Life Sucks then you Die

The tag line for this site is “find love and be happy”. A simple and descriptive line, but make no mistake the finding love part is difficult, and holding on to that feeling of happiness has been a burning struggle for people for a millenia. Revolutions have occurred because people were unhappy with their lot in life. Falling in love with someone else is easily one of the most satisfying and fulfilling parts of life. It can lead to a powerful sensation of completeness and happiness. To the point where you don’t need anything else because you don’t want anything else. I hope everyone reading this to experience it. So why is it so freaking hard for some people? Finding that love is a hidden journey of tremendous personal growth, and you don’t even realize it. Many people are living quite lives of desperation. Life sucks then you die. Go to work, go home, then go to work, then go home. Then you die. That scenario does suck, and it does not make for a happy life. It makes you believe that life does suck, and then you die.

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Does he love Me?

You love your girl friend right? Does she know? “Yea, why wouldn’t she”? You might be thinking. I’ll share a tough lesson learned. Girls like to be reassure of how you feel about them….on a regular basis mind you. Does he love me? Does he still love me? You may think that when the day comes when you marry them and say “I do” that your professing you love to the world about how you feel about them, that now the deal is done and your off the hook. Well the deal is never done for girls. Their tends to be an underlining Read More…

Facebook dating ads are bringing back lame advertising

With the evolution of the Internet, so has evolved advertising.  The advent of web 2.0 is the rise of social media companies like Facebook; which are in a unique position to engage their audience with more sophisticated advertising due to the abundance of data they have on their users. So why the heck  is Facebook and many other website showing such lamefacebook-dating-ads advertising ?

Short answer is sex sells, and Facebook has a tremendous ad inventory to sell apparently to settle for this crap!  A perfect example is the ad you see to your Read More…

A Man’s love is loyalty. Your love is different.

Men and women are very different creatures.  Girls, understand that a man’s love  is different. To put it as simply:  A man’s love is loyalty. Girls love is nurturing, emotional,  heartfelt, all consuming. The kind of love that make’s it so  she can’t see herself with anyone else, because no one else should compare.  She is completly loyal, and loyalty is what love is to men.

Muni Afternoon

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Totally free Dating!

Taking girls out is expensive. Dating overall can be expensive. Since you don’t want to be a jerk, most guys will offer to pay for dinner, the tickets, flowers. The whole damn thing! But what the heck do you do if you’re on a tight budget? Stay home with your dog? Thats pretty lame, but dating on the cheap is possible and it can allow you to be creative while showing the lucky lady a good time. Of course being Mr. Frugal and Thrifty, aka Mr. Chepo is  a turn-off for most ladies, then no need to let on how much you’re saving.


Shel Horowitz, author of The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty on a Peasant’s Pocketbook, is a frugal guru with more than 25 years of experience in saving money, time and lowering your cost of living.

Always investigate if there is a cheaper way or a cheaper option,” Horowitz said. He gave the example of going to see a show at a community theater where the seats are often right at the stage, instead of buying the “cheaper” tickets to a Broadway show in the nosebleed section. Horowitz said he has seen the advantages of finding cheaper or free alternatives; they far outweigh the benefits, and are more rewarding.


When romancing  as el chepo,  Shel is showing you to use your head and be creative. Disclaimer: Helps if you have a brain

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When to End a Long-Term Relationship

Relationships can definitely be  a more interesting part of our lives, particularly ones that are heading towards marriage. But when do you hit the ejection button on a long term relationship? Well if your crazy in love then obviously that thought does not even occur, but perhaps it should.

 Relationships in where one person does not feel as strongly as the other are actually pretty common. It is one of the reasons why people break up to begin with! So how do you know if that’s your relationship? Well keep reading and see if the below describe you.

(Oh and to be quick, if reading this you realize your the person that has second thoughts, then do yourself and your gf/bf a favor and break it off with them. No sense in having two unhappy people.)

Average Relationship?

20 Questions
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An average relationship is when their is nothing really to complain about. You have fun spending time together, your family thinks your boyfriend/girlfriend are great. You two get along for the most part, you don’t really fight, everything is just bumping along uneventfully. A 7 out of 10 lets say. So what do you do? Stay or go? Well it is a 7 out of 10 because one half is in love and the other half is not. If your the half that is not, then being in an ambivalent state is the worst. It’s when you realize that what you have is a blessing, that you are lucky to have found someone who loves you, you have grown to be content and the thought of leaving and being alone again, single and looking….well sucks. It shouldn’t suck though! It will in the beginning because inadvertently you will have feeling for the other person and will think that perhaps you made a mistake. However you will never find true love and happiness. You are holding yourself back from a truly rewarding relationship, not an average relationship, but an awesome relationship; perhaps even a super awesome relationship…too much? Sorry. Read More…

Communication in the Car

Some of your most important talks and decisions happen in a car. We’ve all had those talks, the kind that you turn off the radio, you just kill the motor and sit and talk for another half hour.

Really important stuff like deciding to move in together, breaking up, giving ultimatums, who knows maybe even some marriage proposals for sure! This probably lead both parties too similar conclusions:

wow my girlfriend is crazy & wow my boyfriend is stupid

Not always though, It just seems a lot of pivotal life moments happen in a car, good and bad of course. So lets go over some topics that the opposite sex will never bring up.
Ferrari 599
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