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DVLA removing licence entitlements

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Zoe Behagg - web producer | 15:17 UK time, Monday, 27 April 2009

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Whether we drive a car or ride a motorcycle, the DVLA keeps records on 43 million of us in the UK. The DVLA know where we live, when we got our licence and most importantly they know what we're entitled to drive - or do they?

Had to retake motorbike test
Jon Jones has been riding motorbikes for more than 30 years, passing his motorcycling test in 1981. He has ridden across Europe six times, competed in speedway and motocross since the age of 10 and covered more than 100,000 miles on his bike. Regardless of this, the DVLA told him he needed to retake his motorbike test.

Jon had a licence that allowed him to drive a car and a motorcycle. When he sent his licence to the DVLA to update his details, the DVLA returned it without his motorcycle entitlement.

Without his motorcycle entitlement, Jon was not legally allowed to ride his motorcycle. When Jon phoned the DVLA, it told him it had no record that he'd ever had a motorbike licence at all.

The DVLA told Jon that he would have to provide a copy of his pass certificate from when he passed his exam 28 years ago or start all over again and retake the motorcycle tests.

Paying out more money
With no option but to take the tests again, Jon had to book time off work, and pay for an instructor as well as the costs of the tests.

Watchdog covered a similar story in 2005 and Dave Hancock of the DVLA visited us in the studio. Back then, he told us that the DVLA "take it very seriously" and wanted to "work with customers to make sure the entitlement that appears on their licence is in fact correct for the test they've taken."

Jan Shepperd says the DVLA also stripped her of her motorbike licence. Jan sent her licence back to the DVLA to change her name because she got married. When the DVLA returned it, the motorcycling entitlement had been removed. Jan was also told to prove her case by sending in her original pass certificates.

"They were asking me for proof for the certificates that I'd sent in, but you had to send the original so therefore I have no proof of that." Jan told us.

When Jan rang the DVLA, they agreed she'd passed her test and could even tell her when. However they still insisted she'd never had a licence.

One customer feels disgusted
"I feel disgusted really. I'm saying one thing and they're saying I'm lying. How do you fight a government agency when I'm just one person on my own?"

The DVLA doesn't just wipe motorbike licences from their records, sometimes it invents them. Late last year Oliver Dunn noticed that when he sent his licence to the DVLA to update his address, they removed his entitlement to drive a car - and replaced it with the category A motorcycle entitlement.

Oliver told us that, despite never even having sat on a motorbike, "according to the DVLA he'd had a bike licence for 15 years."

Fortunately, Oliver was able to track down his old driving instructor, who agreed to sign an affidavit, to prove to the DVLA that he'd actually had a car driver's licence for the past 15 years.

DVLA response
When Watchdog contacted the DVLA it said: "It is vital that the DVLA protects the safety of road users and pedestrians by ensuring that only people who can prove they have passed the relevant driving test are allowed to drive on our roads.

"Errors are extremely rare - a recent check of 1,000 motorcyclists licence transactions showed that 100 per cent were completed correctly - but we thoroughly investigate all cases reported to us and do everything we can to resolve them."

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  • 1. At 7:37pm on 27 Apr 2009, tinyBandit wrote:

    Lost my bike licence like your story, even got my MP involved

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  • 2. At 7:40pm on 27 Apr 2009, JBaggie1662 wrote:

    I am aware of a case where DVLA revoked someone's licence 2 years and 3 months after a speeding offence under the new driver provisions. No room t negotiate with them whatsoever. They blamed the fixed penalty office, who in turn blamed the licence holder (who, in fact, did nothing wrong.

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  • 3. At 7:41pm on 27 Apr 2009, alantheskinhead wrote:

    I lost my bike licence after losing it in a shredder! It came back without my bike bit on it. After a complaint i still got nowhere! I passed in 1983 so I have no records of the original pass certificate as i was a scrawny 19 year old and sent it in and never got it back!

    DVLA = rubbish customer service!


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  • 4. At 7:42pm on 27 Apr 2009, Sutara wrote:

    This is about nothing other than incompetent civil servants.

    Those civil servants are paid out of the public purse and are accountable. People should complain to their MPs and directly to the Audit Commission, demanding and investigation into how the DVLA works.

    I suggest Watchdog invite the current Director of Operations, along with, say, Jim Fitzpatrick onto next week's show.

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  • 5. At 7:42pm on 27 Apr 2009, gothicpheonix wrote:

    passed car test in may 1987 drove for 21 years with no problem tried to update my driving licence because of a name change was then informed in november 2008 that i had never held a license!!!
    Had to re-take my test etc which was very unessary and could of been life changing because one of the conditions of my employment is that i have a driving license.
    Like many of the people on your show.They were rude and very arrogant.And totally unmoveable in their decision.

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  • 6. At 7:43pm on 27 Apr 2009, DemonJag wrote:

    Experience has taught me one thing when dealing with ANY government department.. if you are required to send any department any original documents, take them to a Solicitors, have them copied and signed as originals to keep them in case you never get the originals back or the dept claims not to have received them.

    If the DVLA claim you never held a licence for a particular category and you know you have - think! Have you ever had a motoring conviction, if so, there are police records. If you have ever had to produce your licence at a police station - there are records... don't let the DVLA bully you..

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  • 7. At 7:43pm on 27 Apr 2009, jamiec501 wrote:

    sent lcence in 18 months ago and it came back with no bke entitlement class A had to resit the test passed originaly in 1982.this time CBT then Theory Then Practical total cost over 700.Dvla didn't want to know.

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  • 8. At 7:43pm on 27 Apr 2009, Kinks007 wrote:

    I sold my car in August 2007 - In January 2008, after an issue with my old insurance company, I contacted the DVLA for proof of ownership for my old car. They told me there was no record of me ever owning the car, even though they sent me tax renewal letters etc, and refused to look into the matter further. I was disgusted that such a large company could 'lose' this information and refuse to help. This issue led to me incurring a 300 fine from my old insurance company as I couldn't prove I had sold the car. How can the DVLA run their business like this - customer service is non existent.

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  • 9. At 7:43pm on 27 Apr 2009, rhodriowen wrote:

    I applied for a provisional licence and they gave me a full driving license by mistake! I had never sat in the driver's seat. I did return it but it's a bit worrying.

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  • 10. At 7:43pm on 27 Apr 2009, priestessuk2000 wrote:

    My Husband had the same 22 years in the army riding bikes driving tanks. Then the new photo license came and yep he lost the tank and his bike, he just redone the biketest at a cost at over 600, lucky for us we no longer need a Tank !!!!

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  • 11. At 7:45pm on 27 Apr 2009, tinyCJsmum wrote:

    Think I might be the opposite - I didn't apply to motorbike privileges, but I'm pretty sure they're on my licence. Always thought it was odd.

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  • 12. At 7:45pm on 27 Apr 2009, GSMITHAUDI wrote:

    A related issue - i was about to post my photo renewal today, i have a bike licence too, now worried but have photocopied all documents.
    Interesting that i wasn't even aware the photo needed renewing as didn't read the licence in honesty - BUT why isn't this made really clear when you apply for photo licence? 17.50 every 10 years - don't motorists pay enough already?

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  • 13. At 7:46pm on 27 Apr 2009, magsmedic wrote:

    I applied asked for a european licence in 2003 and was told that I did not have a licence at all, ans was taken to court, which was not followed through. I had got 3 points for speeding (which i was guilty of), and this was when acording to them i did not have a licence at all. I had to resit my test and lost all of my 20 years of insurance history.

    They told me that they do not make mistakes and my lawyers told me it was not worth proceeding.

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  • 14. At 7:46pm on 27 Apr 2009, tlstew wrote:

    If this happens to you, then you should try contacting your current and past insurance companies. Most normally require a copy of your licence (particularly for motorcycles) before issuing an insurance certificate.

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  • 15. At 7:47pm on 27 Apr 2009, lupie2468 wrote:

    This story is hardly surprising. I have had a lot of contact with DWP and they are just as unhelpful.
    The idea that they cannot be wrong seems to be endemic within government departments.

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  • 16. At 7:47pm on 27 Apr 2009, Kellyn3 wrote:

    2 Points

    Firstly these drivers insurance will be increased or voided as they are classified as novice drivers

    secondly are you aware that ALL photocards expire after 10 years if not renewed your licence is invalid. Also there is charge. Stealth tax me thinks!

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  • 17. At 7:47pm on 27 Apr 2009, NeilShelbyLong wrote:

    After passing my full driving test 11 years ago, I've just discovered the DVLA have issued me with an automatic licence only. This appeared to happen when I swapped from the pink paper licence to the photocard licence. My request to amend the details was sent in to the DVLA last week with my licence. I'm very worried now after seeing this. As a disabled driver, my life could be severely disrupted, especially as I work for myself and my livelyhood depends on me driving to my clients.


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  • 18. At 7:48pm on 27 Apr 2009, tonywhitby wrote:

    Re DVLC (now known as DVLA), Several years ago when I talked about this to a friend who had also been a motor cycle patrolman: he said that they had been warned when the new licences were issued to check that their Motor Cycle licence was included. This was because it was a deliberate policy by the DVLC to not include these as so many people had not ridden a bike for ages and that they did not want a lot of unprepared riders coming back onto the roads after many use of not riding. The view was that if you didn't check it at the time you didn't want it.
    However, he also said that you will never get anybody to admit it!

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  • 19. At 7:49pm on 27 Apr 2009, Lunarloo

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 20. At 7:49pm on 27 Apr 2009, TeeJayHooker wrote:

    DVLA mixed my licence record up with someone else (of the same name). The other driver was disqualified and I got arrested and locked up for a whole weekend for driving whilst disqualified!!! After several adjourned court hearings, much frustration and embarrassment (I was arrested at the home of my then girlfriends parents) the Sherrif threw out the DVLAs case and charges were dropped. It took another 7 or 8 years before DVLA rectified their error. In the meantime the other driver was racking up more points and I was getting the court letters!

    No apology for the DVLA at all - despite wrongful arrest and imprisonment! Disgusting!

