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Fall TV Season

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Fox execs explain why they kept Dollhouse and killed Sarah Connor

Fox execs explain why they kept \<i\>Dollhouse\<\/i\> and killed \<i\>Sarah Connor\<\/i\>
RIP Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Why did Fox pick up Dollhouse and not Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for the fall television season? Network executives discussed their decisions on those shows, as well as reasons for moving Fringe to Thursdays and other scheduling moves, during a conference call with journalists before today's upfront fall television presentation.

Kevin Reilly, Fox's president of entertainment, said that ratings were not the only factor when it came to deciding whether the low-rated Dollhouse would get a second season and remain on Friday nights.

"First, it's a bet on [creativity], and that's something that has never changed," Reilly said. "And I'm happy to say we're doing that. You know how inspired Joss Whedon is. It's a bet on Joss. The DVR numbers are a marker for us, so it is a factor, and we did see an uptick in the ratings from a 1.5 to a 2. That was a pattern for us that we liked, betting on Joss, and I think you're going to see it grow next season."

But is it the factor of "the devil you know," as opposed to the bringing in a new unproven series? "Absolutely," Reilly added. "In fact, I venture to say that if we had put new shows on Friday night, in particular there'd probably be a lot of cynicism about 'Well, wait, ... you're creating an entire new night of television?' Not to mention if we'd canceled Joss' show I'd probably have 110 million e-mails this morning from the fans," he said with a laugh. "So that's exactly right. Bet on something that has a core that you believe can work."

But that doesn't mean Fox will accept low numbers on Friday nights, said Peter Rice, Fox's chairman of entertainment. "We think that we can grow the show," he said, adding: "The show became much stronger creatively during the course of the season. Joss feels very energized about it. And we believe in him as a creator. We've had a lot of success in the past, and we feel that he can build the show, and it can grow in the new season ... and that Friday is a good place for it to do that."

As for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox executives viewed that series quite differently. "Terminator has completed its run," Reilly said flatly. "And I think it had a nice little run. It was a good show. It was not an either/or [with Dollhouse]. We did see it tailing off a bit. It had a nice creative core, but ultimately we made the bet on Dollhouse for the night. We had some other shows we thought would make a better profile for the night. So that's it for Terminator." Dollhouse will follow two comedies, the new series Brothers and the returning Til Death.

According to Reilly, Terminator "was not an inexpensive show," and Fox had to "make some choices on the night. But, ultimately, we looked at the ratings track on Monday, where it had a pretty consistent run, and then on Friday, where it moved to. And that trend line was not pointing in the right direction. ... But we make no apologies for that show. We had a huge launch for that show, as you remember. We gave it a lot of support and some consistent scheduling. We tried, and felt it was time to move on."

The other big bit of programming news was Fox's decision to move Fringe to Thursdays opposite the enormous hits CSI on CBS and Grey's Anatomy on ABC—that is, assuming those series remain on Thursdays after CBS and ABC announce their schedules this week. Reilly does expect the two networks to keep both shows on Thursdays. "Who knows?" he said. "But that would feel like a very, very risky move. Particularly with CSI, which has had quite a bit of decline this year. A move at that point in a show's cycle tends to accelerate decline."

Reilly added: "I think if you look at Thursday night, ... the door's more open on this night than it's been in a long, long time. Eight o'clock is a soft time period. Bones went in there and did a job that beat the other scripted shows consistently. I think it will continue to do that. And at 9 o'clock, [CSI and Grey's Anatomy] are two still terrific, appointment shows, but they're down. They are not consuming all the oxygen at 9 o'clock. You saw Fringe do a very consistent ratings, about a 4.1, maybe 4.2, week in and week [out] every week of the season. Whether it holds a 4, I don't know. But if you watched that show, it finished strong. We've got a huge amount of buzz coming out of the last batch of episodes. People talking about it like it is now the Fox classic. I think that audience is going to move, and it's a real alternative to both of those shows. It's not an overlapping audience."

One other big move during midseason will be the launch of Past Lives and Human Target after American Idol, Reilly said. "On Tuesdays, Past Life, which is a fast-paced thriller," he said. "It's a mystery that needs to be solved in both the past and the present. And on Wednesdays, Idol is going to platform another drama, which really feels like it's got a lot of great Fox DNA. It stars Mark Valley, the guy who did terrific work, ... a great arc for us, on Fringe last season. And this show finds its roots in the fun action dramas of the '70s and '80s. But it's updated with modern production values."

And just to make sure you don't miss the premiere of Human Target, the series will kick off between the NFC divisional playoff game and the two-hour season premiere of 24 on Jan. 17, before moving to its regular Wednesday-night slot after the American Idol results show.

In one other midseason note, Fox picked up the Tyler Labine comedy Sons of Tucson, for Sundays, which can't be a good sign for The CW's Reaper when it comes to a renewal for that series, ... unless Labine has figured out a way to be in two shows at once (he's currently committed to Reaper as his first priority).

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TSCC is a show that my whole family enjoys. It is a show that you actually get excited and impatient for the next e...More »


By L W at 4:54 PM ON 05/18/09

SyFy really needs to pick up SCC if it's at all do-able. One would think the studio would want to keep it alive, and without BSG, the net really needs a quality show.

By Jo at 4:56 PM ON 05/18/09

The Thursday night line up is unfortunate. I can only DVR two shows at the same time. I like Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, & CSI. I hate it when I am forced to make a choice!

By Corvidae at 5:05 PM ON 05/18/09

Oh noes, perhaps you need a DVR which can record three things at once?

By auctoris at 5:06 PM ON 05/18/09

I may be the only one, but I am specifically not going to watch Dollhouse in protest of Terminator being canceled. Dollhouse fans, enjoy season 2 because you know what happens if the numbers don't go up.

Oh, and Fox moves Terminator to Friday night and then says they didn't like the direction the viewership numbers went. Duh!!! What did they think the numbers were going to do when they put it in the death slot.

By Harcesis at 5:07 PM ON 05/18/09

So now there is nothing I watch on Fox!

Good job!

By MiM/ginaswo at 5:08 PM ON 05/18/09

hey reilly you WILL get 110 million emails


By auctoris at 5:10 PM ON 05/18/09

Anyone know how we can e-mail Reilly?

By Seanbtwo at 5:13 PM ON 05/18/09

FRAK fox.

By Angel at 5:19 PM ON 05/18/09

Fox lost me as a viewer, TSCC should have returned.. yet they went all cheap on everyone.

TSCC fans boycott FOX's programs and movies.

By stealthgear at 5:32 PM ON 05/18/09

Now every-time a new Terminator movie comes out, people will remember how the TV Show was cancelled in the middle of its run. There could be many more Terminators in the future. Thats not going to happen with Dollhouse. Have fun with your nightmares in the proceeding years Reilly.

BTW, I never watch Dollhouse because its boring.

By ulic at 5:33 PM ON 05/18/09

Fox sucks. I could barely make it through ten minutes of Dollhouse before I stopped watching it. It was that boring. On the other hand, while TSCC slowed down a bit this season, it was still really good, really thoughtful, creative, interesting, and complicated. And I guess that was its downfall. The network doesn't like all those, especially complicated. They're too dumb to realize we're all pretty intelligent and don't need dumbed down shows.


By Johann at 5:33 PM ON 05/18/09

Useless channel that doesn't care about fans...TSCC was my favorite, now FOX is dead for me

By gorehound696 at 5:34 PM ON 05/18/09

TSCCcancelled on a cliffhanger is krap and so is joss wheddon's whorehouse.
I am totally into boycotting FOX over this for at least one season's worth.Maybe I will write them to tell them of the hundreds of dollars in sales they will be losing.

By HBWest at 5:35 PM ON 05/18/09

Moving Fringe to Thursdays will probably kill it for me. Supernatural is a must-DVR, as are The Office and 30 Rock. I've been intrigued by Fringe, and I've watched it consistently the 2nd half of the first season, but forced to choose, it's going to lose. Not really a show I want to watch on my small-screen tv, either. Bummer on Fox.

By CRDFilm at 5:36 PM ON 05/18/09

I can't imagine Dollhouse is cheap to produce either, but it doesn't have the FX like TSCC, but it still sucks! And I'm not as concerned about Fringe going up against CBS and ABC, because I'm sure those shows don't draw quite the same audience. However, it will be going up against Supernatural on The CW, and that sucks as well! Way to split the audience, Fox. Dumb-a$$es!

By xadrian at 5:36 PM ON 05/18/09

Really? TSCC is going to be replaced by SITCOMS? You're going to pit Fringe against CSI and Grey's Anatomy? Are you just trying to go out of business?

"It wasn't an expensive show..."

Bull crap. Then don't cancel it. If it wasn't expensive, you wouldn't be replacing it with two sitcoms that cost 1/4 of TSCC.

Lying liars.

By Spiritreaver at 5:37 PM ON 05/18/09

As much as i like Fringe, they pretty much canceled it for me.

1- They kill TTSCC and imo its the best thing to happen to that franchise since T2. The blatant way they took it from a good slot and are mystified as to why no one watched it. Um hello? The target audience was out of the house you geniuses!!!

2- In another "stroke of genius" Fox is moving the only show they have to thursday?!?!? CW may not be a heavy hit, but imo again, it has that night on lock for a very loyal group of fans. Miss the probable last season of Smallville(especially when that show is partnered with Supernatural? in its last seaon of its planned 5 yr arc?), i think not.

You're going the way of NBC Fox, you guys better really rethink your scheduling abilities..and soon.

By CRDFilm at 5:40 PM ON 05/18/09

@xadrian - they said it wasn't an inexpensive show to produce - meaning it cost a lot more than Dollhouse.

By jred at 5:49 PM ON 05/18/09

Well... If you really want to E-mail him(like me) his e-mail is

By WraytheSTL at 5:49 PM ON 05/18/09

This is a pretty bone-headed decision, but its something we've come to expect from Fox. The Friday night lineup is the equivalent of the TV death sentence. I love Whedon, but Dollhouse is borderline unwatchable at times. Also.. way to go canceling the Terminator series the week the new movie is coming out. Synergy fail!

By jred009 at 5:52 PM ON 05/18/09

If you want to e-mail Kevin Reilly here's his e-mail.

By Beldaran at 5:54 PM ON 05/18/09

Auctoris - I completely agree. I will ABSOLUTELY not watch Dollhouse in protest of frakin' FOX for cancelling TSCC. Idiots!

By JB at 5:56 PM ON 05/18/09

i can't believe they did that. They are Idiots for canceling TSCC and putting in Dollhouse, that show is boring and repetitive.

By Tom at 5:56 PM ON 05/18/09

That was a pretty idiotic decision by Fox - SCC was by far and away the superior show and the writing was just getting better and better! And the new story arc it finished with had lots of potential. Dollhouse, though I watch it as well, just wasn't as good and I thought it started to 'jump the shark' towards end of season. Bad decision by Fox -- they should have kept SCC!

By drewr15 at 5:57 PM ON 05/18/09

The real reason he won't tell you is that Dollhouse is a 21st Century Fox property and TSCC is a WB property. The Fox corporation as a whole will make money by extending Dollhouse on DVD and merchandise sales, etc. but will not make anything on those same sales for Terminator. It has nothing to do with believing in Whedon, whom they abandoned wrongly before, and everything to do with number crunching. Which is their right but this spin job by Reilly is laughable.

By General Zod at 5:58 PM ON 05/18/09

come some network pick up sarah connor, this deserve's much more than a chance than dollhouse, i love joss whedon but this is a wrong descision.

By Chris Liphart at 6:00 PM ON 05/18/09

C'mon SciFi, pick up Terminator. It'd be a great fit for your channel, and it comes with a huge following. Show Fox what a bad mistake they've made!

By SamG at 6:03 PM ON 05/18/09

Boo Reilly. Cancelling TSCC was a mistake - Dollhouse ratings are hardly going to improve with its new lead in, totally bad timing, they don't match at all!

And, did Fox just cancel Terminator before a big movie release thus negating all possible cashing in? That sounds quite uncorporate actually. I'm confused, is Reilly trying to crash Fox from the inside or something?

By General Zod at 6:04 PM ON 05/18/09

drewr15 your right on the money warners needs to do some shopping around for sarah connor to other networks...

By plz at 6:04 PM ON 05/18/09

What is Reilly talking about.? He moved TSCC on Friday nights. Great choice Kevin! He talks with his head up his butt. To heck with Fox and their new shows. Dollhouse? YGBSM! What a joke!

By auctoris at 6:05 PM ON 05/18/09

I sent a message to stating my displeasure about the Terminator cancellation. I encourage all Terminator fans to do the same.

By hackuup at 6:05 PM ON 05/18/09

I happened to like both Dollhouse & Terminator & I am one to buy them on Blu Ray. I'm really happy about Dollhouse but at the same time peeved about Terminator. I had worked it on in my head Terminator would have to return to work out that time jumping cliffhanger, making it the child that would be spared. Can we at least get a one off TV Movie ala "Farscape The Peace Keeper War" or are they going to work the detales out in the movies themselves, which I would suspect that should be some attempt to resolve the story line otherwise it could make the show non-canon

By plz at 6:07 PM ON 05/18/09

What is Reilly talking about.? He moved TSCC on Friday nights. Great choice Kevin! He talks with his head up his To heck with Fox and their new shows. Dollhouse? What a joke!

By Thomas at 6:09 PM ON 05/18/09

BOYCOTT FOX FRIDAYS!!! (Except for Dollhouse). Without boycotting these additions to Friday Nights, Fox will not realize how ignorant they are. Then again, it is Fox. Seems like Fox is synonomous with ignorant.

By guntherfurlong at 6:17 PM ON 05/18/09

By lryer at 6:18 PM ON 05/18/09

Time of origination means less and less as time goes on. Note that DVR numbers were an important factor in Dollhouse renewal. I gave a lot of attention to Sarah Conner, but the writers were having a very hard time finding a format that would let them tell coherent stories. The future of the Terminator franchise on television depends more on the reception of the current movie and the studio's plans for the future of the franchise. That would be true even if Fox had been willing to pick up the noble experiment that was T:SCC.

Dollhouse, on the other hand, just got better and better. There is a format for a rich variety of stories and a talented creative and production core.

By DJ Jarak at 6:21 PM ON 05/18/09

Not good enough, Fox. That is nowhere near good enough. Screw DVRing being a reason to cancel an entire series. Most people who DVR do so because they don't care enough to watch a show live. People set their DVR to record all kinds of crap at random and then end up deleting half of it without even watching. Bring TSCC back!!!

By lfhlaw at 6:30 PM ON 05/18/09

I like Dollhouse, and it improved once it got rid of the stand alone episodes that fox ordered. Like most Whedon shows, you need to give it about 6-7 episodes to realize where it's going.

and unfortunately I couldn't get into TSCC.

The Move of Fringe to Thursday bodes poorly for me since I do enjoy Smallville/Supernatural. Though smallville probably should've ended this past year and i would have been happy. Really liked Fringe being on Tuesday nite. Sunday nite wouldn't be a bad place for it for me. I don't watch the prime time cartoons and i have nothing tv wise that nite.

By JustinHoMi at 6:31 PM ON 05/18/09

I'm really disseminated that they canned Terminator. It sounds like Fox was scared to cancel Dollhouse b/c they know they made a mistake with Firefly. But Dollhouse is no Firefly....

By Hot Rock at 6:49 PM ON 05/18/09

I have seen this to many times before, like the 1986 championship Chicago Bears you get something good working together and then you let it go. Management think that they know what is best for the team and pull the plug. TSCC is over Managements head and they have made another bad example of the wrong person being in the wrong position.

By lophius at 6:53 PM ON 05/18/09

So, I really enjoyed TSCC and am very upset we may not see where the story was going. I haven't been a HUGE fan of Dollhouse, but love Whedon's work, so am happy to give it a chance. What I can NOT understand are those who are saying they will boycott Dollhouse in protest of the cancellation of TSCC.

Really? REALLY???

Hey, if you don't like Dollhouse, then just don't watch it. And, be honest! That is NOT a boycott...

But, if you do like Dollhouse, but choose to boycott it because another SF show you like didn't get picked up... who exactly do you think that is hurting? Fox? They'll find some other money maker. No, you're hurting you and other SF fans who want SF to thrive in a market that is challenging enough. Is THAT what you want to do? Really???

By guido505 at 6:56 PM ON 05/18/09

Wow...bad move Fox. I tried watching an episode or two of Dollhouse and I just could not get into it. TSCC was in my opinion a much better show. Enjoy those Friday Night ratings Fox!

