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Working with our StarFire™ subscription service, the SF-2050G and SF-2050M modular StarFire™ receivers provide instant position information with decimeter-level position accuracy, anywhere in the world, any time. The SF-2050G is designed for backpack GIS and mapping applications, while the SF-2050M, with 25Hz update rate, 1PPS, and event marker is ideal for vehicle mounting to suit a variety of machine guidance and control applications.

With optional RTK and RTK Extend™, the SF-2050 Series models come loaded with features to perform at any accuracy, anytime and anywhere.

   Product Benefits
  • Proven 4th-generation GPS engine: The SF-2050 series receivers use the NavCom NCT-2100D GPS Engine, including the fourth generation of our Touchstone™ ASIC family, of which more than 40,000 are in use worldwide. Incorporated are our patented interference suppression and multi-path mitigation, a raw data rate up to 50Hz, and geodetic-quality positioning up to 25Hz.
  • High precision: Coupled with our StarFire™ subscription service, the SF-2050 delivers 10 cm position fixes without the use of a secondary receiver. Add our RTK option and an external radio capable of receiving RTK corrections from a base station, and the SF-2050 is able to perform RTK-level surveys for unsurpassed accuracy. Onboard memory (64MB) and a geodetic-quality antenna enable millimeter-level accuracy from post-processing.
  • Increased productivity: Out of the box, the rugged and reliable SF-2050 series is designed for productivity and minimal setup time. Simply connect your controller solution to the serial port and begin receiving NMEA format position information. Or, use a controller solution from one of our partners for additional configuration and monitoring capabilities.
  • Multiple operating modes: The primary operating mode uses the StarFire™ service and provides decimeter-level accuracy for immediate results in the field — ideal for location and management of existing assets. When StarFire™ is not in use, the two onboard WAAS / EGNOS channels coupled with dual frequency measurements and NavCom's enhanced SBAS algorithm, typically provide half-meter real-time accuracy.
  • Excellent phase center stability: The SF-2050 utilizes a compact tri-band antenna capable of receiving GPS and StarFire signals, providing excellent phase center stability in a small, robust, lightweight format.
  • Flexible interface: The SF-2050 receivers are easily configured by the provided Windows®-based utility program. For system integrators needing maximum flexibility, the receivers offer a binary user interface that allows for complete command and control of the GPS and L-Band Module, enabling customization of the interface and receiver operation. The sensors can receive GPS corrections in NCT (NavCom's ultra-compact binary format), RTCM, and CMR, permitting optimal correction source usage with seamless position output.
-The SF-2050G is designed for backpack GIS and mapping applications.

-The SF-2050M is ideal for machine control applications in:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Offshore
  • TruBlu™- wireless connectivity, Bluetooth® compatible
  • Fully integrated receiver in robust housing
  • "All-in-view" tracking on 26 channels (12 L1 / L2 GPS + 2 SBAS)
  • Global decimeter-level accuracy using StarFire™ corrections
  • Fully automatic acquisition of StarFire™ broadcast corrections
  • Two dedicated WAAS / EGNOS channels
  • L1 & L2 full-wavelength carrier-phase tracking
  • C/A, P1, & P2 code tracking
  • 64MB internal memory for data recording
  • User-programmable measurement and navigation data rates
  • Minimal data latency
  • Superior interference suppression
  • Patented multipath rejection
  • Output format NMEA 0183 or NavCom binary format
  • CAN bus interface (SF-2050M Only)
  • 1PPS Output (SF-2050M Only)
  • Event Marker (SF-2050M Only)

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