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  • 21. At 7:49pm on 27 Apr 2009, smeghead666 wrote:

    I got a letter from the DVLA saying that I had been banned from driving! Which was a bit of a shock! Apparantly the driver they wanted to ban had the same name as myself but wasn't sure who it was so picked me and decided I was the guilty party - which is pretty shocking in itself however they knew this person lived in the south of england somewhere near Bournemouth, however I live in Birmingham!

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  • 22. At 7:49pm on 27 Apr 2009, ken6430 wrote:

    Back in 2002, my insurance agent found out my license had the bike category removed. After long drawn out letters, had to take my test again. Got new license and guess what, I now have a full HGV license that I did not have before. Cost me a small fortune as well.

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  • 23. At 7:51pm on 27 Apr 2009, StuartHull wrote:

    Maybe take a photo of your old license before sending it off or better still if your updating info, say you have lost your license and you want a replacement. Though why you should have to do this is silly, I agree with the advanced driver guest, you shouldn't need to send in your old license, DVLA wake up and move with todays technology!

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  • 24. At 7:51pm on 27 Apr 2009, smartglc97 wrote:

    Sent my licence off in Jan to change address with my partners Licence in the same envelope. 3 weeks later my partners arrives no sign of mine. Call up they tell me takes upto 6 weeks so wait and call back then they say they never recieved it must be lost in the post so will need to pay for another one. Explain that 2 licences were sent in one envelop and 1 found its way back home. They apologised and said they will replace it but I am still waiting nearly 3 months later!

    Gemma From Norfolk

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  • 25. At 7:51pm on 27 Apr 2009, SteelshackJack wrote:

    I had an accident 2 years ago and was told by the Police I only had an automatic licence and was driving illegally. I had been driving for nearly 12 years, and only sat in an automatic once (!) but had sent off my licence for an address update. I informed DVLA who had destroyed my test details and said they were never wrong so I couldn't have had a manual licence. I was lucky to find my original instructor who gave evidence for me, and after swearing an affidavit in court DVLA reinstated my manual licence, although they were keen to remind me they had no liability and still did not believe they were wrong. Unbelievable!

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  • 26. At 7:51pm on 27 Apr 2009, popadompreece wrote:

    Just had a look and no bike on my licence, passed my test in 1988, changed licence 10 and 2 years ago so am now not sure how long I've been illegal. WHAT TO DO NOW ITS MY JOB!!!!!!!!!

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  • 27. At 7:52pm on 27 Apr 2009, watchdogfan wrote:

    How about putting up the DVLA phone number at the end of your programme then tomorrow we can jam their switchboard asking to have our records checked? Maybe they'll do something about it then.

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  • 28. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, Broggers1 wrote:

    having recently re applied for my licence I encountered the following problems, firstly the form I was sent by the dvla said 50 fee and this was duly sent along with evidence of my change of address and change of name. I called the dvla to check on progress and was told that they had written to me saying that the fee paid was not enough the charge was now 65 and my licence would not be sent until I had paid the extra amount. I sent in the extra amount and my licence duly arrived, However, on both sections my printed name was in my old name and my signature was in my new name.!!!!! This is despite having sent them a new photo with the authorisation on the reverse stating that I was in fact the person named !!! The address was the only part that was correct, I have returned the licence once more and await further news..

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  • 29. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, tzeddie wrote:

    For some time now the authorities have been victimising law abiding motorcyclists in an attempt to reduce their numbers by harrassing them from our roads. They tell anyone who will listen that bikes are dangerous and accidents need to be reduced. In my opinion motorcyclists are some of the best motorists on our roads and are far better trained than the vast majority of us. This is just another way of trying to get some motorcyclists off our roads in the hope that they will just give up and not re-take their test again.The sharp end of a very big wedge I think.

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  • 30. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, John_Phoenix wrote:

    In 1972 I passed mt car test, then over the next few years I did my motorcycle, Hackney and PSV tests. 1980 I changed addresses and filled out all the forms. DVLA stated that I had never had a licence of any kind ever so I have had to retake my car and bike tests but I have not bothered with the rest. When I retook my Car test and passed my licence took a long time to arrive, when I contacted them they stated there was a problem as the computer was trying to issue more catagories the I had just taken the test for.

    See it is not a new problem

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  • 31. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, spbwsmadrb wrote:

    noticed my bike licence was missing in 2003 when i went to test drive a new bike. I passed my test in 1968 and the DVLA denied knowledge of this. I had to re take my bike test. The instructor told me of one acquaintance whom acquired a HGV licence when he sent off his bike licence for renewal. This is not a new story and it has been going on for years, but the DVLA does not seem to think there is a probleM.

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  • 32. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, pwilkie wrote:

    Took my motor bike test early 1980.
    Rode only for a few years but now I want to ride my entitlement has been removed.
    I contacted the dvla and they told me to prove when I took the test.
    I have since moved and cant prove anything.
    The dvla are not interested and told me to take another test, but with the current work situation I cant afford to do this.

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  • 33. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, ash1891 wrote:

    evening all... refering to DVLA and entitlements... I have been riding 21 years and found out 4 weeks ago that following an address update that my entitlement to ride had been removed... having to re take all modules again at a cost of 380.00 ... i would like to know who will reimburse me for this and where was a rep from DVLA tonight... hiding behind their telephones again i suppose... great report on this subject tonight... another show of this countrys incompetence at running official bodies... thank you... [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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  • 34. At 7:53pm on 27 Apr 2009, bigfella214 wrote:

    I bought a personalised registration plate to use. I visited the 'local' DVLA office to apply for the registration to be applied to my Vespa scooter. Imagine my suprise when they told me it had been exported, despite putting the same vehicle through its MOT in March. I then made an appointment for the scooter to be inspected by a police vehicle examiner. He confirmed that all was correct with the various index numbers on the scooter. Despite this they still insist that I will have to 're-apply' to have my vehicle taken off the export list. They will not admit it is a clerical error, despite all of the evidence to the contrary!!!

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  • 35. At 7:54pm on 27 Apr 2009, DiamondHell wrote:

    My wife has had her motorbike entitlement removed, when she married me. Although she passed within the last 10 years the DVLA deny all knowledge.

    I also know someone (the wife of a driving tester, natch) who had a CAR driving entitlement ADDED when she passed her motorbike test. She now drives a car for her job!

    It's disgusting and as the IAM guy said - astoundingly arrogant.

    Registering and scrapping cars the DVLA are just as bad - they screw up relentlessly and the SORN scheme has become a major money-spinner for them - why would you possibly EVER send out a reminder to someone with a vehicle off the road when you can just bill them instead?

    Dreadful, dreadful 'service'.

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  • 36. At 7:55pm on 27 Apr 2009, ccolin wrote:

    My motorcycle entitlement disappeared from my licence after i changed address. theysaid that I would have to re-take my test. luckily my insurance company had a photocopy of my old licence.

    Colin [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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  • 37. At 7:55pm on 27 Apr 2009, JamesoftheOrient wrote:

    Its clearly stated to all that within two years of passing any given test you have to inform DVLA off your pass. Upon doing that you have the entitlement. I dont know how long this has been the case but certainly the last 8years or so.

    I support DVLA's stance, but do understand that it is fustrating do be caught out like this.

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  • 38. At 7:55pm on 27 Apr 2009, rattyhorses wrote:

    My husband was told falsly he had to surrender his license after someone from medical told him his condition wasnt controled with a machine (they were not a doctor and it was controlled from the first use) he was then told he would get all of his grandad rights back eg C1, D1 etc. when he eventually got his license back (after a year) he didnt get his entitlements back and was told he would have to take a test to qualify for his old entitlements and also pay 40 for a medical to see if he was fit enough to drive under those entitlements.

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  • 39. At 7:55pm on 27 Apr 2009, sm08phy wrote:

    i am a director of a recruitment agency that employs HGV drivers. we regularly check our drivers licences with the DVLA to make sure that our drivers are still entitled to drive. i sent my licence away following a recent medical for my HGV 1 licence renewal(i am now the wrong side of 45!) i check my own licence with the DVLA and was told that records showed i had NO licence, and no entitlent to drive, not even my car let alone a Articulated Lorry! i have held my licence since i was 18! luckily after 12 days all was put right but if i had been stopped by the police my car or lorry would have been empounded!

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  • 40. At 7:56pm on 27 Apr 2009, FleaMaster wrote:

    This story is old, it started when photolicenses were introduced. I checked my license then and found out that I aqm now allowed to drive everything except tanks (tracked vehicles). Thanks DVLA

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  • 41. At 7:58pm on 27 Apr 2009, samlittlelegs wrote:

    I passed my test in 1986 and when I sent my licence off to have my motorbike entitlement added to it the DVLA reduced entitlement down to 8.5 tonne and not the original permitted weight. As my job required the higher weight limit my job was on the line. The DVLA have refused to correct this and subsequently I lost my job. This entitlement was taken away with no warning or explanation. I have since been told that all I need to do is ring the DVLA and they will correct it. Bahh!!!

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  • 42. At 8:00pm on 27 Apr 2009, Misterwalker wrote:

    Sent my paper license to the DVLA 5 years ago for a new photocard license. Ive looked at it properly after watching the report and my motorbike qualification has disappeared! What shall I do?

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  • 43. At 8:00pm on 27 Apr 2009, Fozzie0186 wrote:

    I have lost my H cat and no one could help me when I rang!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 44. At 8:00pm on 27 Apr 2009, mixvix69 wrote:

    i hope all the info i gave you about my ongoing situation contributed to your item about the DVLA and licence issues

    i have been told i have not had a licence prior to 1995.

    i passed my bike test 26 june 1986 yet they have no record of it, they still keep sending me other peoples licence details with motorcycle entitlements.

    so DVLA what do we do now, i want my licence sorted out so i can ride a motorbike again. and i dont see why i should have to re-take my driving test which is very expensive just because the DVLA cant admit their staff are incompetent
    micky dungey

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  • 45. At 8:02pm on 27 Apr 2009, bobby554 wrote:

    In the 70s I ran a motorcycle shop and rode a Norton Commando to work.
    We donated a motorcycle to the local school and the beat Mororcycle policeman, a friend asked me to help with teaching the pupils roadcraft.
    On checking my licence for insurance purposes He told me I had no motorcycle entitlement.
    I produced my old red licence and got my solicitor involved, I was told by the DVLC the licence could be fake and I had to use one of the shops 125s to get to work.
    cost me o lot of cash and inconvienience.