By Steveh at 6:58 PM ON 05/18/09

Fox has been terminated from my viewing.

By archer75 at 7:03 PM ON 05/18/09

What shows are on what nights don't matter to me. My DVR can record 3 HD shows at once.

People whining about dollhouse and praising TSCC should realize that it wasen't an either/or decision.
TSCC would be cancelled even if dollhouse did not exist.

By PcTech45 at 7:04 PM ON 05/18/09

I just sent them an email. Simply put, it said "Fox, you are terminated! Nuff said."

Fox, you are STUPID!!!!!!! You move a quality show to a death slot for TV series and wonder why the ratings fell off. HELLO!!!!!!

By T900Infiltrator at 7:15 PM ON 05/18/09

Please consider picking up TSCC, Sci-Fi! I just can't believe Fox let it go when it's such a great show, and with Salvation around the corner.

By starkiller at 7:19 PM ON 05/18/09

I like Dollhouse, a little. I don't love it. I loved Firefly but I didn't know it existed until I saw 20 minutes of it on scifi one day. I love TSCC and I would buy it on straight to DVD if I could. I am not getting involved in another Fox series and I am dropping House from my schedule.

By Celticfox at 7:25 PM ON 05/18/09

I just don't get it, is all the good watchable SCI-FI leaving our TV's Creativity by butt, TSCC was just starting to pick up what a hole it will be leaving first Firefly then SG1 followed By SGA and shortly after BSG god what good sci-fi is left even Star Treks got nothing except films now what are these companies think about and what on earth is dollshouse got for us great sci-fi fans

By Gegonator at 7:28 PM ON 05/18/09

No, its not a good day for quality television.
I'm sad and angry about FOX, because they fooled us over weeks.

Anyway, this was the last FOX-Show for me.
I don't need this anymore.

By aglaia at 7:34 PM ON 05/18/09

I could never get into TSCC; sorry - I really am. I'm sorry when ANYone's favorite show ends abruptly - it's happened to me, and I sympathise.

However, I AM happy that Dollhouse is renewed and has a second year (just like TSCC did) and hopefully less interference creatively from the network so Joss can do his thing, and while I think the lead-ins are ridiculous, what it means for me is that I don't have to make a choice at 8 pm on Fridays - I'm watching Chuck, then Dollhouse, then Sanctuary. THAT is a good night of TV, in my estimation (hopefully SyFy will keep Sanctuary in the late timeslot and make my life easy).

As far as moving Fringe to Thursdays, I'm not thrilled about it either, but watching Grey's Anatomy lately is like watching a train wreck - you're horrified by what's going on in front of you, but you can't turn away because you secretly want to see how bad it gets. I just think they should have paired Dollhouse and Fringe on Tuesdays and owned the night then. But hey, who am I? I just watch the shows...

By watchall at 7:38 PM ON 05/18/09

In a way I'm glad they canceled the TSCC don't get me wrong i was a fan BUT it was a slow show and repetitive. That's what makes Terminator Salvation something new is that they have moved on away from the terminator going back in time trying to kill John Connor and just getting on with the story.

By fatCylon at 7:39 PM ON 05/18/09

If they really didn't want to piss off Joss Whedon fans they shouldn't have canceled "Firefly". Idiots.

By Pauul at 7:44 PM ON 05/18/09

Wow, a really idiotic move on Fox's part. Terminator is waaay better than Dollhouse. In fact, the only reason I watch Dollhouse was because of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Here's hoping another network has the sense to pick T:TSCC up. It's a great show with a lot of potential, it'd be a real shame for that to go to waste.

By Jdog66 at 7:44 PM ON 05/18/09

Ya just knew TSCC wouldn't make it. It was doomed the moment they put out a kick ass season finale cliffhanger. ABC jobbed us with Prey in '98 and Invasion in ,05. Both were pretty cool shows and that had good ends to the season never to be seen again. Thank god Fringe survived.

By Gill Avila at 7:47 PM ON 05/18/09

There is no damned way I'll get the Sarah Connor dvd sets now. Leaving the series with a hell of a cliffhanger like that? Not even a plan for a direct to dvd wrap-up? It's like a bad case of blue balls. It was bad enough when Dark Skies was left with a cliffhanger, and worse when Blade: The Series was canceled, also with a fucking cliffhanger. If I were in the position of a series creator I'd make damned sure there was a clause in the contract mandating there be a wrap-up episode filmed at a series' season-ender, just out of fairness to the fans.

By xxgatorxx at 8:00 PM ON 05/18/09

dosent matter
i liked all the shows
seems somehow they thought the 18-39 yearolds they were trying to have as an audince werent home on a friday night
wonder why that was....?

and if you are hoping for scifi or another network to pick it up forget it
warner ownes it so FOX had no reason to pick it up
they werent inveasted in its success
and WB prob wont shop it around and make it tantalizing for a pickup by another network now that the movie will preimere
what im mostly mad at is not its cancellation-i could deal with that-but no closure on the story
i think thats a slap to all the fans
at least with firefly we got the movie serenity
an tbh i didnt like my favorite two characters being killed off but it offered some kind of closure
tscc was awesome the finale simply for me jaw dropping
i wanted to see where they could take the story next
as for costs im sure two new half hour shows cost more than one one hour show...
thats my opinon
from now on i will be more careful the shows i get invested in-especially scifi shows they tend not to last
which is unfortunate since they are the ones that test our limits...

By Mario at 8:03 PM ON 05/18/09

I can't believe Fox did this. TSCC was an amazing show. I am no longer a fan of Fox.

By jck at 8:06 PM ON 05/18/09

Here's to hoping that garbage show Dollhouse tanks even more this fall.

By pguard at 8:30 PM ON 05/18/09

Terminator SCC had a built in core audience that was disrupted in the switch to Friday night. Despite that with the killer last show fans would have come back for another season. I love Joss but some of his ideas are hard to swallow even for a sci-fi example his insistence on recycling the unwatchable Dushku. I want to be there for Fringe but only if the competition has Smallville/Supernatural reruns. Fox is really starting to get on my nerves, especially after their announcement that they wouldn’t carry the President’s last big speech. Hey Fox, Do you know who your audience is for these shows?

By xxgatorxx at 8:36 PM ON 05/18/09

I wrote this to The head of Fox
I doubt it will do anything
First time I have been so invested in a show that I write a letter
I hope you reading this will do so as well
No need to bag on dollhouse- I like it
but like it or not its renewed go for them

as ive said in an earlier post here
at least with firefly we got some closure with a movie
and although I hated my two favorite charcters being killed off
we got some closure to the series
I feel WE the fans DESERVE this
If you also do please copy this or write your own and send it to the president of FOX


I must admit im a little frustrated about your decision not to renew TSCC

I wanted to know why DOLLHOUSE was renewed and TSCC wasn’t.
I have read where you cite it being a cheaper show to produce
However isnt producing two new half hour comedies more expensive than one one hour show?

I think your new replacements will not help Dollhouse
and your networks commital to fridays is dead

I don’t expect you to renew the show
im sure they 18-39 year old age group you werent able to capture
will find something else to watch-when they DVR it as they arent home

What I am hoping for is a small miniseries to give the fans closure on the series.

You have known for weeks or longer the show was to be canceled
and you ,your network,the producers and cast led the fans on
the least you can do is wrap the story for the fans
please consider it


By Klopek at 8:41 PM ON 05/18/09

First he states "It was not an either/or [with Dollhouse]" but then follows with "...but ultimately we made the bet on Dollhouse for the night" Isn't that a pretty big contradiction? That sounds very much like an either/or decision to me.

Regardless, this is an awful decision. I have absolutely nothing against Dollhouse. I'd have been even more annoyed had both been cancelled but in direct comparison I favour T:SCC heavily.

Terminator has incredibly well developed characters which people actually care about. This is easily validated by the rabid loyalty fans are displaying. It had an excellent build-up to one of the greatest television cliff-hangars in years which also served to practically reboot the series. New time, new location and new characters (sort of). New fans could have easily been introduced here. John Conner would have needed to practically explain most of Season 2 to the "future resistance" anyway. The season 2 recap would have been incorporated directly into the show in a way that wouldn't bore long-time fans.

Terminator Salvation cannot be ignored either. Warner makes a blockbuster movie and Fox decide to not cash-in on that? How very un-corporate. They have the name "Terminator" right in the title. New fans don't care that the timelines are different. They won’t even know until they’ve watched at least one episode. Worried about confusing the fans with alternate timelines? Don’t be so patronising!

"And I think it had a nice little run. It was a good show.” We watched 1 ½ seasons only for it to come to a dramatic, incomplete halt. It’s like watching a movie until the last quarter and then turning it off to make up your own ending. Fan-fiction doesn’t provide adequate closure!

It’s the show creators’ job to make sure they’re making a quality product. It’s the network’s job to get people to watch it. If you’ve got a quality show that has poor ratings then it’s pretty clear that it is the broadcaster that has failed.

I can only hope international broadcasters take interest in this series. I understand it did very well on Virgin1 in the UK. Maybe they, along with any other interested broadcasters, could pony up the cash to keep this alive? I’d even settle for direct-to-Blu-ray movies. Anything! Shows shouldn’t end like this. It’s an insult to people who dedicate their time following them.

By blackwolf at 8:42 PM ON 05/18/09

dollhouse and fringe suck tscc was a amazing show i guess i wont be watching fox this fall you guys in charge of programming must be idiots bring back the show hopefully scifi will pick it up

By anakin at 8:53 PM ON 05/18/09

This is a stupid move for Fox. The only show I like on that channel other than SCC is American Idol. Now that American Idol's season will be over in a couple days, there's nothing on Fox I'll be watching. This was a dumb move for Fox.


By T at 8:58 PM ON 05/18/09

Dollhouse should've been cancelled. SCC was beyond better and deserves at least another couple seasons.

By puddlejumper at 9:13 PM ON 05/18/09

Dollhouse over Terminator? Bad decision !!!!! You can't just leave fans hanging with cliff hanger like that. The execs at fox need to listen to the fans! Its not all about the bottom line. If they would stop screwing things up by moving shows around to different time slots the sows would have a better chance. Get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By BRING TSCC BACK at 9:17 PM ON 05/18/09

The real reason SCC was canned they took to long to kill off that BORING bitch Reilly

By formytots0128 at 9:17 PM ON 05/18/09

Fox executives are wrong to base all of their data on just DVR hits. Fox executives have ignored the number of hits on the internet for the TSCC show. I have watched each episode at least more than once online because it was more convenient. The online viewing is actually better for the network than the DVR because you cannot skip the commercials which you are forced to watch. I just skip through all of the commercials when I use my DVR. Fox executives got this one wrong. There are lots of TSCC loyal fans who watch the show online. Just look at the hits on Youtube for TSCC videos or at

By jpl1976 at 9:19 PM ON 05/18/09

great lets move Fringe around so that you lose move FOX! Killing off SCC when more movies are coming out....brilliant!!! Blaming the reason that it was cancelled as a financial reason is just replace that show your replacing them with comedies that were last seen when? Nice!

Fox, the only network that every once in a while has a decent show and screws over its fans by cancelling a semi popular thats priceless!

By prayer0113 at 9:39 PM ON 05/18/09

if they dont bring TSCC back, i will NEVER watch FOX again
really, i mean it!

By stargazer_1682 at 9:39 PM ON 05/18/09

DJ Jarak, I recall reading the DVRs that playing into any kind of ratings count, take note of the recorded shows watched, not just recorded - it wouldn't make a lot of sense to count the programs just because they were record, for the very reason you gave, that it doesn't necessarily mean it's being watched.
I also want to say it takes note of how many times a given episode is reivewed as well, but I can't recall if that's the case or not.

Klopek, while I don't give Kevin Reilly much credit in his tv programing work (I believe he used to be over at NBC and made some fairly boneheaded decisions then, too) if I may play devil's advocate, I would say that the quotes you attribute him, aren't contradicting themselves. Rather, what he was saying was that, it was not an either or decision between Terminator or Dollhouse - and that the subsquent remark was saying that, they could have bet on both shows, but that they felt, in their opinion, that Terminator was not a good a bet, while Dollhouse had the potential to pay off for them.

While I watched every episode of both shows this season, and early on favored Terminator or Dollhouse and found Dollhouse slow on the pick up; there came a tipping point where I was more compelled to watch Dollhouse and begrudgingly watch TSCC. I found TSCC kind of draging it's feet with the plot, such as it was; and that the direction seemed somewhat aimless, or possibly that they were stalling some times. (And then the intermidable sexual tension between John and Cameron - I am not a fan of the "Will they? Wont they?" plot device. Frak or don't, but make up your mind.) Plus the fact that no one seemed to trust each other, or was getting on everyone else's nerves; was starting to grate on mine.

Ultimately though, after reading pretty much all of the posts in this thread, something occured to me that I hadn't thought about before. For some reason I assumed Fox owned the Terminator franchise, until several people on here pointed out it was Warners. Yet, a few people actually thought it was a bad move for FOX to cancel the show with the movie just about to come out (something I had previously considered, before learning of which studio owned the franchise) and it got me wondering, if Warners owened the show, do they also own the movie too?
They do. Fox has no ties to the Terminator franchise, beyond airing their show.
FOX has nothing to gain by keep TSCC to cross promote the movie - it may have crossed their minds to ditch the show so that FOX wouldn't be promoting a competiting stuidos' work. Networks have doing that for a while now, pretending like the competition doesn't exist any more. That's why late night talkshows aren't supposed to mention which network a show is on, if it isn't on their network - and why the new "Battle of the Network Stars" a few years back, didn't really have competing network stars - no one would let their actors do a show on another network.

This might be a reason TSCC wont come to ScyFy, since it's owned by NBC-Universal. It might not be impossible, but it might not be in everybody's best interest either.

If Warner Bros wants to get the most bang for their buck, they would find a new home for TSCC, at least to cross promote their new movie (which is supposed to be the first of a trilogy, so they're going to want every possible advantage for it to succeed) and their best bet for a new home, would be a Warners network, like the CW (which, I think might be the only, primarily Warners network out there, I'm not sure) But of course, with the exception of Smallville and Supernatural, The CW isn't all that much in to SciFi programing; only stuff that will bring in the teenie boppers.....

By stargazer_1682 at 9:44 PM ON 05/18/09

I'm kind of curious to see if comedy leads will help Dollhouse or not. My initial thought was that it was an odd pairing, but then I thought how pairing with a scifi show didn't help the ratings this season (for either show).

Plus, comedy leads have complimented dramas elsewhere. Look at ER; that show followed an entire lineup of comedies for well over a decade.

By zathras at 9:55 PM ON 05/18/09

I've never written a network before regarding a television show, but I'm very tempted to contact the SciFi Channel and encourage them to pick up SCC.

Would it make any difference for me to do so? I don't really know, but I'd still like to send them an e-mail, if only to show my support for what's been a very well-written quality program. Heck, even if the show never gets picked up by any network, I'm tempted to send letters of appreciation to the producers and cast. I hope they know they had a core of very appreciative fans.

If anyone knows an appropriate e-mail contact for the SciFi Channel, please post it.

By davidh at 9:55 PM ON 05/18/09

why not have another network pick up the show, it worked for srubs, scifi abc cbs wc, should all think about it, not nbc as the treat their shows with a total lack of respect or support. this show was just getting good and summer glau, is cause by its self to keep the show on, she makes the show and has since day one

By jp2506 at 10:11 PM ON 05/18/09

By JasonInMelbourne at 10:12 PM ON 05/18/09

Another amazingly excellent show handled amazingly poorly by its broadcaster. It's a pity the studio execs don't represent a broader demographic of the viewing public.

For example, us in Australia, the only reason we even got to see any of the Star Treks after TNG was because the owner of the Nine Network was an avid Star Trek fan.

By duneboat at 10:24 PM ON 05/18/09

mind-blowing!!! Dollhouse renewed!? i'm about ready to faint!! it makes no sense. Dollhouse has all the creativity of paint drying. Someone, anyone, PBS, Telemundo, BBC, Playboy channel, someone please pick up TSCC!! and than to add to their stupidity, Fox moves Fringe to a different nite? who the frack is running that network??!!

By Suliman at 10:26 PM ON 05/18/09

Dollhouse has a disgusting concept, guess the exec's like the fact that women being forced into sex without their consent is a good thing.
Too bad they cancelled the wrong show. Ick.

By scifan at 10:46 PM ON 05/18/09

Dollhouse is a good show with a great concept. Fringe is just fracking awesome. The best show of the entire line-up. I'm glad they got renewed. I stopped wathing TSCC after the first couple of episodes this season as it got boring and repetitive.

