen freezes...

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong?



Hi I just started playing the game, and I'm stuck when you use the combination code to open the briefcase where the dagger is. Every time I use the combo, it doesn't work.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Angela,

are you putting the combination on both sides of the briefcase?


im stuck at the part where liz gets to the first church and then she doesnt move anymore
i hear noises and arrows move, but no movement, did it freeze or am i just missing something here?

Thanks for the tip, Labrini.

Figured it out.

I have some problem with episode 3

how many questions in it?
i done to the 32th
but that guy alwasy hit me for 4th
so i had to start again always...
what are the right answers?

Excuse me.
How can I finish the part of...
"the name of churches"?
Who can tell me the step, please?

i dont get the phones, im very slow at these things =]

Please i need help: the episode 3 what are the right answers??? Please they kill me

What is the code for the suitcase?

hey i got a trying to get the case down from the bookshelf...and it wont let me through the rope again.....what am i supposed to do to throw it?

Shamelessly cross-posting from the other CDX thread:

That maze is the most frustrating thing ever! I never was any good at Pac-Man. Why does she walk so slowly? Silly woman.

Yes, I'm blaming the character for my own inabilities. Shut up. Seriously though, is there any way of making her walk faster? My computer has issues making her move straight away when I press the cursor keys, so I keep getting caught by mere millimetres. Ho hum.

Please can someone help? i'm stuck on episode 2 where it says i need to phone Liz again but it's saying that it's not in service... please can someone help?


When you have to call Liz back, it's to tell her something, right? I just finished the game (awesome) so I'm not clear on particulars; but make sure you've got the info you're supposed to give her first. If not, check everything in the room one more time, read and reply to your emails; if that's not it, I'm stumped. Good luck, though.

Can someone help me get past the Housesteads Maze?
I can find the Blade but I cant get out!

I'm stuck at the darn suitcase part too. I've been clicking and dragging all over the place, but it won't do anything. Help?

finding the password for ep4....

ok you should have recieved the email that said you have the fake knife, remember what that email said was on the real knife? use that as your password

Where do I have to do to deciepher the code in ep. 3? Is there some trick? or is it mentioned in one of the books/websites?

I don't know how anyone is playing this game. The last entry is October 2nd and now it's the 22nd and it's not working.
I sent them a little semi-polite note about allowing non UK residents to use this.
Their money is worth the most in the world and their going cheap on a really cool sounding game???

LOVE it! Can't stop loading and playing- have gotten to the church search and even learned how to navigate the scooter BUT.....even though I have a "log in" to save my place, his there a way to REALLY save your place- I keep getting interupted and get almost all the way through searching for the churches- but when I log back on I have to start TOTALLY over and re do everything in sequence to get where I actually wanted to start from again!! Can this be downloaded to your PC?? Thanks!

Like a lot of you, I'm having a lot of trouble with the Gnostics' house Pacman thing. Even with the comprehensive walkthrough volunteered above, I have no idea what the objectives are. Liz went in to find something, right? Where is this whatever? Is navigating the staircases with the right power settings for some reason the goal?

Outside the UK, you can use the URL

And, no, even if you have a username, you only get to go back to the episode that you were in, not the actual part of it.

The endscene (Spoiler)

...How disappointing is that? After all the fuss, all that happens is you get a brief phonecall? No explanations, no nothing? Wasn't worth getting slapped in the face for about three hours, I'll tell you that.

hi! im stuck in episode 2!!!! could someone please help me!

im having a problem that was mentioned before. ive done all the emails and etc, and im supposed to find the names of the 2 churches. ive read both books and went to reply to the email, and it still wont let me!

i adore this game, i wanna finish it! someone please please please, help me!

if anyone still visits this a lot of people were, i'm stuck on episode 3, after the interrogation. i can't seem to get liz to call me back.. i've printed off the picture from leon's partner, deciphered the code and whatnot.. am i missing something?

Never mind, i've completed it.

What an ending.



I had trouble with Liz calling back.

Do everything you can with email. Respond to every one and download whatever you can.

In Episode 2, I need to contact Liz after Tony's email about the sewers, but Liz's phone doesn't work. I have been all over the room, computer, internet and cannot find out how to contact Liz. Help please! Thanks!

you have to look under

san clemente

in the encyclopedia, I had trouble with it for a while too.

I give up. I'm not even trying that freaking maze again, its just retarded.I mean, I would understand if it got harder as you go along but it starts out way to hard! I can't even get to the control rooms, and I'm not even willing to try any more. Plus, apparently the ending scene is supposed to be disappointing, so I don't think it will be worth it. I'm so fed up with it! Sorry, but I seriously think that it's really stupid that they would make it hard and then have a stupid ending, so I wanted to voice my opinion. Even if I sound pissy, well, that's because I am a little bit.

What a great game!
Here are some walkthroughs for the troublesome parts:
Using the telephone:

Press the speed-dial button next to the name of the person you want to call. You may only call them during certain points in the game so if it doesn't work, try later.

Episode 2:

Getting the flight case down: This is a classic flash arcade game. Click and drag the arrow up past the handle of the case. When you release the mouse button, he'll throw.
Calling Liz: If it says her number is out of service, go check your email instead.
Finding the churches: San Pietro and San Clemente in the brown book. (Did not double check those names, but that's close, I am sure)

Episode 3:

To get through the interrogation, tell the truth on every question except when he asks you if you have the dagger or where it is.
If you get stuck waiting for a phone call from Liz, try checking and replying to any email you haven't done so far and try calling Kenny using the speed-dial button.

Episode 4:
Answers to the password and maze are posted above.
I failed to get through the Houstead Maze and it looks like it isn't worth getting through anyway. I might go try it at some point.