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  • 46. At 8:02pm on 27 Apr 2009, AnnoyedofHythe wrote:

    I passed my bike test in 1978, car in 1983. I have deliberatly kept my old paper license, issued on moving house in 1991, as I have been aware of this problem for some time.

    In the old days, I would have gone to the local Police station and asked a constable to sign a colour photocopy but with the politicition on the police, I am reluctant to do that.

    How about a colour photocopy signed by a magistrate?

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  • 47. At 8:03pm on 27 Apr 2009, soupajack wrote:

    Hi, watching the programme tonight, my husband also had his motorbike entitlement removed! He passed his test about 1965 and does not have any proof, we too are disgusted! Is there a way to get it reinstated without taking the test again?

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  • 48. At 8:03pm on 27 Apr 2009, campaignbetty wrote:

    After your previous stories and stories from other drivers that we had heard about we were reluctant to send in my husbands damaged drivers licence for replacement.
    Have found out that you can now request a replacement drivers licence online and return the old one afterwards. This way you can check whether the new one has the correct details on it before sending the old one back. Be aware though that the photocard licence shows all the entitlements on it but the paper copy doesnt have any details at all so you might want to copy the card licence to keep in a safe place in case of loss of the card.

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  • 49. At 8:03pm on 27 Apr 2009, rodhorton wrote:

    if DVLA only keep records for 10 years what happens if like me your hgv & psv licence were removed for 10 years because of a siezure ?DVLA,S apparent law does that mean i have to re-take my tests ?

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  • 50. At 8:03pm on 27 Apr 2009, driving1teddy1 wrote:


    I have moved a few times over the years, and have sent my licence to the DVLA for renewal, I got my latest one back, only to find that I can now drive a manual car, great! considering I passed in an automatic.

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  • 51. At 8:04pm on 27 Apr 2009, thoms6 wrote:

    seems to me the answer to this is ,dont send your old license back ,keep it and say youve lost it ,thats what i have done ,gorec my new 1 without a problem .but at least still got the old 1 if there was any major probs.

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  • 52. At 8:04pm on 27 Apr 2009, bikertone wrote:

    Good item!.
    I was interested in touring europe this summer, but i found out that some countries only accept the photo id cards now, so as i still have the OLD type licence & in view of the numerous DVLA "errors" I darent take the risk and send my old one off to get changed!.
    Oddly if had just wanted to change my address it would be free of charge-otherwise its 19.00 !.

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  • 53. At 8:04pm on 27 Apr 2009, Tuckshop1 wrote:

    I passed my driving test (car) in 1979 and the category on my paper driving licence is A which at that time was for a car and E (for a moped up to 50cc). I wonder if the muddle is occurring because DVLA have changed the lettering of the categories?

    I want to get a new plastic licence but wonder if I would also lose my entitlement.

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  • 54. At 8:06pm on 27 Apr 2009, orville007 wrote:

    Hi I have just watched your news on DVLA I went through the same
    thing in 2002 I have been riding for 36yrs now, but in 2001 I went to my local bike dealer to try a new bike out, they asked for my licence and went photocopy it, thats when I found out that I could not ride a bike, after phone calls and letters to the DVLA they said there was nothing I could do, apart from retaking my test which I did in 2002 at a cost of about 400 not happy

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  • 55. At 8:08pm on 27 Apr 2009, newharvester wrote:

    I am a retired Driving Standards Agency Driving Examiner.
    During my time as an Examiner I had quite a few calls to my office from drivers almost in tears.....they had sent their licence to DVLA for some form of update and on returning the licence the DVLA had omitted to include their 'Heavy Goods' entitlement.
    When they queried this omission the DVLA said it was up to them to prove that they had passed their LGV or PCV driving test.
    (The training and subsequent test for these catorgeries of vehicles is very expensive....eg:- a total of around 1500 for both parts of the LGV licence)
    These days, if the candidates Provisional licence is in order, then on passing the approproiate test, the Examiner will retain (and destroy) the licence and then a new 'full entitlement' is automatically sent to the candidate.
    I always emphasised to the candidate that if they chose to send off their licence themselves.... then be sure to take a photocopy of it.
    These pass certificates bear the Examiners signature and should be useful if things go wrong in the future!!

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  • 56. At 8:08pm on 27 Apr 2009, lightshega wrote:

    DVLA are not just difficult with driving licenses - I work for a plant hire company who regularly need to tax vehicles for the road. DVLA make many mistakes with the documentation but it is our company who then have to prove the correct information and provide the documentary evidence (even though this has already been provided). When we provide all the necessary documents to a local DVLA office, they still write for verification and further proof! This is because the paperwork is separated when it gets to Swansea but no one knows why and of course they are NEVER wrong. We tax dozens of vehicles but letters arrive on an almost daily basis requesting info that has already been provided. We sometimes have to pay fines because of their errors but they will never consider the customer at any time. This would not be allowed to happen if it was a private business. In our case, the problem is often due to inadequate forms which do not really cater for our needs - when I suggested they modify the forms or produce a new one - the answer was that they have recently been reviewed and it will probably be a few years before that is done again.

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  • 57. At 8:09pm on 27 Apr 2009, tiptopsuperkosh wrote:

    Hi, Talk about mistakes. A friend of mine applied for a provisional car licence, and was sent a full car licence without taking a test. He is not complaining................

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  • 58. At 8:10pm on 27 Apr 2009, grb wrote:

    Me too! Wrote letters, made phone calls. Their response was always the same - arrogance, we cannot possibly be wrong.
    I passed my test in the 60s, however, I cannot prove it. Had I not discovered THEIR error I would be riding without a licence now!
    Arrogance personified!

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  • 59. At 8:11pm on 27 Apr 2009, mistyDi wrote:

    Going through exactly the same just now, sent my licence when i got married to change my name, mislaid my licence or maybe threw it out when having a clear out not exactly sure, applied for another licence came back a provisional, contacted dvla said that they had no record of me ever passing a test that i would have to sit test etc again, which im in the middle of doing right now, money making scheme i think, very hard to fight the goverment

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  • 60. At 8:11pm on 27 Apr 2009, leminieraveyron wrote:

    Hey Ho its Christmas! Its not often I get something for nothing but following your programme I checked my license and what a pleasant surprise. Im covered for groups A, B, BE, B1, C1, C1E, D1, D1E AND A MYSTERIOUS F,K,L,N,P! I SHOULD JUST HAVE A AND B.Anyone looking for a Bus or HGV driver? (no previous experience however)
    Sounds like DVLA need a makeover.

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  • 61. At 8:11pm on 27 Apr 2009, trabob wrote:

    just watched the programme, we think its totally disgusting! The DVLA are mean't to be there to protect us and they are letting everyone down! It's hard to have faith in them! there is enough people on the roads who don't have licences for real!!! The police have to trust them, its not much support! Why should the genuine people of this world have to prove how honest they are, when its all their mistake.

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  • 62. At 8:12pm on 27 Apr 2009, shellbell7 wrote:

    The DVLA have been makeing huge mistakes for nearly a decade. My brother in law's brother had to send his provisional licence back to get a new card one instead of the paper one. The DVLA sent him a full uk licence back, what idiots. I didnt agree to him keeping it but he did. This has got to be worse than removing part of your entitlement, as he was a danger to every other road user.

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  • 63. At 8:13pm on 27 Apr 2009, cojster wrote:

    I lost my bike licence when I moved house 3 years ago, when I got in touch with the DVLA they asked for proof. The only proof I had was my old licence which I had sent to them. They really need to sort this out.

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  • 64. At 8:14pm on 27 Apr 2009, D188ers wrote:

    Additional to this is car tax.

    I have several vehicles that are parked up in my garage awaiting restoration and each one was declared SORN at the same time. When I received a fine for not taxing one of the cars I enquired why was this as I had not received a letter to re-tax or re-declare SORN. The response was to blame the computer and not every request for Tax is sent out for renewal. I paid the and I now provide them double the paperwork but sending off the SORN declaration for six cars twice a year.

    So, they do this with SORN, what about vehicles that have Road fund licences, are some of those renewals not sent?

    I am lucky with my licence that I have the original and prior to renewal I'll scan it into a PDF file so as to ensure that I have a record of the information


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  • 65. At 8:14pm on 27 Apr 2009, asmonk wrote:

    It's not just licences. After changing address they converted a rare 1958 landrover 2 wheel drive to a 1967 4x4. Took months to get them to correct it including getting Landrover to confirm the date of production

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  • 66. At 8:16pm on 27 Apr 2009, truckerMatt wrote:

    Hi, lost my licence for dangerous driving in oct 2006, then got another 6 month ban for driving whilst disq, With the dangerous driving i was ordered to take an extended driving test. When I was due to get my licence back jan 2007 the dvla informed me of this. I sent a cheque to them for my driving licence. When I recieved my licence they sent though a FULL driving licence. I drove on this licence and in aug 08 I took a class c (hgv) driving test and passed. In Sept o8 the dvla wrote to me and informed me that I was disq from driving and had to take an extended retest. There was no point in fighting it so I took the test and passed. but when my licence came though, i'd lost my class c. I also noticed that on the paper part it has a provisional class b which is car. I phoned up to find out what this ment and they informed that I took my test in a automatic which was incorrect. They told me to send the licence back while they investigate. There way, not the easy way of phoning up the test centre. anyway 2 weeks later they phoned and confirmed i took my test in a automatic. Which was wrong. So even there own system failed them. It was then sorted within 24hrs. I think everyone reading this should check there licence, because i only noticed bacause I needed the provisional class c to retake that test. And the normal joe public would never have noticed this error.

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  • 67. At 8:16pm on 27 Apr 2009, gazaproc wrote:

    Recently whilst arranging car insurance i was given the news that my driving licence had been suspended in 1999. As this was news to me i contacted the DVLA. They confirmed that my licence was indeed suspended in 1999 yet they could and still cannot give me a reason why. As my bike licence was part of my original licence it would seem that i now have neither and have been told that i must take both tests again. Not impressed.

