Skeptic: Extraordinary Claims, Revolutionary Ideas, and the Promotion of Science

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Festschrift 2000 for Stephen Jay Gould: Part I

Festschrift 2000 for Stephen Jay Gould: Part I

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Evolution Revolution: Paleontology, History, Biography. Festschrift 2000 for Stephen Jay Gould. Part III, by Dr. Donald Prothero, Dr. Michael Shermer, Dr. Frank J. Sulloway Dr. Donald Prothero discusses how Gould helped launch a revolution in paleontology that continues to this day. Prothero’s fact-filled, slide lecture is one of the finest summaries of how evolution works ever given. Dr. Michael Shermer presents a slide show of an exhaustive literary taxonomy and content analysis of all 300 of Gould’s essays. Dr. Frank J. Sulloway focuses on the science of biography, using a dual metaphor found in much of Gould’s writing (including a book of the same title): Time’s Arrow, Time’s Cycle. Sulloway shows how both Darwin and Gould used this and other themes in their evolutionary theories.