By formytots0128 at 10:48 PM ON 05/18/09

One more thing... I thought that I was helping the TSCC rating by watching the show at so that the network can track my usage and count my vote. Since online viewing was not included, then my effort was all for nothing. Please listen to us !!!!!

By Joe at 11:09 PM ON 05/18/09

This isn't the first time Fox has canceled a good show.

Didn't Fox cancel "firefly"?

By Reality v. 2.0 at 11:18 PM ON 05/18/09

Sarah Connor got canned simply because the ratings weren't there and it was only kept on for this season because Warner Bros (who produced the show and own the Terminator property) slashed the licensing fee's for the purpose of using the show as promotional material for the new Salvation flick. When you consider the two stories, TSCC and Salvation have very little in common, what is the benefit to WB to continue to devalue the licensing fee's? Salvation is going to be out, and thus TSCC isn't needed anymore. Sarah Connor was right there with Lost in my book of good television, so I hate this.

Dollhouse is still around because Joss showed the network that he could produce an episode of the show for peanuts (the unaired 13th episode DVD extra "Epitaph pt 1.) Plus it has strong DVR numbers. I like the show, but doubt it will pull in any new viewers next season considering the shitty fri. 9pm timeslot.

Fringe has potential to run for 4-5 years, there is a lot of mythology there. Happy it is staying around.

Out of the three, I would personally rather see TSCC but two out of three ain't bad.

By talitha_cumi at 11:18 PM ON 05/18/09

Well, that's it for me. No more watching Fox. After the X-Files, TSCC was the only show I watched on tv. If ever I see any semblance of a good show on tv that can be compared to the X-Files and TSCC, I'll just wait for the complete series to be released on DVD. Because it's just useless to invest time and effort to be there waiting and watching every week. And after all the fans have been doing to save the show, TSCC still got cancelled! Fox, this is your DUMBEST move yet!

By htr. at 11:20 PM ON 05/18/09

REILLY was afraid of those poor of 110 emails from dollhouse´s fans?... well, he can be afraid of TSCC fans... because FOX will be not a bussines anymore... REILLY and FOX execs can go find a newspaper and start looking for a new JOB because FOX is
screwd... F@CK you FOX... F@CK you REILLY... F@CK YOU FOX execs .... you can pray from now...

By dustysrodeo at 11:31 PM ON 05/18/09

okay - Dollhouse is an idiotic, misogynistic piece of blubbering wanna-be middle brow insignificant fluff, while TSCC is a thoughtful, provocative, and intelligent series. Fine, just my opinion (and the opinion of MANY worldwide fans)......what did the fox quote say ? 110 million angry emails from fans of Mollhouse? Yeah, wishful thinking. Why don't you put it to the test? I doubt you'd get 10 emails. Really dumb move, Fox. I loved Firefly, but this latest piece of nonsense from Joss is it's so bad I can't think of an appropriate descriptor. Wannabee fluff comes to mind.........okay thanks for listening, everybody hang on while Fox goes bumbling on, dumbing down by the minute...........Hopefully SciFi will pick up TSCC...........???

By mikymik38 at 11:37 PM ON 05/18/09

Now that BSG and Stargate Atlantis is rapped it would be a great time for Sci Fi to pick up SCC, cause Primevel is British and cheap looking, SCC would fit in nicely with Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, and Primevel

By blondetrekgirl at 12:05 AM ON 05/19/09

I've already sent my email to Kevin Reilly re: the cancellation of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It went a little something like this:
Dear Mr. Reilly,

I was disappointed to hear that FOX had cancelled The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was a great show with writing that was far better than average, and many episodes bordered on great. Further, the storyline was engaging and the acting exceptional. Truly enjoyable. I think moving the show to the Friday night "death" slot was a huge mistake. It's a shame that FOX couldn't support a show with great production values and mass appeal. I plugged this show everywhere I could get my "two-cents" in, including MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

I sincerely hope that since FOX couldn't find an audience for this great show, another network, perhaps Sci-Fi will.

Best Regards,
Blondetrekgirl (actually I printed my real name).

By shroudedwolf at 1:17 AM ON 05/19/09

T.V. has fallen into the abyss. When the best rated shows on T.V. have to deal with ignorant white trash stranded on islands, 'desperate' housewives that go through the SAME ROUTINE year in and year out, and a medical show that is much more 'desperate' than medical, you know the end has come. Sure, there's the mass appeal of watching a rags to riches story in American Idol and the occasional new twist in the generic crime shows, but overall, good stories have no place in network lineups.

Ever see Raines? Ran for 7 episodes, suberb acting by Jeff Goldblum, and cancelled. How about Pushing Daisies? Brilliant, BRILLIANT show. Cancelled. (The end of the show airs the end of this month sometime.)

LOST and Fringe are the only two high quality shows left on television that aren't spinoffs of various, previously successful shows. Though, even Fringe is just a new X-Files. Syfy has decided to try to adjust for killing SG:A by introducing a *gasp*, outed gay character. Good job Syfy, how about not killing the previously successful series'? That might work...

I'm nearly done with T.V. You can no longer become a loyal fan of a show without risking hate and heartbreak because some moron crunched arbitrary numbers in an effort to kiss his/her boss' ass (by getting costs down). T.V. execs are shooting themselves in the feet. FOX, 'Til Death is ok, I'll admit that. Of course, having 2 main characters disappear w/o explination in the second season and airing "old" episodes with no continuity kind of hurt it. Did you honestly think that was a better show for you than SCC? Once you kill Fringe, I will urge everyone to kill you. Yes, kill you. Your one chance at life is American Idol and it's going to die within a few years. Beware FOX, you will soon go the way of analog broadcasts!

By IsoTek at 1:36 AM ON 05/19/09

Well, this is a bittersweet loss for me. I like Dollhouse enough to watch but I really loved T:SCC and lived for that over Dollhouse. I feel a little slighted by this Reilly guy that they did everything to promote it. I remember seeing ads for it but I also remember the horrendous writers strike that crippled its first season and probably hamstrung the second. I mean the first season and second had so few episodes in comparsion to standard shooting practice that they may as well have been one whole season. I think FOX needs to re-evaluate its decision. I think FOX needs to avoid program shifting if at all possible and I think FOX could also benefit from taking the 10:00 hour. Granted I know most affilates have that marked for news but I think that has been the one thing that has consitantly handicapped FOX for years with alot of their shows succeeding. Having an extra hour would allow for not just more programming in general but perhaps doing two-fers of a show back to back, which would keep the interest up. Anyway, just another sad day in the world of television by the looks of it.

By Emily at 1:51 AM ON 05/19/09

They do realize that moving it to friday kind of killed it right? You move a show to Friday, the rating s are going to suck. You keep Dollhouse on Friday, the ratings are going to suck. Get used to it. You can't move a show from Monday to Friday and expect it to do good.

The slightly good news in this is FOX might have given some consideration to Hulu and TVO.

I might add that Syfy (tehehe stupid name) could never seem to grasp the uses of hulu with Battlestar. They would not post a new episdoe of Battlestar until 8 days after its air date. I don't think they got the idea that this really just promotes piracy. Take away somthing someone wants, they will get it.

Okay sorry rant tangent done.

In my opinion, Dollhouse is a better show. Sarah Connor had a great run, but I'm not going to loose any sleep with it. Sarah Connor had a hilarious track record of being completely boring to being one of the most exciting things on tv.

The thing with Dollhouse is that I can see it really working on a low budget. Cut out the filler, foccus on character study and character interaction, and you got something.

Syfy should really pick it up. Besides what else are they going to show? Wrestling? And in the meantime, how about changing that stupid name Syfy?

By FOX BLOWS at 2:01 AM ON 05/19/09

I cant believe they have done it agian with cancelling T:SCC.

Ok They kept Dollhouse but they will totally cancel it next season. And im sorry im not going to get myself invovled with another fox show that will not last, I'll start watching the WB at least their shows last despite how bad story lines are or the ratings.

They shouldnt pick up sci-fi shows because they dont know how to market it them. let them stick with wanda sykes and the simpsons. NO terminator but they kept I THINK YOU CAN DANCE, great choice bone heads

By FOX BLOWS at 2:02 AM ON 05/19/09

I cant believe they have done it agian with cancelling T:SCC.

Ok They kept Dollhouse but they will totally cancel it next season. And im sorry im not going to get myself invovled with another fox show that will not last, I'll start watching the WB at least their shows last despite how bad story lines are or the ratings.

They shouldnt pick up sci-fi shows because they dont know how to market it them. let them stick with wanda sykes and the simpsons. NO terminator but they kept I THINK YOU CAN DANCE, great choice bone heads

By Laslo at 2:04 AM ON 05/19/09

I don't like TSCC being canceled but why would I stop watching shows that I like on Fox like Fringe, 24 and Dollhouse?

I'd rather Fringe stayed on Tuesday and didn't move to Thursday, though I don't watch Supernatural and Smallville is barely worth watching anymore. What a horrible season finale, Clark seems too old to not be Superman. Him and the Green Arrow seem more like a couple of douche's than superheroes.

By Gail Cooke at 2:11 AM ON 05/19/09

While I disliked both shows, I felt Terminator was better...which is typical Fox....which should we keep? The one that's better? Or the one that blows? Hmmm...I think we'll keep the one that blows.

By Gunslinger at 3:19 AM ON 05/19/09

The way they determine ratings is obsolete anyways. I don't DVR anything, I watch them online, and more and more people are going to be doing that.

So I agree, frak Fox.

By Ldyheat at 3:23 AM ON 05/19/09

I'm agreeing with everyone here, Fox doesn't know what it's doing and needs to get their head out of their butts. SCC was a great show that I always watched! I'm peeved Fox canceled it before it's time!! And SyFy (such a dumb name) needs to pick this up even though they are doing some dumb things lately too. Both channels have a nasty habit of doing the exact opposite of what they should. My cat could run their networks better then they do.

By Scanner at 3:41 AM ON 05/19/09

Un-freaking-believable.I am SO tired of FOX canceling shows I like on a cliffhanger and then not taking the responsibility to wrap up the cliffhanger with a finale. I can accept the reasons why they would cancel a show, but show the fans who keep watching a little love. If you're going to cancel a show you put out there for us, wrap the damn thing up. Frankly, this is the last straw. I am not watching anything new FOX puts out, simply because I've been reamed time and time again by their cliffhanger cancellations. The FOX is a skunk, and I don't plan to get bitten again. Enough is enough.

By phil at 4:23 AM ON 05/19/09

What a bunch of idiots! You'd think they would at least try! and cash in on the publicity that the new terminator movie would! bring.

Come on SyFy! Please at least! think about picking up the show. Its got a Fantastic fanbase already and

I'm not going to give Dollhouse a chance, lets see what happens to the show in the next season.

By Jonas72 at 4:37 AM ON 05/19/09

You know, they should start firing network exec's instead of cancelling shows, that'd save them some money, and keep everyone on their toes.

By misteredj at 4:58 AM ON 05/19/09

Thursdays also have Supernatural in that time slot as well. I like Fringe but I will probably actually watch Supernatural and either watch online or record Fringe.

By honestyy at 5:49 AM ON 05/19/09

You shouldn't have done that. TSCC will rise.
We are the Resistance. We will prevail.

By SERIOUSLY at 5:58 AM ON 05/19/09

SERIOUSLY!!! they cancelled TSCC!! get over it guy! if you this upset over a tv show being cancelled, god help you when you face a real life crisis!

By PadrePedro at 6:28 AM ON 05/19/09

SciFi- heck, I'll even accept SyFy if you pick up TSCC

By Coco at 6:51 AM ON 05/19/09

fox bad choice to cancel tscc
now i leaving all fox show

We are a resistance!
SciFi please pick up tscc

By WATCHALL at 6:55 AM ON 05/19/09

The show was slow and repetitive and i see why fox canceled it. I was a fan too but sadly i have to say the writers failed here not Fox. That John Henry and T1001 story was terrible.

By Gorman at 7:00 AM ON 05/19/09

How about at least a wrap-up for TSCC? DVD, TV movie, etc. At least give the fans a chance for some sense of closure.

By Muldfeld at 7:42 AM ON 05/19/09

As many others, I'm saddened by this series' cancellation. It had the guts to tell stories in unusual ways and was much smarter than the movies and was actually best when it steered clear of references to the films; sadly, the head writer Friedman didn't seem to realize this and his stories were among the least original. I loved Toni Graphia's work, though.

It was the only show I wanted to watch besides Caprica. Now, it's gone and Fox has screwed up AGAIN. We're lucky The X-Files was began in the early '90s when the network wasn't as greedy. It even ruined Millennium by dumbing it down after Season 2.

Such a shame. Well, I won't be tuning into Fox anymore.

I really hope Sci Fi network will buy it because it was a great show and not expensive to make at all; heck, some of those special effects were terrible, but it was fine because it was one of those few sci fi shows to actually be about interesting characters and have great actors, and not just be an excuse for silly plot twists and dumb action like a J.J. Abrams show or "Heroes".

Damn you to hell, Fox.

By gorehound696 at 8:06 AM ON 05/19/09

my letter to kevin reilly
I want you to know how mad I am at you for cancelling TSCC and then making the lamest excuse I have heard for a long time.I want you to know
I am not a child but I am 53 years old and I spend and make ther money here.Over the years I have been burned to many times by cancelled shows and on cliffhamgers.I have finally made the decision that it won't be happening to me at least as much as it happened before.I am just going to go and boycott whoever does this type of lame behavior to me.
You folks want to cancel a show then have the decency to at least give it an ending or suffer my wrath.
And since I spend a lot of money on entertainment in the case of FOX I will boy cott buying or going to a theater for one of your films for the period of one TV season worth of time.
I will also be trying to bring as many folks as I can to do the same thing.Maybe my one person spending won't sned a message but I have the internet to spread my word so you will see more than one doing this.
I estimate I spend more than $400 per season just on FOX stuff alone.
Bring back TSCC and I will bring you back to my TV here.
Have A Nice Day
Jordan Kratz

By anakin at 8:27 AM ON 05/19/09

I can't believe FOX would make one of the stupidest moves ever by cancelling TSCC. I have been a faithful viewer of the show since they aired the fourth episode. SyFy needs to pick up this show, at least long enough to resolve the cliff hanger.

Please SyFy, you're our only hope.

By Matt at 8:33 AM ON 05/19/09

God you’re all a bunch of sore losers aren’t you?

I’m a big ‘Dollhouse’ fan and I’m sorry but to all you deluded people out there… yes TSCC is not the only show with a rabid fan base, Dollhouse has a VERY big one too. Check the internet, you come across as very ignorant when you say it has no fans, it shows how little you’ve poked your head out of the TSCC fan base.

Dollhouse has turned into a very thought-provoking, engaging show which has been very well received by both critics and fans. If it had got cancelled though all of its fans wouldn’t have been ranting and raving like childish idiots going “We’re going to boycott TSCC!” blah blah blah. It’s ridiculous. You’re all incredibly immature and actually almost make me glad your show got canned. You don’t deserve it.

By FlapJack-o at 8:51 AM ON 05/19/09

Hey Fox, Dollhouse is a piece of garbage
and so is your network. I have a simple
statement for you, if you (Fox) can get it:

if (Fox ::std::cerr }

By chef pete at 8:53 AM ON 05/19/09

I never missed an episode of sara you left all of us hanging when the season ended i cant belive your keeping Doll house what a joke It just goes to show you the fans dont mean anything in the eyes of executives it would be as simple as putting a survey on aol to see the reaction of the its hard to say im not watching Fox anymore but I wont be rushing home on a friday for TSCC Great Job Jerks

By tjlovesmusic at 9:22 AM ON 05/19/09

Keep TSCC and get rid of Doll House!!

By Brian at 9:43 AM ON 05/19/09

I'm not going to get into the debate of Dollhouse over/under The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I really don't believe they have anything to do with one another in terms of 'which stays, which goes.'

That being said, FOX's decision to cancel the Sarah Connor Chronicles is yet another example of the network mishandling a show it doesn't understand and won't give time to grow.

I really thought the first half of season for for SCC was frankly, a waste until they brought in the woman from BSG:RAZOR. Then the story got interesting, but after that it lost steam yet again.

In lieu of this, I can understand FOX not having faith in where the show was going, but the last three episodes of season two were quite possibly some of the best hours of network tv I have watched since 24 was an original concept and heroes was something new and interesting.

In my opinion, and thats all it is, those last episodes made the point that SCC deserved at the very least, another half season run. Give the writers a chance to pull something fluid together or at worst, time to resolve where they left the show.

