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“Fish Time Is Success Time”

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Welcome to Yu Wan Mei

Yu Wan Mei Amalgamated Salvage Fisheries and Polymer Injection Group is dedicated to harvesting the ocean’s great aquatic bounty to bring residual fish and fish-related nourishment and substances to honorable consumers across the globe. Through research and care, Yu Wan Mei has developed expertise in a number of the latest fish-extraction techniques, pleasing all who consume its line of healthful, pleasing products. Laborers and machines work in harmony at Yu Wan Mei, ensuring unparalleled achievement in all possible arenas.

This is why SATISFACTION is synonymous with YU WAN MEI.

Everyone is talking about our new modern facility! Larger than any previous manufacturing center, it is filled at all times with breakthroughs and innovation, allowing for Yu Wan Mei to extricate more undiluted fish by-product, harvest larger and more succulent organs, and smelt fish cleaner than ever before. Everything is ready now for unstoppable upward growth.

ROBUSTNESS IS UNAVOIDABLE with the consumption of YU WAN MEI products.

Meet Yu Wan Mei CEO Zuo Xiabing

”Fish Time Is Success Time“ — Zuo Xiabing

Zuo Xiabing, 53, the foremost innovator of the salvage fishery business paradigm, founded Yu Wan Mei with pure, community-minded motives. Success was immediate and unwavering, becoming only more so following Zuo’s implementation of a revolutionary spine-and-swim-bladder extraction system in 2000, and progressive on-assembly-line labor and delivery protocol in 2002.

Do not be mistaken. Zuo remains a beloved and greatly revered father to each of his 32,000 laborers. He thinks of nothing but triumph and is never occupied with the possibility of failure.

His bloodline is pure.