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Table of Contents

  • Applications Area
  • General Area
  • Internet Area
  • Operations and Management Area
  • Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area
  • Routing Area
  • Security Area
  • Transport Area

    Applications Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Lisa Dusseault <>
  • Alexey Melnikov <>

    Area Specific Web Page:
  • Applications Area Web Page
  • Applications Area Mailing List

    Working Groups:
    altoApplication-Layer Traffic Optimization
    calsifyCalendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification
    eaiEmail Address Internationalization
    httpbisHypertext Transfer Protocol Bis
    idnabisInternationalized Domain Names in Applications (Revised)
    lemonadeEnhancements to Internet email to Support Diverse Service Environments
    ltruLanguage Tag Registry Update
    morgMessage Organization
    oauthOpen Authentication Protocol
    sieveSieve Mail Filtering Language
    vcarddavvCard and CardDAV
    yamYet Another Mail

    General Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Russ Housley <>

    Working Groups:
  • TBD

  • Internet Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Ralph Droms <>
  • Jari Arkko <>

    Area Specific Mailing List:
  • Internet Area Mailing List
  • Internet Area Mailing List Archive

    Working Groups:
    16ngIP over IEEE 802.16 Networks
    6lowpanIPv6 over Low power WPAN
    6manIPv6 Maintenance
    ancpAccess Node Control Protocol
    autoconfAd-Hoc Network Autoconfiguration
    csiCga & Send maIntenance
    dhcDynamic Host Configuration
    dnaDetecting Network Attachment
    dnsextDNS Extensions
    hipHost Identity Protocol
    ipdvbIP over DVB
    l2tpextLayer Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions
    l2vpnLayer 2 Virtual Private Networks
    lispLocator/ID Separation Protocol
    mextMobility EXTensions for IPv6
    mifMultiple Interfaces
    mip4Mobility for IPv4
    mipshopMobility for IP: Performance, Signaling and Handoff Optimization
    netextNetwork-Based Mobility Extensions
    netlmmNetwork-based Localized Mobility Management
    ntpNetwork Time Protocol
    panaProtocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access
    pppextPoint-to-Point Protocol Extensions
    pwe3Pseudowire Emulation Edge to Edge
    saviSource Address Validation Improvements
    shim6Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation
    tictocTiming over IP Connection and Transfer of Clock
    trillTransparent Interconnection of Lots of Links

    Operations and Management Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Dan Romascanu <>
  • Ronald Bonica <>

    Area Specific Web Page:
  • O&M; Area Web Page

    Working Groups:
    adslmibADSL MIB
    bmwgBenchmarking Methodology
    capwapControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points
    dimeDiameter Maintenance and Extensions
    dnsopDomain Name System Operations
    growGlobal Routing Operations
    ipfixIP Flow Information Export
    mbonedMBONE Deployment
    netconfNetwork Configuration
    netmodNETCONF Data Modeling Language
    opsawgOperations and Management Area Working Group
    opsecOperational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure
    pmolPerformance Metrics for Other Layers
    psampPacket Sampling
    radextRADIUS EXTensions
    v6opsIPv6 Operations

    Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Robert Sparks <>
  • Cullen Jennings <>

    Working Groups:
    avtAudio/Video Transport
    blissBasic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services
    drinksData for Reachability of Inter/tra-NetworK SIP
    ecritEmergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies
    enumTelephone Number Mapping
    geoprivGeographic Location/Privacy
    mediactrlMedia Server Control
    mmusicMultiparty Multimedia Session Control
    p2psipPeer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol
    simpleSIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
    sipcoreSession Initiation Protocol Core
    speechscSpeech Services Control
    speermintSession PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect
    xconCentralized Conferencing
    xmppExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

    Routing Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Ross Callon <>
  • Adrian Farrel <>

    Area Specific Web Page:
  • Routing Area Web Page

    Working Groups:
    bfdBidirectional Forwarding Detection
    ccampCommon Control and Measurement Plane
    forcesForwarding and Control Element Separation
    idrInter-Domain Routing
    isisIS-IS for IP Internets
    l3vpnLayer 3 Virtual Private Networks
    manetMobile Ad-hoc Networks
    mplsMultiprotocol Label Switching
    ospfOpen Shortest Path First IGP
    pcePath Computation Element
    pimProtocol Independent Multicast
    rollRouting Over Low power and Lossy networks
    rtgwgRouting Area Working Group
    sidrSecure Inter-Domain Routing
    vrrpVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol

    Security Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Tim Polk <>
  • Pasi Eronen <>

    Area Specific Web Page:
  • Security Area Web Page

    Working Groups:
    btnsBetter-Than-Nothing Security
    dkimDomain Keys Identified Mail
    emuEAP Method Update
    hokeyHandover Keying
    ipsecmeIP Security Maintenance and Extensions
    ismsIntegrated Security Model for SNMP
    keyprovProvisioning of Symmetric Keys
    kittenKitten (GSS-API Next Generation)
    ltansLong-Term Archive and Notary Services
    msecMulticast Security
    neaNetwork Endpoint Assessment
    pkixPublic-Key Infrastructure (X.509)
    saslSimple Authentication and Security Layer
    smimeS/MIME Mail Security
    syslogSecurity Issues in Network Event Logging
    tlsTransport Layer Security

    Transport Area

    Area Director(s):
  • Magnus Westerlund <>
  • Lars Eggert <>
  • Transport Area Mailing List
  • Transport Area Mailing List Archive

    Working Groups:
    behaveBehavior Engineering for Hindrance Avoidance
    dccpDatagram Congestion Control Protocol
    fecframeFEC Framework
    ippmIP Performance Metrics
    ledbatLow Extra Delay Background Transport
    nfsv4Network File System Version 4
    nsisNext Steps in Signaling
    pcnCongestion and Pre-Congestion Notification
    rmtReliable Multicast Transport
    rohcRobust Header Compression
    tcpmTCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions
    tsvwgTransport Area Working Group

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