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Everything within ones Imagination to have its Subconscious Opposite of Associative reasoning, which at one level is personal to ones own self of experiential Correspondence while at a deeper level still it be Collective of Memories. The Symbolic fixation upon the Medieval in regards to Occult practice whether it be that of Ceremonial Ritual Magick and that of Witchcraft does open up a can of worms for the age Medieval was not the heyday of Magick but that of its demise ringed around by burning Witches while Romano-Judaeo-Christianity made its bloody Inquisitional way to wipe the slate clean with its Centralist New-World-Order agenda. The symbolic language of the Grimoires are heavily imbued with a dualist attitude born of Cabbalistic practices with no mention of the Feminine principle whatsoever to rant on about God and his Angelic hordes crowning Solomon’s brow of Middle-Eastern mystique ever warring against the influence of Lucifer. 


A Male to a Woman unified as one through Orgasm does create a Dream made as Childe Flesh of Mundane fact Earthly. In essence of Trans-mundane formula, The Male Sorcery practitioner to unite with his Subconscious of the Succubae-Jhinn ‘Feminine’ Quantum Informational Dream whence she then to manifest his desires into Associative Material Flesh; this is achieved when he perceives him self as the Conscious opposite seeking out union with the Subconscious all Feminine denizens of the Quantum Dream Sisterhood whom are his Allies... should he be able to Catch them.


The technique is that of primarily visualising ones self as the ‘Master’ while ones ‘Spirit’ of a Succubus to evoke be ones (Genie of Genius) ‘Slave’. (One does not project such a scenario onto a Physical Partner, one ‘Internalises’ it through Meditation and Active Visualisation.) However, Slaves are naturally inclined to Rebel for one would do so likewise in Reverse, unless it is of course that of balanced Love-Play; hence a Valefora French Maid Spirit does desire being bound up by her Master, An Asmodaya Pirate-Queen Spirit loves to obey her Buccaneering Captain, A Valuna Schoolgirl Spirit does do her homework adoring her caning Teacher while a Phenexi Artists Model Spirit to lovingly pose for her Masterful Artist wielding his erect brush.

(The primary orientation of this Sorcerer escapade is 1: to access an Alternate Realty within ones Dream made Lucid, which is analogous to one finding ones self totally immersed within a Virtual Reality of a Computer Game. The Sentient Intelligence of said Virtual Reality Matrix is the ‘Spirit’ one has evoked as its ‘Governess’. Since one will find ones self totally immersed within the Virtual Reality of the Dream one will be susceptible to its laws, hence one has to be careful to show due Respect otherwise one may just find ones psyche fried; for the Dream domain one will be accessing is made up of the sum total of many (Legions) Minds whom are focussing upon certain core Archetypes made Sentient by their combined Focus. 2: when activating the Spirit Internally (Implicate-Ordered Informational Reality) via ‘Conscious Dreaming’ one then observes the concordant External (Explicate-Ordered Material Reality) Synchronicities, which will thence manifest of Feed-Back-Loop that will hearken in ones Desire made as Flesh!)   


If one to visualise the Spirit of ones Opposite Gender of a Succubus is involved in a relationship dynamic of Master and Slave with ones self, which is that of Sexual Love-Play one will then negate ones Opposite from Rebelling. One will be essentially ‘Programming’ the relationship dynamic at the outset via Ritualistic Visualisation techniques in regards to the evoked Spirit of a Succubus to be contacted via Trance and Dreaming. (Note: This visualisation technique can of course be applied to other Sexual orientations!) Ones Opposite of evoked Succubus reflects back ones Projection, which is the underlying organising principle of the Informational Quantum Dream. When the Dream domain is accessed consciously through Lucidity one will find that the Symbolic Dream material will then reflect back ones projected guise. The informational Associative realm of the fractal Dream domain will be ‘Governed’ over by ones evoked Succubus and when to unite with the (Energy/Information) Spirit, she will then empower ones Desire to manifest into Fractal (Matter) Material Flesh via ones internalised Guise of assumed Strange Attractor.


In other words, one visualises ones self of internal guise such as a Buccaneering Captain to assume so as to ‘Spin’ the Opposite of  Asmodaya Pirate-Queen Spirit evoked by ones ‘Emotively’ Charged Intent; the Spirit then to empower ones guise of internally wrought self-image, which sets up externalised associative synchronicities around ones self of conscious orchestration. (The External Synchronicities will have Symbolic Triggers associated with them, which will reflect back ones Internal Focus upon ones self as a Pirate, for example, whence Pirate motifs will manifest of Synchronistic phenomena!) This, however can only be done when first contacting the Spirit of a Succubus so as to activate her and thereby then tapping into her power (Energy/Information) via deep Trance or Conscious Dreaming, which then empowers ones Internal guise. The use of Magickal Ritual is merely a lead up to inducing a Trance State and that of engineering Lucid Dreams so as to cohere ones focus in order to internalise. (This technique is not much different to that of the Magus assuming the guise of King Solomon surrounded by his Angels and Demons! However, in regards to the above technique it is far more akin to that of Bon-Po Shamanist practice and Tibetan Buddhism where one has Magically constructed Guises (Buddha’s) often represented in Tibetan art as being in sexual union with their feminine counterparts (Succubae) Shakti’s.)


