Judie Brown column
Judie Brown is president and co-founder of American Life League, the nation's largest grassroots pro-life educational organization.

She is currently serving her second five-year term as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life in Rome. Daily Catholic cited her as one of the top 100 Catholics of the 20th century.

Judie has appeared on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Mother Angelica Live, The O'Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, Today, Oprah, and Larry King Live, as well as hundreds of other television and radio talk shows. Her comments regularly appear in major print media nationwide, and she has written numerous editorial pieces for magazines and newspapers, including The Washington Post and USA Today.

Judie is married to Paul A. Brown, and they have three children and nine grandchildren. She and her husband have been involved in the pro-life movement since 1969.

Christ-centered health care reform
Judie Brown
August 11, 2009

Recently, there have been a lot of legislative deliberations, speeches and commentaries about so-called health care reform, including my own. But perhaps it is . . .

Catholics and healthcare reform
Judie Brown
August 3, 2009

Our office's recent media release has created quite a stir about the folks at the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVDP), Catholic Charities (CCUSA) and the . . .

Synchronized stealth: Obama's 'Department of Death with Dignity'!
Judie Brown
July 28, 2009

The current debate over health care is one of those scenarios that might play well in a science-fiction thriller, but must not be allowed to play out on the . . .

Catholic health care's demise--is it imminent?
Judie Brown
July 22, 2009

There was a time when institutions bearing a Catholic identity, such as hospitals and clinics, would never have agreed to even the slightest hint of deviating . . .

Inescapable consequences banished from public discussion
Judie Brown
July 10, 2009

Time and time again, we are called upon to respond to a question average Americans ask: "Why doesn't the media — conservative or liberal — show a picture of an . . .

Churchman, chickens, and choice ... symbols of a disordered mentality
Judie Brown
July 6, 2009

A few days ago, I came upon an article about a certain Episcopalian priestess named Rev. Nina Churchman. http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/jun/09062411.html . . .

Tranquility or terrorism?
Judie Brown
July 2, 2009

Having just returned from a 16-day tour of national parks in the western states, from Glacier http://www.nps.gov/glac to Zion, http://www.nps.gov/zion I was . . .

Boston's hour of accountability draws near
Judie Brown
June 16, 2009

The furor over the July 1 deadline facing Sean Cardinal O'Malley, http://www.bostoncatholic.org of the Archdiocese of Boston, has been newsworthy for many weeks . . .

Media madness: men and abortion
Judie Brown
June 11, 2009

The planet is a strange place these days where hyped political rhetoric continues to grow ever more bizarre. Take, for example, the recent comments by Adam . . .

Rants, raves, and radicals: the pill kills women!
Judie Brown
June 9, 2009

At the completion of another successful PILL KILLS http://www.thepillkills.com/ series of events we were somewhat shocked and surprised to see how many pro . . .

The culture of death has no winners
Judie Brown
June 1, 2009

Upon learning of the tragic murder of abortionist George Tiller, http://www.prch.org/programs-george-r-tiller-md about whom I have written on numerous occasions . . .

Development, peace, and corruption in Canada -- a Catholic saga
Judie Brown
May 28, 2009

LifeSiteNews http://www.lifesitenews.com/ has been a mainstay of accurate reporting on breaking stories not only on the North American continent but around the . . .

Pandora's Box has nothing on Caritas Christi
Judie Brown
May 27, 2009

PANDORA'S BOX: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Pandora%27s%20Box Etymology: from the box, sent by the gods to Pandora, which she was forbidden to . . .

University of Wisconsin Hospital's macabre moniker
Judie Brown
May 22, 2009

Over the years there have been a number of universities in the United States that have distinguished themselves either because of something unique that places . . .

Life of the mother or lies of Big Brother
Judie Brown
May 20, 2009

The claims of our opponents always tend to mystify me because when put under the microscope of logic, they usually look very much like a fairy tale. Take for . . .

Notre Dame: Catholicism's crucible
Judie Brown
May 13, 2009

Crucible: a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary . . .

Lighting the way despite the wayward
Judie Brown
May 6, 2009

Those faithful Catholics who are exposing the debacle at the University of Notre Dame are to be commended, and we are grateful for their courage, even in the . . .