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  • 68. At 8:25pm on 27 Apr 2009, hogebeintum wrote:

    When we moved to the Netherlands in 1998, we were told that we had to get Dutch driving licences, which we did. The Dutch authorities kept our UK licences (the old paper ones). Three years later we were told that it was a mistake, and we could use our UK licences until expiry.

    Our local council here said that they had sent them to the Dutch Dept. Transport, who assured us that they had been sent to DVLA at Swansea.

    Swansea deny any knowledge, but said that in any case they couldn't return them to us, as they cannot 'issue' paper licences any more. But they could send us application forms for replacements, which would cost us 5 each. Goodness only knows what would happen if we returned to Oxford.

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  • 69. At 8:26pm on 27 Apr 2009, yeastrel wrote:

    Just saw the show and thought we'd check our licences as a result. I got married in March 08, and my wife applied to change her licence shortly afterwards to reflect her change of surname. Have now discovered that the new licence that was issued apparently expired the day before it began...This from the department whose records are 100% accurate and don't make mistakes!! Disgraceful!!

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  • 70. At 8:27pm on 27 Apr 2009, kfcwurzel

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 71. At 8:28pm on 27 Apr 2009, ln1977 wrote:

    Funny, I have received my license back today from the DVLA as I passed my full Direct Access Motorcycle test just over a week ago on a 500cc bike, the license states that I am limited to a bike under 25kw even though I am 31 years old and did the full test. I contacted the DVLA and they have stated they will look into it but will probably require me to send my certificate to tehm to prove I have passed. I have refused given the number on the top right of the certificate and told the they have a copy of the certificate at the test center and that they have been sent a copy by my examiner, I know this as he explained to me after the test was completed.

    I am awaiting a phone call tomorrow now to see if they are going to correct this, fingers crossed but after the show tonight I am somewhat worried to say the least, it's cost me in the region of 500 to complete the CBT test and Theory.

    All this on the day the test changes to get more difficult too.

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  • 72. At 8:30pm on 27 Apr 2009, carla1car wrote:

    on the program tonight it was "mentioned" that the dvla only keep records for 10 years. this appears not to be "correct" to me as i informed the dvla after 25 years or so of a change of address yet they managed to send me a new licence even though i didn't send them an old one. i filled in a "lost" licence form which i think was no cost because of the change of address. unfortunately they did make some minor errors as concerning the catagory of trailer which i am allowed to tow but apart from that it was almost correct after a 25 year plus gap in records. as i have now found my original licence i might one day be tempted to put "egg" on their face about this as i have other more serious issues with them as regarding "sorns" and "personal" registrations amongst other things, some of them,in fact, being more than incompetence on behalf of the dvla but actually verging on fraud and criminal behaviour and even possibly theft.

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  • 73. At 8:38pm on 27 Apr 2009, toughgreg wrote:

    I checked my licence because I replaced my paper one for a card one due to change of address I just found out that instead of running out in 2020 it runs out in 2016 so I have just sent a e-mail to dvla, CHECK DATES as well

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  • 74. At 8:39pm on 27 Apr 2009, shinydawn wrote:

    I passed my test in 1998 for a car licence. In november 2008 i was pulled over by police only to be told that apparently my licence had been revoked by dvla in 2001,I did get 6 points at that time but was never told that my licence was revoked,and this was never stamped on my licence. I also have been pulled over many times and produced at police stations, over the years and nothing has come to light with my licence.. After paying for solicitors ect... The dvla wouldnt admit there mistakes, i had to re take my driving test in jan 2009,after applying for new provisional, taking theory test and paying for instructors. I have just been at court and got 3 penalty points and fined ! only because my insurance company backed me. I think the DVLA are all corrupt and out to make peoples life a misery and make as much money as possible !!!

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  • 75. At 8:41pm on 27 Apr 2009, itzatucson wrote:

    This may be worth a mention when you update re the DVLA as there is also another serious problem facing thousands of motorists that have the photo licences.
    I got mine in January 2000 having changed my address and I fully expected it to go on to my 70th Birthday (as my old green licence had) but to my surprise this licence expires in January 2010, yet only 6 years later I will be at that magic age - No-one informed me that when I surrendered my old green licence for a New Picture licence that this would be necessary.
    I wonder how many folk who got their new style licence in 1999 realize that their licence is either coming up for renewal this year or is out of date ! Meaning they are therefore driving illegaly.
    Hope this helps as you do a marvellous job sorting out those who screw up the management of businesses and the country.

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  • 76. At 8:41pm on 27 Apr 2009, sugarat100 wrote:

    after driving 6 years I had to change my address so i sent my license away ( as you do), totally forgot to chase it up for the new license due to new baby that was on the way who is now here.. a month and a half a go got stopped for not wearing a seat belt at the end of my street, fair enough! but on checking my details the police officer said i was only on a provisional, who then in turn said this could be a mistake. of coarse this was incorrect so i phoned the DVLA explaining my story. They inturn said Yes I had passed my test but I never had a full license, obviously I was dumbfounded by this. since then I have had no luck with the DVLA got 3 points on my licence and having to resit my test. just to add insult to injury i receive a letter from the DSA saying due to unforseen circumstances my test date has been posponed by nearly 2 weeks.
    From my experiance the majority of call handlers i have spoken make feel like I am on little Briton ''Computer says No''

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  • 77. At 8:43pm on 27 Apr 2009, trucker19 wrote:

    After driving HGV1's for over 30 years. Had medical as required every 5 years, sent paper and photo licence back to DVLA for renewal. When I received back my licence, on checking it I had HGV2 & HGV3 but only PROVISIONAL entitlement for HGV1. After phone calls to DVLA was told if I didn't have any proof of passing HGV1 test I had to re-take my test at a cost of up to 1k. I now have no class1 HGV licence and no job, as I was employed as a class1 driver. So am now unemployed at 60 through no fault of my own, and no means to pay for a re-test. All thanks to the DVLA.

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  • 78. At 8:45pm on 27 Apr 2009, mscornwall wrote:

    same thing happened to my daughter last year. she passed her driving test when she was 18, i was there ! even her driving instructor could verify it BUT when she was stopped for a random vehicle check 4 years later and asked to show her documents. no problem , she took in her driving licence, insuarance document,mot etc they were checked and was told her licence was invalid . . . . . . . dvla had no record of her passing her test, even though she had her licence.She had to go to court and was prosecuted ! for not having a licence (even though she did have one !) also fined for having no insuarance, tax, mot as they said it was all invalid as she didnt have a driving licence !

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  • 79. At 8:50pm on 27 Apr 2009, trapper64 wrote:

    Having just whached the bbc programme "Watch Dog" I would be interested to know, if the DVLA had your vehicle licence, would it not be possible to verify whether you had the necessary catageries on your licence.

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  • 80. At 8:52pm on 27 Apr 2009, Dianaley wrote:

    I passed my motorcycle test in 1968 and my car test in 1970. I continue to drive a car every day, sometimes with a trailer (which I can reverse) and occassionally a panel van. I haven't ridden a motorbike since 1973 BUT my photo-licence, renewed 4 years ago, still says I'm licensed to drive 'A', a motorbike! (It also has listed B,BE,B1,C1,C1E,D1,D1E, fklnp)

    I certainly would even contemplate it without having lessons first!

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  • 81. At 8:55pm on 27 Apr 2009, johal5 wrote:

    Hi everyone I would like to say about DVLA removing the entilements is this could be people getting confused. When you take a test you are given a pass certificate on which it states you must apply for your full lience within the first two years of pass date. Othewise you will have take the test again. If a person forget to apply for the full lience and continues to drive after the two year period then that lience on DVLA computer with read void. Simly they have held a full lience.
    How if a person has passed their test 20 years ago or they cannot remember then they can contact the Driving Standards Agency who should have a record on your driving lience number when you passed your test and which category you have.
    Finally when you send in for a change for what ever reason always make a copy of it.

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  • 82. At 8:59pm on 27 Apr 2009, madjinx wrote:

    That is why I always make copies,put date and time on them when I send off any documents to any organization. I even still have my license from when I passed it in 1988. Don't even hold your breath if they tell you "We will call you back", yeah right. The UK has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced.

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  • 83. At 9:01pm on 27 Apr 2009, mscornwall wrote:

    same thing happened to my daughter last year. she passed her driving test when she was 18, i was there ! even her driving instructor could verify it BUT when she was stopped for a random vehicle check 4 years later and asked to show her documents. no problem , she took in her driving licence, insuarance document,mot etc they were checked and was told her licence was invalid . . . . . . . dvla had no record of her passing her test, even though she had her licence.She had to go to court and was prosecuted ! for not having a licence (even though she did have one !) also fined for having no insuarance, tax, mot as they said it was all invalid as she didnt have a driving licence ! she lost her job and cant afford to retake her test as she had to sell her car to pay her fine ! can you believe it !!!!!!

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  • 84. At 9:08pm on 27 Apr 2009, glenlyonsheep wrote:

    just been involved in a crash now the police tell me i dont have licence aparently it expired yet the dvla admit i passed the test in the year 2000 in alot of mess now cant do my job guese what the dvla say they 100 percent right but i did have a full licence glad i am not the only one fighting the dvla

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  • 85. At 9:19pm on 27 Apr 2009, Naffygetter wrote:

    There is a more basic problem about the DVLA (and many other Government Departments) in that they have a culture of always being right - underscored by much recent legislation and supported from the very top. It is summed up by the law saying that they are always right - even when wrong. It is now the law that the status of anyone's licence, car tax, car registration or whatever is the status of the computer record, thus assuming that the "system" is infallible. If there is a mistake there then the mistake is legally correct and it is up to the individual to correct it, which your viewers are finding to be difficult because the organisation (and the people who work there and their bosses) believe that they are always right.

    It is this culture that inevitably leads to such issues. It assumes computers are never wrong (whereas it is always true that the people who run the computer are fallible - even if the machine isn't). It will need a change of culture, driven from the top, to change it - and don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen because it would be hard and expensive to achieve.