Having trouble getting past Episode 2. Already guided Liz through Rome, and got the codes & emailed Tony. Now I'm just trying to figure out what I do next. He asked if I had any ideas why the code said Josephus was hiding there. But I have no clue what to look for.
Any help?

in episode 3 while the interrogation. member "erin" said, to get through the interrogation i have to pick the truth at every question except of 2 questions. if the blade is in my possession and where it is now.

i followed this help and still got killed after maybe 30 questions...

what have i made wrong? it was 2 or 3 questions after the second guy washed away the blood from my nose.

i don't understand why they killed me, i always told them the truth (except these 2 questions)...

anyone please help me to get the briefcase down.. I threw the rope and it didn't work the first time just came down on my head. But i dont know how to throw it again. Someone help...

maze help please

Hi. Maybe I'm missing something, but I am still stuck in Episode 1 because I am not getting the phone call from Omar so that I can next get the suitcase. I did everything else, and I think it was in the right order--did I miss something? Am I only supposed to "stick to business" and not mess with anything else for it to work? Seems a shame to skip over all the details...

I'm frustrated! Can someone please help me?

I tried everything that everyone has posted about the flight case, but I just can't seem to get it and it's starting to make me angry. I really love games like this and I would love to finish it, but everything I try doesn't work. Someone please help me!

I, like many people apparently, got stuck on episode 3... but before the interrogation. I got/printed the essene code, replied to both liz and Tony, and now nothing else is happening.

Nevermind! I called Kenny and Liz :P

...which was episode 2, wasn't it? Sorry >

I found the very last one of CDT3 unhadleable. The paint columns reacted very reluctantly, mostly resulting in 1-2 sec delays in steering - and you know what that means...

Great game, but I am stuck for the last hour or so. How do I enter the code for flight case in both sides? Tried clicking everywhere in the case, but can't get to the other side. Neither entering the code twice on the one side works. Help!

I too have been unable to enter the code for the briefcase. Clicking on the buttons plays a sound but does not change the number. Even counting the clicks to try to guess the number has not worked. Am I clicking the wrong place or is it just plain broken?

I also tried reloading the game and going through this whole process twice, without success.

i cant figure out the password to get into the web site homesteads hall can anyone help me out with that?

Hey takedown,

I read the password while going trought all the comments above. I didn't try the password but it seems to be

a word written on the blade (look in the bag under the desk)

I hope that helps.
good luck

Help please! I called Kenny and the lady tells me he's dead and then after that I don't know what to do.

To solve Episode 3, answer all questions TRUTHFULLY unless they mention the dagger/knife/blade in the question...tricky I know...but you'll get it. Hope this helps

OK, some help...
Episode 1: When you get stuck, be sure you've read every email you can, replied to every email you can, and printed out all of the attachments. When you're sure you've done all that, double-check to see if a new option has opened up.

Also, read the pad of paper next to both the laptop and the phone; they may have a hint to help you. And call everyone if you can't find anything else to do.

Spoiler for calling Liz:

Your address is on an envelope in the trash can. Click on the address to read it AFTER you've listened to all of the answering machine messages. Then call Liz.

hey, dunno if anyone still plays this, but i only just found it, and am HOOKED!

if you're having trouble with 3rd episode, you must tell the truth EXCEPT questions about the blade, AND if your boss appreciates you! whose boss does, right? but LIE, or they'll whack ya!

I've read about every walkthrough on Episode 2 and I'm still stuck. I've gone through all the emails. Found the churches and still can't call back liz.... what am I still missing? I can't reply to any email, there's only one email with an attachment. And I'm about ready to scrap this game. lol:) Help would be great!!!

episode 2
sophie_bakewell: rubicon
episode 4

Actually, for episode 3, some advices above are inaccurate:

It's better to always tell the truth except when they ask where the blade is or if you have it (present tense). Don't lie when they ask if you used to have it (past tense), if you bought it, to whom you bought it, etc.: they have checked all of that.

I was wondering, is there a way to zoom out the screen when Liz is finding the churches on her scooter? If not is there an easy way to get through this part that I'm missing?

in episode four i'm in the maze and i got the backup but now i can't get liz out of the basement, she won't move and i've tried everything. the alarm is going off but the backup and secruity people are still running around on the first floor. what do i do?

How do I find out his address?

HELP!!! I don't know how to translate the inscription in the mural at the church in San Clemente. Can anyone help me how to translate the inscription in the game???

P.S. I'm new here.

Sorry, problem solved in my last comment here. Now I'm stuck in the maze. How do I get through the maze???? HELP!!!!!!!!! Can anyone guide me through the maze in steps????

i've done everything on part two and still can't advance. nothing is happening and there is no email, phone doesn't work (already spoke to Kenny's wife), read the books. what am I missing?

how do i get briefcase?
i got far so that it's lettin me drag the cursor and throw the hook, but i keep trying to drag it to try again and it wont do anything! hELp

How do you get him to throw the rope to get the suitcase?

For all of you people having difficulty with the rope....

I had the same problem. When you get to the throwing the rope at the case bit, you should see a "Click and Drag" sign on the screen. Then you can stretch it up and try to rope the handle. The first time I did this, I missed but then the "Click and Drag" disappeared, and I was left with a hand I could move. No amount of clicking allowed me to make a second attempt and there was no way to leave that screen. I finally restarted the game, and this time when I got to that bit, the "Click and Drag" stayed on for many attempts until I managed to snag the case. Conclusion? There is a bug in the game which may get you into a loop from which there is no exit. Fortunately, it is on Part One, so it will only take a few mins to get back to where you were. Only solution - restart.


Where is the dagger in that house?

im stuck on the bit where you have to find out about the church thing can someone help me plz straight away?

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