Missing Squamish teen likely ran away, says ex-boyfriend's mom


Crystal Henrickson, cousin of the missing girl Jodi Henrickson, puts up a poster on a store window on Bowen island, B.C., June 29, 2009.

Crystal Henrickson, cousin of the missing girl Jodi Henrickson, puts up a poster on a store window on Bowen island, B.C., June 29, 2009.

Photograph by: Sam Leung, The Province

While the ground search for missing Squamish teen Jodi Henrickson was scaled back Thursday, the mother of her ex-boyfriend thinks Jodi has simply run away.

“That’s something that she would have done, knowing her character,” said Lynne Fedorick, mother of Jodi’s ex-boyfriend, Gavin Arnott.

Arnott, 20, believes he was the last person to see 17-year-old Jodi before she vanished from Bowen Island on June 20.

He admits he was on probation for assaulting her and violated a court order forbidding him to see her. He denies any role in her disappearance.

“She did run away last winter when she stayed with me for three months,” Fedorick told The Province.

“She has been regularly staying out all night since she was 15 years old. She doesn’t come home on a regular basis. She fights with her parents, just like any other 15-year-old.

“I’m not saying that they’re bad parents. It’s just that’s the way teenage girls are.”

Fedorick said she eventually banned Jodi, whom she called a “scheming and manipulative” girl, from her home.

“I really tried to like her. I just found I couldn’t do that.”

Squamish RCMP Cpl. Dave Ritchie said Thursday that further ground searches have been suspended, but could resume at any time.

“Our search [Wednesday] has concluded and we didn’t get any stuff of interest out of it.

“We are actively investigating her disappearance and any tips we get on her,” he said.

“We’re looking at foul play, runaway, medical issues, accident, distress, anything. We’re looking at it all.”

He said investigators have searched off Bowen, but would not specify where.

On Tuesday, Jodi’s brother Rob told The Province: “She’s really close [with her family], which is what made it so weird that she hasn’t gotten in contact with anyone.”

Fedorick said Jodi was a bad influence on her son, an avid biker who won the Test of Metal cross-country mountain bike race four times before he met her.

“He stopped riding his bike and he started staying out at night and, for the first time ever, not calling me and telling me where he was,” she said. “This girl has been trouble with a capital T from the very beginning.”

She said Jodi could have met the wrong person after her son walked away from her during a discussion on Bowen’s Miller Road at around 5:30 a.m. the day she disappeared.

But more likely she took off, said Fedorick, possibly to Alberta.

In a written statement Thursday, Jodi’s family wrote: “We have chosen not to comment on questions that only fuel already tense relationships. Throwing blows at Jodi’s ex-boyfriend and his family isn’t going to bring Jodi home any faster: It just increases the already raw and heightened emotions that everyone that cares about Jodi are all feeling at this time.”

They did not address questions about her running away.

To mark the two weeks since she disappeared, her family is holding a rally Friday at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Fedorick said she hopes the girl will be found.

“She’s probably hiding out because she’s probably totally embarrassed by all the media attention,” she said.

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Crystal Henrickson, cousin of the missing girl Jodi Henrickson, puts up a poster on a store window on Bowen island, B.C., June 29, 2009.

Crystal Henrickson, cousin of the missing girl Jodi Henrickson, puts up a poster on a store window on Bowen island, B.C., June 29, 2009.

Photograph by: Sam Leung, The Province


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July 03, 2009 - 11:41 PM
 i know this family and gavin was portrayed as a criminal what do execpt his parents to do about it.
July 03, 2009 - 9:56 PM

@ Michele M (yes, there two different Micheles)

I agree with you that there are two sides to every story and I never thought otherwise. I sure hope they find Jodi, safe and well and that EVERYONE stops beaking off in comments and the news, about good people and bad people.

There is only one story that matters: that is the safety and well-being of our kids. The rest is nonsense.

Good call on your part. Sure got quiet in these parts, huh? ;)

July 03, 2009 - 9:10 PM
 Typical media crap
Michele Mulholland
July 03, 2009 - 7:00 PM

I agree with "two sides".  People who do not know what they are talking about should either keep quiet or identify themselves by their full name.   If you love to judge people find another forum or put your full name so that others know what kind of a person you are.    

