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Equestrian Federation of Kazakhstan is a republic social association established in 1993 in the form of public organization.
The Federation provides principles, purposes and tasks of Olympic movement, promotes their realization in territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carries out the activity in close interaction with National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, cooperates with sports, public, state organizations and associations in interests of development of equestrian sports in Kazakhstan.
The Federation carries out and directly participates in organization of national competitions of four disciplines of equestrian sports (jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance), and also provides realization of any international competitions in territory of Kazakhstan.

The basic purposes of Federation:

  • development of equestrian sports in Kazakhstan, increase of its role in strengthening of health of the people, all-round and harmonious development of the person, creation of a healthy image of life;
  • increase of a level of equestrian sports development, involving it to broad masses, perfection of its forms, expansion of a network of children's sports schools, sections etc.;
  • preparation of the sportsmen of high qualification.

The basic tasks of Federation:

  • participation in development of the complex multi-purpose programs of development of equestrian sports, training programs, educational specifications and methodical manuals for all age groups;
  • methodical and practical help to regions in development of equestrian sports;
  • practical help to the collective and individual members of Federation;
  • social protection of the rights and interests of the riders and sports specialists of Federation;
  • organization of judicial work within the framework of Federation;
  • participation in organization of work with the veterans of equestrian sports of Federation;
  • organization and realization of development of professional skill and certification of the specialists of Federation;
  • struggle for moral cleanliness and culture in sports;
  • struggle against using of doping and other unhealthy means and methods of sports training;
  • organization of the charitable help.

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