H1N1 Flu or New Flu or …


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Time Monday July 6, 2009 at 3:29 GMT+2

[...] Liam Wyatt (aka Witty Lama) just days ago gave a presentation with the brilliant title “Wikipedia The Endless Palimpsest” to celebrate his graduation in history (many congratulations Liam!). In this talk he explains how recent revisions of an article can be peeled off to reveal older layers, which are still meaningful for historians. Even graffiti applied by vandals can by its sheer informality convey meaningful information, just like historians learned a lot from graffiti on walls of classic Pompei. Likewise view patterns can tell future historians a lot about what was hot and what wasn’t in our times. Reason why these raw view data are meant to be preserved for a long time (see also similar analyses on Sarah Palin and the H1N1 Flu). [...]

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