Hutzel Women's Hospital

Hutzel Women's Hospital is the second oldest hospital in the city of Detroit. It traces its lineage to the period right after the American Civil War when a group of seven courageous women formed an association in 1868 to provide care for unwed mothers and their infants.

Throughout the late 1800's and early and mid 1900's the hospital became known for its innovative care of women and children, including Detroit's first baby incubator, Michigan's first research laboratory devoted to the "study of women's diseases," and establishment of the nation's first "Mother's Milk Bureau" to ensure a supply of breast milk to infants of non-lactating mothers.

In 1965 the Hospital was renamed Hutzel Women's Hospital in honor of Eleonore L. Hutzel, recognizing her 54 years of service as student, employee and trustee of the Hospital. Since that time the hospital has seen its services grow to include orthopaedics, opthamology, a pain clinic and sleep center.

Women's Hospital 1912

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