Lloyd Marcus column
Lloyd Marcus is the songwriter and vocalist of the "American Tea Party Anthem." He currently serves as president of NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color). Visit his website at http://www.LloydMarcus.com

Conservative rapper featured in "Feet To The Fire," a new song by Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
August 11, 2009

Folks, meet Sarah Starchak, brilliant student, super talented singer/songwriter, dancer, beautiful and conservative. Sarah endured severe harassment in high . . .

As a black conservative, should I be afraid?
Lloyd Marcus
August 8, 2009

I thought, "This is crazy." Despite numerous attempts to convince myself that what I was feeling was absurd, the tingle in my stomach persisted. Black . . .

Race profiteers: the true enemies of black America
Lloyd Marcus
August 4, 2009

In my youth, I lived a wild and crazy life: drugs, women, and partying, basically 24/7. Scholarships permitted me to attend art college where I hung with . . .

Another extraordinary ordinary patriot of the Tea Party movement
Lloyd Marcus
August 2, 2009

I met Warren Kaul when I performed at the O Town Tea Party in Orlando, Florida. He was manning the Fair Tax booth. On stage, Warren expressed his displeasure . . .

Cops & Sotomayor: Obama says go by feelings, not the law
Lloyd Marcus
July 31, 2009

When President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, he said she was selected because he wanted someone who would show "empathy." It occurred . . .

Who will President Obama drum up hate against next?
Lloyd Marcus
July 26, 2009

We have all watched this scene in numerous Western movies. The sheriff says his prisoner will receive a fair trial when the judge arrives in the morning. But, . . .

At the NAACP, Obama removes his mask of the great unifier
Lloyd Marcus
July 24, 2009

It is truly a sad day in America when the President of the United States fans the flames of racial hatred. The man elected to be president of all the people, in . . .

Yelling...ENOUGH with the race thing!
Lloyd Marcus
July 19, 2009

Race! Race! Race! As the kids say, "Gag me with race!" I just read my Republican Senator Mel Martinez's statement on why he is voting to confirm Sonia Sotomayor . . .

No wonder black America doesn't have a clue
Lloyd Marcus
July 16, 2009

While flipping through the channels with my remote, I stopped on the movie "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Excellent movie . . .

When will white America be off the hook for sins of the past?
Lloyd Marcus
July 8, 2009

Scalpers peddled tickets to a black man's funeral on eBay for $10,000 each. Oprah, a black woman, is the richest and most influential woman in America and . . .

A cure for racism in America: seeing people as individuals
Lloyd Marcus
July 6, 2009

Some people are screwed up. Broken. They choose to hate and nothing will change their minds. I believe most people are basically good. Given an opportunity, . . .

Sarah Palin martyred for the cause of conservatism
Lloyd Marcus
July 4, 2009

While watching Sarah Palin's resignation speech, I thought, "Who is this amazing woman? What planet did she come from? Will there ever be anyone like her?" Once . . .

Time to put liberals on the defensive!
Lloyd Marcus
July 1, 2009

I'm in the studio recording my next song for the Tea Party movement titled, "Feet To The Fire." In it, I chastise politicians for not keeping their promises. A . . .

Black conservatives: crucified by the left, ignored by the right!
Lloyd Marcus
June 30, 2009

At a tea party in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, I invited all veterans to join me on stage as I sang "God Bless the USA" in tribute to them. It was truly a moving . . .

Sarah Palin, at high noon
Lloyd Marcus
June 28, 2009

I just watched the classic movie "High Noon," AGAIN! Gary Cooper played a brave sheriff who brought law and order to his town. As one woman said, "He made it . . .

Don't allow turf wars or pettiness to sidetrack Tea Party movement
Lloyd Marcus
June 26, 2009

A concerned patriot wrote me the following: "...our Tea Party efforts are taking a weird turn. As you know the April 15th nationwide rallies were a BIG success! . . .

Happy Father's Day to my dad, Rev., Dr. Lloyd E. Marcus II
Lloyd Marcus
June 22, 2009

Friends invited Mary and me to spend Father's Day with them at Disney. Upon our return home that evening, my 82-year-old dad called. He said, "I am now ready to . . .

Don't help the left destroy conservative leaders
Lloyd Marcus
June 18, 2009

"GOP" was the first thing out of EVERY reporter's mouth regarding a recent sex scandal. And yet, when married Democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer used a prostitute and . . .

Liberals: wolves in sheep's clothing
Lloyd Marcus
June 15, 2009

I still remember the knot in my stomach upon seeing the sea of white faces from the window of our school bus. It was the first day of school 1961. We came from . . .

Obama's attack on individual rights and achievers
Lloyd Marcus
June 4, 2009

Recently, I thought of two Hall of Fame baseball players, Baltimore Orioles' Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. On several occasions, I witnessed Robinson, . . .

Conversation with a public school-bred America hater
Lloyd Marcus
June 3, 2009

Hi Folks, proud black conservative Lloyd Marcus here. Years ago, I was outraged when a dear white friend said her son came home from middle school full of guilt . . .

Black man LOVES racist Rush Limbaugh
Lloyd Marcus
May 31, 2009

Like global warming, swine flu and everything else wrong in the world, racist, sexist, and homophobe Rush Limbaugh is largely responsible for who I am today. In . . .

A tale of two project experiences: Sotomayor, Latina liberal, and Lloyd Marcus, black conservative
Lloyd Marcus
May 28, 2009

Coming from the project, Obama's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's story is inspiring. Ironically, the success of Obama, a black, and Sotomayor, Latina, . . .

It's OK for liberals to call blacks the "N" word
Lloyd Marcus
May 23, 2009

"Maybe this nigger should shut up and learn his place" is one of numerous racist, hate-filled comments posted on YouTube attacking me, a black conservative, for . . .

Obama, abortion & Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus
May 20, 2009

I realize that many of you truly want to believe Obama is the great savior. At a party, astonishingly, someone said we should be patient with Obama because he . . .

Another trick to silence conservatives
Lloyd Marcus
May 12, 2009

Okay, so Carrie Prejean, Miss California, posed topless. Is this suppose to disqualify her from standing up for traditional marriage? Then, the media came out . . .

Top ten reasons blacks should stop voting Democrat
Lloyd Marcus
May 9, 2009

10 The same problems Democrats have been promising to fix for 40 years are worse. 9 In 1950, 24% of black kids grew up without dads. In 2009, 63%. Seven . . .

Obama's first 100 days from a black's perspective
Lloyd Marcus
May 2, 2009

Remember the Soup Nazi on the Seinfeld sitcom? If you annoyed the chef, he would yell, "No soup for you!" When I hear the mindless reasoning of Obama supporters . . .

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