Scottish and Irish Titles


Scottish Titles

According to Scots Law there are some special titles which are recognised by the Crown:-

(1) Those in the Peerage of Scotland with the title Master (see Scottish Master).
(2) Recognised chiefly styles and territorial designations of Chiefs, Chieftans and Lairds, which are strictly speaking part of their surname.  These are under the jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon King of Arms. By statute these form part of the name and should always be used.  They are:
•Chiefs of Clans (Highlands).
•Chiefs of Names (Lowlands).
•A few independent Heads of considerable houses who are recognised as Chiefs (eg Fraser of Lovat, Macdonald of Clanranald, Macdonald of Sleat).
•Chieftains (branch chiefs).

Irish Titles

There are three Irish Hereditary Knights, feudal dignities which were conferred upon the FitzGerald family: The Knight of Kerry (the Green Knight), The Knight of Glin (the Black Knight), and The White Knight.  The last of these, whose surname became fixed as FitzGibbon, is dormant, though there is a claimant.

How to Address...

Chief, Chieftain, Laird

Female Chief, Chieftain, Laird

Wife or Widow of a Chief, Chieftain or Laird

Family of a Chief

Irish Hereditary Knights


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