Local guy
July 03, 2009 - 6:00 PM
 Young people from Squamish have been in the news for over a decade now. I'm not sure what it is that causes that but it is true...and there is this 'mafia' type of thing where they 'can't remember' etc etc...selectively of course. I have two daughters who are in their late teens and they and their friends say that a guy telling them they are from Squamish or any where near is like telling them they are 'serial killers'.,...(their words).
July 03, 2009 - 5:24 PM
 Lynne (aka Laughable and @BW), you are really embarrassing yourself and your family by trying to capitalize on your 15 minutes of fame. Unless of course, you're laying out some sort of defense for your son's actions. I wouldn't worry about 'protecting him' any more - most people (myself included) thought better of him before you started this nonsense. Now people are begnning to think he might be like you - and that's not a compliment. I don't know the Hendrickson's, but do you really think they care about anything other than hearing from their daughter? Do you think they have any time for you and your pettiness? Do you really think they are spending their time reading about you? Of course you do! Narcissists KNOW the world revolves around them!
Icon Joe
July 03, 2009 - 5:14 PM
 thats rediculous, why dont you throw this poor girls parents under the bus a little more you heartless discrace of a parent. I am sure your son is an angel like you make him sound like. lol. Thats why hes a woman beater right? Because you brought him up so well? Leave the girls family alone, stay out of the media, and lets hope for a safe return where ever this Girl is..
July 03, 2009 - 5:00 PM
 Aside from all the bickering, could it be possible that Jodi met up with wildlife after Arnott left her without looking back? 5:30 in the morning is prime time for wildlife feeding; I'd be retracing her steps and maybe looking in sheltered areas in case she lay down for a quick nap. How could she run away when she's on an island? did anyone witness her on a ferry back to the mainland? If not, I'd be looking off the beaten path a bit. I realize that girls nowadays are quite more agressive than they used to be; but, then, in olden days, guys didn't desert a female in the middle of nowhere in the wee hours of the morning, either. A 20 year old fellow is not a CHILD anymore; he should also be thinking like an adult. Much as he supposedly disliked this girl, he should not have deserted her at that hour of the morning..with her in possibly compromising condition. He did drink with the crowd, too, didn't he? What if he had passed out somewhere and everyone simply left him? Shame on him! Shame on the boy's mother for lambasting the girl,too. Your son's 20, not 15...he should have shown more character,too.
Nasty nasty
July 03, 2009 - 4:33 PM
 Oh my goodness. What a mean mouthed woman. Why make excuses for your son's behavior by blaming someone else publicly and who's family is in very tragic circumstances at the momen??. He said himself he knew her for 15 months which makes him at least 18 going on 19 when she came into his life. Is Mom suggesting this fine upstanding specimen of a son was incapable of acting for himself or making his own decisions at that age? Come on Mom. He was acting through hormones. I'm not saying your a bad mother. 19 year old males are just like that.
John Webster
July 03, 2009 - 3:46 PM
 Wow, the vitriol from both sides of this story is amazing. First, how about believing the kid and his mom until they are proven to be liars. What news has come from the girl’s family on this case’s past, the restraining order thing, not much. If this incident turns tragic, then start the finger pointing but until then, how about a little concern and not so much unfounded opinion? What will be the comments and retractions if our little lady is found alive and elsewhere? A lot of sheepish grins no doubt. Be part of the solution or keep from being part of the problem. Lets hope for a good resolution her and stop slagging these kids and their parents until more of the story comes to light.
July 03, 2009 - 3:29 PM
 You're all funny, judging each other. Most times parents are totally to blame for kids growing up all screwed up, so be careful, what u say and do around ur children, they pick up hate, anger and racism from the parents.
Momma B
July 03, 2009 - 3:16 PM
 I am so disgusted with all the rude and ignorant people that have made comments on here. This is about JODI, not the x-boyfriend, the mother, the who is to blame... this is about a 17 year old girl who is MISSING... do you not get it... what would any of you do if this was YOUR DAUGHTER!!! I am sure most of you must know that not everything you read or hear in the media is true... WELL if you do not know that then WAKE UP!! there is so much crap written and said that is not true, but non the less this story is about a teenage girl who is missed terribly by her family and friends, she needs to be found, she needs your positive thoughts and prayers right now, not all this garbage you are dishing out! So, for the sake of a grade11 girl, please take 5 minutes out of your busy day and say a prayer for her return. The unknown is heart breaking, we need her found! FYI: Jodi was a girl guide since she was a little girl; she stayed in guiding right up till she was 13 years old. She was a a joy, a hard worker, great camper, earned major guiding awards, just a great kid to have around for many years! Jodi was also a volunteer for big brothers / big sister, worked as SAVE- On FOODS for a year or so. She is just a kid and does not deserve all this negative talk about her.. SHE IS MISSING, if you have time to slam her or her family, then you have time to say a prayer for her.. Please just stop all this, and be kind, she needs all of our help!
July 03, 2009 - 2:44 PM
 Totally agree with laughable. Said very well.
July 03, 2009 - 2:31 PM
 This is the most hurtful and classless thing I have seen for a bit. The son can take care of himself - he is old enough. His mom is just plain disgusting. And as a parent of a teenage girl - they do not ALL stay out all night and such. Maybe she needs a reality check. If that is what she expects of kids then that is pretty sad.
July 03, 2009 - 2:11 PM
 To the censor either post the full text of my comments or none at all.
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