Error-riddled rhetoric from both sides on Plan B
Judie Brown
April 28, 2009

A recent article by Detroit Free Press reporter Megha Satyanarayana http://www.freep.com/article/20090423/NEWS06/904230435/struck aroused in me a fundamental . . .

Take a baby step and save a life
Judie Brown
April 24, 2009

The unbelievable results of the Baby Steps DVD, http://www.babystepsdvd.com/ produced by American Life League, continue to inspire, motivate and touch the . . .

Napolitano nastiness
Judie Brown
April 20, 2009

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano wasted little time in going after President Obama's most beloved opponents, pro-life Americans. http://www.lifesitenews . . .

The pluripotency pickle: the story of a lie
Judie Brown
April 16, 2009

Pickle — a difficult situation; a sour solution Several years ago, in one her most important scientific papers, Professor Dianne Irving discussed the nature . . .

The Notre Dame end game -- human respect
Judie Brown
April 14, 2009

So much has been written on the intransigence of Father John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, in view of the mounting pressure on him to disinvite the . . .

Pope-mania or condom-mania -- pick one
Judie Brown
April 10, 2009

Royce Dunn is and has always been an inspiration to me. For those of you not already aware of this, Royce was the creator of the Life Chain concept, and over . . .

Bizarre bilge from the culture of death
Judie Brown
April 7, 2009

Bizarre bilge is news and comments that would be unthinkable in a truly civil society. Once you read the following collection of "news" items you will get a . . .

Notre Dame score card: Americanism vs. Catholicism
Judie Brown
April 3, 2009

It's really interesting to witness the ongoing struggle between orthodoxy and malevolence surrounding the University of Notre Dame's invitation to President . . .

Notre Dame: zealots vs. zombies
Judie Brown
March 30, 2009

Depending on which account of the events surrounding the tragic invitation extended to President Barack Obama by the University of Notre Dame, one gets the . . .

Judging without justice
Judie Brown
March 26, 2009

Those Americans who have a true grasp of what justice meant to our founding fathers must be a bit perplexed by the actions of Eastern District Court of New York . . .

Brazil's bishops beleaguered but blessed
Judie Brown
March 23, 2009

The past few days have given all of us a bird's eye view of what it means to be a Catholic bishop who comprehends the meaning of the word sin and is not afraid . . .

Conspiracy to commit compassion
Judie Brown
March 20, 2009

Though not widely publicized, the case of 35-year-old Air Force Captain Michael Fontana http://www.woai.com/news/local/story/Wilford-Hall-nurse-implicated-in-3 . . .

Action now! Stop Obama's contentious conscience charade
Judie Brown
March 16, 2009

In an earlier commentary http://www.all.org/newsroom_judieblog.php?id=2510 "OBAMA CHRONICLES V: CONTRARY TO CONSCIENCE," I evaluated the planned changes . . .

Holocaust then and now
Judie Brown
March 13, 2009

We have frequently argued that one of the main reasons why we want to redefine the "pro-life" movement as the pro-human personhood movement is that it is a . . .

Catholic cacophony
Judie Brown
March 10, 2009

ca•coph•o•ny: dissonance, lack of agreement There's been such a hodgepodge of things Catholic in the news this past week, that it could become mind-boggling . . .

Matt Bowman's acute observations
Judie Brown
March 6, 2009

Occasionally I read something by one of my fellow pro-lifers that is so clever, insightful and wise that I feel compelled to share it with those who have become . . .

Obama Chronicles V: Contrary to conscience
Judie Brown
March 3, 2009

It has been a very interesting few days. Analyzing the latest presidential escapades is not always as straightforward as one might wish, but one thing has . . .

Death by induction
Judie Brown
February 24, 2009

Recently a friend advised me that St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada, was providing something called "early induction of labor" for . . .

Absolutes vs. acrobats -- Catholic-style
Judie Brown
February 20, 2009

When your head is swimming from all the commentary ebbing and flowing from Wednesday's Pelosi encounter with the Holy Father, the essence of what actually . . .

Pelosi will meet her nemesis: Pope Benedict XVI
Judie Brown
February 18, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi http://www.house.gov/pelosi/ is about to pull off, at least according to some, a real coup by being given the opportunity to have a . . .

Picture this
Judie Brown
February 12, 2009

In California, http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId;=88097 State Senator Sam Aanestad is investigating a "pilot project" involving the . . .

