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Travel Risk
Planning System
Going on leave,
pass or TDY?
CRUIIOnline Training
Access to safety education resources, online training and other tools.
Ground Risk Assessment Tool Get accident hazard and Control information.
Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS) is an automated trip planning tool that incorporates the principals of Composite Risk Management and facilitates a dialogue between supervisor and subordinate prior to POV travel.

TRiPS is experiencing slower than normal response times. If you receive an error message, please select your internet browser's back key and attempt the page again.

We appreciate your patience as the intent of this risk tool is to further facilitate involvement between leaders and subordinates concerning travel plans in order to protect the Army's most valuable asset; its personnel.

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Online Training
Get access to safety education resources, specialized course prerequisites, online training and other career enhancing tools for Soldiers, civilians, Department of Defense personnel and contractors and other government agency employees.
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Ground Risk Assessment Tool (GRAT) was developed to augment the Composite Risk Management (CRM) planning and decision-making process. It assists in the identification, assessment and control of hazards associated with specified missions or tasks.  Consisting of five integral parts, it provides the user with an automated CRM worksheet (DA Form 7566) that can be updated, saved and emailed. 

GRAT Introduction (PPT)

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Army Readiness Assessment Program- Learn the safety culture and climate within your organization.
Risk Management
Information System /
RMIS Quick Search
Find Army info
on accidents.
Loss Reporting
Automation System
Report an Aviation
or Ground accident.
Army Readiness Assessment Program was designed as a battalion commander’s tool addressing root causes of accidental loss by focusing on organizational safety climate and culture, ARAP is comprised of a 63-question online assessment, filled out by employees & Soldiers anonymously, that captures unit posture on command and control, standards of performance, accountability and risk management.  ARAP provides battalion-level commanders with data on their formation's readiness posture.
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Risk Management Information System

Use RMIS to query accident data by location, equipment type, etc. You must register to gain access. Authorization to access RMIS data is limited within the Department of Defense for accident prevention purposes only.

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Also Available: RMIS Quick Search

Use RMIS Quick Search to query accident data by location, equipment type etc. AKO Account Required.

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LRAS Loss Reporting Automation System
The Accident Reporting System is a series of risk-management tools designed to provide a complete information delivery system which will make it easier for the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center (USACRC) to collect and disseminate loss information. It includes the Initial Notification tool, Accident Reporting Automation System (ARAS), and the Close Call tool.

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