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Dalarna County Council

The County Council is responsible for publicly financed healthcare, medical care and some regional activities.

All inhabitants can influence the County Council through elections, use County Council services and they contribute economically by taxes. The County Council´s elected Assembly consists of 83 members. These politicians are also active as members in different boards within the County Council. The County Council Executive has 15 members.

The County Council operates within a geographical area just about the size of Belgium.

The total area of Dalarna County is more than 28 000 m2.  In one form or another the County Council operates all over this area with more than
8 500 employees who give service to the county´s 276 000 inhabitants in 15 municipalities.

Healthcare and medical care

Approx. 90 percent of County Council operations is to be referred to as health care. Primary care with more than 30 units, is the base of the county´s health care. The General Practitioner, with his/hers team takes care of basic health care, maternity welfare, child welfare, home health care and individual prevention. There are five hospitals within the County Council for somatic care and one hospital for psychiatric care only.

Dental health care

The County Council offers all children and youth, from 3-19 years old free dental care. It´s also responsible for specialist dental care and offers dental care to adults. Dental care is performed at 40 public dental clinics and clinics for specialist care throughout the county.

Regional commitments

The County Council is accountable for Film in Dalarna "Film i Dalarna", the regional library "Länsbibliotek Dalarna", the Mental Care Museum, "Mentalvårdsmuseet" and the exhibition "Gruvhospitalet" at Falu Copper Mine.

It provides grants to regional institutions such as the theatre "Dalateatern", the music foundation "Musik i Dalarna" and the regional museum "Dalarnas museum".

The County Council has advisors for development of arts, dance and multicultural matters. It also stimulates the cultural life in the county by subsidies to cultural projects.

The County Council runs three Folk High Schools in Mora, Malung and Borlänge. It also runs the Falun Music Conservatory, "Musikkonservatoriet Falun" (upper secondary and adult education) and upper secondary and adult education for forestry and wilderness tourism at Älvdalen Educational Centre, "Älvdalens Naturbruksgymnasium"

It supports non-governmental organisations and adult educational associations by grants to their work at regional level.

Since 2003 the County Council participates with the 15 municipalities in the organization Regional Cooperation Council of Dalarna, "Region Dalarna". This political organization is responsible for coordination with the work for regional development and growth in the whole county.

The County Council is one of the authorities responsible for public transport service in the county through "Dalatrafik". It also provides grants to the two airports Dala Airport and Mora-Siljan Airport.

Some facts

65 000 patients are admitted to psychiatric and somatic hospital care per year. 55 000 come for emergency care. 240 000 receive Specialist care at hospital and 45 000 come for day care.

340 000 visits at District Physicians per year and 920 000 visits at District Nurses and Midwives.

250 000 come to other personnel like nurses and psychologists
93 000 adults and 58 000 children receive dental care at County Council dental units.

For more information, please contact:
Dalarna County Council
Box 712
S - 791 29 FALUN
Tel +46 23 49 00 00
Fax + 46 23 49 01 87

Updated: 7/11/2007
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