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National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - Innovation for Our Energy Future
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Photo of NREL research buildings on the South Table Mountain site. The Field Test Laboratory Building is on the far left, the Solar Energy Research Facility is in the center, and the Science and Technology Facility is on the far right.

Learn about NREL's research and development of renewable fuels and electricity that advance national energy goals to change the way we power our homes, businesses, and cars.

Photo of handheld data device with a screen showing the Mobile Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Alternative fuel vehicle owners can find a place to top off their tanks in as few as three clicks.
Credit: Heather Lammers

On the Road with Alternative Fuels

Drivers of alternate fuel vehicles now can take a popular tool on the road. The Mobile Alternative Fueling Station Locator helps on-the-go drivers find the five closest biodiesel, electricity, E85 (ethanol), hydrogen, natural gas, and propane fueling sites using any mobile device with Internet access. Full story

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Learning About Renewables: Get basic information about renewable energy for consumers, homeowners, and busiensses, including activities for students. More.