"The cause of all poverty is a disruption in the world's economic system."    

Tapping is 97.76% Effective!

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According to the World Health Organisation, in the past 8 years, our surrogate tapping team have:

  • Reduced the levels of violence in Iraq and Afghanistan by 83.7%.
  • Eliminated hunger in Africa*
  • Worldwide incidence of malaria** reduced by 99.999%
  • Added in excess of 23 billion dollars of wealth into the monetary system.

*The set up phrase used by our Dutch surrogate team, "selvom jeg føler sulten, jeg dybt og fuldstændig acceptere mig selv." ("Even though I feel hungry, I deeply and completely accept myself.")

**In fact, there is only one person left in the world who remains infected with Malaria. His name is Michael and he lives in Slough. Tapping didn't work because of all the toxins, and besides, he consciously blocks the meridians. What a loser.

Used by the UK and US Military

  • Since it was found that gunshot wounds could be cured by simply tapping the acupuncture points on the face, Tapping is now an integral part of the West's military basic training.

Now Used in Hospitals Worldwide!

  • Doctors are using Tapping for removing kidney stones, curing phlebitis, priapism*** and genital warts. The world was declared AIDS free in April 2004 following the Six Day International Surrogate Tapping Experiment on bad AIDS!

***Priapism set up phrase used by UK doctors: "Even though I have this unrelenting hard-on, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Fully Endorsed by:

  • Dr. Jack Koffman, MD, PhD
  • Prof. Anna Recksiek, MD
  • Lord D. Liver, MBE
  • Gen. Ophelia Payne
  • Dr. Sam Manilla, MD
  • Lord Jesus H. Christ
  • Captain Tess Steckle, OBE

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Emily from Hertfordshire writes: "Since I learned how to Tap for Cash, I have been able to give my up real job and pass myself off as a fully qualified tapping therapist and I am now truely Tapping for Cash. Thank you TFC!"

Ron from Leeds writes: "Having read a magazine article on counselling, I immediately started looking for something easy to take me to the whole next level. TFC has taken me to that level. Thank you Tapping for Cash!"

Brian from Lancashire writes: "Since I was lacking in any form of work accumen, I wanted to be able to quit my job. TFC has enabled me to do that. I am now truely Tapping for Cash. Thank you TFC!"

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The Tappy Bear!
The scientific breakthrough that enables dippy parents to heal their children's emotional traumas with a bear!


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Your Financial Freedom Starts Here and You Can Literally Heal the World*

Without much training, without effort, and most of all, without any intelligent thought whatsoever, our unique training system will fully equip you to:

  • tap into the financial earnings of the mentally ill, the poor, the gullible and the desperate.
  • have the illusion of being qualified and experienced, giving you the full sense of being a useful and valuable human being. The contribution you make to the world is special.
  • attend conferences and workshops where you will be able to show off who you trained with and make endless inane references to that special connection you share with your trainer (we attach a free script of what to say along with the DVDs)
  • meet up with other gullible fools and swap crystals, healing flowers and overpriced remedial placebos at practice groups countrywide.

*"Heal The world" is a Trademark of Tapping for Cash Corporations and may not be used without permission.

How Does Tapping for Cash Work?

By convincing your clients of your ancient esoteric knowledge and energy awareness and about your depth of knowledge in the field of "energy medicine." Once you have completed our exclusive training program which consists of simply viewing 2 DVDs on your computer and in the comfort of your own home, you will be ready to:

  • discuss the body's subtle energy system with your clients.
  • give yourself and your clients the illusion that you have qualification.
  • use buzzwords such as, "meridians", "energies", "toxins", "auras", "thoughts" and "feelings."
  • identify acupuncture and acupressure points that your client will tap under your expert guidance.
  • believe that you are superior to the medical professions, simply because you know about tapping and they don't. The fools!
  • charge a high fee, because you will know where to tap for cash!

So, if you dream of giving up your day job and want to be able to help others and get rich in the process, Tapping for Cash is the system for you!

Buy the DVD set today, and we will give you the following bonus DVDs:

  • The Patented Tapping for Cash "Wallet Maneuver." Yes! You will learn how to literally tap your clients' wallets and produce astonishing results.
  • "The Cancer Cure." Yes! You will learn how to literally cure cancer. Our proven system removes all energy blocks from a diseased ravaged body to restore the very source of life itself.
  • "The Myth of Death - The Lazarus Maneuver." Yes! Once you have learned how energy systems work inside the body, and using little more than surrogate tapping and the techniques developed by Jesus H. Christ Himself, you will be bringing the dead back to life in no time at all! In no time at all, you will be amazing all of your friends, especially the dead ones!


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In this pack you will get:

  • Free membership of the, "British Board of Tappers" and it's sister organisation, "The Global Organisation of Tapping."
  • Certificate demonstrating your approved membership of, "The International Federation of Tappers."
  • Free use of official looking logos.
  • One free goat.
  • Discount on airfares to Africa where you can teach Africans to heal malaria, bad AIDS, malnutrition and open up unique and fascinating business opportunities with the goat.
  • A badge with the BBoT logo and the words, "I FEEL GOOD."


The Whole World is your Client!

Tapping for Cash The Whole World Over and Over and Over...

Are you ready to join the adventure of your life?


"I now feel like I can literally heal the world and gain financial freedom simply by using the TFC system. Thank you Tapping for Cash!" Jennifer from Solihull.

"I had a rape victim with PTSD come to see me last week. Despite her obvious trauma and my own uncertainty of being able to help her, I got her to tap the meridians on her face before tapping her wallet. She hasn't come back to see me, so I know that she must be feeling better. Thank you Tapping for Cash!" Michael from Birmingham.

"Depression be gone! Since I learned how to Tap for Cash using the secret, "Wallet Maneuvre" tapping process, i am certainly feeling so much happier. Thank you Tapping for Cash!" Andrew from Chichester.

"I'm now able to get clients to come back for second sessions, thanks to Tapping for Cash. I am now able to explain to my clients how the lack of results is a direct consequence of "toxins" and "blocked meridians." Now, thanks to Tapping for Cash I am truely able to Tap my clients wallets! Thank you again Tapping for Cash!" Roger in Cardiff.

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"Tapping for Cash" - 2 DVDs and the free "I'm special" script, plus bonus DVDs and a free Femidom for just £6497 +VAT.

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Tapping For Cash is a fictional and satirical site. Yes, really.
It is not affiliated nor approved by the British Bored of NLP, The International Association of Tappers or anyone else. It's complete rubbish.