2009/7/7 We strongly condemn the Chinese Communist Government brutally suppress the Uygurs, we urge the Chinese government retreat from East Turkistan.
2009/7/1 We have representative participate in the Anti-Communist Demonstration in Hong Kong.

2009/6/4 June 4th Massacre 20th years anniversary. We condemn the Chinese Communist Government. We also ask that the Communist should give up dictatorship and punish the murders.
2009/5/30 We established the US branch.

2009/5/3 Our Prime Minister Nyogulu post a comment in the eve of June-4th Massacre. (In Chinese)
2009/2/14 We appointed Mr. Tatala-ho to be the ambassador in Taiwan. He will work in Taiwan.
2009/1/26 We launched the Nanking Incident Research Report(in Chinese), it is to show the international the real image of Nanking Incident in 1937
2008/12/3 Prime Minister Nyougulu appointed the following new cabinet member:

Nyougulu Minbyong

Weijun Yehenara

Jason-Adam Tonis

Yamada Kazunari

2008/11/30 To support the Anti China Movement, we held a Anti Chinese Communist Competition. Please see inside for the detail. The deadline are 2008/11/30.

2008/9/29 Our Japanese branch participate in the Anti-China Day Demonstration. The branch chairman delivered a speech.

2008/9/25 We establish relationship with Qing Restoration Organization
2008/9/11 Because of Boycott China Movement, we amend the China Policy.
2008/9/3 We support the Japan Anti China societies' Anti China Day demonstration in 29th September
2008/9/2 We start the Boycott China Movement and Prime Minister Nyougulu deliver a Anti China speech
2008/9/2 We set up Manchukuo Temporary Government's Japan Branch
2008/8/26 Due to the end of the Olympic, Prime Minister Nyougulu deliever a new speech to express our angry and up sad to it
2008/8/19 We feel disappointed by Japan's prime minister Fukuta who did not worship the Yasukuni Shrine
2008/8/12 Newly added the old photos of Qiqihar, Manzhouli, Heihe and Xuifenhe

Newly added the old photos of the 10th Anniversary

2008/7/16 Prime Minister Nyougulu Minbyong declare will not attend the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.
2008/7/10 We feel regret to French President Nicholas Sarkozy who declare to go to the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic. We ask all nation not to forget the Tibet Incident and continue to boycott the Beijing Olympic.
2008/6/6 We have new sound track of Manchukuo's National Anthem

2008/6/4 Today is June 4th Massacre 19th anniversary. The incident show that how cruelty is the Chinese government is. The Chinese government should not held Olympic Game. We have full introduction to show the Massacre. (In Chinese language)

2008/6/3 We post many new photo about old Harbin and Chonghuajiang. (In Chinese language)
2008/5/14 We entitle the name Batulu to the Hong Kong Tibet Independence supporters Chan Hau Man and her partners.

2008/5/14 We express sympathy and solicitude for the people who dead and casualty in the Sichuan Earthquake.
2008/5/3 We appreciate any action that are Anti-Beijing Olympic. His Majesty will entitle the name "Batulu"to those Anti-Beijing Olympic's Heroes
2008/5/3 We post many new photos of Hsinking, Kirin, Gongzhuling, Jinzhou, Chengde and Yehe province (Chinese Language only)

We declare to support the Tibet Independence and support the Dalai Lama. We also ask all of you to boycott the Beijing Olympic to support the Tibet Independence.

2008/4/11 Prime Minister Nyougulu declare to boycott the Beijing Olympic Game, he also deliever a speech and hope that the Beijing Olympic Game fail totally. Please see the Manchukuo Boycott Beijing Olympic page and support our movement.
2008/4/10 Aisin Gioro Hr Kit (Kam Hr Kit) was enthroned, new era name "Fu Gwang" is used. The new emperor's enthrone oath and his majesty's information please see the Royal page.
2008/3/31 2008 Emperor Election have been closed. No. 3 candidate Kam Hr Kit was elected. The inauguration ceremony will be held later. For detail, please see inside.
2008/3/21 To replace the former Emperor Henry Puyi, we have a new Emperor Election. We invite all citizens to vote.
2008/3/16 We support Tibetian fight for independence. We condemn the Chinese government suppress the Tibetian.
2008/3/12 We praise the  attack planed by the East Turkistan Independence Groups. We hope that more Independence Group will operate attacks towards Communist China and the Beijing Olympic to show our power.

Due to inflation, the passport, visa and Nationa Identity Card prices are arranged

2008/3/1 National Day, Prime Minister Nyougulu Minbyong delivered a National Day Speech, to support the Citizens buying Loyalty Bonds Movement(have stopped sales), Prime minister purchased a USD$600 bonds, Would you please also support us(have stopped sales) to let us join the UNPO
2008/2/20 We declare to recognize the Kosovo Republic
2008/2/11 We celebrate we have enter the first international organization International Monarchist Conference

2008/2/11 We persuade all citizens to buy our Loyalty Bonds (have stopped sales) to support us to enter UNPO

To raise fund to enter the UNPO, we launch the Loyalty Bonds, the prices include USD$10, $20, $50 and $100, the annual interest is 10%! The bonds can be pay back after the government recover the territories. The bond's design are beautiful, have great art value, (have stopped sales) please contact us to purchase it immediately!

