The U.P. Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University was established to provide higher & professional education to persons with disabilities.

There are approximate 9 crore disabled in India. The coverage in formal school system is around 5%. The scenario of higher education is much grim. The socio economic condition and facilities available at higher education centre for persons with disability are considered to be major obstacle in accessing higher education. Though there are various institutions and organizations to cater for some of the needs of disabled persons, activities of such institutions/organizations were found to be very-very limited.


· To ensure greater participation of disabled in higher & professional education by providing disabled friendly campus, class rooms and courses in order to prepare students of strong character enriched with traditional and modern knowledge.

· Provide free education, boarding, lodging and essential requirements for day to day, to disabled students to facilitate them for better accessibility in higher education.

· Explore suitable placement for the educated disabled graduates in public & private sector enterprises.

· To prepare Expertise/Manpower to cater the needs of disability sector.

· Promote disabled persons spiritually, socially and economically by providing suitable education to bring them to the main stream.

About JRHU

Special Features

· Sanskrit & basic knowledge of Computer is compulsory in the University curriculum for Undergraduate & Postgraduate students as well. University believes that Sanskrit is Mother of all languages and one cannot understand Indian culture without knowing it. Sanskrit is the key to unfold the mystery of nature and great Indian Heritage and culture similarly; the knowledge of Computer is necessary to cope with modern challenges.

· Free tuition (Except professional & training courses for which nominal fees is charged).

· Free boarding to all students.

· Facility of sports for all type of persons with disabilities.

· Study materials/lectures are available in Braille script for visually impaired and in video mode for hearing impaired students.

Following buildings have been constructed during last five years (2002-07):

· Academic Block—I (Constructed by University own resources )

· Administrative Block– I (with assistance from State Govt./ University own resources )

· Boys Hotel– I (with assistance form UGC & University own resources)

· Women Hostel– I (Constructed by University own resources )

· Essential Staff Quarter  (Constructed by University own resources )

Constructions in progress :

· Grand Academic Bhawan -II (Funded by UGC, New Delhi)

· Canteen (Funded by UGC, New Delhi)

· Campus Development—Construction of Road. (Funded by UGC, New Delhi)




Finance Officer


Proposed Constructions:

· Boys Hostel-II Work in progress