American Voices - Tony Taccone: When I was approached about directing Carrie Fisher’s show, I confess to being more than a little flabbergasted. Like many people, I was introduced to Carrie’s work through the fantastically weird lens of Princess Leia. Upon meeting her, I was immediately struck by two things about Carrie: a searing wit and a voracious mind. You will see Carrie Fisher as simply herself: ribald, smart, honest, and unadorned. Carrie offers us a chance to peek behind the mask of character, the mythos of Hollywood, and the artifice of celebrity to witness a person who recognizes the absurdity and insanity of everything around her and who brazenly chooses to laugh it off. Given the options, she will tell you, it’s her only viable choice.

Artistic Director of the Tony Award-winning Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Tony is renowned for his work with solo performers like Danny Hoch, Sarah Jones, and Geoff Hoyle and for daring collaborations with eminent artists such as Tony Kushner and Culture Clash.

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outrageous memoir
created and performed by Carrie Fisher
directed by Tony Taccone
a Jonathan Reinis Production
in association with Berkeley Repertory Theatre
September 5 through 28, 2008
at the Lincoln Theatre

Sponsored by Donald and Nancy de Laski

"Carrie Fisher sure can dish it. And we're only too happy to take it. Her blissfully gossipy one-woman show, ‘Wishful Drinking,’ acerbically, uproariously and, yes, even affectionately mines the rich veins of a life lived to a conveniently lampoonable degree in the public eye."
– Peter Marks, The Washington Post

"Entertaining as all hell…it sets the Lincoln Theater rocking with delighted laughter."
–Trey Graham, Washington City Paper

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Carrie Fisher is the life of the party in this uproarious and sobering look at her Hollywood hangover. The daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher became a cultural icon when she starred as Princess Leia in the first Star Wars trilogy at 19 years old. Forever changed, Carrie’s life did not stay picture perfect.

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Tony Taccone
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