While it's not the studio's decision the end a show on a cliff hanger, it IS their decision to not bring it back long enough to be resolved.

In this, I am not unlike any other fan here, SCI-FI (I refuse to call it sy-fy because that's as 'lame' as it gets around here and once the site stops accepting I stop visiting) please, please, PLEASE: find a way to pick up the show for one more season (or half season) and resolve one of the most interesting cliff-hangers I have seen since the days of TNG with the Borg and Farscape with John Chrichton's head chopped open.

By Brian at 9:52 AM ON 05/19/09

oh, and btw, excellent points Muldfeld. I was never an X-Files fan so I can't comment there (and I won't watch Fringe based on the fact they really ARE similar and that womans face is just annoying to look at) but the Millenium point is WELL taken.

Although, to play devils advociate, that had more to do with Chris Carter handing the reigns over to Morgan and Wong when he went back to X-files for the last season. However, he never WOULD have had that option had fox not desserted a very gritty and dark sci-fi series like Space: Above and Beyond.

If FOX had allowed that show to grow, they could never have ruined Millenium. And for those who think Space was a bad show (it did have some bad moments though, I will agree there) just look back at some of the post Ronald Moore has stated as reference material he used for certain aspects of BSG and you will see Space was one of them. Joss Wheedon even references Space for an episode it did almost completely void of dialogue before his Buffy episode did something similar.

By Syberwolf at 9:56 AM ON 05/19/09

WHAT!?!? Other than Firedly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible I don't think Whedon has had any good shows...Buffy/Angel...please...I love Dushku but Dollhouse is definitely inconsistent and I believe could have ended this season. TSCC had way much more to tell, every time this execs try to "explain" there decisions they sound like idiots who actually don't know what they are doing...TSCC was clearly a superior show to Dollhouse. I also agree with some of the comments, I doubt they will even air all 13 episodes next season...good luck with that

By goodguy222 at 10:08 AM ON 05/19/09

Maybe the fans of T:SCC should start a campaign to get SYFY to bring the show to the channel, The folks at the channel could show the existing episodes on a night in the middle of the weak and make a deal if the fans and other viewers show up to watch with enough numbers they will then buy more episodes. A simple put your viewing where your mouth is offer to the fans. I suspect if they production costs could be lowered and the ratings were good enough the show could be saved. I suspect the existing episodes will show up on SYFY come Friday nights next Match or the March after that or in the summer. Start writing letters and challenge SYFY and see if they are takers. The only problem is viewers may not actually be loyal enough to watch the repeats to get the numbers up.

Fanboys it is up to you?

By xxgatorxx at 10:14 AM ON 05/19/09

couple things
i like both shows dollhouse and TSCC
dollhouse was picked up-good for them
quit bagging on them
dosent help save TSCC

As a fan the only thing i think i can hopefor now with out accepting TSCC being completely gone
as i did for firefly
is to hope we get a movie-miniseries-direct to DVD movie giving us the closure and conclusion to a great story
as we did with fireflys-SERENITY
tbh again i didnt like the movie they killed my 2 favorite characters

I feel we as fans are OWED this

forget scifi or syfy picking it up
they wouldnt
on the name syfy
-my 16 year old calls it shyphillis channel as siffy is the nickname of that disease to youngsters

i find that hilarious
I know wrestling is fiction but how is it science fiction again?
this too is hilarious

Matt dont look to much for dollhouses survival
the lead in shows are comedys
and til death a show that did badly is one

and for you fringe fans
i count myself as one
FOX is moving fringe from its great timeslot behind american idol
to the heaviest timeslot there is on Thursdays
vs CSi and Grey Anatomy etc
so we will see how it does in the most contested timeslot on TV
TSCC fans the timeline is NOT set send your letters sound off about this every chance you get
We got firefly a movie we can get one for TSCC
join us

By Loonbeam at 10:30 AM ON 05/19/09

Again folks, its not that complicated..

TSCC - Very expensive (reports have it in the 2 mil per episode range without a lot of room to cut).

Dollhouse - reported new budget will be in the $300,000 per ep range.

If a show costs 7 times as much as the other option, it better bring in at least 4 times the ratings.

For the last week I can find numbers:

17 DOLLHOUSE FOX 3,503 2.2 4

Basically they had the SAME viewership and that wasn't the Dollhouse season finale.

So everyone complaining about losing TSCC, here's the issue - enough people were not watching to pay for it. Period.

By xxgatorxx at 10:55 AM ON 05/19/09

sure thats true

i can see you were not a fan
they put it on a friday night
so how exactly would they capture that 18-39 audience who wont be home watching?
they dont count DVR numbers
hell they dont even count the views on their own site.

i liked the show
and i am unhappy on its ending
they have known for weeks they were going to cancel this show
we as fans deserve an ending
flat out
i am a realist i know no network will pick it up
but we-the fans
deserve better

By lophius at 11:18 AM ON 05/19/09

WHY is this discussion mutating into a Dollhouse VS Sarah Connor thing?

If you are a Dollhouse-only person, be happy your show has a reprieve and hope for the best...

If you're a TSCC-only fan, then be pissed that your show was canceled and - if so moved - vent those feelings at those who made the decision. But, don't project your anger at the Dollhouse folks! THEY didn't kill your show. If you rage at them, you come off as spiteful, jealous or immature...

BTW, I happen to be much more of a TSCC fan. I'm upset with (and don't fully understand) Fox's decision to cancel TSCC, but I'll be checking out Dollhouse and see why so many love it. Perhaps I'll find another great show to watch. Or, maybe I won't like it, in which case I'll simply turn the channel. But, I sure won't blame the Dollhouse fans for what happened to "my" show...

By TechGeekBlogger at 11:19 AM ON 05/19/09

In addition to commenting here, I urge everyone that cares to email Kevin Reilly at Fox and let him know how you feel. I have a copy of the email I sent on my blog ( and you are all welcome to borrow from and add to it.

By Muldfeld at 11:27 AM ON 05/19/09

Thanks, Brian. Actually, what happened with Millennium was that Chris Carter was very busy with X-Files, but also that Fox wanted Morgan and Wong and appointed them and wanted the show to become more like The X-Files. Carter agreed, assuming they'd do a good job, but it was Fox that constantly pressured the show to turn into a mere shadow of its former self. If you watch the DVD extras, Carter confesses in 2004/2005 that he still hasn't watched all of Season 2 and couldn't understand how the show changed the way it did. He's said that if he were able to do a Millennium movie, he'd revert to Season 1.

By the way, you can find a petition endorsed by Frank Spotnitz for 20th century fox to make a film with Lance Henriksen here:

Nice to see a Millennium fan who appreciates Season 1. I have to confess that, as I suspect was the case with many others, I preferred Season 2 when the series aired. However, as I matured and bought the DVDs, I realized how silly and over-the-top and self-consciously melodramatic and morally simplistic Morgan and Wong's work was, especially Season 2 of Millennium. and I realized how amazing Season 1 was!

Regarding TSCC, I just wanted to say that I really liked Riley and thought the 3-parter with her and Jesse was absolutely amazing!

By xbriyeon at 11:49 AM ON 05/19/09

I am never going to watch a single FOX show live ever again (including House, Bones, Dollhouse, The Simpsons, etc.) because they have cancelled Terminator.

By stealthgear at 11:54 AM ON 05/19/09

Talking about Millenium....I am a huge fan, and I didn't watch season 2 either, just like Chris Carter. Its not even the same show. I dislike Morgan, Wong, and even Frank Spotnitz for fucking up X-files and especially the last movie. Chris Carter is the man.

The people at the top of Fox are insane. Bring back TSCC!!!!

By Comic Book Guy at 1:22 PM ON 05/19/09

Dumbest decision and reasoning ever!!!!!

By Beldaran at 1:25 PM ON 05/19/09

Dear Lophius and Loonbeam,

Would you two just frakin' relax. This IS a blog, you know. We TSCC fans are just pissed. Please let us vent like normal humans. Stop whining about our venting. We are whinging together in a place where we know others like ourselves, are equally pissed off. We are NOT slamming Dollhouse (I happen to own every DVD and comic book by Joss) we are simply stating our feelings about losing one of the best sci-fi shows on TV.

Leave us alone. Sheesh.

By pedro capella at 1:25 PM ON 05/19/09

hey sci fi should pick tssc because it will fit the network they should show it before the boring wwecw
no one watches the new ecw vince

By Russell Nash at 1:29 PM ON 05/19/09

Um, there happens to be a summer blockbuster starring Christian Bale opening this weekend.

Mr Reilly, start tidying up that resume, genius!

By kernel_thai at 1:30 PM ON 05/19/09

What FOX is saying is they dont care about US because we r a small group of fans and the show will never be a mainstream success.

What WB is saying is the show existed to promote Terminator: Salvation so mission accomplished.

What they r both saying is its all about money. Its all they r interested in. They thank us for r input and apologize for canceling our show but sorry, sorry, sorry. They dont respect us. Its that simple. They think we're all sheep and all we're good for is lamb chops.

If u wanna tell WB ur not a lamb chop DONT go see Terminator: Salvation. If u wanna tell FOX the same thing, DONT see Night at the Museum or Ice Age. Instead, send them a cordial email saying that ur sorry, sorry, sorry but u gave them a fair chance to renew OUR show. Tell them u cant afford to spend $10.25 on a company that doesnt care about u or ur viewing habits. If Salvation opens poorly then maybe they'll listen the next time. If u stop buy DVD for FOX tv shows like 24, Fringe, Bones and Dollhouse because those shows were picked up instead of OURS, they will listen the next time. U dont get respect by begging them to save OUR show. U get respect by showing ur not afraid to resist.

If u want to fight, dont see their movies and dont buy their dvds. They dont care about threats not to watch FOX again. If they cared about that T:SCC would be on. Let the Nielson families whose opinion they value so much support them for a while. Or, u can continue to be sheep.

By Termin4tori at 1:30 PM ON 05/19/09

You made wrong choice, but i hope some other channel picks up TSCC

By Brian at 1:35 PM ON 05/19/09

Muldfeld: I didn't realize FOX itself was pressuring Carter into taking on Wong and Morgan. I honestly thought Carter said in the season 2 extras that he was the one who picked them cause he thought they were innovative with how they handled Space(although if I am in error, thanks for the correction!)

I am a huge Millenium fan and a Lance Henricksen fan so thanks for the link.
Now I will admit, when watched it on broadcast tv I was but a teenager, but even then, the way I saw Millenium was a kind of scaled back 'Silence of the Lambs' for the tv audience. If you go back and watch the season 1 pilot, I think you will see what I am referring to.

Season 2, when I was watching it on broadcast tv, I actually liked as well, but in hindsight it really was bad. I loved Space:A&B; for what it was, but getting a referrence to the show every 3-4 episodes was a bit much (whether it was someones name appearing in the show, the chiggy suit for their "halloween" episode or just the female actress as a recurring character, though she did make sense and was a competent actress)

Getting back to the topic of this thread though, I really do hope some TSCC comes back in some form. I guess time will tell.

By sultryjai at 1:51 PM ON 05/19/09

How upsetting to find out that TSCC was cancelled. In my immediate circle of friends and acquaintances, everyone watched it exclusively. I'm talking over 100 people. Dollhouse was nothing but lipgloss and large silicone breasts. I hope Fox changes its mind and brings back TSCC at least mid-season. Or hopefully another wiser station will pick it up..

By rudumb at 2:04 PM ON 05/19/09


I have programmed Fox out of my channel selector. Guess I have to watch SciFi even more now.

By growger at 2:20 PM ON 05/19/09

What we all need to do is flood FOX w/ e-mails, letting them know there making a mistake by killing off the terminator tv series. The show was getting really good and to kill it off w/ a cliffhanger is way smegging wrong. Thet complained when the rating when off on some friday nites, loking @ what was released in theater those weeks. Fans where home and not everyone has a DVR. If they can't handle the show give it to the SCI FI channel, were it belongs! At leats let them do some kind of tv movies at would some how conect it to the new movie, Do the right thing, give it to the SCI FI chanel!! It could replace BSG & SG-A. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE!

By potcwe at 2:28 PM ON 05/19/09

So who has Reillys email ?

By Amalia at 2:38 PM ON 05/19/09

By Jason at 3:02 PM ON 05/19/09

TSCC was my favorite show last season.

I liked dollhouse too, but if I had to choose I'd keep TSCC.

By Phalaenopsis at 3:52 PM ON 05/19/09

TSCC is the only reason I started watching TV again. I'm a Whedon fan too but can take or leave Dollhouse. Biggest problem for me is believing Eliza in her different personas. She's always so...Eliza Dushku. Right now I'd rather watch TSCC on DVD than ever tune into Fox again. But then, I'm only in Stage 4 of the grief process.

By FU FOX at 3:57 PM ON 05/19/09


By Aramanthus at 4:36 PM ON 05/19/09

I know that only leaves one show on Fox I'll watch and it's not Dollhouse. Fringe will be the last show on Fox I watch.

By Gwonom at 4:41 PM ON 05/19/09

xxgatorxx: Did you seriously say fans could push to get a movie made for TSCC? Have you somehow not noticed the buzz around Salvation and forgotten about the previous three Terminator trilogy, of which the show is based on?

People, think before you speak.

By author_of_judgement at 4:57 PM ON 05/19/09

The people at Fox proved they were idiots when they cancelled TSCC. I'm boycotting Fox now. It's so rediculous.


By kernel_thai at 5:13 PM ON 05/19/09

Im not sure who got the stinkier end of the stick: T:SCC for getting canceled or Dollhouse still on Friday with those two comedies as lead in.

By DynaMike at 5:59 PM ON 05/19/09

Ugh. Fox should have canceled "Hole in the Wall" and "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" instead of T:SCC.

By Anthony at 7:45 PM ON 05/19/09

Reilly is an idiot , seriously. I liked Dollhouse but if he thinks it will gain any viewers next season he is out of his mind. No way on a Friday night , its not happening. Book it. TSCC was the superior show but Fox can't make as much money off of it. Reilly won't say that because he is a corporate idiot but thats why its gone.

By suprememango at 7:58 PM ON 05/19/09

completed its run? do you even watch the shows you produce or do you just read numbers? I can't say TSCC was the only show I used to watch on Fox because the smart alecs moved it to Friday nights when I'm busy and I have watch it online when I get a chance.

I think this show was poorly marketed and poorly handled by Fox. I hope Scifi/Syfy sees what quality there is in it and gives it the treatment and future it deserves. I watched one episode of Dollhouse and was less than impressed. Maybe it got better with time, I don't know. But I can bet my last shilling round this time next year it will go the way of the Dodo too.

By RATDAT at 8:04 PM ON 05/19/09

I cant beleive this.......they think Americans are so dumb that we would rather watch sitcoms and and pointless shows like 90210, the Hills, Gossip Girl, and all the stupid reality shows----wait, the ratings of all the "Teen to 20 somethings makes up there minds. First good show in so long, now.........Sci fi shoulda picked up, but, they let Stargate go so.........they are just as bad. Smallville was getting unbearable to watch with Lana, now its good again, Supernatural is awsome, Fringe very cool, .....Maybe we should just kill our tv's............(sigh) Look at the box office #'s, Sci Fi sells! Stupid Fox!

By RATDAT at 8:52 PM ON 05/19/09

Oh, Dollhouse is ok, but my wife watches that and I could take it or leave it. I cant believe that so many great shows: Brimstone, Farscape, Millenium, all the Trek's, Quantum Leap, Etc............Angel was ok for the first season or 2, Buffy sucked, Charmed was ok for a couple, but America would rather watch stupid reality shows over thoughtful, visually provocative and stimulating ones. Radio is the same way----they demograph the 18 to 25 year olds..............what a waste when all most of them want to do is party......and watch stupid shows like "Rock of Love"

By RATDAT at 8:54 PM ON 05/19/09

Oh, Dollhouse is ok, but my wife watches that and I could take it or leave it. I cant believe that so many great shows: Brimstone, Farscape, Millenium, all the Trek's, Quantum Leap, Etc............Angel was ok for the first season or 2, Buffy sucked, Charmed was ok for a couple, but America would rather watch stupid reality shows over thoughtful, visually provocative and stimulating ones. Radio is the same way----they demograph the 18 to 25 year olds..............what a waste when all most of them want to do is party......and watch stupid shows like "Rock of Love"

By obrudda at 9:18 PM ON 05/19/09

Hey Reilly, the only reason I watched part of Dollhouse was because it came after TSCC. Because of morons like you I've given up on network television. Tell the truth ball sack, you're not betting on Whedon, you're betting on Eliza in scantily clad outfits. You lose, that will not build a loyal audience. I look forward to reading about your termination as a network exec.

