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Election 2010: New York Democratic Senate Primary
New York Senate Primary: Maloney 33% Gillibrand 27%
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Challenger Carolyn Maloney has the edge for now over appointed incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand in New York’s Democratic primary campaign for the U.S. Senate. But nearly a third of potential primary voters have no preference at this time leaving the 2010 race wide open.

The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the contest shows the long-time New York City congresswoman with 33% of the vote, Gillibrand with 27% and nine percent (9%) preferring some other candidate. Thirty percent (30%) are not sure how they would vote.

Gillibrand, also a member of the House of Representatives, was appointed to the Senate by Governor David Paterson in January after Hillary Clinton left the job to become secretary of State. Paterson has struggled in office and trails Andrew Cuomo in the 2010 governor’s race primary. Gillibrand reportedly has an early fundraising lead over Maloney and the support of national Democratic Party leaders, but Maloney has defied her own party's leadership to mount a challenge to the new senator.

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Gillibrand is viewed at least somewhat favorably by 49% of likely Democratic Primary voters while just 25% have an unfavorable view and 26% have no opinion.

For Maloney, the numbers are 42% favorable, 24% unfavorable and 34% not sure.

It is worth noting that few primary voters have strong feelings about either candidate. Just 20% hold strong views about Gillibrand (14% very favorable and 6% very unfavorable) while only 14% hold such views about Maloney (11% very favorable 3% very unfavorable).

Gillibrand leads among conservative Democrats while Maloney leads among moderates and liberals.
Later today (Thursday) Rasmussen Reports will release general election polling on the governor’s race and some data on the political jockeying that has tied up the New York State Senate.

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New York Survey of 373 Likely Democratic Primary Voters
July 14, 2009

2010 New York Democratic Primary for Senate

Kirsten Gillibrand


Carolyn Maloney


Some Other Candidate


Not Sure



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