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Eliminating the fear of the blank page. Year six. Where words just flow. Home of the Original Fullscreen Editing Mode.
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// Whether you're a blogger, a poet or a published novelist: Ulysses 2.0 is the *definite* package for all your creative writing needs. Brainstorm, draft, revise, submit; distraction-free and fully focused. No strings nor styles attached.
Ulysses Document Browser # A New Writing Experience · Forget everything you know about traditional text editors and word processors. Forget about WYSIWYG, formats, rulers and page sizes. Then forget about common means of managing your documents. Forget about the Finder, files & folders, sub-sub-folders and Spotlight search results. Ulysses is not like that. Not at all.
Ulysses Semantic Editing Inline Style Preferences # The Semantic Editor · At its core, Ulysses is a semantic text editor that borrows concepts from Setext and LaTeX. It truly separates content from presentation, written input from printed output. You’ll not assign font-weights and colors to emphasize words or mark introductory paragraphs; you’ll define “headlines” and “comments” and structure and meaning.
Ulysses Console Mode Fullscreen # Dedicated and Devoted · There’s nothing superfluous in Ulysses. Fullscreen, Console Mode, Bookmarks, Text Trash, multiple Notepads, term-centric Search & Replace, Filters, Collections, coherent Document Previews — every feature serves a single purpose: Your output as a writer. It can’t help you write… but it will help you create.
Ulysses LaTeX Export # Publishing Love · Once your work is done, you want to get it out. On the web, to the printer, at your agent’s. Due to Ulysses’ semantic nature, anything is possible: Exclude documents, include notes, strip out comments, style and format dialog and whatnot. Export to PDF, RTF and LaTeX — even good ol’ DOC. Just remember that your editor might prefer plain text.
Ulysses Document Info Panel Status Label # Leader of the Pack · Since its original release in 2003, Ulysses’ interface and feature-set have quickly become the blueprint for a whole plethora of similar products on Mac OS X. It has literally sparked a creative writing revolution on platform, forever redefining the way writers will work with their texts. It all started here, and we’re *so* not finished yet.
// Ulysses 2.0 boasts over 55 new or improved features. We can't list them all, so here are some to wet your appetite:
  • # Fonts & Colors · You have full control over how your text looks and feels. Style every tag differently in every mode, or keep it simply black on white throughout your project. You can even save your themes and import those from other users.
  • # Multiple Notepads · Ulysses features Document and Project Notes, each with an unlimited amount of collapsable entries. Notepads can be accessed in both Standard and Console Mode.
  • # Text Trash · Erasing text selections via Backspace will not delete that text from your project. Instead, you’ll find it in the text trash. Reuse it from there, or delete it for good.
  • # Project-wide S&R · Ulysses features what we call “true term-centric” Search & Replace, offering unprecedented fine-grain control in what traditionally is a Hit or Miss feature. You’ll never replace the wrong “man” again.
  • # Bookmarks · Ulysses 2.0 introduces manual bookmarks and fully automated “style jumpers” to your documents. You can set, move and remove bookmarks right in the paragraph bar and select them via an ever-present menu.
  • # Internationalization · Ulysses is the *only* available text editor of its class that features full localization in over ten languages. Write in Russian? You can work in Russian.
  • # Project Templates · Any project can be used as a template for new projects. Preferences, Labels, Groups, Filters, Collections, Document and Project Notes — they all carry over.
  • # Full 60-day trial · Ulysses has always been more than the sum of its parts, and words fail to describe the creative freedom it can offer. There’s also *still* nothing like it on any system. So please… take your time and try for yourself.
“Great look, great feel, focus is on content and ze essense of cleanness that brings forth ze toughts of ze words and the meaning of it all… yeah… ok… :)”
– madox on the forums

Key Features:

  • Semantic Text Editing
  • Console Mode (aka Fullscreen)
  • Extensible Export
  • Project-Wide Search & Replace
  • Multiple Document and Project Notes
  • Excerpts
  • Counters for Characters, Words & Pages
  • Configurable Metadata (status, label, dates)
  • Integrated Backup


  • Tabbed, Single-Window Interface
  • True separation of presentation and content
  • Term-centric Search & Replace
  • Filters, Groups and Document Collections
  • Coherent Document Previews
  • Text Trash
  • Permanent Save

New in 2.0:

  • Bookmarks and Style-Jumpers
  • Project Templates
  • Notes in Console Mode
  • Document Trash
  • “Unfiled” Filter
  • Highlighted Search Terms
  • Document Counts
  • Editor Selection Highlight

Improved in 2.0:

  • Overall Interface Appearance
  • Collapsable Panes
  • Real Contextual Menus
  • Lots and lots of Shortcuts for almost everything
  • New Preferences Panel
  • New Fonts & Colors Panel
  • Better Import and Export of Themes
  • More international options in the Exporters
  • Superscript, Subscript and Strikethrough during Export
  • Search & Replace in Notes
  • Support for search phrases
  • Live adjustment of editor text size


  • What seems to be a million bug-fixes…

Technical Specifications:

  • Universal Binary
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5
  • Some Export Plug-Ins might require additional software installations (i.e. LaTeX)


  • Standard 3-seat License
  • Discounted Educational 2-seat License

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