Obama chronicles: acrid atmosphere
Judie Brown
February 9, 2009

While it really isn't surprising that President Obama would be working his way toward some sort of politically motivated abortion program, it is quite . . .

Eight mistakes or eight babies? It depends on whom you ask!
Judie Brown
February 4, 2009

The various statements swirling around Nadya Suleman's newborn octuplets, who were all born apparently healthy, are remarkable and at the same time . . .

Time, talent, and intolerance
Judie Brown
January 30, 2009

The past few days have seen a spate of news reports indicating that the American people are in dire straits these days and that pro-life Americans absolutely . . .

Bishop Robert J. Hermann
Judie Brown
January 26, 2009

Bishop Robert J. Hermann, archdiocesan administrator for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, has edified us on many occasions, but his most recent commentary is so . . .

Regulating evil + permitting evil = confusion
Judie Brown
January 22, 2009

The 36th memorial of the infamous Supreme Court decisions, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, http://www.all.org/article.php?id=10121 is upon us as I write this. . . .

Obama, change, and hope ... in the cross of Christ
Judie Brown
January 20, 2009

Many of us who have followed the media, as they have gushed over our new president ever since he announced his candidacy, realize that there is a great deal . . .

The grammar of right thinking
Judie Brown
January 11, 2009

Not a day passes when one headline or another grabs my attention and rivets me to a search engine on my computer, sort of like a mad dog! But I learned that one . . .

Murder most foul
Judie Brown
January 7, 2009

Danny Platt of New Orleans, Louisiana is among the most incredibly sadistic alleged murderers I have ever read about in my entire 64 years of life. http://www . . .

Merck mired in mayhem
Judie Brown
January 3, 2009

It was shocking when I saw it; I knew it couldn't possibly be true, and I prayed it was a New Year's Eve joke! But indeed, it was factually correct and my heart . . .

Gallup says America is losing faith
Judie Brown
December 30, 2008

Perhaps it is not unusual, shortly before a new year arrives, to see a plethora of headlines telling us what is best and worst about many facets of daily life. . . .

Catholic Health Association digs a deeper hole
Judie Brown
December 23, 2008

Last Thursday, I wrote a commentary http://www.all.org/newsroom_judieblog.php?id=2431 on the Catholic Health Association's http://www.chausa.org/ public praise . . .

Sound Choice is all about good news
Judie Brown
December 20, 2008

The invitation extended to all pro-life organizations and individuals by Father Tom Euteneuer (http://www.hli.org/sl_2008-12-19.html) should be a welcome call . . .

Will Obama be Planned Parenthood's Santa Claus?
Judie Brown
December 17, 2008

Recently, a document began circulating around the nation's capital, and it fell into our hands as well. It is cleverly titled Advancing Reproductive Rights and . . .

New Vatican instruction on bioethics: 'Dignitas Personae'
Judie Brown
December 15, 2008

American Life League is grateful to the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for today's release of its new document, Instruction Dignitas . . .

Father Joseph Illo: "God requires this of me"
Judie Brown
December 10, 2008

I have been awestruck by the heroic Catholic priests who have asserted Catholic teaching without apology, particularly on the subject of Obama and those . . .

Pay-grade sophisms
Judie Brown
December 8, 2008

Recently, during a visit to Boise, I had the honor of speaking at a Christmas banquet hosted by Idaho Chooses Life. http://idahochooseslife.org/ My theme was  . . .

Texas takes friendship to a new level
Judie Brown
December 5, 2008

The Texas state motto is friendship, http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/Texas/Motto.html a single word that is loaded with immense meaning in view of recent news . . .

God is pro-choice according to nun
Judie Brown
December 2, 2008

I couldn't believe the e-mail that I recently received from a pro-life friend living in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee http://www.archmil.org/, Wisconsin. She . . .

Obamaism, Catholicism, and Thanksgiving
Judie Brown
November 26, 2008

When I first read the response of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts to Cardinal Sean O'Malley's post-election comments about President-elect Obama, . . .

Catholicism vs. 'Obamaism'
Judie Brown
November 22, 2008

When the Catholic University of America's Tower reported that during a recent address at the university, His Eminence James Francis Cardinal Stafford criticized . . .