【English Version Manchukuo Temporary Government Official Website】

Manchuria History

Manchuria located in north of China, west of Korean Peninsula and south of Russia.  Manchukuo, which had Han Chinese as its largest ethnic group, along with large numbers of Manchus, Koreans, Japanese, Mongols and smaller minorities.

 Our former emperor, His Majesty, Henry Puyi Aisingioro

When the Manchu tribes conquered China and replaced the Ming Dynasty with their own dynasty, called the Qing Dynasty, the Manchu Emperors did not fully integrate their homeland into China. Instead Manchuria remained somewhat isolated from the rest of China. After the Qing Dynasty collapsed in 1912, Manchuria conquered by Chinese warlord. Local people started to fight for independence. Since 1932, Manchuria gained its independence and became  an independent nation. Puyi was the chief executive in 1932 but two years later he was declared Emperor of Manchukuo with the era name of "Kang De" or "Tranquility and Virtue". Zheng Xiaoxu served as Manchukuo's first prime minister until 1935, when Zhang Jinghui succeeded him.

The palace of the Manchukuo

The State Council of Manchukuo

Japan, China(1938-1945), the Soviet Union, Vichy France, Italy, Spain, Germany, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic recognised Manchukuo diplomatically. 

Between 1932-1945, Manchukuo achieved great political, economic, cultural and industrial progress and became the second great industrialized power in Asia. Manchukuo regime gain great support from our people.

The economic relationship of Manchukuo and the other countries

Unfortunately, on August 8, 1945 the Soviet Union declared war on Japan in accordance with the agreement at the Yalta Conference, and invaded Manchukuo from outer Manchuria. This was called Operation August Storm.  His majesty was  captured by Soviets and eventually extradited him to the communist government in China, where the authorities had him imprisoned as a war criminal along with all other captured Manchukuo officials.

Why Manchuria should be independent?

First of all, Manchukuo and Japan were the allies in the Second World War. However, Japan continued to be an independent country afterward. Why Manchuria would be annexed by China?

Secondly, Manchuria  are consisted of Tungusic peoples. We speak Tungusic language. We include:
Japanese, Korean, Manchus, Mongols, Evenks, Evens, Jurchens, Negidals, Nanai, Oroch, Orok, Oroqen, dege, Ulchs, Xibe.  The largest of the Tungusic peoples are Manchu numbering 10,000,000. We are originally from Northeast China (Manchuria). We are entirely different from Chinese races, why we have to be annexed by the Chinese?

Thirdly, under the United Nation's Self Determination Principle, all conquered land's people had the right to choose either independent or the others. Manchuria was to a extent conquered by the Japanese, why we did not have this right?

So, it is reasonable for us to claim for independent! 

The Manchukuo Temporary Government

To fight for the independence, we established the Manchukuo Temporary Government in 2004.Manchukuo's National Believe is to build a race harmony state, our slogan is "Ohtohrakuto Gozokugyouwa". Manchukuo will be a migration based state, just like USA, Canada and Australia. There will be no more race struggle and historical  arguments. Our government's targets includes:

1. Rebuild the Manchukuo, well prepare for the independence movement.

2. Consolidate all Manchurians to fight for the independence.

3. Cooperate with international organizations and foreign government to get their support of Manchuria Independence.

4. Prepare to set up the military power to overthrown the Chinese colonial governance in Manchuria.

5. Promote Manchukuo to participate in international organizations and United Nations.

6. Promote Manchuria culture

The information of Manchukuo Temporary Government

National Name



Hsinking (Now Changchun of China)


The red part on the map is our territories, with 1,133,473km², the pink part is the territories with argument with Russia.


36,933,206(until 1945)



His Majesty, Aisin Gioro Hr Kit (Kam Hr Kit)(1987/2/3-)

National Flag

The five colors mean the harmony between different races:

Yellow: Manchus, Red: Japanese, Blue: Han Chinese, White: Mongols and Black: Koreans

Government Flag and National Sign

National Anthem



Chinese, Manchurian Language

a sample of Manchurian Language

Prime Minister

Minbyong Nyougulu


2008/12/3, Prime Minister Nyougulu appointed the following new cabinet member:

Nyougulu Minbyong

Weijun Yehenara

Jason-Adam Tonis

Yamada Kazunari

Our headquater

Taiwan branch Tatala.Hou

Taiwan branch's outlook

USA branch Jason-Adam Tonis




Government Organizations

Royal Family

Minister of Financial Affairs and Manchuria Bank Chief Executive:Hianghang Cara

Souvenirs selling State Owned Enterprise Kyoua Shouji's Chief Executive:Hamu Wua

Minster of Foreign AffairsWeijun Yehenara

Ambassador in Taiwan

Non Government Organization Hong Kong-Manchuria Relationship Association

Japan Anti China society

Qing Restoration Organization

What you can do to support us?

          Citizens who join our nation over 1, 3, 5 years or above can get the National pin.

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