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There are not many people in the world that know the TRUTH about Israel and can tell it to the world. I Heared about some that trying to hide somewhere, some are locked some place where nobody can find them and some are deep in the grave yard.

It's not easy and you need to be TRAPPED deep in Israel to understand the society, it's policies, it's complicated problems and it's brutality.

The simple truth about the gender policy in Israel is that men are SLAVES and the PROPERTY of the government while women are civilians and have all the rights and benefits just for living in Israel, without contributing anything.

First of all, EVERY man is obligated to do military service of 3 years active service (at age 18) + minimum of month every year till age 58.  It's mean that men are property of the military MOST of their lives while their life-expectancy is MUCH LOWER then women's.

In the same time, women do military service of hardly 2 years (1 year and 8 monthes), it's NOT an obligation and they can get away from it VERY easily by writting a letter while men need to see MANY committees that hardly ever agree to listen and VERY hard to get.

My friend has serious problem in his foot caused by accident he hurt when he was a kid and it's prevent him
to spin the foot. He came to doctor that was supposed to fill military documents about his condition. First the doctor didn't let him speak at all and asked him to "shut up". He began to pullling and twisting his foot, causing him EXTREME pain, totally ignoring his suffer. Then he said:"you don't have any problem and I you don't need any limitations in the army". Now,
that's open a door and expose him for serious abuse and mistreatment can damage him in future and ruin his life!

It's remind me a cold-heart Feminist girl I talked with few years ago. She said:"if guy don't want to be a fighter,
he just need to lower his military-profile!". Yeah, what she know??? Many times, boys with serious medical problems
FORCED and exposed to dangerous conditions that caused their DEATH! (very similiar thing happened to me in the
education system - the pre-military institution)

Within the service, women get the HIGHEST conditions and rights while men are treated like animals and don't have any rights. Any AVERAGE girl can be commander and officer if she want. Females get the highest military functions without a sweat while men forced to do only what the military want them to do and even when they are suitable for some duty, they give them
another one. For example : a guy that want to work and do physical job ("Jobnick") sent to front line to fight while a guy that want to be a fighter sent to do physical work (like fixing tank). They calling it "discipline" and it's NEVER done to females.

Females also get much higher promotions and ranks, they get MORE money, they live in the best quarters (as my friend said:HOTEL ROOM!!!) get the best food, they are free to do whatever they want, walk in slippers or sneakers while
the guys sleep in tents, do their needs in the nature, forced to walk in HEAVY steel boots 24 hours a day, guard the base for about 8 hours everyday in addition to their duty and after all, need HELL a LOT of luck to get promoted in ranks.  For the most minor mistakes, guys are sent to military prison for at least 30 days (which mean work-camp where they work nonstop in the hardest work).

As for the "sexual-harrassment" bullshit, female-soldiers are allowed to do whatever they want while if male-soldier get "too close" to a female soldier by few meters, he automatically accused and arrested for "sexual-harrassment".

The best way to describe what women do in the IDF is the following example:
Imagine big kitchen and people that working very hard all the day, they are under-paid and treated like animals. Imagine a person that enter to the kitchen and begin to critizise them, giving them orders, being very pushy, punish them and he do everything while he's only sitting and eating. Normal people will call him a jerk. That's the best way to describe the women in the Israeli army.

They are there only to STEP on the male-soldiers and this is NOT mataphor - I saw many times in the TV female-physical trainers that actually STEPPING on guys that are much bigger then her. Many guys are humilated by their
female class-mates that became their commanders. The military doing it because the government want to educate men to respect female-authority and see women as "superior".

That's a little about the Israeli army. There are MANY fields where men are discriminated like education. I've read report from 1998 that show that 92 percents of the students in the Israeli universities are females!

I Don't have any doubt that the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as the totalitarian authority is the primary reason for the Radical
Feminism and female-domination in Israel because in Israel women are FREE civilians that have ALL the rights while the men are 100 percents SLAVES of the government.

What makes the problem so bad is that Israeli men are NOT allowed to talk about their country in any way outside of Israel. When you'll talk with Israeli guy (even in the Internet) they will say only what they brain-washed to say and what the SYSTEM want them to say.

In the same time, Israeli women and women-organizations have international connections in the entire world and keep spreading LIES abouts "women being discriminated" while the truth is totally different. The unlimited monopoly they have on gender issues in Israel, that's what allow the situation of one side seen as "victim" and the other as "oppressor". ALWAYS.

Personally, I remember, when I was 11 years I was looking on the boys in  the physical education classes. I Never succeed to take part in sport and it was too hard for me, no matter how hard I tried. I Was just looking on what they were doing. I Had a lot of time to think so I noticed that unlike the girls, the boys are treated like soldiers (not even human!).

The physical skills that were demanded from EVERY boy just became harder and greater every year. That way I got the the logical conclusion that boys are nothing but in soldier-production line, like products, while only girls have any rights and freedom.

The school was VERY hostile and oppressive to me because physically I wasn't strong. They destroyed my life.

At age 14 I was FORCED to take exercise lessons and the efforts were extremely HARD.

That's how my disease (muscles atrophi disease) began. The only function of a boy here is to be a soldier and if he's can not so he's  NOTHING and don't have any rights!

MANY friends said the same, that the physical education classes is obligated military preparation while what the girls doing is only relaxation exercise and it's optional, they don't have to!!!

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