    And it will be true of the ID card system. If you think that suddenly losing your bike licence is annoying, just think what the impact of not being a person any more would be.

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  • 86. At 9:26pm on 27 Apr 2009, xpositor wrote:

    Having got a new passport last week (via a one-day service, which went flawlessly), I thought I'd take the opportunity to finally get a photo-licence - knowing that my new passport photo would be used automatically for my licence. Interesting then that having tried on Friday, and failed, and being told by DVLA that changes are happening to the system over the weekend, I still can't update my licence because the system is still completely down...

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  • 87. At 9:34pm on 27 Apr 2009, twoteles wrote:

    When I returned to the UK in 2007 from Spain - having lived there for 14 years - I sent my Spanish licence to the DVLA to be changed back into a UK one. Having watched "Watchdog" tonight I decided to check to see what I can drive or ride - and I couldn't believe what I saw!!

    My licence allows me to use categories A, B, BE, BE1, C1, CIE, D1 and D1E - and probably a steam engine, too, if I look close enough. I have only passed a test to drive a car and ride a motorbike!

    Anybody want to buy a licence?

    Stan in Hartlepool.

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  • 88. At 10:10pm on 27 Apr 2009, bowleggedbantum wrote:

    another case against being an honest subject.
    I have the same problem and was advised to re-take the test as the cheapest option by a solicitor. I sent my license in for the new plastic one, a change of address, and to add my bike license past 18 months before.
    they still have the evidence at the DSA so Ive had trouble booking a new test because they think I've passed already.
    I'm completely sick of the way I'm treated in this country (born and breed here.) and this was nearly the straw that broke the camels back.
    I have contemplated may coarses of action the latest being to deduct the retest costs from my tax bill

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  • 89. At 10:18pm on 27 Apr 2009, jagod1 wrote:

    i pas my hgv test in the royal air force and i was stopped in june by the police for something else ,i was told that my hgv was not valid and i was charged with falsifying my licence and taken to court and found guilty, a person from dvla said that they had no record of this and they did not have my documents eg,my forces licence or my pass certificate ,i try to get hold of details from RAF but my file from my old base had been distroyed as my old unit had been disbanded,so i had no proof to show the courts and got 8 points on my licence and 265 pound fine ,which has left me with not being able to get as hgv driver or a van driver i would like some help with this and what to do

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  • 90. At 10:30pm on 27 Apr 2009, legendaryunemployed wrote:

    I have been a full uk licence holder since 1996 and driving for a living for the last 10 years. In october last year i applied for and successfully got myself a job as a courier driver. My new employer did a licence check with the dvla. my employer contacted me to tell me there was a problem with my licence and to contact the dvla this i did. the dvla then told me that they had negeted my driving test as i had been disqualified from driving some time in the early 90s so the provisional licence i sat my test on was not valid so i would have to resit the test. I lost my job and was forced onto benifits i have never been disqualified from driving in my life i told them several times they had made a mistake several times they told me they dont make mistakes.I Asked them for the details court & dates ECT they said they no longer had the details. After 6 monthes of letter writing numerous phone calls i eventualy contacted my MP who looked into it for me they told him the dates he passed them to me so i was able to go to the courts with these dates who said i have no convictions but there was another person with the same name as me who was disqualified on the date in question in the youth courts i was 35 at the time. God only knows how they made this mistake i sent all this infomation to the dvla 3 weeks ago and they have given me my driving licence back i asked how could this have happend they just said they cant comment on it iv had no explanation or even a simple sorry 6 monthes ago i had a nice life and a good job. I have just had 6 monthes of hell and lies of them. ok got my licence back still got no job and im about 10.000 down not even had a sorry of them.

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  • 91. At 10:33pm on 27 Apr 2009, TedMachiavelli wrote:

    When I last changed my car I sent the DVLA the part of the V5 saying I had done so. They claimed they never got it, fined me 30.00 and were unspeakably arrogant, outlining an administration procedure that is archaic and also claiming that none of their post ever gets lost or misdirected. It was, apparently, up to me to prove that they had never received it. They used to be fairer to witches
    I got my MP involved and to his utter discredit the minister responsible sent me a letter stating that the DVLA is infallible. If they're so good why aren't they running the banks?

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  • 92. At 10:34pm on 27 Apr 2009, goldenghosty wrote:

    My husband passed his car test in 1978 and applied for a new licence after losing his paper copy in 2004. The DVLA claimed they had no record of him despite an appeal and providing as many details as possible. They said he could appeal to the Secretary of State but it would take 12 months and he would still not be entitled to drive during that time. So he opted to take the test again and passed but we are still left fuming at being left out of pocket. The insurance company he was with were sympathetic as his wasn't the first case they had encountered but the policy still increased until the no-claims bonus was built back up again, plus the cost of refresher lessons, a provisional license, the test and added costs of not being able to drive for months.

    All the contact we had from them suggested that their system was infallable.

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  • 93. At 10:35pm on 27 Apr 2009, superhowlinwolf wrote:

    Can you draft an appropriate form letter for us to send to DVLA requesting confirmation of the details they hold on us please. If we swamp them maybe they may get the message about quality control.

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  • 94. At 10:47pm on 27 Apr 2009, Sutara wrote:

    The DVLA doesn't have any legitimate right to ask for proof of passing the test again after it has already issued a licence which showed the correct details. That's like denying a receipt is valid after you've issued it. The licence is, effectively, a receipt that confirms that you have provided adequate proof for the licence to have been issued.

    Is the DVLA now saying it can't access its own records of licences issued?

    Or is it saying that its own records can't be trusted and are unreliable?

    Whichever one, it is a public scandal and needs to be dealt with.

    Whichever one, it proves the Department to be unfit for purpose with senior civil servants that need to sacked for poor performance. (Or perhaps DVLA was where they dumped the useless ones from the Home Office, when it 'lost' all those foreign criminals a while back.)

    A tip: scan both sides of your photocard licence and counterpart - before you send them back to DVLA - into a .pdf file as evidence that the licence you send back to them DID have the correct entitlements.

    You can then print off or email these umpteen times (if needed) without losing your own copy of it.

    And complain to Sir Gus O'Connell, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service. It's his job to make sure his Departmental Managers are preforming adequately.

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  • 95. At 11:18pm on 27 Apr 2009, metman797 wrote:

    The item about mix-ups with driving licences is astonishing and outrageous. I am both a car driver and a motorcyclist. I have ridden my bikes almost daily for about fifty years and hope to continue to do so. How can a Government department consider itself unaccountable? We pay these people's salaries. I shall be writing to my MP (also a car and motorbike man) and demanding an assurance that this situation is investigated and sorted out. Well done Watchdog!

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  • 96. At 11:25pm on 27 Apr 2009, legendaryunemployed wrote:

    when you know your right and the dvla keep saying they dont make mistakes? (we all know they do) never give up keep phoning them keep writing letters till you become a pain in the backside to them I did!

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  • 97. At 00:01am on 28 Apr 2009, bilbo919 wrote:

    A lot of people also do not realise that "photocard" licences require renewing every ten years with a new photo, mine is up in October and I am determined not to lose my motorcycle entitle which was achieved with a lot of hard work not to mention the cost. The arrogance of the DVLA is breath taking. Surely there must be some re-course in law regarding this, if people take litigation against the DVLA for their mistakes then maybe this would help us. I have electronic copies of my licence and test pass certificates but I understand that not even this is acceptable proof of entitlement. I shall be lobbying my MP for action!

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  • 98. At 07:17am on 28 Apr 2009, sarn_jam wrote:

    Government Dept. incompetence yet AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
    This typifies the poor customer service that is destroying confidenace in the standards of service we should expect but these days rarely get.

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  • 99. At 09:07am on 28 Apr 2009, modernGrandpa1 wrote:

    In 2007 my son in law sent his licence to be updated following a change of address - when it came back they had removed his motorbike licence.
    no matter how many phone calls or letter they would not budge.
    it cost me 500 to put him through his bike training & test again, because like most young family's they could not afford this sort of cost themselves & he needed his bike licence to travel to work.

    At the time of contacting a training centre, they said - O NO, not another one.
    How can the DVLA keep getting away with this.
    It's like giving them a licence to print money.

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  • 100. At 09:21am on 28 Apr 2009, plasticfrisky wrote:

    Hi, can't believe it but mine and my dads bike cat A have both been removed, passed test in 1976 but thats all I remember. Never thought to check until we saw the programe changed my licence when photo ones came out and its been sitting in my wallet ever since. This can't be right there must be something we can do.

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  • 101. At 11:55am on 28 Apr 2009, reliantkiten wrote:

    As a member of a motorcycle club this has happened to so many members and all get the same answer from the dvla that no mistakes are made is it that the people at dvla are told to remove so many peoples entitlements.Many people this is happening just cannot aford the price to retake there test at no fault to them it costs between 600-700 to retake the test even if you can find any proof of entitlement you will no get any money back yet again they have got the motorist to pay out more money...please somebody look at this problem as the dvla do make mistakes

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  • 102. At 12:02pm on 28 Apr 2009, fran-mad wrote:

    My husband lost his full driving license in 2002 due to drink driving and got a 2 and a half year ban, which was about a year after he passed his test, in court he was not ordered to do a re-test and just after the ban ended he was riding a motorbike and he got pulled over. The police radioed through to find out if he had a license, which came back as he did, which if he had to do a re-test, surely it would have come through as disqualified still, as you are disqualified until test passed in this situation, I'm sure, but he got disqualified for another 6 months. Then he sent off for his license and they sent him a provisional. that must be another mix up with the DVLA

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  • 103. At 12:49pm on 28 Apr 2009, Paul-Marshall wrote:

    In 2006 my wife and I moved to France. After the move my wife couldn't find her licence, so we called DVLA for a new one, to which they replied they had no record of her on the system at all, and the only way she could get a new licence was to retake her test. I just don't understand had they can do this with today's systems, and after watching your show it seams like its a big problem.

