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TNRIS Geospatial Tool is Featured in Microsoft Case Study

Texas Develops Online Geospatial Data Repository to Support Emergency Management.
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National Map Graphics Project

The National Map concept is based on the vision of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to provide public access to current, high-quality geospatial base map data from multiple sources.
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Southeast Texas Leaf-Off 2008 DOQQs Now Available

The 2008 leaf-off DOQQs for 13 counties in Southeast Texas are now available for download from TNRIS.

Layer Spotlight

Layer Spotlight is a new way to showcase the rich, extensive geographic data housed at TNRIS. It is a chance to view and explore a data layer before downloading.

It is part of the implementation of a new data viewing application incorporating Microsoft Virtual Earth® software. In the future, as TNRIS further develops its data dissemination tools, keep an eye out for even more robust and dynamic applications.