Marketers talk a lot about the “moment of truth”. This is not a philosophical notion, but the point when people decide what to buy and take the action to get it.  What we know about that moment is changing, and the means to understand how marketers influence consumer behaviour are changing every day.  

The Economist’s Media Convergence forum gathers a unique speaking faculty of thought leaders, marketing psychologists, technology experts, futurists, media and marketing professionals to peer into the future to consider the ideas, technologies and tactics that tomorrow’s best marketing organisations will adopt. The forum will focus on key issues such as:

• The latest trends and innovations in media
• Multi sensory marketing techniques
• The science of shopping – retail marketing and the frontier of the subconscious
• Maximising social networking and conversational marketing
• Finding the right media mix
• Five year outlook – the next big technologies changing the face of media

Featured Speaker

Michael Lynton became Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures in January, 2004. Together with Co-Chairman Amy Pascal, he manages Sony Pictures' overall global operations, including motion picture, television and digital content production and distribution, home entertainment acquisition and distribution, operation of studio facilities, and the development of new entertainment products, services and technologies.

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