The final confrontation: Who will see it? Who will care?
Judie Brown
November 19, 2008

In 1976, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, who became Pope John Paul II in 1978, said http://www.johnmallon.net/Site/The_Partys_Over.html "We are now standing in the . . .

Reproduction . . . and we don't mean chickens
Judie Brown
November 14, 2008

I have always been fascinated by the manner in which our opponents couch their arguments. This is particularly true in the "field" of reproductive health, which . . .

Protect Christ from sacrilege? Forget about it!
Judie Brown
November 10, 2008

It seems that the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will not be addressing the enforcement of Canon 915, let alone the failure that . . .

Mayhem, madness, and meanness
Judie Brown
November 6, 2008

As Americans devoted to defending the innocent continue to reel from the election results, there are a few things that bear consideration as we move forward. . . .

The evil gardener or the bioethics guru?
Judie Brown
November 3, 2008

Bioedge is giving all of us something to think about that, frankly, has nothing to do with elections, politics or voting. Aside from being alarming for those of . . .

Election reflection
Judie Brown
November 2, 2008

I just finished reading another commentary on the upcoming elections. It is said that this is a defining moment in our nation's history, not to mention the . . .

A bust, a boon, or a bane?
Judie Brown
November 1, 2008

bane: a source of harm or ruin http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bane Several years ago, when American Life League first became involved in opposing . . .

Mind freaks in science
Judie Brown
October 29, 2008

One of my favorite magicians is Criss Angel http://www.crissangel.com/. His ability to draw the viewer into the most amazing illusions is seconded only by his . . .

Is forced death coming to Washington State . . .again?
Judie Brown
October 28, 2008

I have a very personal interest in a proposed initiative that is on the November 4 election ballot in Washington State. You see 38 years ago, my husband and I . . .

Bishops and voting -- confusion or clarity?
Judie Brown
October 26, 2008

The most recent comments regarding Catholics and their moral obligations in the voting booth come courtesy of Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia and Bishop . . .

Solidarity: a sign of hope for pro-life stalwarts
Judie Brown
October 22, 2008

Here we are, at the midpoint of the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE campaign http://www.40daysforlife.com/about.cfm and just after the PRO-LIFE DAY OF SILENT SOLIDARITY, http: . . .

The good, the bad, and the ugly: a down syndrome tale
Judie Brown
October 21, 2008

The news I bring to your attention today is not, to my mind, just another of those heart-wrenching accounts of the ways in which Down syndrome children are . . .

Fraud or business as usual?
Judie Brown
October 18, 2008

fraud: intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right http://www.merriam-webster.com . . .

Americans United for Separation of Truth from Public Life
Judie Brown
October 16, 2008

I guess it is no secret to most that the anti-faith organization, Americans United for Separation of Church and State http://www.au.org/ , becomes wildly . . .

Recent media skullduggery
Judie Brown
October 15, 2008

Skullduggery: underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; also: a devious device or trick http://www.merriam-webster.com/cgi-bin/mwwodarch.pl?Nov.20.2007 It's with . . .

Catholics must understand their voting priorities
Judie Brown
October 14, 2008

I was not going to write a commentary on this subject because, as you probably have guessed by now, I cannot talk about candidates due to the tax status of . . .

South Dakota's elephant in the room
Judie Brown
October 13, 2008

All Words (http://www.allwords.com/word-elephant+in+the+room.html ) tells us that an "elephant in the room" is an idiom for "a problem or difficult issue that . . .

Devastating dichotomies
Judie Brown
October 10, 2008

Dichotomy: "division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups." http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dichotomy That is the most polite . . .

Hello tree, I am a human being!
Judie Brown
October 7, 2008

Tom Szyszkiewicz has always been one of my favorite Catholic reporters. While I could not pronounce his last name if you paid me to do it, I find his writing . . .

Is your life a legal question?
Judie Brown
October 2, 2008

Yesterday, Lillie Reynolds' grandson lost his life in a tragic automobile crash. http://www.mlive.com/flintjournal/index.ssf/2008/09/crash_that_rips_baby_from . . .

Tiller the "healer"?
Judie Brown
October 1, 2008

It seems sort of oxymoronic to read a news report that starts with the following sentence: http://www.earnedmedia.org/or0930.htm "A complaint has been filed . . .