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  • 104. At 1:18pm on 28 Apr 2009, Purplestar73 wrote:

    I have just read some comments. This is so scary....we have both checked our paperwork, "PHEW!" all okay, though my partner was dissapointed he did not have a tank entitlement added!. Another problem we have experienced is when my partner registered his bike as SORN and the DVLA still wrote chasing the tax. Then whilst trying to sort it out they said that the bike never existed. This issue was eventually resolved, however it was something that should never of happened! What is going on with the DVLA??

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  • 105. At 1:28pm on 28 Apr 2009, tiffintoo wrote:

    I texted last night but forgot to say who I was but I suggested the Freedom of Information request. If people write to the DVLA asking under the Freedom of Information Act what licence provisions are recorded for them then the DVLA are obliged to respond within a given time limit. The applicant will then have their proof, in the form of a letter from the DVLA, setting out what they are entitled to drive. Then, if there is any dispute, the DVLA supplied the information. Surely they cannot argue with that?

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  • 106. At 1:42pm on 28 Apr 2009, combocorky wrote:

    Hi, my partner sent off his license for change of address and it came back without his mototcycle entitlement on it. he passed his test in 1978. if you go to dvla site get arecord of your driving history it tells you everything you have done since first applying for a license.this is fine but according to them he applied for a provisional in 1978 and didn't pass his car test till 1994.16 years on provisional that only lasts 2 i don't think so!!!!!!!!! after many letters to dvla they have threatened him with legal action if he doesn't stop harassing them with correspondance. wot to do now? god only knows. getting a trike soon. stuff em.........

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  • 107. At 2:01pm on 28 Apr 2009, darlingDickie1 wrote:

    This is incredible! I thought I was the only one, but apparently not!

    I passed my driving test, for a car, in the summer of 1997. In the summer of 2008 I was caught speeding (which I was guilty of) and had to send my license away for the points. However, I couldn't find my license anywhere. Myself and my girlfriend searched everywhere for but to no avail. So, I then got a renewal form and sent off my 65 cheque for a new license. When my license came back to me it was a provisional. I phoned the DVLA to tell them of the mistake and they were having none of it. They claimed that I've never held a driving license even after telling me that they could see the date of when I passed my test. They are saying that I never claimed my license, which of course is totally untrue! I've had to produce my license to the authorities before! I even had to fill out a form Thames Valley Police sent to me and stated which license I held etc... Surely if I'd held a provisional they would have banned me on the spot for driving without a license!

    None of it makes any sense but they are seeming to be able to get away with it.

    I've just had to sit the theory test, which I've passed thankfully, and now they are expecting me to take the practical driving test again!

    How can we stop this madness!?

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  • 108. At 4:48pm on 28 Apr 2009, nnnoyce wrote:

    My Dad has been a HGV driver for 41 years due to retire in October. Oh but now has been told he has to retake his test!!! is it worth it for 8 months so he could be out of work!!

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  • 109. At 5:06pm on 28 Apr 2009, quenby1950 wrote:

    Quite concerned at some of the problems expressed here so I emailed DVLA asking for details of information they hold re. my driving licence. I passed my test in the 70's for car and motorcycle so would be unable to provide proof. I use a motorcycle for leisure and wish to continue doing so when I move home.

    They have replied as follows:-

    "In order to obtain a printout of the driving record, the following criteria needs to be met:

    1. An A4 sized mandate signed and dated clearly by the licence holder within 3 months.

    2. Licence holder?s full name and date of birth/Driving licence number.

    3. Confirmation of the address the last licence was issued to.

    4. Fee of 5.00 (cheque/postal order payable to ?DVLA Swansea?)."

    I do not mind paying 5 to avoid the type of problems described here but unfortunately I don't understand 1. What the heck is an A4 sized mandate? Do they just want a letter?

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  • 110. At 6:10pm on 28 Apr 2009, Ancient wrote:

    I sent my license off for a change of address and the DVLA lost the photo card part claiming it was never sent. It did eventually turn up a few month later they had posted it to someone in France. I was luck not to have my identity stolen - at least now I have a copy perhaps everyone should request a duplicate.

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  • 111. At 8:12pm on 28 Apr 2009, REG4698 wrote:

    I have worked with Jon Jones for many years, The police force would of not allowed Jon to work on police bikes, even road testing them without the correct licence. Do'nt forget the Police can and will take your vehicle off you, if the DVLA database shows you have no licence to cover you for driving that vehcle .. A court appearence, heavy fine, points on your licence, plus 125 + 12 a day to recover your vehicle.. And the DVLA are working for us .. Heads must roll, or do we continue rewarding failures again .. Friend of Jon ..

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  • 112. At 9:40pm on 28 Apr 2009, lostgordonmc wrote:

    passed my bike test 1992 ,lost my paper licence so sent away for photo replacement. recieved back learner licence. Called dvla and was told i never had a licence and couldnt explain why i had a licence number ,said i need copy of pass certificate,cbt cert. and photocopy of old licence. Told them they had my certificates ,it was up to me to prove it.
    Have been stopped by police for years on my bikes, had checks done and no problems , what is wrong with these people we trust them to hold our detail and they lose them. cant afford a retest and why should i.

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  • 113. At 10:25pm on 28 Apr 2009, 101CLT wrote:

    Never had a problem with my licence which as a PSV driver has to be renewed every five years, so some concern there. But, in April 2007 my daughter purchased a mini-bus from a Private School for her dance group. The mini-bus is used on a permit, it was road tax and MOT'ed for 12 months by the seller before she paid for it. In September of 2007 she got a DVLA letter stating that the mini-bus, was seen being used on the public highway with being road taxed. As she was on holiday I contacted the DVLA quoting the Tax Disc number and Post Office Stamp address. Over the telephone I was told that their records, which are never wrong shows the vehicle to be untaxed, but, I could send them a photocopy of the displayed disc to the DVLA for them to investigate.
    I did this with a signed statement from the Headmaster of the Private School stating he taxed the vehicle and the cheque was cash, therefore there was no reason why the tax disc should not be valid.

    Two weeks later my daughter recieved a reply from the DVLA, stating that on this occasion no action would be taken against her.

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  • 114. At 11:18pm on 28 Apr 2009, Mountainman1 wrote:

    While we are on the subject of the DVLA, just to show that they never get things wrong, I refer back to Parliament in 2006:
    Harry Cohen: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport whether the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a lost passport section; how many people on average have complained that their passports have been lost by the DVLA in each of the last five years; whether the DVLA is considering (a) the use of registered mail and (b) other improvements to the arrangements for returning passports; and if he will make a statement. [57855]

    Dr. Ladyman: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a specialist section which deals with all inquiries relating to missing identity documents, including passports.

    Over the past five years the total number of passports reported as missing by drivers was 20,660 (14,968 UK and 5,692 foreign). To date, only 7,740 (5,282 UK and 2,458 foreign) have become the subject of claims for compensation. Approximately 25 per cent. can be attributed to a DVLA error in keying the address, with 75 per cent. due to non-delivery by Royal Mail. Over 12,500,00 applications for first photocard driving licences (i.e. those requiring the submission of identity documents) were processed during this period.

    The use of special/recorded delivery arrangements for the issue of documents has been considered, but this would involve substantial clerical intervention which would mean a significant increase in the fees charged for driving licences. The use of plain fit for purpose envelopes by DVLA has not revealed any widespread problems. Some drivers send their own envelopes for return, but this is a matter for personal choice.

    And the Government want us to have Identity Cards? Something else for them to lose!

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  • 115. At 01:04am on 29 Apr 2009, Robert_0000 wrote:

    I passed my car test in the early 90s and when my full license didn't arrive I phoned and they asked me if I had moved. I hadn't, but they then volunteered that they had sent my new license to an address in St Helens - and I live in Northampton! They did manage to sort it out woithout any fuss though, but oddly they had to change my driver number to do this!?!?

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  • 116. At 12:04pm on 29 Apr 2009, tina_s wrote:

    I am writing this on behalf for my bosses son- Sean held a full motorbike license from the age of 18 he then took his driving test for a car and passed, he sent off the test certificate to DVLA and his provisional license DVLA then returned a new full photo driving license for Motorbike and Car. Unfortunately Sean mislaid his license so applied to DVLA for a duplicate they informed Sean that he only had a provisonal Car license but a full motorbike license, they also confirmed that they knew Sean had passed his car test but had failed to update the license and his test certificate had expired so he had to retake his driving test again. But during the time when Sean did have his full license he had to produce this to the police with insurance details due to a speeding fine the police said everything was in order if Sean only had a provisional license the police would have charged him failing to display L plates and not having a qualified driving beside him. Sean then went back to the police when DVLA said he did not have a full license and they confirmed after checking there archives that the license produced was in fact a full driving license for a motor car and motorbike. After trying to discuss this with the DVLA there answer was you have got to re take your driving test. I would also like to point out technically for 6 years that Sean had been driving his insurance would have been invalid, thank god he never had an accident or an insurance claim. I would suggest that anybody who has to send in there driving license to DVLA should take a copy of the license before sending it in. Also as soon as you get your 1st license take a copy in case you loose it

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  • 117. At 1:22pm on 29 Apr 2009, grosumnads wrote:

    hi. i passed my bike test in 03, everything was signed, posted off to swansea as instructed on forms. when i moved house i went to send off my licence i could not find it, so i sent in a form with relevant details & payment, when i got licence back, no motorcycle entitlement. i immediately rang dvla to inform them of the error, only to be told, yes you guessed, i have no entitlement to ride. fortunately i had the foresight to scan all documents before posting. silly me thinking this would make any diffrence. the representative i spoke to told me where & when i passed my test, great i thought, just need to send me a replacement with correct entitlement. how wrong was i. even them having my test, pass details in front of them, they said i would have to take my test again, as i had not applied for my entitlement within 2 years, this is totally wrong, as everything was posted within weeks of passing test, i asked if there was a reminder sent out saying they had not recieved it, was told it was sent to an old address, then when i spoke to the next tier of beaurocracy, i was told no reminder was sent as it is not policy to send them for licences. i was told i would have to retake my test or i could be arrested and my bike taken. i even sent them copies of my cbt & theory & practical pass papers, still no change. i called them again yesterday after watching your program. asked to speak to a manager, only to be told that this was against their protocol. that i should write in again stating my case. but warned that i would be wasting my time as it is impossible that they would have made a mistake, & i would recieve the same response. how is it these people are allowed to treat us, the people they are paid to serve in such an arrogant & discourteous manner. surely its time someone stepped in to rectify this incompetance, and holier than thou arrogance. they do make mistakes, the sooner they realise this & do something to rectify their mistakes the better. i will not fork out to retake my test, if i get arrested i will argue my case through the courts, as high as is required. come on people stand up to be counted dont let this farce continue.