By obrudda at 9:26 PM ON 05/19/09

Hey Reilly, terminate TSCC, I terminate Fox channels. You're outta here.

By lophius at 10:00 PM ON 05/19/09

Beldaran, respectfully I suggest you read some of the other posts here. I do not question YOUR level-headedness when you say that you "are NOT slamming Dollhouse" and that you "are simply stating our feelings about losing one of the best sci-fi shows on TV." Rather what concerns me is the rantings of some of the other TSCC fans (remember, I'm one!) who say things like:

"but I am specifically not going to watch Dollhouse in protest of Terminator being canceled"

"I will ABSOLUTELY not watch Dollhouse in protest of frakin' FOX for cancelling TSCC. Idiots!"

"Here's to hoping that garbage show Dollhouse tanks even more this fall."

"I'm not going to give Dollhouse a chance, lets see what happens to the show in the next season."

"I am never going to watch a single FOX show live ever again (including House, Bones, Dollhouse, The Simpsons, etc.) because they have cancelled Terminator."

THAT is what I am "whining" about. All I'm saying, as a fellow TSCC fan, is that shooting at Dollhouse fans or hoping that show tanks gets us nowhere. Redirect the anger to where it will do some good...

By arrakis44 at 10:10 PM ON 05/19/09

I watched the first episode of Dollhouse and never watched it again. There are so many better shows around that it just wasn't worth wasting time on a show that failed to hook me.
I really loved SCC and wish Fox would have, for once, made the right move. Instead they reinforce their reputation for keeping bad shows and canceling good ones. I still miss John Doe.

By Beldaran at 10:28 PM ON 05/19/09

Lophius, as simply stated by me previously, we are venting. And I'm certain I can speak for many on this BLOG; we have already typed numerous messages to Mr Reilly and other FOX execs. Thus we *are* redirecting our anger to where it will hopefully do good. Again, I reiterate... sheesh....

By SkottB81 at 10:35 PM ON 05/19/09

They should have kept the show, it was good better than Dollhouse sorry chick from Tru Calling, that was also a good show. Hey remember that show called Family Guy??? Oh yeah the one Fox canceled then brought it back wow how silly of Fox to make such dumb decision. Makes you think....

By CCC at 11:15 PM ON 05/19/09

The sarah connor chronicles is gone. GET OVER IT. The first season was great but the second was just slow rubbish. No sending e-mails, letters, phone calls or help from god will bring back the show. And why are you picking on the show dollhouse from what i've read it and what i saw in the sarah connor chronicles it had nothing to do with it getting canned. The SCC writers failed us here not another show and not fox.

By spenser at 12:05 AM ON 05/20/09

I'm really tired of following FOX shows and later witnessing their premature demise. Canceling Terminator is just on more mistake for FOX to add to it's list. FOX may be well on it's way to becoming another NBC.

By bluecastle at 12:15 AM ON 05/20/09

The SCC writers did not fail us at all. Season 2 was great, some of the episodes were actually superb! I love this show and I'm very disappointed by Fox's decision. I really hope TSCC gets brought back somehow.

By Peter J. Schoenster at 12:25 AM ON 05/20/09

Shame on Fox for cancelling TSCC.

What great themes explored on the show. We are talking the future.

Like others, I'm leery of Fox now. Who wants to invest the time in a show only to see it cancelled so early.

By FoxBlows at 12:35 AM ON 05/20/09

The people at fox are a bunch of morons for not picking up SCC. Ive seen their lineup of new shows for this year and scientifically ive determined that they all blow chunks. I hope another network or channel picks them up and makes fox look like a bunch of tossers.

By FOX EXECS FRAK at 3:05 AM ON 05/20/09

This is what I sent to Reilly - -

Mr. Reilly - -

How can you REALLY say that DOLLHOUSE is a good bet with questionable acting and a story arc that took a full season to develop?

TSCC - - was the victim of the Writer's Strike - - the last of the first season and the first half of the second were CLEARLY an indication that the Writer's Strike stalled good production. By then you lost most of your audience. AGAIN an EXECUTIVE PROBLEM not a production problem.

You lost a FOX Viewer- - - if you have "cotton balls" = go do make up!

At least sell TSCC to SciFi and let them make money where you have NO production sensibility!

By Darky at 4:06 AM ON 05/20/09

Here is hoping that Syfy picks up the show, it does deserve! another season. If it really was horrible and was turning out shit I wouldn't care about another season but the last 6 or so episodes of the show were twice as good as the ones before it.

Come on syfy, please pick up TSCC. At least give it one more season and let it continue from the awesome ending.



By Amy at 7:51 AM ON 05/20/09

ARE YOU SERIOS there was NEVER a episode of Dollhouse more creative han TSCC and im 100% positive we have .a bigger fanbase so TSCC cancelating has taken a HUGE TOLL on US. And so now Dollhouse has a CHEAPER season STILL on FRIDAY whats the point?

By Slick at 8:31 AM ON 05/20/09

This is a total joke. TSCC was a great show and the best thing FOX has had in years. Its good to see that reality tv and sitcoms are replacing well written quality programming. FOX has definately lost a viewer here. The people who made this decision have to have serious brain damage.

By Thomas at 8:43 AM ON 05/20/09

It's amazing to me how broadcast network execs think it's still the 60's and the only competition they have is two other networks. Placing Fringe opposite GA and CSI is just plain stupid. More people will either watch the material when they want to on their computers (as ABC in particular offer up full episodes of their best shows online), or people will simply download from the torrent sites. Ridiculous. I liked Fringe's Tuesday time slot, there was no reason to change it.

And SCi-FI's captcha STILL sucks!

By Doomsday at 9:28 AM ON 05/20/09

Boo, hiss Fox! I tried giving Dollhouse a chance, but its exploited female characters was just disgusting. TSCC had strong female characters, and Terminatrix Cameron had more emotional expression than Eliza's characters. I hope either Fox changes its mind, or SyFy picks it up.

By Barbara at 9:30 AM ON 05/20/09

When counting ratings don't forget to include those that may be watched the day after or on Hulu. Believe it or not, some of us do not have cable/local programming. ;)

By Gabriel at 12:21 PM ON 05/20/09

So sad because T:SCC was cancelled...
I don't watch FOX anymore!

By Mikewood89 at 12:49 PM ON 05/20/09

Bring back TSCC. Excellent show! Im done with Fox!

By Mahoneko at 1:41 PM ON 05/20/09

Wow, really weak reasoning there on dumping Terminator, I can't believe that's the real reason, that show had gripping plot lines a plenty and was really hotting up.

If SCI FI can possibly save it like they did Star Gate they need to step in quick before everyone who made it a success drifts away!

By Kiko at 6:53 PM ON 05/20/09

Hi! I from Poland and I'm watching T:TSCC from the begining on internet and TV. I love this show and I can't live without it! It's a great series and I don't understand why they cancelled it. It's the worst thing that they could do. I hope they will change their mind and we will see 3 season!

Greetings to all Chroniclers!

By swmike at 3:32 AM ON 05/21/09

If anyone is purposely boycotting Dollhouse, then you're not alone. Seen Salvation yet? Not the best piece of work but still satisfying. T:SCC scores higher on creativity. After the Season 2 finale it was called the best sci-fi show on television...some even put it on par with Battlestar. SyFy, you gotta be reading these comments. Warner Bros. apparently doesn't want to shop the series, but I would say look at this fan base willing to flock to cable for one show.

Oh, and the line of consistent scheduling....I can't believe he could say that with a straight face.

By DMan at 3:33 AM ON 05/21/09

So, an ignominious end for SCC. Well, the silver lining is that the director won't get the opportunity to muck up an ending the way Moore did with BSG.

I was bitterly disappointed with the BSG ending - talk about a Deus ex Machina. I know this article is not about BSG, but bear with me - I do think it's relevant to SCC.

A fleet of 40 000 people, previously unable to agree on anything, all meekly - and unanimously - agree to suddenly throw away most of their technology and become the Amish. Not one person disagrees and says, "Frak this. Gimme a ship, I jump away somewhere far from you self-lobotomizing bozos!" COME ON!

For no particular reason, Adama abandons his son, never to return (Lee says so), and no farewells with his best friend Tigh is shown. This indicates that the show's creators spent far to much time with (mostly) pointless and (repetitive) flashbacks, and had to rush the ending.

Kara vanishes in mid-conversation with Lee - almost like God - or more like Moore - is thumbing a nose at the characters - and us.

Roslin was previously cured of her cancer by Cylon blood, but when it comes back she - what? - decides to die by not trying it again? Maybe I missed something?

In fact if you go to the Battlestar Wiki, BSG geeks have found like a dozen serious plot holes left by the ending.

My point is that, even when a show has a chance to make a graceful exit, the creators are still perfectly capable of destroying its legacy. So in the SCC universe, we can all probably imagine a better ending than it actually would have gotten, given the chance.

By gamephoenix at 4:15 AM ON 05/21/09

SCC was the best show on TV don't let it die Sci-Fi! Pick-up this show and I'm sure your stats on your other TV series will improve as well.

By lophius at 6:29 AM ON 05/21/09

Beldaran, I realized that you were the one who supplied the quote: "I will ABSOLUTELY not watch Dollhouse in protest of frakin' FOX for cancelling TSCC. Idiots!" As I simply stated earlier, venting your anger & fruatration towards Dollhouse, a show that has nothing to do with the death of TSCC, accomplishes nothing except the possible harming of Dollhouse. Again, I reiterate... spiteful, jealous, immature...

By Ryan H at 9:23 AM ON 05/21/09

"We had some other shows we thought would make a better profile for the night. So that's it for Terminator."

Oh, you mean like the back-to-back episodes of COPS you replaced it with? What?

Fox execs, you are a bunch of flaming morons. You left a huge demographic of fans disappointed, not to mention hanging free with a FANTASTIC season finale that would have made for a gripping 3rd season. That finale had more cliffhangers and twists than you can shake a stick at. But you cancelled it right as it was getting good.

Morons. Absolute effing morons.

By Ryan at 1:01 PM ON 05/21/09

Please pick up this show and try to keep all the actors... this show is one of the best shows in the last few years...

By Amanda Jo at 1:17 PM ON 05/21/09

SCI-FI PLEASE PICK UP TSCC. IF YOU DO THE FANS WILL COME! you can tell when a tv show has a fanbase that will do ANYTHING to insure the continuation of their favorite show. it makes no sense. they bring in shirley manson and the whole john henry storyline, and what they did to cameron. PLEASE! WE NEED CLOSURE. THE FANS WILL BE THERE ITS UP TO YOU TO GIVE US A PLACE TO GO.

By Purple 92 SS at 1:30 PM ON 05/21/09

BIG mistake loosing the TSCC. As much as I love Joss's shows, (FIREFLY anyone?) i think TSCC was the power of the drive for Dollhouse. I religiously dvr'd it on 2 different DVRS.. PLEASE bring it back on SCi-Fi or on fox.. Please....

By ilovecameron at 1:36 PM ON 05/21/09

Please KEEP Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox. I have GOT to see Cameron and the rest of the cast every week!
It was one of the best shows on tv.


By ilovecameron at 1:40 PM ON 05/21/09

Please dont take Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles off Fox! It is one of the best shows on tv. I love Cameron and have got to see her and the rest of the cast every week.


By tscc at 2:13 PM ON 05/21/09

fox has lost the respect it had .to get it back bring back tscc.

By meganp484 at 3:21 PM ON 05/21/09

No offense to Joss Whedon, who is a television GOD, but T:SCC is possible the best show of all time. Dollhouse doesn't even come close. T:SCC is on a Firefly level. Ps. Poor Summer who gets on these amazing shows that get cancelled before they start.

By DarkWarrior at 4:13 PM ON 05/21/09

1st Fox did almost close to nothing to promote T:SCC S2.None of the directors & stars had been hitting the talk/interview shows.It was like there were not there.

2nd they should have keep it on monday nights with 24.KS of 24 was everywhere so It just would have broght in new viewers airing before 24.

I love S2 the finale was one of the best of 09.It had pick-up a full head of steam.
The Liquid T-X story arc is amazing.

Please Fox change your minds or at least let them do a 4 night mini-series to give it a proper ending.
Maybe SyFy/USA or FX could pick it up & get new episodes done.

By twogunsblazing at 4:22 PM ON 05/21/09

Ok, to meganp484...really? "Possible the best show of all time"...really? Not sure how long you've been watching tv, but yea, no.


By mikemeigs at 6:55 PM ON 05/21/09

fox you suck! you kept dollhouse and got rid of scc .bad move dumbasses . I won't be watching ur network as if there's anything left too watch!

By Ruribe at 12:35 AM ON 05/22/09

so when they cancel Dollhouse, maybe Fox will bring Firefly back lol

By HippyDave at 7:33 AM ON 05/22/09

I for one am glad they saved Dollhouse. It's flawed, sure, but it's still a whole heap better than SCC turned out to be. I love the Terminator films, but SCC had no idea where it was going. No criticism of the (great) SCC cast - they were great. The SCC scriptwriters should all have been lined up and shot about five episodes into Season 2, though.

By bob at 7:41 AM ON 05/22/09

I thought i'd post a witty comment about this. The difference between SCC and Dollhouse, and the similarities, and more of that crap. But then I thought, who cares anyway...

Yee for Dollhouse. Double-yee for Firefly-come-back ;)

By Lee at 8:58 AM ON 05/22/09

It sure seems like a alot of thougth was given to the decision to cancel SCC. But I have to say, maybe it is flawed. It was stated that it wasn't getting good ratings on Friday. So why was it switched from Monday? So many shows are canceled after they are moved to another night. If the ratings were good on Monday as was implied, then why move it? And another thing, why not just let the show run continuously through it's cycle insead of stopping midway through the season? Then when it comes back on mid season, you have to search for it? Personally, I loved Fridays and I loved the show being pared with Dollhouse. It was brilliant. I couldn't wait to relax on a Friday night and watch the shows. "Cameron" is a Joss Whedon alumni. You get to see her on SCC and then watch a new JW show. But truthfully, I would have followed SCC to any day or time slot. I feel I have a vested interested in the SCC. I remember going too see the first Terminator in the theaters and the ones after that. This show has carried on this storyline spectacularly. It is great to see the updated version on a weekly basis. And I don't think the show has run out of steam. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen each episode. Mostly, I just hate being left hanging..... John appeared to have feelings for Cameron, right??...... Brian Austin Green is alive in the future, right? I am still recovering from that gunshot he got as he was coming around the corner!!!!!!! Guess I should have seen the beginning of the end for the show. Perhaps I was in denial!!Please tell me there is going to be maybe a two hour TV movie so we can have some closure and so that we can properly grieve, and really give it the appreciation it deserves while we are watching it. Kind of like the"Firefly" series. They did one more movie after their demise.The actors were awesome and I will miss seeing them every week......... Rest in Peace Sarah Conor Chronicles.

By Amanda Jo at 10:12 AM ON 05/22/09

i've been a fan of EVERYTHING TERMINATOR as long as i can remember. as much as i love the movies TSCC blew me away. i am a fan of firefly/serinity and LOVE summer glau. i also love eliza dushku and have really enjoyed dollhouse. if scifi was planning to pick up dollhouse if it was cancelled, as i heard, why not pick up TSCC. since battlestar is gone you're gonna need something else and no matter what the FRACKS at fox say it already has a very devoted fanbase. i've watched every episode of TSCC several times, and as much as i enjoyed "born to run" that is NO WAY to end one of the best shows of all time. when you see cameron sitting in that chair all limp then you realize thats the last time you're gonna see her its devastating. to make such a strong character that every fan loves look so weak and powerless and then say thats all folks WTF? genre fans are very passionate, and protective of our favorite shows. we may all just be blowing smoke and no one cares, i for 1 hope scifi realizes how much we all really need this show. we'll keep fighting because NOTHING IS SET IN STONE AND THERE IS NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE.

By fox sucks for this at 12:20 PM ON 05/22/09

this sucks !!!!!!!!

By mcc at 1:21 PM ON 05/22/09

SCC Canceled WTF?

