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New  Page  (August 2009)  Viking's Guardian 400 Surveillance/Maritime Patrol/SAR Twin Otter

In  a  time of  economic  crisis,  there is a  powerful  threat  to  Canadian  sovereignty  –  much  greater than religious fanaticism.  This  threat  is  the  gradual  bleeding  away of  the  research,  development and  production  that  underpin  our  security.  Citizens  are  becoming  wary of  politicians  who allow our  nation to become  increasingly  dependent  –  too  often  buying  aircraft  from  foreign countries.



New Pages (August 2009) Danish CDS in Iqaluit , (July) FWSAR 'Industry Day', C8A3 sight, CCV, FME, AEV, & ARV, LAV III upgrade, TAPV, (June) Bv206, MEUF/Aircraft dry lease, Fabric hangar

Past Pages (May) Kelowna Flightcraft, (Apr) Small UAV, Leopard 2 CAD, (Mar) SOF, (Feb) MSPV Buffalo, LOSV, CASW, (Jan)  MSVS, MRLS, (Dec '08) LRPRS, CH-148 delay, KAF Griffon, LRSS, (Nov) EROC, LAV Armour, IZLID, SUAV, TSS, TASLU (Sept) Scope JUSTAS, ASLEP (Aug) SOV


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New Pages (August 2009) Heavy Infantry Assault Vehicle, (June) MOSV origin (Canadair RAT and Dynatrac), (April) Future Land Combat Systems, CCV (Puma/CV90/Marder), Aker AOPS Concept

Recent Pages  (March 2009) SOV, C-27J,  (Jan) MSVS,  (Dec 2008) LRPRS, (Nov) Buffalo, CU-162, (Oct) Heron, (Sept) Tropco, (Aug) SOV/SOIQ, CC-150T, (June) TF ODIN, AOPS, (May) Sea King, LAV-H,  (Feb) C-130J length/lease, (Dec 2007) Global Express/Sentinel, (Nov) Dash 7, (Oct) MMA.

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New  Page  (July 2009)  CV90:  New Armoured Vehicles  –  Mobility and  Survivability  for the CF
New  Page  (July 2009)  Arctic Viking:  Danish Air Force Challenger flies over Northern Canada

Past  Page  (April 2009)  An Overview of  Denmark's Afghan  Deployment of  Leopard 2A5 tanks
Past Pages  (July 2008)  Comparison:  Danish  Naval  Projects:  2005 to 2009 ,  overview of  current Danish shipbuilding plans.  Patrol Frigate Absalon class, Knud Rasmussen class, Holm and Diana.

Afghanistan NATO ~ ISAF

Archived Articles

New  Page   (July  2009)   CV90 Dismounts:  Does Size Matter or is it What's Inside that Counts?

New  Page   (April  2009)   Divisions  over  Women's  Rights  –  Not  by Gender  –  but  by Education

Past  Page   (March  2009)   President  Barack  Obama  speaks  to  US  Marines  at  Camp  Lejeune
Past  Page  (February  2009) New  CF  Air  Wing  in  Afghanistan  has  Troop Transport Helicopters

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New Page  (Aug  2009)  James Hasik  on Future Combat Vehicles:  Blast-Resistant, Wheeled 8x8s?
New Page  (July  2009)  CV90:  Something Similar to the Lease / Purchase of  CF Leopard Tanks?

Past Page  (May  2009)  Arrival of  New US Troops  means  CF  Afghan  Mission  can  be  Redefined
Past Page  (February  2009)  CF ISR assets may prove very effective in  Afghan Counterinsurgency
Past Page  (January  2009)  Canadian  Sovereignty  is  Rooted  in  Canada's  Manufacturing  Sector



New  Page  (August 2009)   Keep it Simple and Add Armour: a new approach to HIAV conversions?
New  Page  (July 2009)   'Low and Slow' – CT-156 to Fill a Top Cover Gap for the Winter Olympics?
New  Page  (April 2009)   Armour for the Economy  –  Refurbished  German  Marder IFVs  as CCV?

Past Pages  (December 2008)  Armour for the Economy  –  LAVs  as Stimulation and  Job Creation ?
(November 2008)  FWSAR and Arctic Transport , (July 2008)  AT-6B for CF COIN ?, and  TF ODIN

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