Isle of Arran Wildlife Festival
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arctic tern, Isle of Arran, Wildlife Festival

Gannets by A Hay ( Breasted Merganser
Red Shank
Eider Duck Puffin


With so many resident species, Arran is an ideal place for birdwatching. Along the coast you will find a wide variety of birds, including divers, black guillemot, gannet and eider. The mountains are home to a range of majestic birds of prey; buzzard, peregrine, hen harrier, sparrowhawk and, occasionally, a soaring golden eagle. Whilst in the hills, also keep an eye open for the very rare ptarmigan, a bird at the very south of its range. If you see a ptarmigan please contact the NTS Rangers (01770 302462). For free weekly guided nature walks, please contact RSPB Scotland's Arran Information Officer.

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Barn Owl Linnet
Sedge Warbler
Golden Eagle Skylark
Heron Yellowhammer

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Gannets by A Hay (