//Follow one of the Twentieth Century's greatest mathematicians through a step by step guide to the art of reasoning.//

//Meet the Doctor//

Get acquainted with the remarkable George Polya



//Introduction to Heuristics//

Learn more about the techniques of reasoning


//The List//

From How to Solve It, here are Polya's clear, common sense guide to guiding yourself through problems


//Polya Takes on Sudoku//

Apply Polya's problem solving technique to the world's most popular logic puzzles


//Polya vs. the Vampires//

See how Raymond Smullyan's Transylvanian villains stand up to Polya's approach



Martin Gardner's classic introduction to reasoning via puzzles



//Polya for the SAT//

Learn how Polya can help you through the SAT's toughest problems


//Teachers' Page//

Tips and resources to help you use Polya in your classroom (not just for math teachers)