Welcome to the Far Wilds!

You are a warlord in the outskirts of the known world struggling to establish a kingdom in the wild lands. You must use strategy and wits to establish yourself and not be pushed back further into the wilderness.

The Far Wilds is a unique turn based strategy game. Configure an army and fight on a random battlefield.

Battles are dynamic. You must adapt your strategy to different battlefields conditions and opponents.

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Next Set: Borderlands

July 30, 2009

We are releasing a new expansion in September called Borderlands. It will add two new races to the world of the Far Wilds.
The Celestial Imperium moves out toward the northern wastes to respond to the rising tide of the Hordes of Chaos. Disciplined and Powerful Psions wield their minds against twisted Mutants. Priests and Paladins of Xosa battle with Demons and armies of Orcs across the wilderness of the Borderlands.

Stay tuned! Release events will be announced closer to the actual release.

Battle Draft

July 6, 2009

We have created a new tournament mode. It is called a Battle Draft.

You and your opponent share the same hand of cards. So you must strategize about which card is best to play given what other cards are in the card pool and what your enemy can conceivably play.

Balancing Changes

July 16, 2009

We are going to make a few balancing changes sometime this week. Many buildings will change also Ascent and some other cards. We will post a complete list when the changes take place.

We realize that this might upset some people but we think these changes will be better for the game balance and make the game better in the long run.
IMPORTANT: Anyone who owns cards that decrease in value because of these changes will be given gold to make up for the lost value. Forum Thread...

(Oh and the website was redesigned, obviously.)

The Far Wilds has something for you
  • Free to play
  • 4 Races to master with different strengths and weaknesses
  • Play with pre-made armies or make your own
  • Wide variety of strategies and ways to win
  • Much more...
  • 11700 Hithlum
  • 21683 Altren
  • 31628 angelatheist
  • 41598 Jorjo
  • 51597 Galorix
  • 61595 Baumgardner
  • 71586 esteban
  • 81579 Kremik
  • 91576 Tryste
  • 101576 CaveTroll
  • 111562 ivandubina
  • 121560 VeratilEladamri
  • 131556 Voices
  • 141539 nayen
  • 151539 grug
  • 161524 Kelrin
  • 171521 Sunyaku
  • 181519 Johansson
  • 191518 Turbographics16
  • 201514 Themist