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OK, time for controversy. I want to state at the very beginning of this page that I hate above all things the use of labels. While they have limited usefulness (as in telling you what the heck is in the cans on the shelf of your local grocery store), I believe that they lead all too quickly and commonly to prejudice (judging in advance) and a lack of true communication. From there, it's just a short hop to emotional exchanges, name calling, and some people continue from there on to hate crimes. If you want labels on your people, fine. Do with them what you will, but I don't think it'll turn out very happily.

That being said, let's get ready for a roller coaster ride!

I've never been a fan of orthodoxy in any way. I rather liked the attitude Mohandas K. Gandhi had, which is to say that if you take the complete set of religious beliefs each person has, you'll never find complete agreement between any two people. He liked to think, then, that every person had a distinct, separate religion all his own. That concept gives us around 5 billion religions in the world (give or take a few million, then cut out the non-religious, and I'll get to this in a minute). This makes accepting those who believe differently a lot easier, since you won't find anyone who doesn't. Unless you're identicle twins who were born and raised by a cult in the outback of Wyoming that stresses complete conformity and control of thought, but how many of those are there? Anyway, it makes religious life much less contentious and stressful. At least I think it could do so.

For those who INSIST on using labels, I suppose you could say that I am an atheist, humanist, Rationalist, Freethinker, ex-Christian and Materialist. Add in smatterings of Epicurian and Stoic philosophies, and you come fairly close. Labels being what they are, you can only find out so much about my complete (though far from completed!) belief system using them.

A note on the freethought movement: When I see the term "Freethought" I have some pre-conceived notions about what it means (see the prejudice?). To me, Freethought means that all ideas and beliefs are open for discussion. If you want to convince me that a belief I hold is wrong, I will be happy to hear you out. We can discuss the merits of our conflicting beliefs, so long as we don't get overly emotional about our positions. And, if you convince me you're right, I'll adopt your position. If I convince you I'm right, you'll adopt my position. It's called Dialectic. It should be a very civil and calm process.*

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* -- I want to make it clear that my statement above is not an open invitation to the internet community for debate. It's hypothetical. At any given time, I tend to get involved in debates with folks through e-mails, and that's fine. But I ask any who want to debate with me to be polite and ask before launching a series of salvos in my direction. In spite of the appearance of this site, I do in fact have a life, and I don't have the energy to be mucking around with 2 or 3 debates at the same time. Oh, and one more little thing. Please take my test for Religious Idiocy before mailing me. If you test positive for being an idiot, I recommend you not bother. It would be a shame to waste your efforts and my time. 'Nuff said.

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