Nintendo Entertainment System

Released in Japan on the 15th July 1983, the Family Computer (Famicom) was Nintendo's first home videogame console. It combined Nintendo's arcade hits with all-new titles and a groundbreaking control pad, and was the first console manufacturer to actively court third party developers. The console's popularity skyrocketed with the release of the groundbreaking Super Mario Bros. in 1985, leading Nintendo to dominate the Japanese videogame market.

In 1986, Nintendo introduced the Famicom Disk System to Japan. Rather than carts, this Famicom accessory took rewritable "Disk Cards", allowing for larger games, improved music and game saves. Many of Nintendo's key titles (The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus) began their lives on the Disk System.

Also in 1985, the console was launched in America, where the videogame market was struggling. The console was redesigned to look less like a toy and more like a video cassette player, and renamed the Nintendo Entertainment System. The system's release was accompanied by a huge launch lineup, and aggressive licensing and marketing. The gamble was a success, and for many years following, the word "Nintendo" was synonymous with videogames.

Famicom / NES
JP 15th July 1983
US 18th October 1985
EU 1st September 1986

Famicom/NES Games

Name JP Release US Release EU Release
4-Player Family Mahjong 2nd November 1984 x x
Balloon Fight 22nd January 1985 June 1986 15th December 1986
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting x August 1990 27th June 1991
Baseball 7th December 1983 October 1985 x
Clu Clu Land 22nd November 1984 October 1985 15th February 1987
Devil World 5th October 1984 x 15th July 1987
Donkey Kong 15th July 1983 June 1986 15th October 1986
Donkey Kong Jr. 15th July 1983 June 1986 15th June 1987
Donkey Kong 3 4th July 1984 June 1986 unknown
Donkey Kong Classics x October 1988 10th August 1989
Donkey Kong Jr. Math 12th December 1983 October 1985 unknown
Dr. Mario 27th July 1990 October 1990 27th June 1991
Duck Hunt 21st April 1984 October 1985 15th August 1987
Excitebike 30th November 1984 October 1985 1st September 1986
F-1 Race 2nd November 1984 x x
Famicom Wars 12th August 1988 x x
Family BASIC 21st June 1984 x x
Fire Emblem: Gaiden 14th March 1992 x x
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & Sword of Light 20th April 1990 x x
Galactic Trio 15th December 1987 x x
Golf 1st May 1984 October 1985 15th November 1986
Gomoku Narabe Renju 27th August 1983 x x
Gumshoe x June 1986 15th June 1988
Gyromite 13th August 1985 October 1985 x
Hogan's Alley 12th June 1984 October 1985 15th December 1987
Ice Climber 30th January 1985 October 1985 1st September 1986
Ice Hockey x March 1988 15th April 1988
Joy Mech Fight 21st May 1993 x x
Kid Icarus x July 1987 15th February 1988
Kirby's Adventure 23rd March 1993 May 1993 9th December 1993
Kung Fu 21st June 1985 October 1985 15th April 1987
The Legend of Zelda 19th February 1994 July 1987 15th November 1987
Mach Rider 21st November 1995 October 1985 15th March 1987
Mahjong 27th August 1983 x x
Mario Bros. 9th September 1983 June 1986 1st September 1986
Metroid x August 1987 15th January 1988
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! 21st November 1987 October 1987 15th December 1987
Mother 27th July 1989 x x
NES Open Tournament Golf 20th September 1991 September 1991 18th June 1992
NES Play Action Football x September 1990 x
Pinball 2nd February 1984 October 1985 1st September 1986
Popeye 15th July 1983 June 1986 1st September 1986
Popeye's English Game 22nd November 1983 x x
Pro Wrestling x March 1987 15th September 1987
Short Order & Eggsplode x December 1989 x
Soccer 9th April 1985 March 1987 15th January 1987
Stack-Up 26th July 1985 October 1985 x
Star Tropics x December 1990 20th August 1992
Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge x March 1994 x
Super Mario Bros. 13th September 1985 October 1985 15th May 1987
Super Mario Bros. 2 14th September 1992 October 1988 28th April 1989
Super Mario Bros. 3 23rd October 1988 February 1990 29th August 1991
Tennis 14th January 1984 October 1985 1st September 1986
Tetris 14th June 1989 August 1989 28th September 1990
Tetris 2 21st September 1993 October 1993 unknown
To The Earth x November 1989 23rd February 1990
Urban Champion 14th November 1984 June 1986 unknown
Volleyball x March 1987 15th November 1987
Wario's Woods 19th February 1994 December 1994 unknown
Wild Gunman 18th February 1984 October 1985 15th February 1988
Wrecking Crew 18th June 1985 October 1985 15th October 1987
Yakuman Heaven 28th June 1991 x x
Yoshi 14th December 1991 June 1992 30th December 1992
Yoshi's Cookie 21st November 1992 April 1993 28th April 1994
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link x December 1988 26th September 1988

Famicom Disk System Games

Name JP Release
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. December 1986
Backgammon 7th September 1990
Baseball 21st February 1986
Clu Clu Land (Disk) 28th April 1992
Dokidoki Panic 10th July 1987
Donkey Kong 8th April 1988
Donkey Kong Jr. 19th July 1988
Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race 30th October 1987
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally 14th April 1988
Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir 27th April 1988
Famicom Tantei Club Part II: The Girl Stood at the Back 23rd May 1989
Golf 21st February 1986
Golf Japan Course 21st February 1987
Golf U.S. Course 14th June 1987
Ice Climber (Disk) 18th November 1988
Ice Hockey 21st January 1988
Kid Icarus 15th December 1986
Knight Move 5th June 1990
The Legend of Zelda 21st February 1986
Mahjong 21st February 1986
Metroid 6th August 1986
Miho Nakayama's Heartbeat High School 1st December 1987
Mysterious Murasame Castle 14th April 1986
New Onigashima 4th September 1987
Pinball 30th May 1989
Pro Wrestling 21st October 1986
Return of Mario Bros. 30th November 1988
Smash Ping Pong 30th May 1987
Soccer 21st February 1986
Super Mario Bros. 21st February 1986
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 3rd June 1986
Tennis 21st February 1986
Time Twist: The Corners of History... 26th July 1991
Volleyball 21st July 1986
VS. Excitebike 9th December 1988
Wrecking Crew 3rd February 1989
Yuu Yuu Ki 14th October 1989
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 14th January 1987