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Along with STRATOVARIUS, Helsinki's WALTARI, founded in 1986 by by vocalist / bassist Kärtsy Hatakka, guitarist Jariot Lehtinen and Sale Suomalainen on drums, are on of Finland's best known Rock exports. Named after the Finnish author Miukka Waltari the band adopt a fun attitude to Rock music and have even had the nerve to cover both THE BEATLES 'Help' and MADONNA's 'Vogue'. First product, the January 1988 'Waltari' EP, arrived on the Fucking Duck label. Sami Yli-Sirniö joined as second guitarist in 1989. Suomalainen was superseded by Janne Parviainen in 1990.

The band issued the 'Monk-Punk' album in Finland during September 1991 via Stupido Twins, this record seeing a European issue through Angry Fish Music that October. 'Torcha!' emerged to great acclaim during September 1992 and WALTARI put in appearances in Germany at the 1992 Koln Popkomm festival and also toured as part of a package together with CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and PRONG in the spring of 1993. A compilation of formative works, 'Pala Leipää' ("A Piece Of Bread"), emerged in 1993 as a precursor to the next studio opus, March 1994's 'So Fine'. WALTARI's September 1995 effort 'Big Bang' would give the band its biggest commercial success to date. Guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö opted out during 1995 and was replaced by Roope Latvala, previously of STONE and LATVALA BROS.

The May 1996 'Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony In Deep C.' album is a spoof on Classical Death Metal and includes the unexpected contributions of noted conductor Riku Niemi from the Finnish Orchestral outfit AVANTI!, AMORPHIS vocalist Tomi Koivusaari and Opera singer Eeva-Kaarina Kilke.

Drummer Janne Parviainen issued an album in 1996 by his side project act ST. MUCUS. The WALTARI album 'Space Avenue' was a critical success on the European mainland during 1997. WALTARI released the progressively inclined 'Space Avenue' in March 1997. The following year the group's tenth anniversary was celebrated with the compilation 'Decade'. Switching tack once again, WALTARI took on a decidely Pop stance for 1999's 'Radium Round'. Further diversification was evident on the low key releases 'Channel Nordica' in May 2000 and the Hardcore styled EP 'Back To Persepolis' issued on the Levy-Yhtiö label in December 2001.

Meantime, WALTARI guitarist Roope Latvala also appeared as a session player on the 2000 SINERGY album 'To Hell And Back'.The band's ex-guitar player Sami li-Sirniö would deputize for German Thrashers KREATOR during the late 90s. By 2001 he had made the position seemingly permanent appearing on their 'Violent Revolution' album. However, that same year Sami Yli-Sirniö returned to the ranks of WALTARI, and Roope Latvala left the band. Meantime, Parviainen joined up with arch Black Metal band BARATHRUM as 'Abyssir'.

WALTARI's December 2003 single, 'Life Without Love / One Day', would include a "weird remix' version courtesy of ex-FAITH NO MORE bassist Billy Gould. The band marked a return in 2004 with the album 'Rare Species', issued in March, charting at number 13 in Finland. Touring to promote this release saw the band partnered with SUBWAY TO SALLY for German dates in April, followed by headline gigs with REMEMBER TWILIGHT as support act.

Janne Parviainen enrolled himself into the ranks of ENSIFERUM in September 2005. That November WALTARI signed to newly established German label Dockyard 1 for the album 'Blood Sample'. Touring in December took the band across the Czech Republic, Germany and Finland.

WALTARI set to work on album recordings during August 2006. Studio guests included all-girl choir VÄRTTINÄ and fabled programmer Rhys Fulber.

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