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Thursday, August 20 2009
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Investigation Continues In Hardy County Dog Attack Death
Hardy County

Audio Included Hardy Co. Dep. Melody Burrows: Deadly Dog Attack

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The Hardy County Sheriff's Dept. is continuing its investigation into a Saturday pit bull attack that killed a three-day-old boy.  

Deputy Melody Burrows with the Hardy County Sheriff's Departments says the boy's mother was getting ready to feed her newborn when she left the bedroom to answer the phone.  After she returned to the room, the family pit bull named Nila and a mixed-breed German Shepherd came into the room and began sniffing close to the baby.

"Nila, the pit bull, attacked the infant grabbed the infant from off the bed, grabbed the infant by the head," Burrows explained. "(It) began to shake the infant as though it was a toy or prey."

The dog dropped the child, but picked it up a second time. The mother told police she choked the dog, but it wouldn't let go of her son.

A teenage daughter then came into the room, cornered the dogs and forced them out an open window.

Police say the mother tried to help her son until emergency crews arrived. He died on the way to a helicopter-landing zone.

Deputy Burrows says the mother had spent the afternoon showing her newborn off to friends and family members after bringing him home from the hospital earlier in the day. 

The family could be charged with harboring a vicious animal. Deputy Burrows says the family had only had the pit bull since May when a the victim's uncle had to leave the area.

"I need to wait and speak with the agency where the dog is from to see if they had any complaints," Burrows said.

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