The Emotive Charge utilised in regards to this technique is most obviously that of the ‘Sexual drive’ rather than that of ‘Fear’, which is usually the modus-operandi of most Grimoires wrought by Medieval Christian clerics within their cloisters, but then they perceived that the First Sin was that of the Sexual act and hence the source of all Evil; however the Emotive Charge of ‘Fear’ is a powerful tool in the Sorcerers armoury but it does generate a furtherance of Fear, which will invariably manifest into ‘Spun’ Flesh.

TRanCing OuT aNd SeXual EcStaSy

When using the above technique with a more than willing Physical Partner whom acts as a Medium for an Evoked Spirit, one has to be aware that it can lead to ‘Possession’ states especially in regards to Females whom are far more sensitive of Mediumistic nature than the Male sex. This is more so the case if one is practicing 'Traditional Goetia' to perceive the listed Spirits as being all Male; hence ones partner of Female Medium with Sigil painted upon her forehead will end up being ridden by Incubi and that of her Male fixation within her Trance to that of ensuing Dreams who will not necessarily be ones self of focus; whereby one will later find ones self probably bumping into her exes all over the place under mysterious circumstances let alone that of her looking at you as if one has just crawled out of a gutter for she be now dallying with the Great Old Ones to become their High Priestess of vaginal portcullis. In other words her ego will probably blow up out of all proportion for one to observe synchronicity to dance around her whence she will most likely than not go quite mad. What does one expect when ones Female Medium of Partner to have her Subconscious opposites all 72 of number Infernal to then stretch up all supine grasping for 72 machismo Angeloi to dally with. If one to perceive the Goetia and that of other Grimoires as hiding a secret form of Western Tantra as some hedonistically inclined authors have stated then one has to be honest with ones self to realise that if this be so, such works are solely written for those of a Non-Heterosexual orientation whom to have fantasised in sweaty patriarchal monasteries about Macho Angels and Butch Demons, unless of course one be a Female Witch surrounded by her Lustful Incubi.


There is however an underlying code in the Goetia, which has to do with ancient Rune-lore. When patriarchal Christianity made its ascension to wipe away most of the old European cultures and that of their Shamanistic orientation much was destroyed or hidden away. It is whispered that each Rune to have Succubae associated with them and one to find that there be Six Succubae associated with each of the Twenty-Four Runes. The Twenty-Four Runes are split up into three groups of ‘Eight’, which are thence aligned with the Three Nerve channels of ones Spinal Column Axis-Mundi of a World-Tree Yggdrassill. There are Three Infernal Wyrd Succubi balanced out by Three Upper-World Wyrd Succubae who were once known by the Norse as Valkyries numbering ‘144’ in number, reduced down to the single digit of ‘Nine’. Each of the Runes, are in turn associated with ‘Chakras’ along ones Spinal Column, which in the Hindu system of Yoga and that of Tantra have Feminine deities associated with them called Dakini’s, that are not too dissimilar to the Valkyries, which are awoken by the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti Fire Snake of feminine source that in the European tradition was symbolised as the Dragon winding its self around a Maiden. The Norse Shaman to name this Feminine source as being the Fylgja while the Saxon Sorcerer to call her the Fetch-Wife or Neck-Tie Woman whom was perceived as being the repository of all Memories… She is now known to the Geneticist as the ‘Mitochondria’, that determines the energy output of each and every cell of ones body from which emanates the ‘Bio-Photon’ flame of Light infusing ones Dreams, for within the Mitochondria there be the Double Helix Dragon of DNA passed down through the generations from Mother to Child.


In Ritual Magick the term ‘Holy-Guardian-Angel’ has taken over the mantle of the Fetch-Wife while Male Angels and Demons have become the focus of many an Occult practitioner whose underlying orientation is really that of the imprinted Christian whose Judaic Patriarchal fixation is all pervasive to have numbered 72 Islamic Muhammad Jhinn with their accompanying 72 David Angeloi. However, behind the Middle-Eastern façade there is something far older, awaiting to be found again of new expression, for evoking ‘Fear’ does constrain ones Consciousness while having Fun to evoke does free ones Imagination to go beyond such Traditional limitations, which are often than not laid down by Religions entwined with their Politics of Control.


One has the formula of 'Love and Sex equals Intelligence Increase Squared,' which be of preference when relating with ones Succubus; should she manifest as a Hybrid of Animal charcteristics, she be not some creation of a puerile extraterrestrial Grey Alien Underground-Base experiment but that of an Atavistic Resurgence of the inherent Power of ones Primordial Subconscious Memories expressed in Female form whose domain is of the Infernal realms of the Ancestral Underworld, which be amidst ones passed down fiery Mitochondrial DNA whom will be communicating with one within ones Electron Dreams made Lucid of Bio-Photon Light.