Lawn mowing starting at $17

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What we provide:

  • $17 lawn mowing:  Lawn mowing up to a quarter acre for just $17.  Options available up to 1 acre.
  • 24 hour service:  In a hurry?  Your lawn will be mowed within 24 hours or your money back, guaranteed.
  • Photos provided:  Have a rental 30 miles away?  Not a problem:  we mow and provide before and after photos so you know your lawn was mowed. Also a great way to check how your property is doing.
  • Schedule future service:  Need the lawn mowed before a certain date?  Use the calendar feature to choose a future date and have it mowed on that day.  Great for birthdays, holidays, real estate open houses and special events.
  • Mowing as a gift:  Since you can choose any address you wish for mowing you may use it as a gift to a relative.  
  • Security:  Nothing makes it more obvious that a house is empty than an unkept yard.  Regular mowings you will prevent vandalism and theft.

Customer comments:
"Ive used your service twice and have been extremely happy both times! Wish I could afford to have it done more often. Ive also referred your service to 6 or 7 other people. Im just afraid if you get too popular you will need to charge more or I'll have to schedule far in advance."

St. John, MO landlord

"The mowers have done a great job. I'm very pleased, and have no complaints.

Customer service has been professional and courteous.

I will definitely recommend your service!"

St. Charles, MO homeowner