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Written by Administrator   

Why all states should prohibit the issuance of drivers' licenses and "driving certificates" to illegal aliens.

A. Emergency actions that can be instituted by the President without need of further legislation.

1. Assign troops to patrol the Mexican and Canadian borders as well as seaports for the purpose of halting illegal immigration and entry of terrorists.
2. Enforce existing federal law barring employment of illegal aliens. Employers who violate this law must be prosecuted under existing law and maximum penalties sought.
3. Immediately end the application of reverse discrimination/affirmative action programs to immigrants. Such programs, originally established as a means of aiding black Americans to overcome effects of past discrimination. Application to immigrants is a perversion of the intent of these programs and puts most Americans at a disadvantage vis a vis immigrants.


B. Legislative reforms that will reduce the incentives for aliens to come to the US illegally and create incentives for illegal aliens to return voluntarily to their homelands

4. Congress must reject calls for additional amnesties for illegal aliens.
5. Congress must pass legislation ending the granting of citizenship to children born within the border of the United States to illegal immigrants.
6. Current law must be amended to:

            a.  End “chain immigration.” When an alien is granted a permanent resident visa, he/she must only be allowed to bring in his/her spouse andnatural or adopted children under age 21.

            b.  Enforce current bans on providing welfare benefits in any form to non-citizens

            c.  Cut off of social security benefits to illegal aliens

             d.  Simplify the current complex, unenforceable system of myriad types of visas.

             e  Prohibit educating illegal immigrants at US taxpayer expense.

              f.  Simplify system for denaturalizing citizens who obtained their citizenship through fraud or deception or who commit terrorist acts in concert with foreign terrorist entities or governments.

             g.  Massively enlarge the number of Border Patrol Agents.

             h.  Institute enhanced “whistleblower” safeguards for all federal employees engaged in administering or enforcing immigration law.

7. All State and local law enforcement agencies that receive federal funding must deputize their officers to enforce immigration law under Sec. 133 of the 1996 immigration reform act. State and local governments that refuse to participate must lose federal funding
8. Require all hospitals that receive federal aid which provide service to an illegal alien to provide information about the patient to the Department of Homeland Security so that cost of those services must be deducted from the foreign aid account of the alien’s country of citizenship.
9. Enact legislation prohibiting banks and financial institution from establishing accounts for people illegally in the US
10. Enact Rep. Tancredo’s bill, HR 502, which prohibits all agencies of the federal government from recognizing for any purpose the drivers’ licenses of states which do not require that license applicants prove they are legally present in the U.S.
11. Prohibit acceptance of Consular Identification cards for any purpose by any jurisdiction or private agency that receives federal funds.

C. Measures to re-establish assimilation as the goal of US immigration policy

12. Enact into law additional measures to prevent non-citizens from voting in federal, State or local elections. Such measures should include requirement of presentation of photo ID at time of voting. Ending voter registration by mail. Impose severe civil and criminal penalties on those who violate or aid others to violate citizen-only voting laws.
13. Require all ballots to be in English only.
14. Enforce existing requirements of proficiency in English and knowledge of US history as prerequisites for achieving citizenship. Require schools that receive federal aid to teach English to students who are not proficient in the language. Establish a legal limit on duration of programs for such children.

D. Measures to restore as the goal to the system for issuing visitors’ visas the safety of the US and its citizens.

15. Strip the State Department of all visa granting power, and transfer this authority to the Department of Homeland Security.
a. The DHS and all employees involved in the issuance of visas must be subject to the Federal Tort Claims Act. They must be subject to civil suit in damages by victims injured due to negligence in carrying out their obligations to screen visa applicants. This exposure to civil suit must not be greater or less than that imposed on ordinary people in non-governmental tasks.
16. Prohibit anyone employed in the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branches of the Federal government from accepting employment with a foreign government or business or any entity controlled directly or indirectly by a foreign government, or accepting a gift or thing of value from a foreign government or entity for 20 years after leaving government service. Violation would be a felony with forfeiture of all items paid or transferred to the guilty party upon conviction. Provide for action by “private attorneys general” against suspects on terms similar to such provisions in environmental statutes.
17. Enforcement of provisions in consular treaties barring consuls and all other diplomats and employees from participating in political affairs in the US. This to include lobbying of State and local officials, or aiding or abetting illegal immigration to the US
Enact a federal law establishing a private cause of action by individuals against landlords of embassies and consulates who violate these provisions.
18. Prohibit contributions of any kind by non-citizens to candidates for federal, State or local office and to political parties, either directly or through third parties. Violation by contributors and recipients who shall have knowingly received such funds shall be a felony. Recipients shall be expelled from office upon conviction and barred from holding political office for life.
19. Similar prohibitions on gifts to federal employees. Recipients shall be fired upon conviction and barred from public employment for life.
20. Prohibit federal aid to public colleges and universities that grant in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens or those enrolled or funded by foreign governments.
21. Prohibit US citizens from voting in foreign elections other than private organizations and businesses.


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