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In his addendum to the President’s address to Parliament on 16 July 2005, Minister (MICA), Dr Lee Boon Yang said Singaporeans would be “encouraged to make greater use of our National Flag and National Symbols to express our Singaporean identity”. 


2          In keeping with the spirit of the addendum, since 2005, the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) has relaxed the restrictions on the use of the Flag. In 2005, during the 40th National Day celebrations, commercial taxis were permitted to display the National Flag. Restrictions governing the use of decals, stickers, posters, etc and its use in commercial products, clothing, videos, marketing tools have also been eased. Indeed, a substantial proportion of requests received by MICA from companies, associations and a range of organisations have been readily accommodated with the requirement that the dignity and respect of the Flag be observed at all times. MICA had also set up an ad hoc committee comprising MPs and prominent officials to provide guidance to consider applications, especially for commercial usage.


3          To keep pace with these changes, and to encourage Singaporeans to display their pride and loyalty to Singapore, MICA has taken steps to amend the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act. The notifications were published in the e-Gazette, Subsidiary Legislation Supplement on 16 July 2007 and take immediate effect.


Flying the Flag during the National Day Celebrations period



a)     The National Day Celebrations period will be extended from 1 July to 30 September each year (instead of 1- 31 August currently in force), during which the Flag may be flown without a flagpole and night illumination.


b)     National Flag decals and stickers, posters or other visual images may be displayed freely. Additionally, the National Flag may be flown on vehicles (both private and commercial) during the National Day celebrations period.


c)      The National Flag may also be displayed on costumes and personal attire during the period with the requirement only that the Flag be treated with respect at all times.             


Commercial Usage (trademarks, adverts, products)


4          Applications for the use of the Flag for commercial purposes during and outside the National Day period will continue to be managed on a case by case basis by MICA. Companies and organisations are requested to address their queries to the National Heritage Board at MICA. 


Use of the Flag


5          All other Rules in the Act remain in force.  No person shall treat the Flag with disrespect.  No person shall display, or cause to be displayed, any Flag that is damaged or not in a proper and clean condition. No graphics or words are permitted to be superimposed on the design of the Flag. The Flag will not be permitted to be displayed as part of any trademark or used at any private funeral wake, memorial service or other funerary rites. The final approving authority in all instances will be the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.


Scope of Criminal Offences


6         A compounding provision has been introduced to provide assurance that not every offence connected with the use of the Flag will be criminalised and prosecuted. For less serious offences and where there are mitigating factors, a compound fine may be imposed in lieu of Court proceedings.


More Information


7          Updated guidelines on the use of National Symbols can be found on the Singapore Infomap ( For information on the Flag, the public can visit:


·        Guidelines for the Singapore Flag –


·        Origin and meaning of the Singapore Flag –


8          For queries concerning either the use of the Flag or National Symbols, please approach the National Heritage Board. For queries on the Press Release, please contact MICA. The contact details are given below:


Ms Elizabeth Njo

National Heritage Board

140 Hill Street, 3rd Storey, MICA Building, Singapore 179369

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            Mr Nasrul Rizal Yahya

            National Resilience Division

            Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

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17 July 2007