Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Research Program

The second and third generations of Dutch Eurasians. A qualitative investigation of ethnic processes and integration


Status Completed project within the IMES Programme
Duration 2005-2009
Researcher Dr. M. de Vries
Supervision Prof. R. Penninx and dr. J. Rath
Commissioner Stichting Het Gebaar

This study actually started in 1994 as a project within the IMES programme. It has been discontinued because of lack of funding. In 1999 the tentative results of the study so far were published in a chapter of a reader. In 2005 the study could be continued, because the Stichting Het Gebaar was willing to finance the rest of it. It concerned a qualitative study among about 20 members of the second generation Dutch Eurasians and about 20 members of the third generation. It focused on the question in what ways the interviewees feel tied with their (partly) Eurasian descent and heritage, how they express this bond and what factors have an impact on these ties.


The study resulted in the publication: 'Indisch is een gevoel'. De tweede en derde generatie Indische Nederlanders, (M. de Vries 2009). Flyer