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  • 118. At 1:31pm on 29 Apr 2009, caferacer68 wrote:

    Hi All!!

    I passed my test in 1986 along with my bike test the same year.

    I sent my paper licence in to get the new one and hey presto!! Motorcycle entitlement gone. But The dvla ammended it. Then not long ago i lost the photocard licence on holiday but before i went on holiday, i took a photocopy of it just incase it happened again.
    I have also found an old photocopy of my pass certificate from 1986 which my mum kept for insurance purpose. Will this help me in getting my entitlements back? BUMMER!!!


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  • 119. At 4:44pm on 29 Apr 2009, maggiemurphy wrote:

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]my friend was randomly stopped on the way back from derby (she lives in Sheffield) and was told she couldnt drive the car any further as she only had a motorbike licence.she passed her test 1994 but had moved home and sent for a new one.she has been fined 60 and got 3 points on her licence and told she has to take her driving test again due to dvla mistake.THIS HAS TO STOP AND THE SOONER THE BETTER.As for a goverment company only keeping reecords for 10 years is a joke.

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  • 120. At 5:26pm on 29 Apr 2009, laneebanana wrote:

    I've just checked mine and my husband's licences, and found that I've lost the BE & C1 categories that I had before.
    My husband has gained C & C+E categories.
    The thing that really puzzles me is that the categories on the photocards, don't match those on the paper counterpart.
    According to the counterpart:
    My husband doesn't have a car driving licence but he does have motorbike and tank.
    Mine shows that I do have B+E but also motorbike and tank
    Is this right? should they match? Are we legal?

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  • 121. At 6:52pm on 29 Apr 2009, metermaidbch wrote:

    Well, and we thought we were alone in this mess! 119 blogs since your programme. My husband passed his test in the 1960s. He sent his paper licence back in 2004, to get a new picture card licence. When it did not arrive we made numerous phone calls to DVLA. They kept saying either "It was on the way, or it was being looked into". We were then told it had been sent to an old address in error. Then we were sent a licence with wrong Christian name and date of birth, which we sent back. More phone calls, still nothing. Then we were told that the licence had been taken away for an offence. My husband did NOT have any convictions. We told them this, so back to the "Looking into it" replies! So, in December 2008 we got our M.P to take it up. The DVLA phoned us to say that his licence HAD been sent, but to Bournemouth in error,( we live in Yorkshire!) and until this person sent it back, we would not get it! After further enquiries to them we got a final letter saying that my husband had never had a licence. Unbelievable isn't it.!!!

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  • 122. At 7:07pm on 29 Apr 2009, adriancarey49 wrote:

    Is this level of incompetence not just cause for a Class Action against the DVLA. The level of incompetence and arrogance is breathtaking. The culture of an organisation reflects the leadership and the failure of the Head of the DVLA to apologise or admit that they make mistakes just about says it all.
    If you thing this is bad, then just imagine what will happen when your ID card appears to be invalid. It won't be a fine or take a test again. You will simply not exist and be unable to prove it.

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  • 123. At 7:39pm on 29 Apr 2009, cornielious wrote:

    The DVLA can not get things right. My licence was due for renewal last year; because of there 'perfect' filing system I have been fighting them for the whole year and still have no sign of a licence. They have admitted in writing to not keeping my history and having no information of my initial application for a driving licence and this is within five years not ten. This case might differ slightly being medical, however, they did have all the information required it was a simple renewal it is sheer incompetence, basic lack of communication and customer care.

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  • 124. At 8:04pm on 29 Apr 2009, lwilliams82 wrote:

    I have just received a letter from the DVLA explaining my licence is up for renewal, requesting me to send in both parts of my licence along with 17.50 and an updated photo. I hold both a car and motorbike licence and am quite concerned about sending my licence to the DVLA for renewal as in the current economic climate I cannot afford to re-take either test and like many others who have posts comments I don't have the proof of passing either test as I sent the pass certificate to the DVLA. Some members have mentioned photocopying both licences before sending them to the DVLA.

    Could anyone confirm that this will be enough proof for the DVLA if I do encounter the problem of having my entitlements removed when the licence comes back from the DVLA?

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  • 125. At 8:14pm on 29 Apr 2009, anoraknophobe71 wrote:

    I just found out today that they have made an error
    with my licence also. I moved address 2 years ago
    and after watching the show I checked my licence and
    found that I am only entitled to drive small lorries.
    I have to contact the Northern Irish equivalent of the
    DVLA tomorrow and hope they have my certificate of
    entitlement. Having passed my test 19 years ago I'm
    fearing the worst.

    Someone must be held responsible for this. If
    I was as careless with such vital customer data in my
    job I wouldn't be employed for long.

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  • 126. At 10:13pm on 29 Apr 2009, gigglethecaptain wrote:

    I passed my motorcycle test when it was only a single test. I have now lost this, when I lost it who knows? I have been riding without a licence, and DVLA cant do a thing without proof. The proof needed is the documents you have to send to them to get your licence. Yet another money spinning idea for the tax payer to dig deep for AGAIN!!! This is a disgrace!!!!

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  • 127. At 11:32pm on 29 Apr 2009, thestateistheenemy wrote:

    How long before the DVLA claim a higher value vehicle is not taxed and remove it and the tax disc?
    Nice little earner.
    By failing to maintain accurate records are not the DVLA contravening the Data Protection Act?
    Penalty unlimited fines.

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  • 128. At 1:37pm on 30 Apr 2009, quovardis1708 wrote:

    I passed my motor bike test in 1986, after serving in the RAF for several years i moved back home and sent my licence of to change the address, i will tell you that i had passed my car test while in the RAF, when i got my licence back it had no entitlement for my motor bike on it. I didn't notice this for a few years as i didn't have a bike at the time. When i contacted DVLA i was told that i would have to retake my test unless i could prove that i had passed. This proof i did not have. so i retook my test. i then had to send my licence of to have it changed for one of the new plastic licences. When i got it back i went to buy a new bike. when the dealer asked to see my licence so he could check i had the entitlement on my licence he informed me that i did not have the correct entitlement. i again contacted DVLA and was informed again that i would have to show proof. they also informed me that the reason was that the paper certificate that you sent to them only had to be kept for 10 years and after that was distroyed. so again i had to resit my test last year. I also worked for mersyside police for a while, and whilst i was there i was told by several motorcycle officers that 3 of their colleages had had the same problem and it was only that fact that the police have to keep copies of any driving licence that they didn't have to re sit their test's, i have had a copy of my military licence since i left the RAF but was told by DVLA that this was not exceptable evidence to say that i had already taken and passed my test. How can a government department say that the military is not a exceptable form of evidence. The whole department is just a JOKE.

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  • 129. At 01:35am on 01 May 2009, Grizzly47 wrote:

    Had similar experience when we changed from the old red licences to the paper ones.Never checked it until I wanted to hire a motorcycle.Gave DVLA date and place I passed the test,even the registration of the motorcycle.Still had to retake the test.Costing nearly 800.00

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  • 130. At 03:58am on 01 May 2009, veilside01702 wrote:

    I passed my bike test in 1989 just after I got a full car licence. I have a paper licence still and need to do a change of address after moving house. I watched the program today and checked my old paper licence and found my motorbike entitlement is now missing. I haven't noticed it wasn't on there after my points were removed a few years ago. Luckily I haven't ridden a bike in a few years, but I will be ringing the DVLA tomorrow to give them an earful.....
    I guess I won't be the only one to be doing this.......
    Anyone else up for clogging up their switchboard and demanding they deal with all these incompetant mistakes??

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  • 131. At 7:03pm on 01 May 2009, astitch

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 132. At 4:12pm on 03 May 2009, rainrhiannon1234 wrote:

    I was involved in an accident thursday. I contacted my insurance company, gave them all the accident details and was put through to another division, who again took all my details, they then pursued a three way call with DVLA to check licence details. To my utter shock & disbelief, the lady at the DVLA said that I was only on a provisional licence & gave me another number to call - the enquiry line. Called the enquiry line and the lady there said that they had never received my full application and I was still on a provisional licence. I am utterly shocked by this. The lady said I would have received a letter six months after my test pass explaining that I hadn't applied for my licence. I never received this letter, but that is probably due to the fact I had applied for my licence.

    I then worriedly embarked on delving through all my paperwork, and found a letter from the DVLA dated one month after my practical test. The letter says thank you for your recent application / correspondence which I have to return to you. Please sign the D750 form. Please supply photocopy of your passport that has not been enlarged - this I then did.

    Therefore, they must have received my initial application form, to then write to me requiring additional information. I have posted copy of theory pass, copy of practical test pass, copy of letter received from them & copy of photo I sent back to them.
    I am now extremley concerned and worried about this, because as far as I was aware, my licence had been issued after the last piece of information had been sent to them. I thought I had lost licence during a move.

    Am so worried about this now, as from some of the horror stories i've read I'll have to take test again, this could interfere with my job also.

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  • 133. At 5:55pm on 03 May 2009, redbaggypants wrote:

    Having read these blogs, thought I'd check my drivers licence. What a surprise....not!!
    I'm a 60year old woman who's been driving since I was 18. But I'm in for some life changing fun 'cos my licence allows me to drive a motorcycle of any size with or without sidecar, I can also now drive a tracked vehicle and even a road roller............what a swell way to arrive at Tesco's.....!!

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  • 134. At 9:18pm on 03 May 2009, mancmanomyst wrote:

    I noticed that someone suggested using the Freedom of Information Act to get information about what entitlements you have on your license with the DVLA.

    I know this may sound like I'm nit picking but this advice is wrong. The freedom of Information Act cannot provide you with personal data - it was introduced so that people could get information about organisations such as process information, statistics etc NOT information from individual records

    What you actually need to do is make a claim under the Data Protection Act.