Catholic bishops, heroism, and vitriol
Judie Brown
September 30, 2008

So much has arrived in my e-mail recently on the conflict between courageous preaching and the hate speech of those who find religion nauseating that I decided . . .

Birth control merchants
Judie Brown
September 29, 2008

The news from the reproductive health front is not good these days for preborn children, but is for those who cash in on the sexually transmitted disease, . . .

Gloomy Gus would be in tears!
Judie Brown
September 27, 2008

The 1904 comic strip character Gloomy Gus (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gloomy%20gus) was habitually depressed or, one could say, without hope. So . . .

F.O.C.A.: focal point of pro-abort full-court press
Judie Brown
September 25, 2008

Hidden behind the headlines, but rarely discussed in polite company, is the dire measure pro-abortion forces are committed to enacting because the personhood . . .

The ugly side of dying
Judie Brown
September 24, 2008

Just when you think the euthanasia forces have taken a siesta, they come out swinging for yet another round of fear mongering. And this time, the grotesque . . .

A Brad Pitt moment
Judie Brown
September 22, 2008

A few days ago, I had a very strange experience. While reading a news report about Brad Pitt's donation of "$100,000 to fight California's November ballot . . .

Persons or problems? Colorado has to choose!
Judie Brown
September 18, 2008

At American Life League, we have spent nearly 30 years trying in every way we can to humanize the preborn baby, even when he is a single-cell zygote. We have . . .

Politics and the art of arrogance
Judie Brown
September 17, 2008

I am constantly amazed when I listen to the wide variety of comments that politicians put forth. You know as well as I do that their goal is to garner votes, . . .

Stooping to honor Stopes
Judie Brown
September 16, 2008

Something has definitely gone awry at Britain's Royal Mail headquarters. Though this news may be old to some, I just learned that one of its new postage stamps . . .

Jordin Sparks and honesty
Judie Brown
September 15, 2008

Over the past several years, I have noticed that there is no television program quite as popular as American Idol. In fact, it has become so engrained in the . . .

"Brain death" is not death
Judie Brown
September 11, 2008

In a recent edition of her e-newsletter update, Julie Grimstad, executive director of Life is Worth Living, Inc., a pro-life lay apostolate, discusses a recent . . .

IPS and the USCCB: a bad formula
Judie Brown
September 10, 2008

I have just finished looking at the latest advertisement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, entitled "Science is moving on. Isn't it time . . .

Vatican to "debate" organ transplantation? Brain death?
Judie Brown
September 9, 2008

It has come as a surprise to some that the Pontifical Academy for Life is co-hosting a November 2008 conference with the theme "A Gift for Life." I have known . . .

We remain steadfast, but...
Judie Brown
March 7, 2008

Over the last few weeks, something rather bizarre has occurred in the pro-life movement and it is difficult for me to get my arms around it. So, I have decided . . .

Wanted: pro-life integrity
Judie Brown
February 1, 2008

For more than 35 years, pro-lifers have struggled to choose the best tactics and strategies while hoping to reach a point in America's history where abortion . . .

Good Catholics
Judie Brown
January 16, 2008

Over the years, several official Catholic statements have outlined major concerns about the group "Catholics for a Free Choice." These statements have pointed . . .

A cheap shot from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Judie Brown
December 19, 2007

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is once again attempting to hijack medical ethics. Because of ACOG's history of mass deception, which I . . .

Miscarriage of justice
Judie Brown
December 10, 2007

Last Thursday, I read a series of news reports that brought me face to face with the tragic consequences of more than 30 years of unabated abuse — of drugs, the . . .

Victory or defeat? State the case for personhood
Judie Brown
November 28, 2007

On any given day in the world of media headlines, one can find at least one erroneous statement that absolutely must be refuted. In fact, one might venture to . . .

Sacrilege, scandal, and murder--or civility?
Judie Brown
November 14, 2007

When a bipartisan group of American Catholics signed on to an innocuous document entitled "A Catholic Call to Observe Civility in Political Debate," my initial . . .

Strategy for success evades pro-lifers
Judie Brown
November 5, 2007

When I saw a column written by pro-life activist Jane Frantz in the Appleton Post-Crescent, it really took the wind out of my sails. She wrote about her . . .

Catholicism's Achilles heel
Judie Brown
October 19, 2007

Recent remarks by retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick are a reminder of the tragic situation that exists within the Catholic Church these days. It is as though . . .

