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  • Understanding the different types of backlinks

    In my first post about Pagerank, I had tried to make it clear that not all links are equal. Get that clear in your mind even before you try to get the first link to your blog. The links that you may get may vary based on one or more of the following criteria. The importance of the types of link shall be covered in my next post about what determines the power of a link.

    1. Dofollow/ Nofollow links: This is the most important attribute of the link for SEO purpose. Nofollow link is the one where the webmaster is saying to the search engine that they are not vouching for the quality of the linked page. Nofollow links are found in the comments of the blogs, forum signature, many social bookmarking site etc. Nofollow links do not contribute to your search engine ranking. However remember that search engine ranking is not the only goal of link building. Nofollow links can play a great role in getting targetted traffic to your blog.
    • Internal Links/ External Links: Internal links are links from pages on the same domain. If you look at all the links in this post till now, they are links to other posts of bestlinkbuildingblog and hence they are internal links. External links are links from some other website. For example look at my sidebar. There are number of links to, etc. Those links are external links for those websites.

    Many SEO blog and forums concentrate exclusively on external links. As a result many webmasters spend hours trying to get a single external link while forgetting to link to their own blog posts from relevant pages. When I start talking about internal link ideas, I will show you how it is the most important aspect for ensuring proper distribution of link love.

    • Editorial links/Links not in control of bloggers: Editorial links are the links that are provided to you from within the body of the article. The blogger/webmaster has linked to you because he thinks that your post will help his reader understand the concept better. So articles that I link from this article will be editorial links. Editorial links are the most valuable links as people link to only the best articles from their content.

    On the other hand there are many places from which you can get dofollow links yourself. However the links are not given by the webmaster but rather it is given by the person who is getting linked. Links from dofollow blog comments, social bookmarking sites, free for all website directory etc are links that are not in control of webmaster.

    • Sitewide links: These are the links that are present on each post of the blog. Again the links to feedburner or wordpress sites from the sidebar of this blog is an example of sitewide links. While sitewide links may look attractive as they increase the quantity of links totheĀ  site, search engines generally put very less value on such links.

    The different type of links have different roles to play. Depending upon the goal of link building and stage of your blog, you should adopt a suitable approach. The importance of understanding this difference among the links will become clearer as I discuss the factors that determine value of link, link need of your blog and the importance of diversity in link building.

    A Request: This is a pretty new blog with very little traffic. Hence request you to show me some support by sharing the links with your friends, tweeting, stumbling or spreading the word in any other manner you feel right. On my part I promise to get you really useful and valuable content on a regular basis. Thanks in advance

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    Published on July 16, 2009 · Filed under: Link Basics;
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