By TemplarReborn at 1:57 PM ON 05/22/09

Fox blew it again. Dollhouse is boring. Sarah Conners rocks. Fringe is about as exciting as British Scifi. The Scifi channel won't pick up SCC because they've gone after the Wrestling croud.(YUCK!) Scif is in decline, except in the big screen where it consistantly outscores every other type of movie. Even Titanic was written like a scifi flick. I repeat. Fox blew it. They have good news coverage.(Sort of), but they've always gone for the lowest denominator in fan base. Scifi fans have too much class for Fox to entertain them.

By PeterFnet at 3:27 PM ON 05/22/09

Bring back Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles

By TigranKhalafyan at 3:59 PM ON 05/22/09

On behalf of all admirers TSCC I ask you - Please, RESCUE our FAVOURITE SERIAL!!!!!!!

By FanOfSarah at 5:13 PM ON 05/22/09

I think the only hope we have is if the Warner Bros allowed the CW to pick it up since CW is owned by Warner Bros.

If Warner Bros who owns the series can't get the CW network to pick it up they would be very smart to do a two to four hour wrap up for a grand finale to wrap up the cliffhanger and release it direct to DVD. I would easily pay $30 bucks for that.

Warner Bros are listening? If the first season sold well on blu-ray and dvd you would easily make a profit on a worldwide direct to dvd release plus with something to wrap it all up you could put the show in syndication. Another thing to keep in mind if you have something to wrap up the cliffhanger more people would be inclined to pickup the series on blu-ray or dvd. Also with Warner owning Terminator they would keep all the profits and not have to share with Fox.

Now the question is this, is there someone smart enough at Warner Bros to figure this out???

By Kevin at 6:46 PM ON 05/22/09

Sarah Connor was a monumental show, and someone should pick it up for a third season. Star Trek TOS got a third season, and went on to become an incredible entertainment franchise. I could see the Terminator franchise based on the TV series doing the same, if given the chance.

By geekmom at 9:23 PM ON 05/22/09

i'm never watching fox again until sarah connor chronicles is either back on or put on a different network.

good bye fox network!

dollhouse ROFL what a joke.

By Nick S at 10:12 PM ON 05/22/09

I have sent an email to the Sci-Fi Network that includes the following (and no offence intended to Mr. Moore):

I have never been sufficiently moved by a television series to write in support of it, but Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles is exceptional, and I hope the Sci-Fi Network will at least seriously consider taking it on after Fox's aggravating decision to cancel it after its second season.

It is not just that it is such accomplished entertainment; it is that it is, frankly, an important show.

It is important because the issues of the growth in power of technology unguided by humans (or guided by the least worthy humans, which amounts to the same thing) are real and ever more pressing.

I know that that is hardly an original theme; but it's one that isn't going away...

Within the context of the TSCC story itself, it may be said that the hope for humanity to not sink beneath these left-brain waves is in the right-brain 'time travel' of art.

Everything about this series, as far as I am concerned, is superior. The very bleakness and complexity of which some have complained are among its strengths, inasmuch as it does not fear to address them, and address them with dialogue that constantly impresses me with its depth and maturity, with characters that sometimes make me shiver with their capacity to surprise me in the best ways, subtlety not least among them, and with the perplexingly complete convergence of the reassuringly mundane and the unnervingly eerie.

Battlestar Galactica, in my view, went limp as it approached its conclusion. When Ronald D. Moore, having apparently given up on figuring out how to end it, wrote "It's about the characters" on the white board in the writers' room, he was absolutely correct in adding, "..., stupid." It was a frank declaration of storytelling bankruptcy, and it showed in the result.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles does indeed have the characters, but it also has a great deal of story left.

I urge the Sci-Fi Network to continue to tell it. (Although I am in Canada, and don't get the Sci-Fi Network, we have SPACE ("the imagination station"), and if you produced it, I'd see it there.)

By Brandy at 11:08 PM ON 05/22/09

I am so disappointed that The Sarah Connor Chronicles got canceled. With all the trash on t.v. it isn't easy for me to find shows I like. Maybe they should move SCC back to Monday nights and the ratings might go back up a bit.

By stilldreaming at 11:18 PM ON 05/22/09

Mr. Reilly, you killed Surface on NBC, inspite of 9million viewers as top rating.

Now, you terminate Sarah Connor Chronicles. You must dislike good science fiction. You don't appreciate good TV.

No TSCC, no more Fox for me.

By joekool at 12:09 AM ON 05/23/09

terminate Sarah Connor Chronicles is a great. you throw a way doll house will never be as good terminate Sarah Connor Chronicles you made a big mistake terminate 4 came out this summer terminate Sarah Connor Chronicles would have bing huge in the fall. please bring it back.

By dlm9000 at 1:06 AM ON 05/23/09

I simply can't believe it....All the horrible choices Fox makes for shows and it finally gets something worth watching and it throws it away BAD CHOICE FOX

By choicehopps at 1:06 AM ON 05/23/09

I thought terminator was one of the most well written shows on tv. The storyline flowed well in transition with what the movies had set up. Who watches Dollhouse besides the fox execs and the creator? Their mom's at the most. Have fun counting the 8 people in America who will watch Dollhouse next fall. Not that what any of us Terminator fans write here matters to fox execs, the only people who may read this are other fans. Bottom line is they claim the show "ran its course" but I say Fox killed it by moving it To Friday and blowing their budget on CGI when the storyline was the shows real strength.

By faintfiend at 6:00 AM ON 05/23/09

I personally don't hate Dollhouse because of some deluded idea that it killed TSCC. The reason is because I already didn't care for Dollhouse. I watched it though, because I rushed home from work to see TSCC. Dollhouse certainly is not engaging enough for me to come back to it on its own merits. I would also like to let "Matt" know that he's silly for thinking Dollhouse fans wouldn't have complained had it been canceled. I give you the side-eye, Matt. Sorry, but do you remember the last time a Joss Whedon show got canceled?

Here's to hoping SciFi picks up TSCC, or any network for that matter. I've emailed Fox, WB, and SciFi in meager hopes that something will be done about it.

By hating fox at 9:25 PM ON 05/23/09

TSCC was the only thing i watch on TV. i always DVR it. was hoping helping the show..but i guess FOX is stupid enough to cancel the show. so there's no meaning to even have cable. i can watch any tv shows w/o having traditional cable/satellite now a days. even without commercials!

By timidwolf01 at 11:32 PM ON 05/23/09

Fox sucks!!! so does sifi channel!! Most of the sifi shows on suck!! Dollhouse and fringe suck!! Talking about finge does X-files sound familiar? Letsee if V is any good. HMM wait if its good they will cancel it. Thats what always happens.So why watch.
Oh who am I kiddin I will.
I think Fox is more interested in reality shows.
the only thing I watch onthat channel now that SCC is gone is thelocal news

By pippen at 12:47 AM ON 05/24/09

FOX just can get anything right. First they cancel TSCC that I actually stayed home to watch on Friday nights (Went out when Dollhouse came on.) Then they move Fringe which I was finally going to give a chance to Thursday. Sorry that night belongs to the Office and Grey's in my house. Hell they messed up moving Bones to that night anyways. Do you think you can find it in you to give up on that crap show Americal Idol and put things like Bones and TSCC on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Crap I don't even turn on the TV those nights any more. I bet if they made TSCC into a animated comedy they would totally support it and give it a spot on Sunday next to the Simpsons. God can you finally give up on the Reality and Animated crap.

By SYFY Samarai at 1:28 PM ON 05/24/09

SYFY SHOULD SO P/U TSCC . . . there is NO way that TSCC had to use 2 million per episode . . . and if you have it = you will often times USE it.

SYFY knows how to get it done and it will be a great and needed addition to a network that is FAST losing its Sci Fi roots ! ! !

Please SYFY - - - P/U TSCC !

By mauricio at 4:34 PM ON 05/24/09

sci fi,face the truth,you and TSCC are made for each other.Take TSCC!!!!!!!!!!!

By ed at 12:42 AM ON 05/25/09

I believe that Scyfy should pick up the Sarah Connor chronicles not just because it was a great show but because it would be a perfect fit to air with Caprica. Both shows deal with the threat of machines to humanity and other modern issues of technology. I think Scyfy should consider it. In fact, scyfy should consider bringing back Star Trek Enterprise with the original crew but have Ronald Moore and David Eicke re-imagine it.

By sl at 10:04 AM ON 05/25/09

It's a pitty that FOX cancelled such a good show! I'll miss Cameron.

By ramp at 12:21 PM ON 05/25/09

Fox drops the ball yet AGAIN!
I hardly ever watch Fox anymore because they cancel all the good shows

By mel at 8:54 PM ON 05/25/09

Are you kidding me?!? This is the ONLY show I watch!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!!!!!

By puma_110 at 7:17 AM ON 05/26/09

Bring it back!!!!! We love it.! We need it!

By Daniel at 4:45 PM ON 05/26/09

Dear Sci-Fi executives,
please give this marvelous show a new home! The fans will honour your efforts!
It's the best scifi-show and could perfectl fit into your great television program.
Thank you and regards


By Lovely at 6:25 PM ON 05/26/09

I love Doll House, I never missed a show and I never will. How ever I feel that if Fox wants the ratings to go up they need to change it from Fridays to any other day, let's be real people go out on Friday's to take a break from there long week.


By Brian at 11:46 PM ON 05/26/09

So many entertaining shows (not perfect butentertaining) have been canceled in the past few years that I have stoped watching tv. If a show is interesting and has been out for more than a season I will watch it on dvd or I will record them and watch them later. I'm tired of puting my time into a show and geting into it and then having it canceled. I feel broadcast T.V. is doomed in it's current format of delivery.

By sxipro at 12:55 AM ON 05/27/09

FOOLS! Cancel TSCC? now they can put another crappy reality show in its place! Good move FOX.To bad, FOX used to be a good network.

By vince7 at 1:05 AM ON 05/27/09

Please pick up TSCC, and maybe pair it with Caprica. You don't need to produce 22 episodes; 12 or 15 per year will be just fine.

By Valerie at 2:48 PM ON 05/27/09

I still can't believe Fox cancelled the can they say it completed it's run..there was still room for a season 3 and what an awesome season 3 we would have had. Shame on you fox!

By Jaelle at 10:19 AM ON 05/28/09

The Terminator franchise is going to be 'big money' now that Terminator Salvation has been released, does Fox not want a piece of that? For a company that seems to love money more than life itself, that's hard to believe.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles is easily one of the best shows on Fox to date. Canceling this over Dollhouse is irresponsible, worried that they'll receive 110 million emails from angry Whedon fans, that's ridiculous.

The Whedon fan base was incredibly upset when they canceled Firefly because it was an AMAZING show. Dollhouse is not very good, the story lacks substance and half of the time doesn't make sense. It's clearly getting it's ratings from scantily clad Eliza Dushku, NOT Joss Whedon.

I wish for once the morons in charge at Fox would realize when they have something of quality and leave it be.

But this, this is not the end for our beloved Terminator tv series. This show is too popular and too great to just be thrown into a pile of rubbish on the side of the road. I see a bright future for the cast and crew, with no restraints from Fox.

By Elixis at 5:29 PM ON 05/28/09

I hate you Fox. First you let your dumb idiots at Red Eye diss Canada, now you cancel TSCC?? You're a bunch of douchebags and i'm boycotting your network. SCREW YOU GUYS!

By richard at 6:42 PM ON 05/28/09

come on guys. you have FOUR good shows. don't cancel one of them.
oh yeah, doll house REALLY sucks.

By 7of9 at 8:10 PM ON 05/28/09

It pisses me off that Fox cancelled TSCC and kept Dollhouse. It's sure to be cancelled next season. Let the SciFi channel pick it up. It's a better place for it.

By T800-AI-Lives at 8:21 PM ON 05/28/09

It always takes awhile for a show to be recognized and take off, FOX, just take a risk on it, you take risks on other shows or let another station pick it up, because this show is very well produced and directed and continues on with a Terminator style, which feels like a continuation to a story which could lead on and up to 10 seasons. My question is VS other tv shows which have been cancelled and enjoyed protests, how many have been for this show vs others?

By T800-AI-Lives at 8:27 PM ON 05/28/09

Found news article :

"Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" Wins Save Our Show Poll

May 7, 2009 04:52 pm CDT

The fans have spoken. Out of all the shows currently on the fence for the Fall 2009 season, they want 'Terminator" to be back. Save One Show, a poll conducted by E! each year, asks television fans what's their pick for the show in danger of cancellation which needs to be saved. After 300,000 votes, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" led the pack with 53% of the vote.
View Photos [35]
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The runner-up, NBC's "Chuck" was a far second with 25%. "Dollhouse" followed with 10%, while "Life" earned 8% and "Privileged" another 4%. Previous winners of the Save One Show poll include Angel, One Tree Hill, and Veronica Mars.

By Aha-Macava at 12:25 AM ON 05/29/09

The season finale for Terminator:TheSarah Connor Chronicles, is the best episode of any show ever made!! This is one show that that i will do anything for. Even blow up someone's car or beat them with a hammer until they agree with me. maybe I'll just write a million E-mails,instead.........maybe. By the way I no longer watch any Fox programming unless i get more Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Also DVDs with the Fox logo on them.

By Cherub92 at 1:18 PM ON 05/29/09

Sorry FOX, Dollhouse just doesn't do it for me.
Canceling TSCC is the Biggest mistake ever made. Can't believe it was cancelled because yall are claiming to be cheap skates.
I sincerely hope Whedon works something out w/ SciFi or some other network and TSCC will be back bigger and badder than ever.
In the meantime, I have FOX blocked on my TV.

By xxgatorxx at 11:11 PM ON 05/29/09

to Gwonom
seems you are a little judgemental
read this

know this
scifi fans are the biggest purchasers of DVD box sets
even with the movie being half rate
the series can live
Fox network being bombarded by over 220 million emails from allover the world
and phone call from fans shut down their network and their phone lines
so i guess im saying there are a couple of people who might want to see it live on another channel or another medium

By sampras07 at 9:28 PM ON 05/30/09

The thing that bothers me about Fox the most, is that the best shows always seem to get cancelled. As a network, they are great at finding new and innovative shows, however, they are a constant dissapointment in their decision making over the long-run (think Arrested Development and Andy Richter Controls the Universe, among others). I wish the executives were more in touch with the people who watch their shows. Terminator was one of the best shows on television, and now it is gone. I really hope Sci Fi network takes a risk and picks it up. If they do, I believe they will attract a huge audience for the show which will carry over to their other shows. It takes money to make money Sci Fi. Sci Fi, become relevant!

By Reese at 11:47 AM ON 05/31/09

I cant believe Fox would do such a thing. If they didnt want to run the show any more, why not sell it on to SciFi or another network who would be glad of the fans or just make one more season to tie everything together. It's a great show with a great cast and the greatest fans. HUGE mistake Fox, I'm sickened by the way you treat your fans. Shame on you !

By arzu altun at 7:31 AM ON 06/01/09

Shame on Fox for cancelling TSCC!!! we're watching it in Turkey also ad we're really sorry to hear that it's cancelled! İt's one of the best show ever!

By SC at 11:43 AM ON 06/02/09

I love TSCC

wish it

By tominator at 9:55 PM ON 06/02/09

I will miss TSCC. I too loved it and fringe. But they had no right to send it to fridays. I was hoping of a 3rd season.
I will not even watch fringe in the fall. I am boycotting fox from now on. That means no pro football either. FOX - you lost a viewer here.

By BraDRoBBo at 10:27 PM ON 06/02/09

Ugh!... T:TSCC is my favourite show =)
Lol @ how many comments there are on this page! i was there reading them, then i realised how small my scrollbar on the side was and was like OH WOW... ceebs... 'FOX' should read ;) (even though i'm SURE that some clever network will definitely pick up TSCC :D SNAP IT UP WHILE YOU CAN! Before someone else does!;) (lol motivation))


By Ryan S at 2:46 PM ON 06/03/09

Dollhouse is boring, I watched the whole first season. Bring back Terminator!

Summer glau should win an award for S2 episode 1. Omg season 2 was sooo good.

You can't put a scifi show on friday, not market it, and expect it to do well. Most of my friends dont even know it exists, and I didnt until the second season... (I had to catch up so I ended up never watching it on TV myself) So it's your fault it did bad!

Its seriously sooo good pllllleeeease de-cancel it

By Akula at 1:22 PM ON 06/05/09

"Terminator SCC" I LOVE YOU

By poppy at 6:36 PM ON 06/05/09

Bring back the sarah connor chronicles!!!!!! I've been watching it here in england, and I am shocked that fox has cancelled such a good programme!!! Fox you epic fail.

By Kiko at 8:01 AM ON 06/06/09

I love Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and please bring it back! It's my favourite show and I don't understand FOX's decision it was amazing and briliant show... I hope some TV will continue this program. Gritings!