The devil wins in Connecticut
Judie Brown
October 2, 2007

When I read the news, my first thought was, "This can't be true!" But unfortunately, it is. The Connecticut Catholic Conference caved in to political pressure . . .

Anti-life nonsense
Judie Brown
August 30, 2007

Cristina Page recently wrote yet another biting article for the reproductive health conglomerate, one of a seemingly non-stop series of tirades against the . . .

The crime of abortion
Judie Brown
August 16, 2007

In recent days, a couple of ideas have flowed from the minds of pundits that suggest paving new paths for pro-life thought and action regarding abortion law. . . .

Religion, politics, and faith
Judie Brown
June 22, 2007

America is badly in need of a reality check, and as we get closer to another cycle of elections, it seems proper to stop and examine why that wakeup call cannot . . .

As simple as ABC
Judie Brown
June 14, 2007

Bipartisan efforts in Congress always challenge my imagination. While I am aware that politics is the art of compromise, I have never understood how elected . . .

Politics of appeasement
Judie Brown
June 4, 2007

A few days ago I joined with several pro-life leaders in signing an ad that focused attention on Dr. James Dobson and other Christian leaders who had celebrated . . .

Media Catholic trio are the 'Three Blind Mice'
Judie Brown
May 21, 2007

In a recent story, the Washington Post recognized there is revitalization and renewal within the Catholic Church after years of scandal and turmoil. Amid this . . .

The personhood crisis
Judie Brown
May 16, 2007

Not long ago, Maureen Downey wrote an article for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the subject of the Georgia pro-life movement's new political goal: A . . .

Catholic hospitals and the 'emergency contraception' conundrum
Judie Brown
May 3, 2007

Recent reports from Connecticut and Wisconsin leave us wondering what in the world is going on in the world of "Catholic" health care. It would seem that the . . .

Partial-birth abortion ruling: Where is the victory?
Judie Brown
April 26, 2007

The Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold restrictions on partial-birth abortion (actually, it's infanticide) in most cases has stirred up the folks who . . .

America's angst: Her cruelty to children
Judie Brown
April 18, 2007

It is perhaps no accident that April 2007 is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Far too many horrors have converged on the national psyche in the last two . . .

Announcing the incarnation
Judie Brown
March 23, 2007

For Catholics and many other Christians the world over, March 25, the traditional Feast of the Annunciation, has been a day to celebrate the silent beginning of . . .

The pickle and the fickle
Judie Brown
March 14, 2007

It has always amazed me to watch the pandering that goes on as men and women find the power of the presidency so alluring that they can no longer resist the . . .

Wrongful motherhood
Judie Brown
March 12, 2007

The recent news reports about Jennifer Raper, the 45-year-old mother of a two-year-old child who prior to her birth was targeted for death by abortion, shocked . . .

Bishops and bald eagles
Judie Brown
March 2, 2007

Over the last four years American Life League has sought, through advertising, public commentary, personal communications, and other means to invite the . . .

Honestly, it's charitable
Judie Brown
February 16, 2007

Ever since the first American Life League Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church advertisement appeared in the Washington Times in January of 2003, . . .

34 years after Roe -- where are we now?
Judie Brown
January 18, 2007

I fondly recall the day in 1974 when Humberto Cardinal Medeiros told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, "As for an amendment which would generally prohibit . . .

We deserve better than embryonic stem cell research fraud
Judie Brown
January 10, 2007

Very early in my life I learned a valuable lesson: when you manipulate the truth, you not only distort the subject you are discussing but you bring shame upon . . .

2006 and preborn children
Judie Brown
December 29, 2006

As the year comes to a close, dozens of commentaries will be written with the goal of encapsulating the entire year into a few thousand words. As I firmly . . .

Pandering to Pelosi
Judie Brown
December 21, 2006

The incipient speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, is showing what I consider extreme arrogance, even for a pro-abortion figure in public . . .

Advent reflections
Judie Brown
December 14, 2006

As the celebration of Christ's birth swiftly approaches, we are in a mood to celebrate family, friends, and the tremendous joy we receive in simply loving those . . .

2006 election: It's the babies, stupid!
Judie Brown
November 8, 2006

The wee small hours of the morning caught many of us stunned by the results in South Dakota's abortion referendum, and anxiety ridden over what might happen in . . .

