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Chile’s Social Security Lesson For The U.S.- by Jose Piñera

America’s Social Security system will go bust in 2010. As political leaders scramble to save it, they’ve overlooked an obvious free-market solution that works. They need only look at Chile. Pay-as-you-go social security systems destroy the link between contributions and benefits, between effort and reward. Everyone tries to minimize what he puts into the system while [...]

Welcome to The Economic Transformation of Chile

bbsChile’s economic development is a source of admiration that should be studied throughout the world. There are many that contributed to this economic success story, however, none more in depth than Hernan Büchi. As the Minister of Finance, he was responsible for many of the reforms that have allowed Chile to become a model of economic development for the region, and more importantly a benchmark of success for the rest of the developing world to aspire, study, and hopefully emulate. Read more…


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