Single-voltage Tangent Easy Power Supply

power supply, finished, uncased

The TEPS designs are considered obsolete now, succeeded by the TREAD and YJPS. The TREAD is inexpensive, very small, and allows an easy way of making dual supplies, which never was available in the TEPS series. (That is, there never was a DTEPS.) The YJPS is more like a true successor to the STEPS, being an all-in-one board design with far better regulation than either the TREAD or the STEPS. These pages are being left up for historical reasons, and because there is a single-layer home-etchable version of the STEPS here. There are no more professionally-made STEPS boards.

Features of the STEPS design:

  • Works with any of the LM317 family regulators including the LDO variants. (LM1086, LT1085...)

  • Accommodates Amveco 5 VA through 25 VA board-mount toroidal transformers.

  • Adjustable output voltage.

  • Large heat sink for high output currents.

  • Optional on-board AC line filter.

  • Easily configured for operation on any world power system.

  • Discrete TO-220 and DO-201 rectifiers allow use of high-end diodes.

  • Board fits the popular Hammond 1455N12 case exactly (dimensions: 3.925" × 4.725"; approx. 100 mm × 120 mm)

    Where To Next?

    View the STEPS v1.2 schematic, for the professional boards, or the v1.0 schematic, for the home-etchable single-layer version

    View the STEPS v1.0 board Artwork (single layer) and stuffing guide

    Project FAQ — Newbies, start here!

    Building the Power Supply:

    Part List
    Part Selection Guide
    Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
    System-Level Design

    Project History

    Power Supply Tests

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