    Not that its necassary anyway, give the DVLA a call, pass a few security questions and they will send you the details anyway and probably faster too!

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  • 135. At 7:35pm on 04 May 2009, redAngryant wrote:

    I passed my driving test 3 months ago. As i had moved prior to my test i filled out the information at the bottom of my paper licence and duly handed it to the examiner at the start of my test. He confirmed id moved at that point and again at the end of my test.

    6 weeks after passing my test i still hadn't recieved my licence. Turns out (after 5 phone calls and being passed from pillar to post) that my licence had been sent to my old address - information i didnt find out from them but from knocking on the door of my old home. I complained to the DVLA and asked them if they could reissue my licence in my new address. I recieved a letter last week stating that i had never informed them of the change of address and that the lost licence was my fault entirely.

    Im writing to them to ask if they can trace my provisional paper licence whereby they'll have concrete evidence they did make a complete balls up!!

    Im loathed to send this one off to get it reissued, who knows where it might end up. Timbuktu perhaps?

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  • 136. At 7:38pm on 04 May 2009, bubblegumLizskelt wrote:

    The DVLA married off! I was told that my licence was invaild as I wasn't "Mrs"...I had to write o them to ask them to change it back to "Miss" or the post office wouldn't renew my road tax!

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  • 137. At 7:42pm on 04 May 2009, plmacca wrote:

    The DVLA changed our address details when they changed the format of the "log book" a few years ago.
    We didn't notice this when we got the new form, not thinking it would have changed we didn't check.
    Then one day my wife was stopped for having an out of date tax disc. Luckily I had proof we had bought it online, but we didn't get it as the address was wrong and it went to a similar named house in the area. It was luck we had received the previous letters and forms. The DVLA couldn't explain why the address had changed on their system.

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  • 138. At 8:07pm on 04 May 2009, emmapopham wrote:

    I sent my paper licence back as I had moved address back in 2001 and I lost my 7.5 tonne lorry entitlement. I thought that this was it was a mistake on their part in the first place, but however I am now wondering if this entitlement was removed and if it should be put back on!

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  • 139. At 8:38pm on 04 May 2009, lovableninja wrote:

    After riding a motorcycle for 8 years and diving a car for 2 I got banned for 6 months in october 07 for toting (build up of points) when I applied again for my license it was returned with just a motorcycle entitlement and not a car entilement. I found this out yesterday as I was stopped by the police and told at the roadside that I dont have a car license which is compltely untrue. My car was then impounded under a section 165 and I have to pay 200 to realese it!!!! Not fair what can I do??

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  • 140. At 8:56pm on 04 May 2009, cosmicbubbasparks wrote:

    Who is that boss of DVLA trying to kid. We all know the DVLA has a bad reputation for losing stuff which is why I always send everything via recorded delivery... and that doesn't guarantee anything. The last time I had problems with them when they lost my CBT certificate, they told to retake it having just got it. Unfortunately, I wasted so much time with them that meanwhile, the motocycle school had closed down. I gave up in the end cos they just didn't want to know.

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  • 141. At 10:24pm on 04 May 2009, cyemac wrote:

    Hey surprise, I passed my motor bike test in 1972 (little red book)I passed my car test in 1973 (little red book), therefor had no reason to require bike licence. I decided to go back to motorcycling when family had grown up, so I went to book on a 'Get back to motorcycling' course, only for the instructor to tell me I didn't have a full licence to drive a motorcycle, he said he had heard of it happening before and to write to DVLA to explain the situation. I wrote to the DVLA on 24th March 2009 and sent my paper and card copy, I didn't hear anything for about 1 month so I decided to telephone. I was told the same as all the other people if I couldn't supply my pass certificate or little red book then they could do nothing about it as their records were correct.I guess another gutted liar for the list. Guess what they sent back my licence without taking a conviction off from 1996 !!!!

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  • 142. At 10:19pm on 09 May 2009, ln1977 wrote:

    Hi all back again I have had a result, I have been on the phone today and my license is on its way back with my original entitlements as should be, I passed my class A motorcycle but the DVLA put me down on my license as being restricted.

    All is apparently well and my license is in the post on its way back to me, hooray.....

    WE'LL SEE SHALL WE. I'll keep you posted, Lee.

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  • 143. At 06:49am on 13 May 2009, Loudsheep wrote:

    Surely a No-win-no-fee solicitor could wrap-up here? + loss of earnings, inconvenience etc. etc. etc.? Failing that just go to Swansea with a camera-crew, you'll get a licence anyway by the look of it. Court anyone?

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  • 144. At 06:53am on 13 May 2009, Loudsheep wrote:

    This is criminal - shame there are no laws to protect US huh.

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  • 145. At 2:38pm on 13 May 2009, ghellis wrote:

    I moved to Ireland in 1991 my last licence was issued long before that. When I exchanged my licence for an Irish one I noticed that my entitlement to drice class c, c+e and motorcycle had all been removed.

    I called DVLA and they said there was no record and that I would have to take new tests.

    I think I will try again now to see if I get any joy.

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  • 146. At 3:14pm on 13 May 2009, furiousflorence wrote:

    I passed my test 8 years ago, i recently had an accident where i needed a courtesy car, when we were there they checked my licence at DVLA as i have some endorsements, where the DVLA informed me i had my licence cancelled 5 years ago !!
    When we returned home i rang the DVLA back where they said they know i had passed my test but apparently i had never recieved my pass certificate, which i sent in at the time i passed my test and my licence has also been back twice for speeding endorsements!
    I have now been informed that my insurance will not be valid as I apparently only hold a provisional licence (so the DVLA say) and i have to retake my theory and practical test again!!!!

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  • 147. At 6:05pm on 13 May 2009, catless01 wrote:

    r.e motorcycle entitlement. i passed my car test in 1994, passed my full motorbike test in 1998, sent off the pass certificate within 3/4 days (not recorded delivery). passed my hgv class 2 last month got my new licence , lorry and car ok, but my bike entitlement had expired something to do with 2 years. no option but to resit my bike test. this cant be right. What should i do?. the dvla acknowledge that i have passed my bike test but they said i didn't claim it. why would i do that?. i'm buggered, i 'm currently unemployed, sold my car to help pay the mortgage. have been using my bike cause it's cheaper to run. now i cant. this dvla system seems very silly. can anybody help me, it would be much appreciated.

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  • 148. At 9:03pm on 15 May 2009, Sunchild2004 wrote:

    I applied for a learners' license and the DVLA were very efficient. The only problem is that they lightened my picture so much I look like a white person. I'm a black woman. How do I complain without appearing racist?

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  • 149. At 10:56am on 18 May 2009, brennansimon wrote:

    I am currently training to become a driving instructor and my training company applied on my behalf to take the Part two practical test having taken and passed the Part one test. I was told the DSA would write and confirm the test date. They did...... to an address that I lived at more than 10 years ago! This letter was passed to me by a relative.

    I called the DSA to ask why they had used this address, I was told firstly that they could not confirm what address they had written to for Data Protection reasons, then said this was the address given to them when the test was booked and it was my training college that gave them the wrong address.

    My training company only has my current address and all other correspondence with the DSA has been at this address.

    Clearly someone at the DSA picked up an old address from their database. I am worried that they have set the clock back and lost my motorbike entitlement too which was gained after living at the address they have used. The DSA has taken my current address over over the phone, even though it is the address registered on my driving licence, which, i was told by them was not relevant!.

    So frustrating that the DSA refuse to admit any error. Without this there can be no culture of customer care and responsibility.

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  • 150. At 4:38pm on 18 May 2009, disgustedmaidavale wrote:

    I have tried on several occasions during the past 2 years to get a provisional driving license from the DVLA. They refuse to give me a license without holding my current passport for at least 2 weeks. I have told them that I travel a lot with my job and cannot be without my passport for weeks on end to satisfy their procedures. Last week I phoned them and they verbally agreed to take an expired passport as proof, so I posted this along with my application and then when I called today to check this they told me they rejected my application. I have even volunteered to travel to Swansea and show them my passport in person but they refuse to accept even this? It is a ridiculous situation and not at all in keeping with other EU countries requirements, for example in Ireland an EU citizen can go into a Local Motor Taxation Office showing supporting documents and apply in person. DVLAs should be forced to bring their procedures in line with other EU nations instead of allowing them to operate in their present "we are accountable to no-one" mode...
    The DVLA's procedures in effect, albeit temporarily, deny me my right to travel (freedom of movement) and in effect consitute an infringement of article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 13.

    I have taken this up with my MP and if nothing is done about it I will take it up with the European Parliament.

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  • 151. At 8:02pm on 18 May 2009, eludia wrote:

    I recently found out that the new Photo drving licence expires every 10 years, so why does mine run out in 7 & a half years? Does it take in to consideration the length of time you held a provisional licence for as well? Saying that I'm sure it didn't take me 2 & half years to pass my test anyway!!

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  • 152. At 8:05pm on 19 May 2009, SeanoSweet wrote:

    I passed my driving test just over a year ago, then when i recieved my licence off the DVLA it already had 3 points on it, a convicting court, fine and the number plate of the car the offence was commited in, as this was the first i knew i contacted the court and they said they had no record anything. I then contacted DVLA who refused to send evedence of the cars regestered owner at the time of offence, a solicitor said removing the points could be a lenthy and costly process.

    I have now committed a minor speeding offence (8 mph to fast as i thaught a 30 limit was a 40 limit) and as a result had my licence revoked.

    As i was in the first year of my own bussines and this was already struggling with the reccession i am now unemployed and sleeping on freinds sofa till i find refuge. i also have disabled grandparents who rely on me taking to hospital, chemist, shopping ect

    Despite there being not a shred of evidence i have been convicted, apperantly in my absence, the only bit of evidence that could clear me the DVLA are witholding from me, even charging me 5.00 for this.

    Currently waiting to go through the entire process of retaking my test theroy and practical wich is both costly and lenthy before i can get back to work and find myself a new home, Knowing that the DVLA at any time could have either admitted an error, or releced details to clear me of the courts error.

    The DVLA are all about money.

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