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Basic Commands

These are the basic keyboard and mouse commands that will allow you to travel through the world of Chrysalis.

You can use the WASD buttons to move, or you can simply left-click a location to move there. If the option is turned on in the System Menu, you can also move with right-click.

To interact with a non-player character (NPC) or an object in the field, move your cursor over them and click (either left-click or right-click).

To target an enemy, either left-click on them or press Tab to cycle through nearby targets.

Right-click an enemy to approach and begin attacking! If you have targeted an enemy, you can press ~ instead.

After combat, right-click the body or press ~ or Z to receive any items left behind.

Camera Controls
Scroll up or down on your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in or out. If you right-click and hold it down, you can rotate the camera angle by moving the mouse.

Keyboard Commands

W Move forward
A Turn left
S Move backward
D Turn right
Q Quest Journal
T Pet Window
I Inventory
P Party Window
F Friend List
G Guild Window
K Skill Window
Z Attack or loot an enemy
X Sit down
C Character Window
V Beast Window
B Personal Siege Engine Window
N Expand or shrink the mini-map
M World Map
, RvR Map
Space Bar <1> Jump

<2> Press rapidly to reduce debuff durations (1-5 times = fail, 6-10 times = debuff reduced by 30%, 11-15 times = debuff reduced by 60%)

Tab Cycle through visible targets
~ Attack or loot an enemy
Enter Open a message box in the Chat Window
R Reply to a user-to-user chat message
1-0 Shortcut keys
Shift + 1-0 Shortcut keys
F1 Target self
F2-F8 Target party members (in order from top to bottom)
F10 Help Menu
F12 Hide user interface
Ctrl Hide player and NPC names
Esc <1> Close currently active window

<2> System Menu (if all windows are closed)

Mouse Commands

Scroll Wheel Up/Down Zoom in or out
Shift + Scroll Wheel Up/Down Scroll through shortcut bars
Alt + Scroll Wheel Up/Down Scroll only the shortcut bars
Left-Click <1> Target an enemy

<2> Interact with an NPC or object

<3> Move

Right-Click <1> Attack an enemy

<2> Interact with an NPC or object

<3> Move (if the option is selected)

<4> Hold down to rotate camera angle