By 外传第三季 at 9:04 AM ON 06/07/09

We all like it,and We want it back

By Metallist at 11:27 AM ON 06/07/09

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is really very good. I want it back!

By Fox exECS Hunter at 9:47 PM ON 06/07/09

I only heard of it recently, but TSCC is truly a great show. I loved every minute of it and was left wanting more and more after each episode. I'd like to thank everyone involved in creating this wonderful show and wish them the best before I get carried away, because I’m decimated with FOX's decision. Why are networks always getting rid of great shows? I thought foxes where smart animals, they can’t be that stupid can they. Then I realized the problem with FOX is not bad shows but the execs who allow them to be on in the first place, the FECS "Fox exECS = FECS"
Why did they?
Here are a few possible reasons.

Foxes characteristics (Animal)
"Typically, they are solitary, opportunistic feeders that hunt live prey.”

FOX’s characteristics (Should be similar to other networks)
Solitary – getting rid of fans will do that. (it’s not like they are needed).
Live Prey – All networks hunt great shows. (No problem here)
Opportunistic Feeders –They should be feeding off of T4 fans. (This must be where the problem lies “Easy money”)
Summary : FECS lost the scent of easy money.

2.Self Termination
Axing their great shows and keeping the bad shows is self termination. They must be close, this has been going on a long time. (Poor B’s, they need to be put out of their misery)
Summary : They want to die.

3.They Are Terminators (Doing exactly what it says on their tin) "Ronseal"
The FECS are terminators from the future. They are trying to bore us to dead. (It’s working)
Summary : FOX = SKYNET.

4.They Are Terminators (Chips are damaged)
They are reprogrammed terminators working for us. They got damaged while previewing bad shows and are now airing them. (SKYNET created them to cause damage to whoever or whatever watches them)
Summary : FOX > SKYNET and FECS = Screwed up

What is FOX’s problem? You decide.
My conclusion : FOX = Worlds Dumbest Network.

I had thought of creating animated videos exploring the above possibilities called “FOXinators: The FECS Chronicles” or a show called “Fuked by FOX” about shows they have axed. Perhaps a few fans out there might have the necessary time and skills. It would be cool to see the Connor clan going hunting for FECS. Yelling the time old sayings like “RELEASE THE HOUNDS" and “Hi-yo, Liquid Silver, away!” (Liquid Silver = Weaver shaped like a horse) to name a few. Then end up stuffing a few FECS and placing a few heads on the walls or pikes. Oh sorry I’m still going on, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet... "WE WANT TSCC" or at least closure please or heres another person shouting "STUFF THE FECKS”. Beam us up Sci-Fi! P.S. This is my first written rant not about Windows or Norton. (I can feel my blood starting to boiling again)

By ann at 11:16 PM ON 06/07/09

Please FOX,
give us a third season of TSCC,
that show is amazing,
i want more TSCC,
is the best show in FOX

By Riamu at 12:27 AM ON 06/08/09

To quote Bale from the T4 set... NO! NOOOOOOO! WHAT DONT YOU ******* UNDERSTAND?!?! Fox has failed... TSCC was a very VERY hot potato and they dropped it... hand it over to a group of people who "know" how to handle something this epic! go Sci-Fi!!

By Marco at 3:33 AM ON 06/08/09

please fox We need a 3th second , What are you waiting for? I dont understand why you choise that stupid decision, Terminator have so many fans around the world. I will never again watch a series on fox, if you dont change that decision, please save Terminator

By RobbyStellarSeed at 9:57 PM ON 06/08/09

A Bump for Paladin's earlier comment (quoted below) -- and esp the "Art" part.

Face it folks, we're in a universe with a generally "mindless" TV audience. TSCC -- with all of its wonderful creativity and meaning -- just can't get through to the "masses."

And, they're the ones that determine the Show's economic success.

I look forward to the day when we will have PPV (Worldwide) TV on the Web (at a small fee -- $2-3 per Ep -- with perhaps "subscription" options).

Then, things like TSCC will be possible -- and profitable.

It's coming. Hang in there -- you wonderfully creative show runners (JF), directors, writers, et al.

And, tks *so* much for the two seasons on this fascinating Series. What a ride!

Santa Fe, NM, USA


Paladin's post 6:58 am, above

RE: "this is a great disappointment seeing one of the best tv sci fi series i have ever watched , bite the dust"

....I wish I had a buck for every time that I have either said the same or heard it from someone else.

That`s Life ... no attention to Art.

By Sidd at 5:13 AM ON 06/09/09

What a mistake to cancel TSCC. It is an awesome show and brought me back to watching TV shows. I will miss that show so much. It should be illegal to get people hooked, give them a cliff-hanger, and walk away. They at least owe us a book!

By fangrrl76 at 1:59 PM ON 06/09/09

THIS SUCKS! The Scifi network should pick up this show! And putting Dollhouse after two lame a#@
comedies?! Are they frakking serious... And if the exec admits that moving a show to another night speeds its decline then WHY move Fringe to Thursday?!
SCC was AWESOME! And Now there is NOTHING to watch on FOX!
I can catch Bones online and not the fox website either! Frak 'em!

By Wai at 2:18 PM ON 06/09/09

FOX it's unbelievable and make me emptiness ... I love TSCC, keep going please ....

By swhelena at 4:46 PM ON 06/09/09

I love TSCC, keep going please ....

By Stihl029 at 7:41 PM ON 06/09/09

It was the terminator audience that gave dollhouse the chance to succeed, and I was not impressed by it. I never thought terminator would be canceled after seeing the movie coming-out this summer. I'm a HUGE fan and VERY disappointed. No fox for me on Friday nights now. How sad the executives make such a decision based on really no facts.

By GlauGlow at 1:47 AM ON 06/10/09

TSCC was the only show on Fox I ever watched, and now they cancelled it???! Way to go, network geniuses, now I don't watch your network at all!!!!!!!!
Some other network _MUST_ pick up this show for a third season. The global fanbase is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget Nielsen... they just can't count eyeballs in the modern age. This show was watched around the world and had great DVR numbers in the U.S. Like many, I wouldn't watch it live during broadcast, but rather later without interruption. It looked great in HD with a stellar cast and a talented writing team. The 1080p Blu-ray discs look even better! Can't wait to get season 2 soon. By the time I've watched it again, hopefully some other network will have picked up the show for season 3 and the actors haven't all run off to other projects. Between WB and Fox, they just didn't know what they had while they had it. Realize the mistake and fix it!!!! Do you not hear all the fans begging you to continue TSCC????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Vurdalak at 2:56 PM ON 06/10/09

Hi ! I from Russia. I very much liked your serial "Terminator: SCC". In him there is a spirit, so to say a spark. Which forces him to look without coming off. In a serial there is all that is necessary: the friendship, love, hatred etc. All it intertwines with smart director's work, and game of actors! Please return a serial!!!

By AJ at 10:48 PM ON 06/10/09

It's all about the money and never about the art anymore. It's all turning into Wal-Mart. The cheapest crap for the highest price you can get.

By Gluafan at 9:11 AM ON 06/11/09

WB&H; better do something about this!!!

By zempe at 10:03 AM ON 06/11/09

hi everyone from greece!!!TSCC must continue!!!please do something about it!!!here in greece we L O V E TSCC!!!

By Sotnik form Ukraine at 1:27 AM ON 06/12/09

Why are you do like this with your fans mr.Fridman. I like this show but his over....

By Vurdalak at 3:57 AM ON 06/12/09

mr.Fridman do someting please ;(

By Mauser at 6:05 AM ON 06/12/09

Well I thought TTSCC was getting better and better so at least it went out on a high - I will defo be getting both series on Blu-Ray!
Sincerely hope that SCIFI will pick it up for a 3rd series as there is much left to be told and no motion picture can give the back story the way a TV show can. Some great performances too, the story seems to have inspired the cast - the whole has surely been greater than the sum of the parts.
All the good i.e. cerebral series end before their time - thinking here of Space Above & Beyond, Firefly etc. Greedy Fox, stupid Fox maybe. Someone has to decide to make quality programming, it can't all come down to lowest common denominator crap can it?
RIP TTSCC, you were something special.

By WTF at 9:08 AM ON 06/12/09

By qwerty at 11:19 AM ON 06/12/09

1. you wonder why the viewers go down after you put terminator scc in the friday night "death slot".
2. you leave fans on a amazing, creative cliff hanger which sets the show up for a perfect new series and then say "We did see it tailing off a bit."
3. you say it wasnt a choice between tscc and dollhouse and yet you say "ultimately we made the bet on Dollhouse for the night."
4. you've now lost me and a lot of others as viewers.
5. you need a serious wake up call.
6. WTF?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

By Vurdalak at 12:39 PM ON 06/12/09

By Zammi at 2:43 PM ON 06/12/09

Here's a valid thought: Time is on TTSCC's side. A lot of LOST fans turned to this show because of its rich heritage in this particular franchise, that still holds up to this day, past post-season. (Talking about the new summer release of Terminator Salvation Movie with Christian Bale). First and foremost the TV series of TTSCC had a production value that admittedly was pretty expensive to maintain, but in fact that was one of its main strengths and fans will yearn for that after the new Fall lineup comes out...and no such species on the block in the offing. Granted the show's directors and such had to grab us by the seat of our pants in the beginning in Season-1, then immerse us in the story and backstory and alternate story as the franchise matured into its own.
So like X-Files it will have a second life. With Digital broadcasting ending today, shows like TTSCC will be in high demand. We can afford to wait a bit, we just can't let the bodies grow cold.

By Hex at 10:16 PM ON 06/13/09

Only reason I started watching Dollhouse was to support the tie in they did with SCC... I guess my bad and the wrong message was sent.

I have already removed Dollhouse from my DVR line-up... no way will I continue watching it now.

Think I will remove Fringe as well just cause I am pissed.

By 530cableguy at 12:01 PM ON 06/14/09

it's a shame I only watch 3 shows now
2 are on Fox TtSCC and Fringe
1 on ABC Lost
Just learned of the cancellation and came here to check out why.
suppose I'll send an e-mail to show my support for the show if I can find out who to send it to.
I just wonder how many viewers out there aren't aware of the cancellation or feel powerless to say anything.

It'd be awesome if SciFi picked it up.
loved BSG.

By Emawind at 3:28 PM ON 06/14/09

I really want a season 3 of TSCC, this is a good show and it need to go on with the story

By zempe at 8:17 AM ON 06/15/09

sci-fi must do something about TSCC.i think that TSCC is a great tv show and it must continue with all cost!please sci-fi pick it up!!!

By david at 3:05 PM ON 06/15/09

Since TSCC has been cancelled, I've turned off my TV. No reason to watch anymore.

Sure, I still watch the idiot box, but I use it strictly for movies these days. No more more television - movies only.

By Fetel at 3:36 PM ON 06/15/09

Bring back Cameron!"

By Jamie at 4:49 PM ON 06/15/09

I Love Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It Was Really interesting the Characters were amazing at hpw they played there roles. I LOVED IT ALL. we need it back all we have now is relaity tv shows that really suck like dancing with the stars. Terminator gavce us something to lok forward to watch and keep us guessing. the final episode showed how john goes to the futre and get his legacy started but you stoped at season two. Please bring it back. you had good ratings when it started keep it on. Maybe moving it to a different day could help but that show is an amazing one and it deservs a second chance please bring it back or sel it to a different company like sci-fi that wil take it. Thanks please do the righ tthing BRING IT BACK FOR SEASON 3

By Upsetlady at 8:03 PM ON 06/16/09

TTSCC was a rarity on television. A show that developed multilayered characters and did not hide from creating complications. There was almost a form of respect to fans that they didn't cater to the lowest common denominator. FOX has made a mistake in cancelling the show, it was the only show on the FOX network that I actually watched. PLEASE REMEDY THIS ERROR, BRING THE SHOW BACK FOR A THIRD SEASON. Thank you.

By zempe at 8:28 AM ON 06/17/09

It was the terminator audience that gave dollhouse the chance to succeed, and I was not impressed by it. I never thought terminator would be canceled after seeing the movie coming-out this summer. I'm a HUGE fan and VERY disappointed. No fox for me on Friday nights now. How sad the executives make such a decision based on really no facts.

By DaMachine at 4:02 PM ON 06/17/09

ARE THEY CRAZY??? I gave Dollhouse a chance and it didnt pick up till after the break. Just admit you guys have no clue what your doing and wanted to make it up to Joss Whedon for their mistake with Firefly. TSCC was an amazing series for only 2 seasons. I feel it would make a great Addition to ScyFy's new network. I think my idea of a miniseries leading to a new season would work out perfectly. Film it now for the mini series to release in early 2010 and then film a full season for Summer 2010 to fit between SGU & Caprica's season breaks. Fox dropped the ball again and leaving Scifi fans with huge disappointment the same way they have with their films.


By Ema at 5:26 AM ON 06/18/09

"...not an inexpensive show"
If you need money then dump the Fringe (a steaming pile of monkey feces) Or even better, American Idol. Hell, SCC or no SCC I'd love it if American Idol went off the air.
Dollhouse is ok, but just "okay". Rather bland, Whedon's phoning it in.

By wewanttowatchtscc at 9:07 AM ON 06/20/09

im from turkey we want to watch tscc ssn3

By yavuz at 9:17 AM ON 06/20/09

now is the time for anti- fox tv programs works i will do my best for tscc

By yavuz at 9:26 AM ON 06/20/09

if its about money LOOK US LOOK FANS WE ARE HERE

By emameastrom at 5:02 PM ON 06/20/09

best show ever canceled! You are nuts!

By nails606 at 8:05 PM ON 06/20/09

Nice going canceling Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - it was the best show Fox has had since The X-Files. My whole family watched and enjoyed every TSCC episode. I can't wait until Dollhouse FAILS - and it WILL fail. And putting 2 more stupid Fox comedies on Friday nights instead of Terminator?!?! Wow, your executives couldn't get any less informed. The only thing you could have done that would have been worse was come up with more mindless cartoons for adults - hasn't Fox made enough of these idiotic cartoons yet? Fox really does SUCK!!!

By Krystle Kababik at 11:04 PM ON 06/20/09

well well well yet another show cancelled that i was really getting into. it was the awesomeness show in awhile!!! everytime i get into a show they always cancel it!!! i dont watch much tv for fear of getting into liking a show and them cancelling it. terminator scc was great!! different from everything else on. and the only reason they kept alot of shows over terminator is because terminator there aint alot of less clothes and not so much of the sex junk!!! lot more action and kicking tin can's ass!!!! awesome!! if they made more terminator movies it would loose its touch. but the show is different it opens another world up. awesome show! but yet fox has to cancel it because they dont know what their viewers really like!!!!!! LIKE BRING BACK TERMINATOR SARAH CONNER CHRONICALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Dolphin at 8:38 AM ON 06/22/09

I love TSCC.
plz dont!!

By kosso at 4:17 AM ON 06/24/09

I only ever watched fox for the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,now they have axed it i have no reason to watch fox anymore,what a big mistake,if i remember,it was not that long another show was scrapped,who remembers Dark Angel,another show cut off in its prime,and they left it hanging.
Is fox anti Sci-Fi?,it seems like it,they keep all the crap and get rid of all the good stuff,i hope someone else picks this show up,i think its as good if not better than some of the movies,
Fox,you should hang your heads in shame,you have let down every sci-fi fan in the world.
As i said,once season 2 has finished here i have no reason to watch fox anymore,apart from TSCC,there is nothing but rubbish left,so its no more fox after season 2.

By jensation at 1:06 PM ON 06/24/09

TSCC did have some ups and downs but there was WAY more potential than Dollhouse. I've seen every episode of both shows and it has been difficult to keep watching the "dolls". Summer Glau is extremely more talented than Eliza Dushku... don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of Buffy & Angel but please she's not a leading lady. I might join fans of TSCC and stop watching Dollhouse. Fox you sir, suck.

By jessie at 12:35 PM ON 06/25/09

Sarah Connor Chronicles rocks. Hope SciFi grabs it. Fox is so stupid.

By Jason C at 8:54 AM ON 06/26/09

I too must add my voice to the chorus of protests against the axing of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series.

Although it could be argued that the second series was not as 'tight' as the first, with a character driven series there is usually wiggle room as long as there is plenty of character interaction. Whether it be John falling in love, or a killer robot learning that human life is sacred (for what it's worth I loved the discussions between John Henry and Detective Allison) there was a sense that these were characters that you could actually care about. "We all die for you," sums up the pathos that surrounds John Connor, the hope of the future faced with the inevitable loss of everyone he loves. Summer Glau actually manages to make an attractive petite terminator believable.

