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Updated Jul 08, 2009 by damonkohler
A howto for installing additional interpreters.

Only BeanShell is included with the ASE APK. Python and Lua must be installed separately. Additional interpreters are installable from within ASE. Simply press the menu button and then "Add Interpreter." The selected interpreter and its example scripts will be downloaded to the SD card (/sdcard/downloads) and then extracted to /data/data/ and /sdcard/ase/scripts respectively.

Comment by rgv151, Jul 13 (6 days ago)

Where do I find the "Add Interpreter" menu in ASE 0.9?

Comment by thomasknowles, Jul 13 (6 days ago)

Load ASE, Press "Menu" and it's there.

Comment by m.leoyang, Jul 14 (5 days ago)

Can't install python interpreter on G1 -- 0.Wifi/edge enabled, ASE v0.9 installed 2.Load ASE,click 'Menu' > 'Add Interpreter' > 'Python 2.6' 3.A 'Downloading' dialog can be seen for 2 seconds, still 'No scripts!'

Did I miss anything?

Comment by damonkohler, Jul 14 (5 days ago)

Error handling isn't ideal right now. It probably just failed. Check that your browser can open a web page, then try again.

Comment by mani.rb77, Jul 14 (5 days ago)

i am using sdk 1.5 and ASE 0.9-alpha. when i click on Add Interpreter, the loader runs and after a few seconds it just goes off and Python is not installed. I used the browser and was able to load and other web pages also. is there a way to get the interpreters separately and install them ?

Comment by, Jul 14 (5 days ago)

Just wanted to add a "me too" on the download problem. I'm a new user of ASE, having just installed last night, and I'm seeing the exact same behavior with regard to the Python and Lua downloads appearing to silently fail. I'm posting this from my phone, so it's not a connectivity issue.

Comment by damonkohler, Jul 14 (5 days ago)

Could you two please hook up your phone to logcat and open an issue with the logging messages that come across when the download fails?

Comment by, Jul 15 (5 days ago)

leoyang, mani and currie,

In my case (SDK1.5, ASE0.9-alpha), turning on Menu?-Settings?-Applications?-sources? made python-interpreter download work.

Comment by tarotcard, Jul 15 (4 days ago)

I had the same problem with python not installing. I fixed the issue by creating the download directory in /sdcard. There might be an issue with mkdir in app?

Comment by damonkohler, Jul 15 (4 days ago)

That sounds plausible. I'll check into it. Thanks!

Comment by m.leoyang, Jul 16 (4 days ago)

damonkohler &

I was running ASE0.9-alpha on G1 with wifi connection enabled. So I read ASE source code from svn,and set up python2.6 manually.Packages could be found in svn.

Comment by adricnet, Jul 17 (2 days ago)

Lua installed fine on my G1 using the 0.9 alpha apk but python fails. I pulled some logcat, grepped out any mentions of dalvik or GC, and uploaded it to Here are a few lines from that that might interest you:

E/InterpreterInstaller( 7729): Interpreter installation failed.
E/InterpreterInstaller( 7729): EOCD not found; not a Zip archive?


Comment by Blucia, Jul 18 (41 hours ago)

I had all of the problems that the above users had -- tarotcard: I had this problem too, so this is part 1 of making this work. adricnet: I had this problem too, so this is part 2; The way I got it working was to download the Astro file manager, which apparently has the ability to unzip the broken/malformed archive. My mac couldn't un-zip it, nor my G1, but I installed Astro, and it was able to. Hope this helps.

Comment by sebastianpsm, Today (2 hours ago)

Hey there, i have the same problem like Blucia :(

greetings sebastian

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