Eleventh hour jitters
Judie Brown
November 3, 2006

As many in mainstream media continue to spin their tale of woe hysterically exaggerating what the South Dakota abortion ban will actually accomplish if the . . .

Missouri's Waterloo
Judie Brown
October 26, 2006

If you asked for a show of hands in response to the simple question, "Who's in favor of human cloning?" you might think that affirmative answers would only come . . .

Rating sex
Judie Brown
October 3, 2006

When I first heard about the recently produced documentary, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, there was no real desire on my part to dig into the subject. After all, . . .

Beast of prey
Judie Brown
September 21, 2006

Across America, a new wave of excitement is gripping college towns and the young Americans who inhabit them. Along with possessing the most sophisticated . . .

Contraception is not the answer
Judie Brown
August 24, 2006

As one who has fought on the front lines of the pro-life battle for much of my adult life, it's my perception that there is mass confusion in this nation about . . .

God, abortion, and gobbledygook
Judie Brown
August 16, 2006

In our current age of enlightenment, it doesn't take much for a person to identify himself as an expert. For example, a person who has experience in cleaning . . .

Plan A: Scrap Plan B
Judie Brown
August 10, 2006

I'm irritated. Totally. My job is to tell the truth; but I'm continually thwarted by those in the medical community and the government who make false claims . . .

Words at war
Judie Brown
August 2, 2006

When I saw the Ms. Magazine invitation to join the new "We Had Abortions" petition campaign, the evil practically jumped right off the page. This type of . . .

Murder on my mind
Judie Brown
July 27, 2006

I am often fascinated when reports on a topic converge within a very short period of time. You don't often see mainstream media accounts that deal with the . . .

Waxman's whoppers
Judie Brown
July 20, 2006

Congressman Henry Waxman would not get my vote for the most pro-life Democrat in Congress. In fact, quite the opposite is true. But his latest antics have . . .

A perfect child
Judie Brown
July 5, 2006

A tragedy has unfolded in Pekin, Illinois, where a 3-year old girl was suffocated by a woman who put a plastic trash bag over the child's head. Dr. Karen . . .

Catholic bishops: Say yes when you mean yes
Judie Brown
June 22, 2006

Having been frequently described by my fellow pro-lifers as lacking all understanding of political nuances and innuendo, you will pardon me for being overly . . .

South Dakota's true grit
Judie Brown
June 16, 2006

It is clear by now that the state of South Dakota has a legislature and a governor willing to stand up to pro-abortion pressure and do the right thing. That is . . .

Martini mixes up truth; too many bishops neither shaken nor stirred
Judie Brown
May 25, 2006

Some things appear to change from time to time, when actually they usually remain the same. Such is the world in which one finds both errant Catholic leaders . . .

Intentionally uninhibited
Judie Brown
May 11, 2006

Frantically scurrying to protect its multi-million dollar birth control enterprise, Planned Parenthood has begun taking aim at pro-life forces with rapid fire . . .

Slip-sliding to Hell
Judie Brown
April 27, 2006

A recent political analysis by Mark Rozell, "GOP resonance with Catholics could well be slip-sliding away," focused attention on what some describe as a fissure . . .

Issue insanity
Judie Brown
April 20, 2006

A variety of news reports tell us that pro-abortion forces are getting ready for a battle of enormous proportions. It seems that groups including NARAL are . . .

Planned Parenthood: Deceit unto death
Judie Brown
April 13, 2006

Nothing is quite as sad as the news that a young person has perished as the result of an act of violence. Somehow it is more heart-wrenching to hear of an . . .

Timing is everything
Judie Brown
April 6, 2006

Over the past few years cutting-edge pro-life legislative initiatives have emerged in a couple of states; initiatives that are not the run-of-the-mill . . .

Cokie and Steve Roberts: Getting it all wrong
Judie Brown
March 29, 2006

Cokie and Steve Roberts have established quite a following with their various commentaries on current events. But on the subject of abortion they have gone way . . .

Why is it so hard to understand? The abortion pill is simply wrong.
Judie Brown
March 22, 2006

Many years ago I sat at a table in the White House, looking at a dumbfounded President Ronald Reagan. I had just told him that under his administration, . . .

