Datalight – High Performance Flash File Systems

High Performance Flash File Systems for Consumer Mobile

High Performance Flash File Systems for Consumer Mobile

Flash file system performance and power fail-safe operation are key to a great user experience for consumer devices that need reliable NOR and/or NAND flash memory. Datalight flash file system allows you to meet the challenges of near instant-on boot times and power fail-safe reliability requirements of operating systems such as Linux and Microsoft Windows Mobile. Datalight Reliance transactional file system with FlashFX Pro flash media manager provide a complete flash file system on NOR, NAND, hybrid flash memory or combination of NOR and NAND

High Reliability Flash File Systems for Embedded

High Reliability Flash File Systems for Embedded

Reliable file system software that supports a range of storage technologies like HDD, SSD,CF cards, NOR and NAND for power fail-safe, high performance operation helps manufacturers of industrial automation, aerospace, networking, telecommunications, and consumer devices get to market quickly, without risking data corruption and poor performance. Our file system and flash memory manager give your design performance, reliable power fail-safe operation and NOR, NAND flash memory part sourcing flexibility.

  • Flexible pricing models to suit your needs
  • Downloadable binary evaluations
  • Fully documented, ANSI-C source code
  • Can also be used without an operating system
  • Accountable, accessible support



Reliance™, our proprietary file system, is a highly reliable transactional file system that preserves both user and metadata in the event of an unexpected power interruption.


Our FlashFX Family of device drivers are flash media managers that support more that 100 NAND and NOR resident flash parts out-of-the box including support for MLC.


We continue to refine and support ROM-DOS™, a DOS operating system engineered specifically for embedded developers.


Datalight® Reliance™ File System Increases Efficiency in Naval Command and Control Application

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