Once again I say "bring back T:TSCC."

By Wai at 9:02 AM ON 06/27/09

Please don't let it out from my life.

By Pls bring back TSCC at 9:08 AM ON 06/27/09

From Hong Kong, pls don't cancel TSCC, it's the best show i ever seen.

By antcasq at 9:11 AM ON 06/27/09

The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series was great. I think that it could go one for at least one more season to see where the story goes.
A season doesn't have to be 22 or 24 episodes. Most of the time 11 is more than enough to tell a story. Check out how Heroes is organized in "volumes".

I did't like Terminator 1 the fist time I saw it.
Terminator 2 was excellent!
Terminator 3 was not very good, but I like the ending.
Terminator 4 sucks! It's not a really terminator movie. A terminator movie must have a terminator chasing John Connor, thats the main goal.

I like Dollhouse too and I will keep watching it as long has it stays interesting.

By Gökhan at 4:23 PM ON 06/28/09

from Türkei pls don't cancel TSCC, it's the best show i ever seen. Das ist aber echt unrecht ! Tscc war beste serie im Tv !

By Ban_D at 10:29 AM ON 06/30/09

From Hungary - please think again of this cancellation!
Don't kill the show - best series i've ever seen! - Some scenes (episones even) better than the first 2 movies, not to talk about the T3 and T4 which are _far_ worse than TSCC!

Please! Don't want to let it go!

By Paul at 12:08 PM ON 07/01/09

tscc is one of the best shows iv seen, and to end the series like that would just be a waste; of great acting and the amazing storyline that is now possible. Plus FOX this is one of the forget that the best show iv ever seen on your network in a long time. Don't terminate the show, let it go on. So in conclusion save TSCC and if fox woun't i hope Scifi can see wat TSCC has to offer
SAVE!! Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles!!!

By cjmackechnie at 3:35 PM ON 07/02/09

I do not watch the broadcasts. I watch them online from the fox network. I have bought the DVD's. It is a shame that my money will not go to fox network. I am not going to watch brainless females mindlessly try to act. John

By dollhousesucks at 1:04 PM ON 07/03/09

whedon sucks. he's a man with a vagina, like buck angel.

dollhouse sucks. eliza dushku plays the same crappy character in everything. the story is boring, the setting is boring, the show is ass.

dollhouse fans and whedon fans are morons.

tscc was a great show with a good story, lots of action, good actors, and a great mythos.

fox is full of idiots. they've proven this time and time again. remember a little show called family guy? yeah, there you go.

By zimzow at 12:57 PM ON 07/04/09

I hoped it wasn't true! I LOVED that show! In fact I think it is the BEST TV show I have ever seen. This is deja vu from when Firefly got cancelled. BTW Summer Glau was in that show too, was fun seeing her in a differant but simular role. Way to go FOX you lost me as a viewer.

By TSCCfan at 9:38 AM ON 07/05/09

I can't believe the show was cancelled. It was only 1 of 2 that I regularly watched on TV. Mon night was a better time slot than Fri. I am very very disappointed in FOX. I have been waiting all summer for it to come back on. I hated it when Women's Murder Club canceled, too. I'm afraid to start watching something else and get interested in it because it might get canceled, too! Please bring back SCC! From 45y/o grandmother

By Sidewalksurfer301 at 11:40 AM ON 07/06/09

This is a bad decision on Fox's part. Shame on them. I loved the show and watched every episode online, for a few on tv but mostly online. I wish sci fi or someone could pick it up, that would be great!

By AshSaint at 5:30 PM ON 07/06/09

UK TSCC Fan here (and there are a few UK fans).

It was not on a major channel in the uk. It was stored on a cable on demand station i have and i heard of the series and wanted to watch it. I found it a very enjoyable series that was very well created and had fantastic graphics for a TV show.

I found out a month after this happened that Fox cancelled the show. I was shock why they would cancel a show that would obviously increase in popularity due to the new Terminator movie out. Personally im hoping the reconsider or another network picks it up. Great show.

By Hevy at 1:05 AM ON 07/07/09

This is the third and final nail in the coffin of FOX for me. I really wish they would think more about the fans of their shows instead of simply how much money is in their pockets. I don't blame them really, but I am still extremely bitter towards them for many decisions they have made. TSCC was picking up steam, especially in the later episodes of season 2. I'm actually surprised at how strongly I feel about this show. I'm even more supportive of TSCC than I was/am for Firefly. *double sigh* Oh well.

By ponyfox at 2:18 AM ON 07/07/09

Bring Sarah Connor Chronicles back. It was executed brilliantly and could go on for 2-3 more years. The metal is fabulous.

By JohnConnor at 6:46 PM ON 07/08/09

Bring it back so i can save the world. TSCC is better casted.

By jozie at 6:35 PM ON 07/10/09

I sadly say, "Huru (see ya later), Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles." Of course I'd prefer sooner than later, but will continue to support FOX.
I know they did what they had to do but it still wasn't nice to leave us all hanging. I hope soon they will bring back T: SCC with the original cast to complete the story : ) !

By UNITED KINGDOM at 6:36 PM ON 07/10/09

The Queen of England, Elizabeth Regina II, hereby formally demands TSCC to be reinstated without delay. One is not impressed as one was enjoying the show. Lets not be hasty and take a moment to ponder on the excellence of this science fiction marvel. The red head seemed utterly Victorian, how quaint. Please excuse my Royal fury so as heads will roll if we fail to receive series 3.

By GeorgeWay at 1:50 AM ON 07/11/09

Bad move, I will look elsewhere for entertainment in the future! FOX U SUCK

By zempe at 2:28 PM ON 07/11/09

I still can't believe Fox cancelled the can they say it completed it's run..there was still room for a season 3 and what an awesome season 3 we would have had. Shame on you fox!

By dk1138 at 5:57 PM ON 07/11/09

I don't understand why all the TSCC fans are using the argument that "Dollhouse is no Firefly".

Firefly doesn't deserve the legendary status it has. It was a western in space that got cancelled because Fox realized what a stupid idea that actually was.

Dollhouse at least has a semi-decent idea behind it and might go somewhere, but let's be honest the only good thing Whedon has done since Buffy and Angel ended is Dr. Horrible.

As for TSCC, I'll miss it, but I could see the hand writing on the wall from the middle of the second season. The ratings just were not there. It was a good show, but a good show without a large enough audience is a cancelled show.

By kirirur at 6:57 AM ON 07/13/09

Bah... "TSCC had a nice little run"? When it was on its sprint to really start to run steady they shot in its legs....

And probably they never would admit that moving it on friday was a killing decision.

By tendon at 1:54 PM ON 07/13/09

TSCC was the best show there ever was on TV...I know...I have been around tv since the beginning.

You know what Fox...I am not going to watch Doll House just because you pissed me off by cancelling TSCC.

By sniper_uk at 4:10 PM ON 07/13/09

i'm from the united kingdom and know that this programme had a great following in the UK, once again executives who wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped them in the face at 100 kph, complete DICKS seems an appropriate description for these idiots

By sniper_uk at 4:32 PM ON 07/13/09

just a follow up on before, shame we can't buy fox,show the idiots the back door and bring back the shows we all want and as for dollhouse i watched it once didn't like it and didn't get it so i won't be watching that crap again and that was before i knew about the cancellation of TSCC.

By cassese, casey at 7:25 PM ON 07/13/09

Okay, how come EVERY show I watch gets canceled? How can they leave such a good cliffhanger and not do anything else with TSCC? Are you guys completely mental? Terminator Salvation just came out this summer and you're not going to try and capitalize on the fact that more viewers will probably be tuning in? I guess I'm not going to be watching Fox anymore; maybe SciFi will be smart and pick up the show.

By RR at 11:13 AM ON 07/15/09

SI-FI - PICK UP TSCC!!! and schedule it for the same timeframe as Dollhouse...
that way we can all watch TSCC instead of Dollhouse and let the suits at FOX know that "they" made a stupid decision.... (maybe "they" will be let go for it)...
it's time to take the programming back from the corporate politicians...

By TSCCFAN! at 4:40 PM ON 07/15/09


By Andrea at 2:33 AM ON 07/16/09

Please save the show!! It's fantastic I need it!!! We need it!!!

By aimelie at 6:57 PM ON 07/16/09

we want the show back!!!
save it,plz!!!
it`s amazing!!!!

By AFFMan at 9:10 PM ON 07/16/09

I have bought the DVD-s with season 1 and season 2. I dont have FOX. I live in estonia and really love the show. WHY the dollhouse? Who watches this crap. MY GOD.

By Big Dog at 2:04 PM ON 07/18/09

Love this series. Hope that some intelligent exec goes for a season 3. Glad to see Doll House staying, but really enjoy SCC much more!!!!

By katwoodsy at 9:44 PM ON 07/18/09

TSCC was a brilliant show, picking up the Terminator story after the also brilliant T2. This story needs to be told for all Terminator fans. Season 2 finished on a cliffhanger and now what? We're just left to wonder? Unbelievable! TSCC has a huge fan base that has been left VERY disappointed and dissatisfied after the news it will not continue. BRING BACK TSCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Dsilvahub at 8:03 PM ON 07/19/09

Thanks Fox you let the show give every terminator fan what they wanted to see for 2 seconds (john connor meeting his dad) then took it away.
Why should I show an interest in your future shows now?

By TrueTSCCFan at 7:40 AM ON 07/20/09

Okay, there are a lot of things that I have to say, addressing both the incredibly horrific mistake of cancelling TSCC, and some of the comments I've read on here.

1) I love Joss Whedon, I personally think he's a genius and have loved Buffy/Angel/Dr. Horrible/ and Firefly, which WAS an epic show, although admittedly a little far-fetched for some people (not me, of course). I've never watched Dollhouse, and I realize that a lot of people are smashing it and whatnot, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and people have to realize that everyone has different tastes, so if you want to watch it, that's awesome, but I don't really think it's up to JW standards. At least from everything I've heard, and the bits and pieces I've seen on TV, and the summarys I've read.

2) To these people that are saying that TSCC got canceled because it didn't have a big enough fanbase. Hello!? Are you reading these comments? It's one of the most popular TV series in a really long time.The reason the ratings were down were because they changed the date and time, and people like me have to work Friday nights. I don't have DVR, so guess what. In order to get my fix, I watch it ONLINE! Isn't the internet there for things like this? Yet Fox doesn't count the hundreds of MILLIONS of people that search TSCC on youtube, hulu, and The reason they didn't is because the executives KNEW how popular it was, but wanted to cut it out for stupid reasons.

3) Has anyone noticed that this series is popular with just about every age group imaginable, and from all sorts of different countries? I'm 18 years old. I go to college and I have a job, yet I'm so addicted to this show that I have to watch it at the first possible opportunity. Every friend I have loves this show, but most of them watch it online, not TVO or DVR. Sadly, that's the way people my age are. We live for the internet. Also, even just on the comments on this page, you have people from the ages of 18-53, I believe is the oldest I saw stated, saying how much they love this show and that they want it back. If you have that loyal of a fanbase, I think Fox would be smart to reconsider their decision. Even if they don't want to look like fools for doing so, they need to realize that they are making a*holes out of themselves by NOT bringing this show back.

4) I agree with everyone who says that if no other network is going to pick this show up (and Syfy, I really think you should) and Fox isn't going to start airing it again, then we need CLOSURE. Just give us a mini-series to wrap it up. I understand why a movie would seem weird, especially with the new trilogy, but a mini-series would be EXTREMELY popular and most likely make up for any lack in budget.

5) I sincerely believe that because of this scare, if Fox were to bring this show back, fans would make sure that they were home to watch it. But I think it was STUPID to move it to the "death" slot and expect the ratings to improve. They need to pick another day, and make sure they advertise for it properly.

6) This is one of the only shows I've ever seen that I sincerely got involved in the characters. I'm not big on TV shows, only movies, but TSCC knew how to get your mind and heart involved until you practically felt like you were right there with the Connors. It was witty, had comedy where it needed to be to keep it from being too heavy, and had the perfect mix of action, romance, and heartache. You can't ask for anything more out of a TV series, especially in only 2 seasons.

7) E! Wrote that article about how TSCC won the vote on which show to save with a whopping 53%. The closest one to it was Chuck at 23%. That's a HUGE difference. I honestly believe that Fox was planning on this cancelation a long time ago, because if they really wanted to please the fans they would listen to what over 200 million of us were saying. Get a grip! Admit you were wrong and move past it. You would be forgiven! People just want their show back.

8) PLEASE BRING TSCC BACK! Show us that Fox honestly respects its Viewers choices, and listens to what we're asking.

I mean no disrespect to any other show, I just don't want something that I believe is truly special to be taken off the air and lost to so many people.

I am a TSCC fan, and will remain so forever. The cast is amazing, and I hope that each one has a bright future ahead of them.

By Dalebo63 at 5:09 PM ON 07/26/09

I will not turn My TV to fox until TSCC is aired by then or SyFy period....I luv this show...not in past since

By pickle at 3:06 PM ON 07/31/09

BRING BACK Terminator SCC !!
FoX are stupi. they cancel all the best shows, I hardly watch any T.v but I never ever miss SCC.

By Nick S at 1:08 PM ON 08/02/09

From The Sunday Times
August 2, 2009
Scientists fear a revolt by killer robots
Advances in artificial intelligence are bringing the sci-fi fantasy dangerously closer to fact
John Arlidge

...The scientists who presented their findings at the International Joint Conference for Artificial Intelligence in Pasadena, California, last month fear that nightmare scenarios, which have until now been limited to science fiction films, such as the Terminator series, The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Minority Report, could come true...

By Pete W at 6:26 PM ON 08/02/09

Some network really needs to pick up this amazing show. It should never have been cancelled

By charlotte at 6:17 AM ON 08/06/09

Seriously bring back TSCC! SAVE IT AT- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By ashley at 6:04 PM ON 08/06/09

i cannot believe that they CANCELLED it! fox needs a wake up call because when there is actually a tv show worth watching they always cancel. the TSCC was one of the best shows i have ever seen and was NOT a waste of money. I plan on emailing this guy and letting him know what a doosh he is. They have to bring it back and if we all fight for it , it can happen. good luck to everyone, remember, on your feet soldier!

By conman at 2:16 AM ON 08/07/09

I'm sooo angry that the TSCC was cancelled. I looked forward to each weeks episode.Shame on FOX..

By RITCHIE at 2:52 PM ON 08/09/09

Great shows like this always seem to get the axe. This franchise already has a following from the movies. Paramount is the only studio that successful kept their fan base growing for 40 years on the small tub and translated that growth into box office receipts from their movies. This series is well written and has the same potential to keep the fans interested and growing in between relaese of feature leanth films. SG1 is still holding onto their fans and gaining addition revenue by releasing direct to dvd productions that will also eventually be shown on cable.

By Chip Gizmo at 8:40 PM ON 08/10/09

Let's face it SCC wqas dropped because it just wasn't a personal favorite of the out of touch exec's. One of the best shows ever and it's dead before it got off of the ground. I feel like my little sister died. I for one will no longer watch anything on Fox. Hey Reilly, Hope you end up unemployed without the golden parachute for this one. Hey SyFy are you listening? It would be great if the writers just released the 3rd, 4th, & 5th seasons in book form. OH yeah ! ! ! I'd buy that ! ! !
Hope you people find even better work.

By snc at 1:59 PM ON 08/11/09

hi fox from turkey
İf u want to do something for us then u must to give us scc again

By T1000 at 2:25 AM ON 08/12/09

Come on FOX wake up and put SCC back on the air, I mean really, tuesdays had zip on and would be a great timeslot. But of course in your infinite freakin wisdom we know nothing as we need to be talked down to cos we are so slow eh. Brain up people!!!

By Postal999 at 10:09 PM ON 08/12/09

FOX is unfortunately not producing anything I like other than 24 and Fringe. TSCC was the first on my DVR list above those 2 shows. Now I'm off watching other stuff. Doll House wasn't really that interesting to me. I hope NBC/SyFy pick TSCC up before all the actors end up going in different directions.

By five at 12:11 AM ON 08/13/09

terminator was one of the few shows i liked on television. why don't they cancel all that other crap.

By Lisee at 2:07 PM ON 08/13/09

TSCC is a show that my whole family enjoys.
It is a show that you actually get excited and impatient for the next episode to come.
Great stories, characters, and lessons.
It is one of the few quality shows that was on TV.
So please listen to us and bring TSCC back!!!!

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