Send in the clowns
Judie Brown
March 9, 2006

Hyperbole dressed up like fact continues to interest me, especially when it emanates from the culture of death's chief analysts. That's why William Saletan's . . .

It's not easy being stupid, arrogant and a tool of Satan
Judie Brown
March 2, 2006

If you ever start to think that the world is suffering from a venom shortage, just start a blog and say something controversial. The level of rage that people . . .

When it's not about you!
Judie Brown
February 24, 2006

Women are told that reproductive health services are designed to better their lives. They are also told that anti-abortion zealots are infringing upon these . . .

Catholic charities: Just say 'no' to blood money
Judie Brown
February 16, 2006

I am flabbergasted and aghast, not to mention madder than ... well, I'm quite steamed. So many news items have come rolling off the Internet lately — indicating . . .

Legitimizing murder -- again
Judie Brown
February 3, 2006

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Gonzales v Oregon, is continuing its pattern of ruling against traditional morality. Once again the dignity of the human person and . . .

Burden of truth: Senator Edward Kennedy's achilles heel
Judie Brown
January 10, 2006

Recently Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) wrote a scathing commentary for the Washington Post. He took Judge Samuel Alito to task and actually suggested . . .

What women want
Judie Brown
January 5, 2006

It is always fascinating to read news reports about women and pregnancy. There seems to be a concerted effort to present women as superior beings who can . . .

Schiavo, truth, and the American way
Judie Brown
December 15, 2005

It is frequently said that truth is stranger than fiction. In the case of Michael Schiavo, husband of the now deceased Terri Schiavo, this is precisely correct. . . .

A penalty of death
Judie Brown
November 20, 2005

Some days it seems as though the world has turned completely upside down; nothing makes sense. I just experienced a couple of those days and it has left me . . .

Judging the judge
Judie Brown
November 9, 2005

Sometimes pro-lifers rival the pro-abortion crowd in their hysterical hyperbole. Such is the case regarding President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel . . .

Our Catholic bishops: Called to lead
Judie Brown
November 2, 2005

Nearly three years ago, American Life League embarked on a serious campaign. We decided it was no longer possible to sit on the sidelines and watch while public . . .

What are we waiting for?
Judie Brown
October 27, 2005

These are vexing times. We have seen the president nominate for a position on the Supreme Court a woman whose record is not just unclear but practically unknown . . .

Privacy and predators
Judie Brown
September 15, 2005

There are very few of us who have not heard about "sexual predators," people who victimize children and do so with wretched regularity. So why in the world . . .

Dismembering reality
Judie Brown
September 1, 2005

Just a few days ago the most amazing announcement came from the world of medical research. Perhaps you heard about the startling discovery that 28-week-old . . .

A case of mistaken identity
Judie Brown
August 17, 2005

Have you ever had an "I think I know you, but I can't recall your name" moment when you see a familiar face at a gathering? And even worse, have you said, "Hi, . . .

Numb numbers
Judie Brown
August 3, 2005

As a society, we love to count things. In fact, we count almost anything that can be counted. Whenever there are a lot of things to count, official counters . . .

Roe, Roberts, and reality
Judie Brown
July 29, 2005

Judge John Roberts' nomination to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court has people along the fringes, both on the pro-abortion and the pro-life side, so busy . . .

Cruel cunning
Judie Brown
July 21, 2005

All too often lately, reading the news gives me the chills. We live in a world that is upside down, yet far too few people seem to care. And that troubles me. . . .

Incompatible ideologies
Judie Brown
July 13, 2005

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that I'm out of step with the rest of the world. And boy, am I glad! It's not just me, either. Everyone who fully . . .

Supreme Court hoopla: Rhetoric or reality?
Judie Brown
July 7, 2005

In case you missed it, many alleged conservative groups are moaning about the possibility that President Bush might nominate attorney general Alberto Gonzales . . .

Stemming specious statements before... another one bites the dust
Judie Brown
June 30, 2005

Remember the 1980s hit "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen? That song is about getting even by killing people. Not a nice theme for a song! But no one thinks . . .

Ribald rhetoric
Judie Brown
June 25, 2005

If there's anything the pro-abortion crowd is especially adept with, it's the subtle use of words — shades of meaning, nuanced turns, linguistic sleight-of-hand . . .

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