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The Icing Branch creates software tools for icing prediction & analysis, helps develop aircraft ice protection systems and produces educational materials for the general aviation community.

Iced airfoil in the Icing Research Tunnel

 As part of NASA's Aviation Safety Project, the Icing Branch strives to make flight in icing conditions safer through research, education, and partnering with agencies, industry, and academia.
The Icing Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center performs research activities related to the development of methods for evaluating and simulating the growth of ice on aircraft surfaces, the effects that ice may have on the behavior of aircraft in flight, and the behavior of ice protection & detection systems.

Wire frame of Twin Otter aircraft

The Icing Branch creates many software codes. These tools help predict ice growth, ice protection system behavior, and the effects of ice contamination on aircraft. For more information about these tools, please consult the Design and Analysis section of this site.

The Icing Branch is also active in the area of aircraft ice protection, focuing on areas such as icing avoidance, icing tolerant aircraft and icing atmospheric characterization. Further discussion of these activities can be found in the Aircraft Ice Protection section of this site.

A number of high quality training aids for pilots on various aspects of flight in icing condtions have been produced by the Icing Branch. These products have been widely used by the worldwide aviation community. In addition to these video and computer-based products, the Icing Branch also hosts free on-line training courses for in-flight and ground icing. For descriptions of these educational products, please refer to our Education and Training section of this site.

The Icing Branch also utilizes a flying laboratory to study aircraft icing in the sky. They also utilize a refrigerated wind tunnel at NASA Glenn Research Center to create realistic icing conditions for models and airfoils on the ground. Please refer to the facilities section of this site for further information.

Contact Information
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NASA Glenn Research Center
Icing Branch
MS 11-2
21000 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44135 U.S.A.
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Phone: 216-433-3919
Fax: 216-977-7469
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